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Michigan Merit Examination


College-entrance test and a work skills assessment acceptable to employers, plus ... Grade 10: College entrance readiness test (PLAN and PSAT - local school ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Michigan Merit Examination

  • Michigan Merit Examination -
  • Plans and Prospects
  • Edward Roeber
  • Office of Educational Assessment and

Issues Leading Up to the MME
  • High school principals organization felt MEAP
    testing took too long (days and hours)
  • MEAP assessment program suffered an operational
    meltdown in 2003
  • Although students can receive up to 3,000
    towards post-secondary education, student did not
    take the MEAP test seriously
  • Participation in the MEAP assessment was too low
    - especially in suburban districts

Proposed MME Legislation
  • Students would take the following tests
  • College-entrance test and a work skills
    assessment acceptable to employers, plus and
    Michigan ELA, mathematics, science, and social
    studies items needed to secure Federal approval
  • Testing would occur in the spring of the junior
  • Retesting in fall and spring of senior year
  • College-entrance readiness test used for dual

Arguments in Favor of MME
  • Students would receive a free
    college-reportable scores on a college entrance
    test - this would motivate students to
    participate in and do well on assessments
  • Students would receive regular work skills scores
    in reading and mathematics - useful in employment
  • Michigan Merit Exam scores could still be used to
    award post-secondary scholarship
  • Lower cost and less testing time

Arguments Against MME
  • Little standards-based information from the
    college entrance and work skills tests - can all
    students score above average?
  • Program would be far more expensive - 73 versus
  • Test administration procedures are very rigid
  • How will schools make AYP since college entrance
    test scores have not changed over the past 25

MME Legislation
  • PA 592 of 2004 - MME inserted into Career and
    Technical Preparation Act
  • PA 593 of 2004 - Replaces high school MEAP with
    MME in School Aid Act
  • PA 594 of 2004 - Replaces high school MEAP with
    MME in Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act
  • PA 595 of 2004 - Replaces high school MEAP with
    MME for determining Merit Award Scholarships
  • PA 596 of 2004 - Replaces the high school MEAP
    with MME in the School Code

Steps Used to Implement MME
  • Visited potential vendors to share ideas
  • Competitively bid the MME program
  • Reviewed the bids
  • Selected new contractor(s) - Pearson/ACT
  • Determined the content of each MME test
  • Conducted pilot test of 37 high schools
    (statistical alignment)

Steps Needed to Implement MME
  • Conducted additional content alignment studies to
    select MME items
  • Currently preparing revisions to Michigans
    Accountability Workbook
  • Submit application to USED in July
  • Conduct MME standard setting for NCLB purposes in
  • Set PLAN/PSAT cuts for dual enrollment

Steps Needed to Implement MME
  • November 1 is the drop-dead date for the MME
    versus MEAP decision for Spring 2007
  • Receive approval from USED prior to drop-dead
    date OR continue MEAP High School Assessment (if
    approval is not received by that date)
  • Implement the MME in grades 11 in the 2006-07
    school year maintain MEAP HST for Grade 12 only

MME Assessment Design
  • Grade 10 College entrance readiness test (PLAN
    and PSAT - local school/student decision)
  • Grades 11 and 12 Michigan Merit Examination
  • English Language Arts - ACT, WorkKeys and a
    Michigan Social Studies item
  • Mathematics - ACT mathematics, a few items from
    the ACT science section, WorkKeys and some
    Michigan items
  • Science - ACT test and Michigan items
  • Social Studies - all Michigan items

MME Assessment Design
(No Transcript)
Assessment Administration
  • Grade 10 - When scheduled locally
  • Grades 11 and 12 - Spring and Fall
  • Spring Administration (Mid-March)
  • Single day for the ACT administration
  • Next day for the WorkKeys assessments
  • Michigan-developed tests administered over the
    next 5 school days
  • Make-ups Same pattern two weeks later
  • Fall Administration (Nationally-administered
    Saturday in October)
  • Saturday administration for ACT
  • WorkKeys on the following Tuesday
  • Michigan components over the next five days

MME Activities for 2006-2007
  • September-October, 2006
  • Conduct high school video test briefing on
    September 12
  • Establish high schools as test centers
  • Schools identify Test Supervisor, Back-up Test
    Supervisor and Test Accommodations Coordinator
  • November, 2006-February, 2007
  • High school Test Supervisor, Back-up Test
    Supervisor, and Test Accommodations Coordinator
    training at 12 sites
  • Schools apply for accommodations for students
    with disabilities and English language learners
    (both ACT- and state-approved ones)
  • ACT reviews accommodation requests and determines
    those eligible for college-reportable or
    state-reportable scores

MME Schedule for 2006-2007
  • February-March, 2007
  • Students fill out the answer folder for the MME
  • Accommodations determined and materials ordered
  • Tests (ACT and Michigan) produced
  • High school Test Supervisors train test
    administrators and coordinators
  • MME assessments administered

MME Schedule for 2006-2007
  • MME assessment administration dates
  • MME administered statewide
  • March 13 - ACT
  • March 14 - WorkKeys and Michigan Mathematics
  • March 15-21 - Other Michigan tests
  • Make-up testing scheduled two weeks later
  • March 27 - ACT
  • March 28 - WorkKeys and Michigan Mathematics
  • March 29-April 4 - Other Michigan tests
  • Test centers offered for non-public students

MME Schedule for 2006-2007
  • April-July, 2007
  • Students and schools receive reports of results
  • Regular ACT reports (college-reportable)
  • WorkKeys reports
  • MME score reports
  • MME scores used for state accreditation and NCLB
    AYP accountability purposes
  • August-November, 2007
  • Students register for MME retake via ACT
  • Retake on a single fall nationally-scheduled ACT
    testing Saturday administration - fourth Saturday
    in October
  • WorkKeys and Michigan tests administered the
    following week in schools

MME Issues and Challenges
  • Assuring adequate assessment administration
    preparation - for very secure tests (ACT)
  • Accommodations for students with disabilities
  • What accommodations will be offered and under
    what conditions?
  • Will MI-Access need to be modified and/or
  • Participation of English language learners
  • What accommodations will be offered and under
    what conditions?
  • Why cant ELLs use accommodations and still
    receive college-reportable scores?

For Questions and Comments
  • Edward Roeber
  • (517) 373-0739 voice
  • Roebere_at_michigan.gov
  • Email Questions to mme_at_michigan.gov
  • MME Website www.michigan.gov/mme
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