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It is 'the first act of agape' ... Begin preparations to request personal agape letters ... Bring any last minute agape letters to Candlelight. Pray for your ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Sponsorship

  • A sponsor is one who takes responsibility for
  • It requires
  • A lot of prayer
  • A lot of physical energy
  • A lot of time
  • Perseverance - for the long haul
  • Sponsorship is a partnership between you and
    God O

Scriptural Principles
  • Prayer
  • The first step of sponsorship
  • Release to God
  • Our control
  • Our desires
  • Our expectations
  • Empty ourselves of self to be filled with
  • Gods instruction
  • Gods timing
  • Gods person for us to sponsor O

Good Sponsorship
  • It is the first act of agape
  • It is the foundation for a healthy, effective
    Emmaus Movement, which results in the renewal of
    the church
  • Wise sponsorship builds up the body of Christ O

Who Not to Sponsor?
  • Anyone currently involved in emotional distress
  • Anyone with lingering health problems
  • Anyone who is a church-hopper
  • Anyone who is a soapboxer
  • Anyone who differs from the basic doctrine
    promoted in The Walk to Emmaus
  • Anyone who is not currently attending a church O

Who to Sponsor?
  • Anyone already on a pilgrimage
  • Anyone that has a passion for Christ
  • A church leader who is a servant
  • Anyone seeking a servant role O

Responsibilities of the Sponsor
  • Spend time in prayer to discern who God wants you
    to sponsor
  • Pray over a list of names
  • May take a long time before you hear Gods
  • It is not your responsibility for getting
    everyone you know on the Walk to Emmaus O

Responsibilities of the Sponsor
  • Continue to spend time in prayer
  • Devote prayer time to your potential pilgrim and
  • Include requests
  • Openness on the part of your prospective pilgrim
  • A humble spirit for you for the presentation
  • That God would guide your discussion time O

Responsibilities of the Sponsor
  • Set a time and place to meet with the potential
  • Before leaving, pray that God will give you
    calmness, assurance, and perseverance
  • Tell about your experience and how it has changed
    your life
  • Answer any questions O

Responsibilities of the Sponsor
  • Give your prospect an application
  • Explain everything
  • Answer any questions
  • Follow up and check back with them
  • Pray while awaiting the response
  • Being turned down is not cause for disappointment
    or discouragement its a reminder of Gods time

Responsibilities of the Sponsor
  • Obtain the application
  • Make sure all information is complete
  • Complete the sponsors portion include anything
    the Registrar/Kitchen/Team members would need to
  • Submit the application with the appropriate fee
  • Remind your pilgrim to reserve the dates for the
    Walk O

Responsibilities of the Sponsor
  • Begin preparations to request personal agape
  • May require some sleuthing on your part so your
    pilgrim doesnt know what you are doing (but
    dont lie!)
  • Make your requests for letters early and
    follow-up O

Responsibilities of the Sponsor
  • Keep contact with your pilgrim
  • Remind them of upcoming walk
  • Offer guidance as what to pack
  • Prepare them for a 72-hour encounter with Christ O

Responsibilities of the Sponsor
  • Take your pilgrim to The Walk and assist with
    check in
  • Dont allow them to arrive on their own
  • Get them settled in their room
  • Return to the send-off area for snacks and
  • Remain with your pilgrim throughout
  • After send-off, attend sponsors hour O

Responsibilities of the Sponsor
  • Spend as much time as possible in prayer for your
    pilgrim during the weekend
  • In addition, be part of the 72-hour prayer vigil
  • When your pilgrim sees your name, it provides a
    special lift for them O

Responsibilities of the Sponsor
  • Check on your pilgrims family during the Walk
  • If your pilgrim lives alone
  • May need to check on pets or plants
  • Pick up mail
  • Take out trash
  • If your pilgrim is married
  • Offer to baby-sit so spouse can have some time
  • Do all this in the spirit of cooperation and
    servanthood O

Responsibilities of the Sponsor
  • Attend Sponsors Hour, Candlelight and Closing
  • Pray for your Pilgrim at Sponsors Hour
  • Bring any last minute agape letters to
  • Pray for your pilgrim at Candlelight
  • Provide transportation home after Closing
  • Any special agape should be held until the trip
    home O

Responsibilities of the Sponsor
  • Take the new member to the Follow-Up and help

    them join a reunion group O

Responsibilities of the Sponsor
  • Bring to later Walks, gatherings and other
    Community events
  • Introduce them to others in the Community
  • Help them learn about Emmaus and/or Chrysalis
  • Show them the many opportunities to serve
  • You can explain and model progressive servanthood
  • Encourage them to be involved in their local
    church O

Responsibilities of the Sponsor
  • Teach them how to be a good sponsor
  • Help them understand the responsibilities of good
  • Explain why Emmaus has a detailed and consistent
    approach to sponsorship O

The Equal Commitment Rule
  • The Walk to Emmaus
  • Is not meant to be a divisive force, especially
    in marriages
  • Encourages the participation of both spouses
  • So
  • Present to both husband and wife
  • If one partner does not choose to attend,
    suggest that they pray about the decision for a
    period of time
  • Pray
  • If still disinterested, sponsor the other, as
    along as the other agrees O

Q A About Sponsorship
  • How many should I sponsor on a Walk?
  • Simple answer no more than two (2)
  • Sponsoring a too many persons may compromise your
    ability to be a good sponsor
  • Remember, it is not just a 72-hour weekend you
    are sponsoring, but through your pilgrims 4th
    Days O

Q A About Sponsorship
  • Can I work on a team and sponsor someone on the
    same weekend?
  • Not easily, but sometimes it is unavoidable
  • You will need help from others to handle those
    responsibilities outside the Conference Room
  • Be sure that the pilgrim knows that you have a
    job to do on the weekend O

Q A About Sponsorship
  • What about agape letters?
  • Goal is to have at least 12 letters from family
    members and close friends for the pilgrim
  • These letters
  • Should be positive and uplifting
  • Possibly relate a special moment the two have
  • You might consider writing a 4th day letter to be
    mailed to their home later as a surprise O

Q A About Sponsorship
  • What about providing my pilgrim gifts and
    special surprises during the weekend?
  • The message of Emmaus is that God loves each
    person with the same love God does not have
  • A special gift will short-circuit this message
  • Any gifts or special surprises will be returned
    to the sponsor to be given at a later time
  • Sponsors can present these at the conclusion of
    the weekend on the way home O

In Conclusion
  • Remember
  • Good Sponsorship
  • is
  • The most important job of all!
  • De Colores
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