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Vision Industries Corp.


1973 - BMW develops first Hydrogen ICE. 1981 - Ballard Power develops next gen. fuel cells ... 2004 - BMW wins Hydrogen land speed event 185 m/hr ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Vision Industries Corp.

  • Vision Industries Corp.
  • April 21, 2009

Presentation Outline
  • The problem
  • The Ports Program
  • Vision Industries Solution
  • Vehicle Solutions
  • Vision Industries Fueling Strategy
  • Future Applications
  • Appendix

The problem
  • up to 2,800 premature deaths per year attributed
    to diesel particulate emissions emanating from
    the Ports.
  • Intense political pressure to clean up the
    Ports emissions.
  • Expansion and growth of the Ports are blocked
    until methods to reduce emissions are implemented.

The Port Solution
  • The Los Angeles Harbor Commission has approved a
    measure that will place a 35 charge on every
    loaded twenty foot equivalent (TEU) cargo
    container entering or leaving the Port of Los
    Angeles cargo terminals by short-haul (or
    drayage) trucks beginning June 1, 2008. The
    nations two largest container ports will use the
    proceeds to fund a 2 billion Clean Trucks
    Program -- 1.6 billion generated by the Clean
    Trucks Fee and an additional 400 million in
    anticipated grant funding from the state of
    California -- initiative that will replace or
    retrofit the existing fleet of trucks that serve
    the San Pedro Bay Ports over the next five years
    reducing port related truck emissions 80
  • All funds collected by the two ports would be
    used for the replacement of about 16,800 trucks
    by 2012 with clean diesel trucks, or trucks
    fueled by liquefied natural gas (LNG) or other
    approved technologies that can achieve the 2007
    standard adopted in the ports Clean Air Action
  • Up to 80 of the new truck purchase price will be
    paid by the fund

Vision Industries Solution
  • 2009 Freightliner Tyrano
  • Plug-in electric heavy duty class 8 truck with
    Hydrogen fuel cells for on board electricity
  • Regenerative breaking
  • Zero emission
  • 5 miles/lbs consumption
  • Purchase price 250,000
  • ./. CARB 50,000
  • ./. port program up to 150,000
  • ./. Federal tax credit 40,000
  • NET COST 10,000

Alternative Vehicle Solutions
Vision Industries Fueling Solution
  • The 16,800 trucks operate within what is
    locally known as the Golden Horseshoe. This
    refers to the geographic area within 50 miles of
    the Ports of Long Beach and LA. The trucks
    return to the Ports several times per day so the
    optimal fueling location is at 3 strategic
    locations within the ports.
  • Vision Industries is in the process of
    securing what we believe to be the premier
    fueling locations.
  • Pricing .....
  • Hydrogen is produced by Air Products right in
    the Ports!

Attractiveness of transaction to Ports
  • Benefits of Hydrogen as a Zero Emissions Fuel
  • - If the entire short haul fleet converts from
    2007 Clean Diesel standards to Hydrogen, annual
  • - Particulate emissions would be reduced by
    415,000 pounds!
  • - Hydrocarbon emissions would be reduced
    by 5,800,000 pounds!
  • - Nox emissions would be reduced by
    almost 50,000,000 pounds!
  • - CO2 emissions would be reduced by a
    minimum of 3,500,000 tons!
  • - The entire fleet can be refueled from 3
    stations within the Port.
  • Ports would be the first to implement zero
    emission transportation solution.
  • Ports can set the worldwide standard for an
    environmentally friendly port operation.

Hydrogen usage at Ports
Why hydrogen?
  • Offers several benefits over Diesel and Natural
  • Cheaper per mile
  • ZERO greenhouse gas emissions
  • No noise pollution
  • Increase of Torque
  • Domestic and secure energy source
  • Renewable and non-depleting
  • Can be made from a wide variety of resources
  • OEM adoption
  • All major OEMs will offer hydrogen powered
    vehicles by 2010
  • State and federal support available

Vision 2010 for California
  • I am going to encourage the building of a
    Hydrogen Highway to take us to the environmental
    future I intend to show the world that economic
    growth and environment can coexist, and if you
    want to see it, then come to California.
  • Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • State of the State Address, January 6, 2004
  • Vision 2010
  • Ensure that by the end of the decade, every
    Californian has access to hydrogen fuel along the
    states major highways.
  • A significant and increasing percentage of that
    hydrogen is to be produced from clean renewable
  • Requires 170 hydrogen refueling stations by 2010
    and 2,000 by 2015.

Vision Motor Components
  • Hydrogen Companies
  • Air Products
  • Fuel Cell Companies
  • Hydrogenics, Ballard Nuvera
  • Electric Motors
  • Siemens Cal Motors
  • Truck Companies
  • Freightliner Autocar
  • Others
  • Lincoln Composites, Swagelok, HyPower....

Performance goes green
  • 2009 Tyrano Freightliner

Garbage Collection goes green
  • Vision Industries Zero Emission Refuse Truck

Performance goes green
  • Vision Industries 2009 Cheetah
  • 0-60 in 3.3 sec., ZERO emissions!

  • The following are related informational slides

Hydrogen is more cost effective than Diesel
  • As a result of technological breakthroughs, we
    have passed and inflection point at which
    hydrogen is cheaper per mile than diesel as a
    transportation fuel
  • Fuel cell technology promises 100 efficiency
    gain over
  • diesel-based combustion engines
  • Each Pound of hydrogen gets you as far
    as 1 gallon of diesel.
  • Hydrogen costs are expected to stabilize at
    1.50 to 2.75 per lb (they currently range from
    0.90 lb in Santa Monica to 4.09 lb in Palm

Hydrogen is more cost-effective than diesel
  • As a result of technological breakthroughs, we
    are at an inflection point where hydrogen is now
    cheaper per mile than diesel as a transportation
  • One pound of hydrogen gets you as far as one
    gallon of diesel.

Attractiveness of transaction to truck owners and
  • Purchasing Hydrogen Powered Trucks
  • - Ports Commission pays up to 80 of cost,
  • - Federal tax credit of 40,000
  • - Zero down, 100 financing available
  • Operating Hydrogen Powered Trucks
  • - 0.32 of fuel per mile versus 0.48 diesel
    and 0.68 in LNG
  • - Double the power and performance of diesel or
    LNG truck
  • - No exhaust
  • - Very quiet operation
  • - Regenerative braking allows use of Jake
    Brake within city limits
  • - No oil changes

Vision Industries current status
  • Vision Industries has perfected its proprietary
    Hydrogen drive system. The 1st generation
    has been installed in a Hummer H2 and is
    available for test drives.
  • The 2nd generation Hydrogen drive system is
    installed in the 2009 Freightliner Tyrano.

biographies of senior management
  • Martin Schuermann, President CEO
  • Employment History
  • Chairman CEO IM-Internationalmedia AG Group
    (Producer of Terminator 3, Alexander, Hunting
    Party, One Missed Call, etc.)
  • Member of the Supervisory Board of Intermedia AG,
    IM-Internationalmedia AG and Future Media, Inc.
  • Managing Director, Bertelsmanns TV and Film arm
    CLT-UFA (US)
  • Executive Vice President, Don Johnson Company
  • Managing Partner, Euro Capital Advisors LLC

biographies of senior management
  • Michael Kadie - Director of Technology
  • Masters in Artificial Intelligence (Software)
  • Holds three world records for fastest electric
    powered street legal vehicle.
  • Designed and built the worlds fastest electric
    street vehicle from the ground up.
  • Research, development and consulting for new and
    traditional electric vehicle technologies.
  • Technical diagnostics and systems analysis.

Hydrogen power products
  • What is a Fuel Cell?
  • An electrochemical engine that converts hydrogen
    fuel and oxygen into electrical energy.
  • A battery that runs on hydrogen fuel.
  • Twice as efficient as gasoline internal
    combustion engine.
  • No emissions (exhaust H2O)
  • Endgame for transportation industry

Hydrocarbon feedstock progression
  • Hydrogen is the natural progression of
    hydrocarbon fuel from complex hydrocarbon chains
    to simple ones

Reducing Complexity
Hydrogen timeline
1839 - First Hydrogen Fuel Cell
1959 - NASA uses Hydrogen Fuel cell for all Space
1973 - BMW develops first Hydrogen ICE
1981 - Ballard Power develops next gen. fuel cells
2000 - GM , Ford, Chrysler, VW release FCV
2000 - first H2 station in CA
2002 - Ballard Neccar completes cross USA run
  • 2002 - OEM release next gen H2 vehicles

2003 - Pres. Bush announces 1.2 Billion in
2004 - BMW wins Hydrogen land speed event 185
2006 ICE Conversions opens its doors
2006 ICE Conversions develops H2 Hummer retrofit
2007 ICE Conversions offers retro fit package
2007 - BMW releases BMW hydrogen 7 series 100
2009 Vision Motors opens first public H2
Why is hydrogen a clean fuel?
  • Octane (gasoline molecule)
  • Bi-products of gasoline combustion include
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • NOX
  • Hydrogen
  • Bi-products of hydrogen combustion include
  • Water (steam)

Demand for hydrogen is growing
  • Vision Industries Corp.
  • Contact Martin Schuermann, CEO
  • 310.454.5658