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Did you know facts - Shri Ganpati Festival 2013


Did you know facts - Shri Ganpati and Ganeshji Festival celebration across the world - Mamtamai Shri Radhe Guru Maa Charitable Trust – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Did you know facts - Shri Ganpati Festival 2013

Mamtamai Shri Radhe Guru Maa Charitable Trust
  • Did you know Ganpati Festival special 2013

Part 1 - Will Lord Ganesha incarnate in the
Kali Yuga?
  • Yes, as Lord Dhumraketu Vinayaka. Ganesh
    Purana says that Lord Ganesha will take birth in
    the Kali Yuga. He will come to end injustice, and
    adharma. He will destroy evil-doers and shower
    his devotees with blessings. In this form, he
    will not ride the mouse who is his vahan in many
    of his forms but blue. Lord Dhumraketu is the
    Kalki avatar for all those who worship Lord

Part 2 -  Name the most important granthas
connected to Lord Ganesha
  • Ganeshapurana, Mudgalapurana and Ganesha
    Gita. The texts, which are said to have been
    written around the 13th or 14th century, explain
    the philosophy, rituals, mantras and puja
    paddhati of Lord Ganesha major beliefs.

Part 3 - Lord Ganesha on foreign currency
  • One of the Indonesian currency notes carries
    the picture of Ganesh. The Indonesian currency is
    the Rupiah. Indonesia was a prominently Hindu
    country which eventually converted to Islam.
    Only, the residents of Bali remain staunchly
    Hindu to this day. While Indonesia became Muslim,
    Hindu philosophy, the Ramayana, Mahabharata and
    the Puranas continued to be popular to this day.
    Most Indonesians are proud of their Hindu past
    and heritage. Idols of Lord Ganesha continue to
    be found during archaeological excavations across

  Part 4 - What is the Ganesha gita?
  • A book like the Bhagavad Gita where Lord
    Ganesha as Gajanana explains the art of living
    according to principles of dharma to king
    Varenya. Whereas, it is Lord Krishna who gives
    his Gita to the warrior Arjuna, in the Ganesha
    Gita, it Lord Ganapati who assumes the role. All
    devotees of Lord Ganesha should read the Ganesha
    Gita for his message to solving all the puzzles
    of life and emerging victorious.

Part 5 - Are you a Ganapatya? 
  • The Ganpatyas are Hindus who worship
    Ganesha (also called Ganapati) as the supreme
    principle is the universe Brahman! Just as a
    worshipper of Vishnu is called a Vaishnav, a
    worshipper of Shiva is called Shaiva, a
    worshipper of Devi, a Shakta, worshipper of Lord
    Surya, a Shaurya, a worshipper of Ganapati is
    called a Ganpatya. To a Ganpatya, Lord Ganesha is
    Saguna Brahman or the Brahman with attributes.
    While most Hindus invoke Ganeshas name before
    beginning any auspicious journey, puja or
    ceremony, Ganpatyas worship Ganesha as their
    Ishta Devata.
  • Ganpatyas were a widespread sect in the
    17th and 18th centuries, and continues to hold
    sway in some Chinchwad and Moragaon in

Part 6 - Ganesha in Mexico?  
  • India has been a land of great kings and
    saints and sages but it has rarely sent an army
    to conquer a foreign land. However, Indias
    traders, Buddhist monks and explorers travelled
    far and wide and they took lord Ganeshas idols
    with them. No wonder Lord Ganeshas idols
    continue to be found in Japan, Central America,
    Mexico, Iran and in Mongolia to this day.  

Part 7 -How many Lord Ganesha temples are there
in Tokyo?
  • Over 100! Says Dr. Lokesh Chandra, Director
    of the International Academy Of Indian Culture,
    "German scholar Philipp Franz von Siebold has
    written that in 1832 there were 131 shrines
    dedicated to the goddess (Benzaiten) and 100 to
    Lord Ganesha in Tokyo itself. A 12th-century
    temple of Ganesha in Asakusa suburb of Tokyo has
    been declared a national treasure of
    Japan." Ganesha is worshipped as god of love by
    many young boys and girls for achieving success
    in their courtship. The old worship him for
    success in business, Dr Chandra said. There are
    over 243 shrines dedicated to Lord Kangiten or
    Ganabachi, as Ganesha is known in Japan! 

Part 8 -The saint who wanted to be ugly a story 
  • All of us desire to be beautiful. Can you
    imagine someone who prayed to the lord to be made
    ugly. Such was Mata Auvaiar, the Tamil devotee of
    Lord Ganesha, a great poetess and devotee of the
    Lord. The story goes that Mata ji was so
    beautiful that there were several men wished to
    convince her to marry them. However, Mata ji had
    given her heart and soul to Lord Ganesha and she
    did not need anyone else. She therefore prayed to
    Lord Ganesha that she be made old, and ugly so no
    one would bother her. click here to read what
    happened next 

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