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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Home Automation

Home Automation Done Right
  • The future is closer than you think. Home
    automation started in the 1950s with the
    invention of the remote control. No longer did
    you have to get up from the couch walk over to
    your TV and push a button, shortly after the term
    couch potato was coined. Yet home automation in
    recent years has taken on a whole new meaning
    with the advent of wireless technology and its
    prevalence in everything from smart phones to
    tablets to refrigerators and HVAC systems. With
    the development of smart home automation apps for
    smart phones and tablets your home can be
    controlled anywhere, anytime. Yet there is a
    cautionary tale that it needs to be done right.
  • How advanced is it?
  • A recent study on the economics of home
    automation revealed that by 2014 home automation
    systems will pass 11 billion worldwide. The home
    automation market is ready to explode due to
    three main areas of advancement in home security,
    energy management and home control. Part of this
    technological advancement has to do with the
    advent of the smartphone which is estimated to
    top 13 billion in 2014.

  • With the ability of having that much computing
    power in your hands with constant wireless
    connectivity new areas of advancement have been
    realized. Due to the massive investment in mobile
    application technology such as the iTunes store
    and the Google play store apps their increased
    function and capabilities have been realized.
    These user-friendly apps have proven to be cost
    effective and less expensive than traditional
    design models. The new home automation systems
    have serious advances in security, energy
    management and control of home appliances. With
    the ability to control home thermostats,
    lighting, door entries and exits and even being
    able to turn the coffee maker on from a remote
    location has opened up immense possibilities.
    Another important sector being developed for home
    automation includes healthcare. Being able to
    control such things as pain management and
    medication levels as well as monitoring general
    health statistics remotely will advance home
    healthcare significantly.
  • Technological backbones

  • X10 - is the oldest of the mall dating back to
    1975 and traditionally was run over wired
    connections. They have now moved over to a
    wireless-based system.
  • ZigBee - is a conglomerate of vendors using the
    IEEE 802.15.4 wireless standard protocol but
    enabling a mash network allowing all devices to
    communicate equally.
  • Z-Wave - is a single company that produces this
    protocol and produces all the chipsets for its
  • UPB - stands for Universal Powerline Bus and uses
    the existing power lines in your home for
    delivery but tends to be expensive.
  • Insteon - is a combination of both wireless and
    power-line home automation protocols that include
    a mesh network, where devices are peers and is
    compatible with X10.
  • Wi-Fi - something that were all used to using
    weather for our smartphones, tablets or home
    router system. This protocol is super-fast, has
    wide acceptance, has great range but uses more
    power and bandwidth than most of the other

  • A Cautionary Tale
  • In 2011 at the DefCon Hacker Conference to
    independent security researchers developed a
    device that could jam X10 signals and actively
    take over a home automation system, which did not
    have any encryption. It is important to note
    major advances in home automation in the last two
    years have addressed the encryption issue
    especially with professional home automation
    experts. In order to be secure in the knowledge
    that outside forces cannot turn on your lights,
    open your doors or turn on your appliances ensure
    that your home automation supplier and installer
    is a professional and uses the latest security
  • Home automation seems like the technology of the
    future yet it is here today. Even if you do not
    think you have home automation in your home you
    probably already do. Even using applications to
    control your home computer is considered a home
    automation tool. Take advantage of the
    convenience and security of a home automation
    system by having it professionally designed and
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