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How To Reset Your Cisco 2960 Switch Password


When it comes to network equipment, Cisco is ruling the market with its superior products. The 2960 series switch is one of those products.Following the easy way to know how to reset Cisco 2960 switch's password. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Reset Your Cisco 2960 Switch Password

How To Reset Your Cisco 2960 Switch Password
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Why you need to reset password
  • They say that you get what you pay for! In the
    case of the best-selling Cisco 2960 switch, a
    reliable enterprise-grade Ethernet switch with a
    lifetime warranty, the quality does come with a
    price. It makes sense for a buyer to look around
    for a used model.
  • When buying a used switch, you may face a problem
    if the seller has forgotten to reset his
    password. Luckily, recovering the password on
    this switch is straightforward. You can interrupt
    the boot sequence during the power-on, and then
    assign a new password.
  • However, if this functionality is disabled,
    you'll only be able to recover the password by
    agreeing to lose your old configuration in that
    case, the system configuration will be restored
    to factory settings. The password recovery
    process on Cisco 2960 switches will differ
    depending on whether the password recovery is
    enabled or disabled.

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  • On the other hand, you can very easily reset the
    password on your Cisco 2960 switch to default. Be
    aware that while rather uninvolved, the reset
    procedure reverts your switch back to its factory
    settings all your settings will be wiped out,
    not only the old password! This procedure only
    works if you have physical access to the device.
    The auto setup should be disabled.
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Easy way to reset password
  • First, power off your Cisco 2960 switch by
    unplugging its cord. As you reconnect the switch
    to the power source, press and hold the "Mode"
    button. On Cisco 2960 switches, this button is
    located on the front of the switch, on the left
    hand side.
  • After three seconds, the LED above the button
    should change from amber to green and start
    blinking. You are supposed to hold down the
    button until the light stops flashing. Release
    the button.
  • Congratulations, you have just reset your Cisco
    2960 switch! The password is now set back to
    factory defaults.
  • Obviously, you should only use this procedure if
    you don't care for the current configuration,
    because you'll lose your configuration in the
    process of password recovery! The old
    configuration will get renamed ".old".
  • This reset procedure can come in handy in those
    cases when you need to move a switch from one
    network to another, or when a configuration has
    become too complex, and you'd want a fresh start.

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  • The default password for Cisco 2960 switches is
    "cisco", and the username is also "cisco".
  • Now that you've had successfully recovered your
    Cisco 2960 switch password, don't leave it as a
    default for too long. Hackers know these default
    passwords too, and may try to use them to access
    your device and change your network settings. To
    prevent the unauthorized access to your network,
    change the default password as soon as possible.
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