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Breast Cancer


For every stage of breast cancer, you and your treatment team can consider three ... If you have invasive breast cancer, your surgeon will probably remove some of ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer
  • By Andrew Takai, Amanda Arias, Nadja George,
    Sibyl Wong, Jessica Pang, Nicole Afflerback

Breast Cancer
  • Prevention
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Celebrities battling breast cancer

  • Knowledge
  • Get examined
  • Stop Smoking
  • Exercise on a regular basis to relieve stress
  • Preventive medicine
  • Can reduce the extent to which estrogen
    stimulates the growth of breast cells
  • Prevent prolonged exposure to estrogen
  • Drinking alcohol (limits the livers ability to
    regulate blood estrogen levels)
  • Being overweight (increases production of

  • Breast cancer genes can be inherited from family.
  • Get a yearly breast examination by a physician.
  • Do a monthly breast self-examination at home.
  • Get a mammogram every year beginning at age 40.
  • Monitor your diet.
  • Restrict red meat and other sources of animal fat
    (this includes dairy fat in cheese, milk, and ice
    cream), because they may contain stored hormones
    or pesticides.
  • Try to stick to a relatively vegetarian diet
  • Learn about breast cancer and your level of risk
    to it, how to prevent it, and how it starts.
  • Catching the cancer early is when it is most
    curable, is the goal.

Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
  • Breast cancer- the uncontrollable growth of the
    breast cell
  • All women are at risk
  • Estimated 280,000 cases in 2004
  • The earlier tested, the better

Diagnosis continued
  • BSE- Breast Self Examination
  • Screening and Testing
  • Screening Test
  • Diagnostic Test

  • Overview of Options
  • For every stage of breast cancer, you and your
    treatment team can consider three broad types of
  • Local/regional treatment
  • Systemic treatments
  • Alternative and Holistic Therapies

  • Local/regional treatment is directed to the
    breast and to lymph nodes around the breast.
    ("Regional" here refers to the lymph nodes in the
    region of the body surrounding the breastthese
    are also called "adjacent" lymph nodes.) In the
    case of metastatic disease, local treatment may
    be given to specific areas of metastasis (places
    where cancer may have spread, such as bones or
  • Systemic treatments are directed to the whole
    body or "system.
  • Alternative and Holistic Therapies are directed
    to the whole person, including mind and spirit as
    well as body.

  • You may hear many different terms used to
    describe the kinds of surgery that can be done,
    but there are really two main options
  • breast-conserving surgery, (commonly known as
    lumpectomy) in which only the tumor is removed
    from the breast. This is usually followed by
    radiation therapy to the remaining breast
  • mastectomy, an operation in which the whole
    breast is removed. Sometimes radiation is given
    after mastectomy.

Lymph Node Removal
  • If you have invasive breast cancer, your surgeon
    will probably remove some of the lymph nodes
    under your arm during your lumpectomy or
    mastectomy. Examining your lymph nodes helps your
    doctors figure out the extent of cancer
    involvement. Cancer in the lymph nodes is
    associated with an increased risk of having
    cancer cells in other parts of your body.

Radiation Therapy
  • Radiation therapyalso called radiotherapyis a
    highly targeted, highly effective way to destroy
    cancer cells that may linger after surgery. This
    reduces the risk of recurrence. Despite what many
    women fear, radiation therapy is relatively easy
    to tolerate, and the side effects are restricted
    to the area being treated.

  • Herceptin (chemical name trastuzumab) is the
    only immune treatment currently available for
    breast cancer. It is considered an immune
    treatment because it helps the immune system
    fight the cancer. It does this by giving the body
    an antibody that can help slow down or stop the
    growth of cancer cells.

Hormonal Therapy
  • Hormonal therapy is a form of systemic treatment
    for breast cancer. The goal is to protect your
    whole body from breast cancer cells that may have
    escaped the original tumor. In hormonal therapy,
    drugs are used to block the effects of hormones
    (such as estrogen and progesterone) that have the
    potential to promote the growth of breast cancer.
  • Tamoxifen is the best-known anti-estrogen therapy
    for fighting and preventing breast cancer.

  • Tamoxifen is a powerful drug. It reduces the risk
    of breast cancer recurrence it decreases the
    chance of a new breast cancer starting it helps
    keep bones strong and it helps keep cholesterol
    down. Every woman needs to weigh these benefits
    against the drug's side effects, and make an
    individual decision about taking tamoxifen.

  • Chemotherapy is a systemic therapy this means it
    affects the whole body by going through the
    bloodstream. The purpose of chemotherapy and
    other systemic treatments is to get rid of any
    cancer cells that may have spread from where the
    cancer started to another part of the body.
  • Chemotherapy is effective against cancer cells
    because the drugs love to interfere with rapidly
    dividing cells. The side effects of chemotherapy
    come about because cancer cells aren't the only
    rapidly dividing cells in your body. The cells in
    your blood, mouth, intestinal tract, nose, nails,
    vagina, and hair are also undergoing constant,
    rapid division. This means that the chemotherapy
    is going to affect them, too.

Alternative Therapies
  • Alternative therapies, also called complementary
    and holistic therapies, view the person as a
    force unto herself, a holistic unity, where mind
    and spirit are as intimately involved in healing
    as the body. This approach is more often rooted
    in traditional or Eastern philosophies.
  • Complementary therapies are usually directed at
    helping the body to heal itself, by unblocking
    blocked energies or correcting various
    "imbalances" in the person's essential processes.

Celebrities battling breast cancer
  • Important to get a check up
  • Men can get breast cancer too
  • Although before there were limited options,
    technology and advancement in this day and age
    offer a lot of options for women and men that
    need to go through a mastectomy with immediate
    reconstructive surgery.