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The Triangular Slave Trade


Millions of people went through torture of being enslaved for a ... BOB MARLEY REDEMPTION SONG. Old pirates, yes, they rob me; Sold I to the merchant ships, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Triangular Slave Trade

The Triangular Slave Trade
By Anisha Chelsea
The effects of slavery
  • Millions of people went through torture of being
    enslaved for a long amount of time. The effect
    was heart-breaking and very emotional. The
    enslaved people that were carried across the
    water, only got washed once a week, and that too
    very disgustingly. The slave traders just got a
    bucket of salty and cold sea water and just
    chucked it at them.

An image of enslaved people
Conditions on the ship
  • The conditions on the ship were very appalling
    for the enslaved people. The enslaved could not
    go to the toilet because there wasnt one on the
    ship, so they had to just do it where they were.
    The slave traders believed that enslaving people
    was just a fun game and did not care about the
    enslaved people and their feelings.

The Trading Triangle
  • The trading triangle consisted of three
    continents Africa, America and Europe. The
    slave traders took the enslaved people across the
    sea to America and then after they carried sugar,
    tobacco and cotton to Europe. Textiles
    manufactured goods to Africa. Also, as the slave
    traders went through America, they put black shoe
    polish on the enslaved peoples bruises because
    then, when they sold the enslaved people, they
    would get more money because they enslaved people
    looked like that they were in good position to
    work for their new slave traders.

An image of the slave traders forcing the
enslaved to do hard work.
John Newton A Slave Trader
  • John Newton was born on July 24th in 1725. In
    1743, John Newtons father had planned for him to
    take up a position as a slave master at a sugar
    plantation in Jamaica. He then became a slave
    trader and then he was buying and selling slaves
    across the trading triangle. But after a few
    years of slave trading, he became very guilty and
    felt very sorry for all the enslaved people. He
    then wrote a hymn titled, Amazing Grace because
    he wanted to ask forgiveness from God.

William Wilberforce An English Politician
  • William Wilberforce was born on 24th August in
    1759. He was a member of parliament for Yorkshire
    and was a leading abolitionist. He was the one
    that abolished slave trading in 1807, as the
    Slave Trade Act.

An image of where the enslaved had to stay
  • Today we are very lucky because slavery was
    abolished a long time ago. If it wasnt for
    William Wilberforce then we would also have to go
    through the pain and suffering that the enslaved
    people went through.
  • We must appreciate the fact that slave trading
    was abolished in 1807 and now we dont have to go
    through it!!

  • Old pirates, yes, they rob me Sold I to the
    merchant ships, Minutes after they took IFrom
    the bottomless pit.But my hand was made
    strongBy the hand of the Almighty.We forward in
    this generationTriumphantly.Won't you help to
    singThis songs of freedom'Cause all I ever
    have Redemption songs Redemption songs.