Navigating Technology at Kellogg PhD Student Orientation Daniel Rebac September 19, 2003 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Navigating Technology at Kellogg PhD Student Orientation Daniel Rebac September 19, 2003


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Navigating Technology at Kellogg PhD Student Orientation Daniel Rebac September 19, 2003

Navigating Technology at Kellogg PhD Student
Orientation Daniel Rebac September 19, 2003
  • Your Network Account
  • Computer Resources and Support
  • Your Network Home Directory
  • Your Email Account
  • Kellogg Intranet and Web Tools
  • Off-campus Network Connections
  • Training

Your Network Account
Have you …
  • Picked up your NetID, email address, and password
    from the Kellogg PhD Office?
  • Done a Ph on yourself?
  • http//
  • Changed your password?
  • https//

Protecting Your Password
  • Passwords are private
  • Must be changed every 120 days
  • Cannot be given out over the phone
  • Your account is for your use only
  • You may not let anyone else know your password
  • You should not let anyone else access the network
    under your login
  • Set up a secret Question and Answer
  • Will allow you to identify yourself at any time
    over the phone to NUIT support staff, who can
    then remotely reset your password if you have
    forgotten it
  • https//

KIS Faculty/Staff Support Group
  • Daniel Rebac (Manager)
  • Finance (DA Georgette Pliml)
  • Marketing (DA Margie Osadnik)
  • Chi Ng
  • Accounting (DA Bonnie Lee)
  • MEDS (DA Vicki Dekker)
  • Alex Millner
  • Management and Strategy (DA Kate DeWitt)
  • MORS (DA Linda Piotrowski)

Computer Resources Support
Sources of Help Support Technical Support
  • For Support on school-owned computer equipment
    and Kellogg Laptop Program laptops, use the
    Faculty/Staff Service Request System
  • Kellogg Faculty/Staff Computing Technical
    Support Faculty/Staff Service Request System
  • https//
  • For support on all non-Kellogg personal computer
    equipment, contact Northwesterns IT Information
    Center at
  • 491-HELP
  • Kresge Hall Room 57

Kellogg Laptop Program
  • PhD students may choose to order the Kellogg
    Laptop Program computer under the same guidelines
    as 2Y MBA students, during any of the years that
    they are enrolled full-time at Kellogg
  • KIS technical support for the Kellogg Laptop
    Program computer for PhD students is limited to
    the length of the manufacturer's warranty for
    hardware (generally 2 or 3 years) and is limited
    to 4 years from original purchase for the
    standard software image
  • Currently, laptop is available for purchase
    between July 1 and September 30 of each academic
  • For more information, see Kellogg Laptop Program

Kellogg-Owned Computers Technical Support Policy
  • Operating Systems
  • Kellogg provides technical support only for
    Windows XP and Windows 2000 on desktop computers
    Windows XP and Windows 98 on laptop computers
  • Application software
  • Kellogg provides full software support only for
    Microsoft Office Pro XP, NUNET Software
    Applications Set (2001 or later), Eudora Pro 5.x,
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x and higher,
    Meeting Maker 7.x, Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.x ,
    Adobe Acrobat 5.x, Dreamweaver MX and 4.x, Norton
  • For research computing software as specified on
  • For technical support policy details

Department Computers and Printers
  • Your department, in consultation with KIS
    Technical Support Representative, manages the
    allocation and configuration of hardware and
    software resources for its own PhD students.
  • Check with your Department Assistant about the
    resources available in your department
  • Shared computers available to PhD students in
    your department
  • Log on to the Kellogg domain from them and access
    your email and your network home directory

Use of Shared Computers and Printers
  • Installation of software (including web browser
    plug-ins and windows configuaration changes) on
    shared department computers
  • Handled by KIS Representative to avoid problems
    for other users
  • Can only be initiated by PhD student after
    approval by your departments KIS Representative
    and Department Assistant
  • Shared department computers generally connected
    to shared printers by default
  • To establish a connection to a shared printer
    from your laptop or from a shared computer,
    follow the instructions at
  • Be a good citizen with public computing and
  • Log off shared computers whenever you leave them
  • Dont tie up printers unnecessarily with large
  • Use a photocopier for making additional copies of
    large jobs

Kellogg Computer Labs
  • Jacobs main lab G18 and extension lab G20
  • McManus main lab and exchange student lab
  • Jacobs G-level hallway computers
  • Specialized software for coursework and
    desktop/web publishing
  • Fast laser printers, color laser printers,
    scanners, headphones, VCR for tape to digital
    conversion, Zip drives, CDRW drives
  • Digital camera loaned from TSC
  • 24 hour access to all labs via Marlok key (except
    Jacobs main lab, closed Fri 5pm Sat 10am, Sat
    5pm Sun 10am)

Kellogg Computer Labs Standard Applications
  • Operating System
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Main Applications
  • Microsoft Office XP Professional Access, Excel,
    PowerPoint, Word
  • Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape Navigator 6.2
  • Meeting Maker 7.1
  • Additional Applications
  • Adobe Acrobat (creator) 5.0
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver MX
  • Norton AntiVirus 8.0
  • Quick Time Player 5.0.2 RealOne Player 6.0,
    Windows MediaPlayer for XP (version 9.0)
  • SSH 3.0
  • Van Dyke Absolute FTP 1.9.6

Kellogg Computer Labs Specialized Applications
  • _at_Risk 4.5.2
  • Clemintine 7.2
  • Bloomberg
  • Datastream
  • Equity Analysis Tool
  • Matlab 6.5 R.13
  • SAS 8.2
  • Scientific Workplace 5
  • SPSS 11.5
  • Stata 8
  • Style Advisor 6.5.1
  • Xwin32 5.4
  • Adobe PhotoShop 7
  • Macromedia Flash
  • OmniPage Pro 12
  • Real Producer Pro
  • Other Multimedia

Personally Owned Laptop or Desktop Computers
  • NUNet Software CDs are available at this class
  • For more information about NUNet software, or to
    download its component programs individually
  • Kellogg also provides a software download page
    that includes additional software used at
  • For support on all personal computer equipment,
    contact Northwesterns IT Information Center at
  • 491-HELP
  • Kresge Hall Room 57

Personal Data Backup
  • You are responsible for all of your own data
    backup, whether it be on school-owned or
    personally-owned computers.
  • Hard disks can, and often do, crash
  • Operator error! Deleting files, overwriting
    files, etc.
  • Back up important files to removable media
  • There are CD-RW ZIP drives in the Kellogg labs
  • Purchase media at Norris Center
  • A limited number of school-owned PhD student
    computers may be backed up to central servers via
  • Retrieval of files is by KIS staff for emergency
    data loss ONLY, not for routine storage
  • Look for a sign on the computer to see if it is
    backed up

  • Major problem at Kellogg because of frequent file
  • Some are dangerous, some just nuisances
  • Spread when you open an infected file or run
    application related to infected file
  • Requires continuous use of current virus scanning
    program such Norton Antivirus

Using Norton Antivirus
  • Needs to be installed and updated on personally
    owned computers
  • If you dont have the NUNET software suite
    installed, download, install and configure Norton
    as follows
  • Update your data files weekly!! Run Norton
    Liveupdate once a week to keep up to date on the
    latest viruses.
  • If Norton finds a virus, it can clean file
  • KIS will send an all-school email and
    instructions if Norton needs to be updated
  • Norton is already set to auto-update on
    school-owned desktop computers.

Sources of Help Support Web Sites
  • Kellogg Faculty/Staff Computing
  • Kellogg Student Computing
  • Northwestern Information Technology
  • Kellogg How-To Documentation
  • Kellogg Research Computing

Your Network Home Directory
Network Configuration
  • In order to log in to the Kellogg network and
    access your home directory, your computer must
    have specific network settings
  • Kellogg-owned computers should already be
    correctly configured, but for personally owned
    computers, here are instructions
  • http//

Network Personal Home Directory
  • Accessible as the H drive when you log in
  • Your Kellogg server space, 200 MB
  • Your email is stored here when using a shared
  • You must create a Mail folder here for this
  • You can give others access to folders in your H
    drive to share files
  • Check free space on your Home Directory
  • Select all files located in the H drive and
    choose proporties.
  • If you cannot save files or you receive errors
    generally means you are over 200MB quota.

Publishing Your Web page
  • Access your network home directory or folder
  • Double click on My Computer. The home directory
    shows up as userid (H drive)
  • Open the web folder within your home directory
  • All web documents must be stored in the web
    folder or a sub-folder of web.
  • By default, all web documents are viewable by the
    Kellogg Community.
  • Permissions must be added for the world to see
  • Save web page as index.htm to Web folder
  • index.htm is the filename of a home page to a
  • Web page filenames should not have spaces in
    them. Use an underscore _ instead of a space
  • All filenames should end in .htm
  • Your Web page address is
  • Additional information
  • TekClasses for web authoring scheduled during the
  • http//
  • How To documentation
  • http//

Your Email Account
Email using Eudora
  • Standard e-mail client for Kellogg faculty/staff
  • Configuring Eudora Pro 5.2
  • Checking Mail
  • Sending Mail
  • Creating Nicknames
  • Working with Mail Offline
  • Attachments
  • Instructions at

E-mail using Outlook
  • Standard e-mail client for Kellogg MBA students
    beginning this year
  • No Microsoft Exchange back-end
  • No company directory
  • No group calendaring
  • All e-mail is stored on your laptop no server
    backup of Outlook data
  • All Outlook data is stored in a .PST file
  • You need to manage your Outlook PST file,
    especially without the Exchange back-end server
  • When Outlook prompts you to save a back-up, say
    yes at least once a week IMPORTANT!

NU Directory
  • From the Web
  • http//
  • Enter all or part of name wild card character is
  • You can edit your own e-mail directory listing
    via the Ph Web site if desired (auto-updated from
    student registration system)
  • https//
  • From within Eudora email client
  • ToolsDirectory Services
  • Northwestern University box must be checked in
    Databases list
  • From within Outlook email client
  • In Outlook, open a new message, click To button
  • Select Northwestern Directory from the pull-down
  • Click the Find button
  • Type the name youre looking for in the Display
    Name field
  • Use formal name
  • Type most unusual part of name

Email using Eudora on Department Shared Computers
  • On any shared computer on the network
  • Log on with your NetID and password
  • If there is a Eudora H Mail shortcut on the
    desktop, double-click it.
  • If not, right-click on the Eudora shortcut on
    the desktop and copy.
  • Right-click on the desktop and choose paste
  • If there isnt any Eudora shortcut on the
    desktop, do the following
  • Go to StartFind and find Eudora.exe
  • Right-click the icon for Eudora.exe and choose
    Create Shortcut.
  • Drag or copy/paste the shortcut onto the desktop.
  • Right-click on the shortcut you just created and
    choose Properties
  • Click the Shortcut tab
  • In the Target field, click at the end of the
    text already there, type a space, then type
  • In the Start In field type H\Mail, then
    Click OK
  • Enter your information the first time you use
    your H\Mail.
  • Instructions at

Email on Personal Computers with Eudora - I
  • To maintain a separate copy of your email on your
    laptop or other personal computer
  • From your personal computer, start Eudora
  • Under Tools-Options-Incoming Mail, check Leave
    Mail on Server and click OK
  • Then log onto any Kellogg shared computer
  • Start Eudora from an H\Mail Eudora shortcut
    (create one if necessary see previous slide)
  • Under Tools-Options-Incoming Mail, check Leave
    Mail on Server, check Delete from server after
    and type the number of days you want your mail to
    be available for download to your other computer
    click OK

Email on Personal Computers with Eudora - II
  • Be sure to download your email to your
    laptop/personal computer within the number of
    days you specified, after downloading it to your
    H\Mail Eudora folder
  • Messages sent by you from your personal computer
    will not be saved on your H\Mail Eudora folder
    or vice versa, unless you cc yourself as you send

Web Access to Email
  • You can also access your Northwestern email
    account over the web by going to
  • IMPORTANT Any email you delete through this web
    gateway is permanently deleted and no longer
    exists in the mail system. You will not be able
    to access it later through Eudora (or Outlook),
    or in any other way.
  • Any mail you have already downloaded to Eudora
    (or Outlook) will not be affected by what you do
    on the web email gateway.

Email Tools
  • Northwestern email tools web page
  • https//
  • Type your NetID and password and click on one of
    the following command buttons
  • Turn on vacation
  • If you go on vacation and will not be checking
    your email until you return, you can set up an
    auto-response message that will go to anyone who
    sends email to you. Edit the default message if
    you wish, and click Turn on vacation
  • Turn on email forwarding
  • You can set up your email account to forward all
    your mail to another email account
  • Turn on email replication
  • Useful if you are using Blackberry or a similar
    handheld email client device
  • Turn on notification
  • DO NOT USE THIS TOOL, because it does not apply
    to Kellogg email accounts

Kellogg Intranet and Web Tools
Kellogg Intranet
  • Kellogg home page
  • Northwestern home page
  • Kellogg Faculty/Staff page www.kellogg.northweste
  • Kellogg Intranet for Full-Time Students The
  • Kellogg Event Calendar www1.kellogg.northwestern.
  • Faculty Bios Class Pages http//

Discussion Groups
  • Asynchronous multi-way discussions
  • Read and post messages
  • include attachments and URLs
  • Benefits of discussion groups
  • Can view the entire discussion thread in one spot
  • Anyone can view the complete information in the
    discussion group at any time, not just people
    officially and continuously involved
  • Can easily retain archive of information for
    future years
  • WebBoard
  • Available for classes, clubs, conferences,
  • Access is restricted to Kellogg students,
    faculty, staff as a whole (but not by section)
  • Access can be finely restricted to selected
    individuals in the Kellogg community, if managed
    by a discussion moderator
  • Interested individuals can read and reply to new
    postings via e-mail instead of the web, at their
    personal option
  • More information

Web Surveys
  • Cogix ViewsFlash
  • Web-based software package that creates web
    surveys with automated response collection
  • Many instructions on how to build the surveys
    (called polls in ViewsFlash) are on the screen
    itself, placed close to the point where they will
    be implemented
  • Lengthy and complex documentation produced by
    that you can access by clicking on the Help link
  • For more information

Off-Campus Network Connections
To Connect via Modem
  • Instructions at
  • Kellogg Modem Pool Numbers
  • (847) 467-5000
  • 90 minute limit
  • (847) 467-MAIL, aka (847) 467-6245
  • 15 minute limit
  • If you have trouble connecting from off-campus,
    please call Northwestern IT Support Services at
    467-ITSS (467-4877) for immediate phone help

Home High Speed Access
  • From off-campus home with installed service
  • Cable modem service
  • ATT in Evanston and Chicago
  • RCN (formerly 21st Century) in Chicago
  • DSL service
  • Wide variety of providers
  • Average cost 50 per month

Home High Speed Access
  • Use Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access
    Kellogg NT network
  • Use Netswitcher to change between different
    required ethernet configurations
  • For more information

  • NU Library Training on electronic databases
  • NU Information Technology Training
  • Kellogg TEKclasses - periodic Wednesday classes
    primarily for MBA students
  • Hands-on in electronic classrooms with laptops
  • Check schedule periodically at