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Global Warming


Global Warming is caused by CO2 and other trace gases such as Methane given off ... But other than that, there's nothing that's good about Global warming. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Global Warming

Global Warming
By Ben Y. ,Miles , and Tim
What Is Global Warming?
  • Global Warming is the temperature rising each
  • Scientists say that the earth has warmed up about
    1 degree Fahrenheit in the last 100 years.
  • The rate of change is speeding up, 100 years from
    now scientists say that the earth will be about
    10 degrees hotter!

What Causes Global Warming?
  • Global Warming is caused by CO2 and other trace
    gases such as Methane given off by the burning
    fuels and wood.
  • These gases called green house gases are mainly
    given off by factories and cars.
  • Green house gases lets in heat, but doesnt let
    the heat get out.

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What Good Is Global Warming?
  • Global Warming isnt all bad, without it we would
    freeze to death.
  • But other than that, theres nothing thats good
    about Global warming.

What Bad Is Global Warming?
  • If there is too much greenhouse gases the polar
    ice caps would melt
  • and flood low lying land.
  • Too much Global Warming can also cause more
    forest fires and stronger hurricanes.
  • It can also become the cause of the end of the
    world because, it would warm up the earth so much
    the earth would blow up!

When and where does Global Warming happen?
  • Global Warming is happening constantly. And its
    our fault!
  • Global warming is also happening worldwide.
    (Hint Global means worldwide)

New Gas
  • Scientists are growing concerned about other
    gases produced from manufacturing processes that
    pose an environmental risk. In 2000 scientists
    identified a substantial rise in atmospheric
    concentrations of a newly identified synthetic
    compound called trifluoromethyl sulfur
    pentafluoride. Atmospheric concentrations of this
    gas are rising quickly, and although it still is
    extremely rare in the atmosphere, scientists are
    concerned because the gas traps heat more
    effectively than all other known greenhouse
    gases. Perhaps more worrisome, scientists have
    been unable to confirm the industrial source of
    the gas.

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How Can You Prevent Global Warming?
  • We can slow down Global Warming by driving
    hybrids, riding bikes, and walking a little more.
  • We also can help by using cleaner energy sources
    such as solar power, wind power, and hydro power.