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The USGODAE Monterey Data Server 13 March 2007


Make ocean monitoring and prediction a routine activity in a ... Orbimage, Accuweather, Weather3000, Surfline, Ocens, Weathernews. Server User Community: IOOS ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The USGODAE Monterey Data Server 13 March 2007

The USGODAE Monterey Data Server13 March 2007
http// Phil Sharfstein GODAE
Project Manager
The Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment
  • Make ocean monitoring and prediction a routine
    activity in a manner similar to weather
  • GODAE will contribute to an information system
    for the global ocean that will serve interests
    from climate and climate change to ship routing
    and fisheries.
  • The USGODAE Server is developed and operated as a
    prototypical node for this global information

The International GODAE Project Time Line
  • 1998-1999 Concept
  • USGODAE Server begins initial development and
  • 2000-2002 Development
  • Server brought on-line as a 24x7 operational
  • Funding provided by ONR for the duration of GODAE
  • 2003-2006 Operational Demonstration
  • USGODAE Server sees steady growth in usage
  • Increased involvement in International GODAE
  • Increased breadth of data holdings
  • 2007-2008 Consolidation and Transition
  • ONR funding ends 2008
  • Server Decommissioned (If no additional funding
    is provided)
  • Goal Seek alternative funding source to ensure
    that the system remains available to support both
    DoD operations and research, and the current
    broad range of RD users.

USGODAE Server Schedule
  • 2006-2007 Full Support
  • ONR has committed to fund server operation
    through the end of the GODAE Project.
  • FNMOC will continue to provide full support for
    all server operations and data management tasks.
  • 2008 Server Decommissioned (If no additional
    funding is provided)
  • Transition Argo GDAC to other funded resource (if
  • Provide PKI data access for all DoD researchers
    currently using USGODAE.
  • Provide data distribution for FNMOC data sets
    only served by USGODAE that are used for DoD
    research (Computational Grid NOGAPS, Ocean QC,
    High-Resolution Computational Grid Ocean
    Model/Analysis Products).

USGODAE FTP Activity Through the Operational
Demonstration Phase
Monthly Downloads
Monthly Sessions
GODAE Server
  • Hosted in the FNMOC operational data center
  • Provides 24x7 system support.
  • Development through a partnership of FNMOC and
    NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Lab (PMEL)
  • The server hosts
  • In-situ oceanographic data
  • Atmospheric forcing fields suitable for driving
    ocean models
  • Unique GODAE data sets, including demonstration
    ocean model products
  • Primary Server users include
  • GODAE participants
  • IOOS community
  • DoD activities
  • General earth and ocean science research
  • The GODAE Server has played a significant role in
    the international GODAE program and the ongoing
    development of ocean models

USGODAE Hardware
  • ONR support for the final phase of GODAE included
    funding for a complete hardware upgrade.
  • High reliability/high availability architecture
  • Scaled to meet the increasing server usage
  • Provides the resources to run the latest data
    serving applications

USGODAE Data Serving Goals
  • DoD Users
  • Reliable, easy access to real-time and short-term
    archives of FNMOC public data sets
  • Operational access to unique GODAE data sets for
    NAVO and FNMOC
  • General Users
  • Flexible access to data users can quickly find
    and start using the data they need.
  • Provide well documented, standard Web interfaces
    by adhering to community data serving standards
  • National Virtual Ocean Data System (NVODS)
  • Integrated Ocean Observing System Data Management
    and Communications (IOOS DMAC)

USGODAE Data Server Applications
  • All Server data are available through anonymous
    FTP and HTTP download
  • Custom Web Applications
  • Data Catalog access and documentation links
  • Preview Generator non-gridded data
  • THREDDS - Data discovery and catalog for NVODS
  • Local Data Manager (LDM) - Data push for large
    model output
  • OPeNDAP - A Protocol that facilitates access to
    data and data products via the Internet
  • Including GrADS/Data, Aggregation, and CGI
  • Live Access Server (LAS) - Human-intelligible,
    geo-referenced browsing for all NVODS data

USGODAE Data Discovery and Catalog
NASA Global Change Master Directory
Unidata THREDDS Catalog
Custom USGODAE Data Discovery Application
USGODAE Data Serving ExampleArgo Global Data
Assembly Center (GDAC)
  • Transition Goal Continue to provide the complete
    archive of quality-controlled Argo data on a Navy
    hosted server
  • Allow operational access for NAVO and FNMOC to
    one of the most important in-situ oceanographic
    data sets
  • Argo is a major project under GODAE and the
    Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS)
  • Will have a global array of 3,000 drifting
    temp./salinity profiling floats sending data in
  • USGODAE is one of two Argo GDACs
  • Hosts the complete set of quality controlled T/S
  • Over 300,000 profiles on-line from 9
    national/regional centers
  • Delayed Mode (Scientific QCd data) on-line
  • Currently 90,000 delayed mode profiles
  • USGODAE Argo Data served through LAS and OPeNDAP
  • Provides complete integration of Argo data with
    NVODS and IOOS

Monthly Argo Coverage (Aug. 2005)Image from
USGODAE Argo Data Browser
Constrain By Time, Region, DAC, Float ID,
Delayed Mode
Data Browser provides fast access to data
previews and easy download for Argo data files
Argo GDAC Web Interface Output
File Retrieval and Preview Options
Argo Data Served Through OPeNDAP (A.K.A DODS)
  • A Protocol that facilitates access to
    oceanographic data and data products via the
  • Regardless of
  • data type
  • where the data are stored
  • the format in which they are stored
  • the user's visualization package
  • the user's level of expertise.

OPeNDAP Server for Argo Data
  • All NetCDF files on the GDAC are available
    through OPeNDAP
  • OPeNDAP functionality
  • Export to binary or ASCII
  • Subset
  • Subsample
  • Browse
  • Standard Interfaces and APIs

OPeNDAP Aggregation Server for Argo Data (and
THREDDS Catalog)
  • Create virtual collections of Argo data without
    hosting multiple copies of each profile.
  • FUTURE THREDDS will provide an OpenGIS compliant
    interface to Argo data

Argo Data Served Through Live Access Server
  • human-intelligible, geo-referenced browsing for
    all NVODS data
  • Basic graphics
  • Well annotated
  • All possible viewing planes and axes
  • Readable tables of values
  • Formatted subsets of data
  • NetCDF, tab-delimited, GIS formats, others
  • Comparisons
  • Overlays
  • Side-by-side plots
  • Difference plots (with regridding)
  • and basic transformations

Data Products
Analysis Tools
LAS Interface for Argo Data
  • Select profile data by
  • Time Period
  • Region
  • Depth Range
  • Additionally constrain by
  • Float ID
  • DAC
  • Real-Time/Delayed Mode
  • QC Values

Standard LAS Output Options for Argo Data
Comma Separated
Custom LAS Argo Data ProductsColor coded legends
list location, time, and float/profile ID
T/S Composite
LAS Single/Multiple Profile Selection
Select product and variables
Select one or more profiles
Unique USGODAE Data Sets FNMOC Model Forcing
  • Transition Goal Provide public access to FNMOC
    data sets for non-operational Navy/DoD use
  • Reduces work load on FNMOC staff fulfilling
    custom archived data requests and new account
    requests from non DoD users
  • Academic and industry partners have instant
    access to data needed for their projects
  • Data available through FTP, HTTP, LDM, LAS, and
  • Global NOGAPS
  • Data on 1 application grids sufficient to force
    the regional COAMPS model (5500 files/watch)
  • Surface forcing fields, boundary conditions and
    fluxes on ½ Gaussian computational grids custom
    tailored to force ocean models
  • Regional COAMPS Three Regions Surrounding CONUS
  • WW3 Complete Wave Watch 3 144 Hr. forecast
  • NCODA Global 3D Ocean Temperature, Salinity,
    and Surface Height Analysis
  • GHRSST High Resolution 6 hr. SST/Sea Ice

NOGAPS Surface Pressure Data through LAS
Unique USGODAE Data Sets Near Real-Time In-Situ
  • Transition Goal Provide DoD and public access to
    data not generally distributed through the
    operational data feeds
  • Quality controlled internal model initialization
  • Used by NRL, NPS, and NASA researchers
  • Observational data from the FNMOC Ocean QC
  • Contains all non-classified data used to
    initialize NOGAPS
  • Data files contain all background fields used in
    QC process
  • PROFILE Fixed/drifting buoy, bathy, and PALACE
    float data, including real-time Argo profiles
  • SURFACE Ship, fixed/drifting buoy, and CMAN
    in-situ SST
  • ALTIMETRY Level 2B TOPEX, GFO, and ERS altimeter
  • MCSST Level 2B AVHRR SST retrievals
  • SSM/I Level 2B DMSP sea ice concentration
  • Meteorological (MET) Three week archive of the
    latest 4x daily MET
  • NAVOCEANO Level 2B Satellite Data
  • SST and SSH Including high resolution LAC SST

In-Situ Data Access
Thumbnail Generator (From Files)
LAS Custom Database
The USGODAE Server User Communities
  • DoD
  • Non-DoD Research/Commercial
  • IOOS

Server User Community GODAE
  • The Server acts as a focal point for US and
    international GODAE projects, data, and
  • Data for GODAE
  • Custom tailored model forcing fields
  • Near real-time In-situ atmospheric and
    oceanographic data
  • Operational high-resolution model and analysis
    fields for GHRSST
  • GODAE Project Hosting
  • Ocean QC Intercomparison, Equatorial
    Intercomparison, Model Forcing Intercomparison,
    LAS GODAE Modelers Output Site.
  • GODAE Information
  • Meeting agendas and presentations, project

DoD Usage of the USGODAE Server
  • The DoD community is one of the largest server
  • 56.5 of HTTP Downloads (5,213,704 files/year)
  • 10.8 of FTP Downloads (3,690,638 files/year)
  • Top DoD Users
  • Navy Operational Centers Naval Pacific
    Meteorology and Oceanography Center, NAS Point
    Mugu, Sasebo Naval Base, US Pacific Command,
    Naval Oceanographic Office
  • Navy RD NRL Monterey, NRL Stennis, Naval
    Postgraduate School
  • Other DoD Air Force Weather Agency, US Coast
    Guard, Army Research Labs
  • DoD Industry Partners Applied Science Associates
    (Coast Guard), Lockheed Martin (Air Force),
    Barrodale Consulting Services (Navy), SAIC (Army)

Server User Community General RD
  • The USGODAE Server is the primary source of FNMOC
    model and observational data for a broad range of
    research projects and institutions.
  • Many funded research projects that will continue
    beyond the GODAE transition period rely on
    USGODAE as their principal data source.
  • The Server provides a framework and data archive
    for DoD RD that will need to be replicated at
    each new (or existing) project.

Non-DoD RD and Commercial Users
  • .gov
  • .org
  • UNESCO, Alaska Ocean Observing System (AOOS),
    Southeastern Universities Research Association
    Coastal Ocean Observing and Prediction Project
    (SURA/SCOOP), Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing
    System (GOMOOS), Columbia Scientific Balloon
  • .edu
  • Several hundred institutions retrieving over
    150,000,000 files each year through FTP, HTTP,
    and LDM.
  • Partnered with Unidata/UCAR to provide data for
    educational research.
  • .com (Excluding DoD Partners)
  • Orbimage, Accuweather, Weather3000, Surfline,
    Ocens, Weathernews

Server User Community IOOSThe bridge between
  • The USGODAE Server currently provides a wide
    range of real-time data, and oceanic/atmospheric
    models that are essential to the success of
    several IOOS projects.
  • The Server is one of the primary real-time data
    servers for global in-situ oceanographic data.
  • The USGODAE Server is designed and operated to
    adhere to the data serving standards specified by
    the IOOS/DMAC.
  • As a partner in IOOS, FNMOC can make many of its
    higher-resolution operational model fields
    covering the waters surrounding CONUS available
    to the IOOS community.

IOOS Participants Served by the USGODAE LDM
Server(Each institution served over 400,000
  • Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Louisiana
    State University, University of Florida,
    University of Miami, University of North
    Carolina, Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences,
    University of Alabama at Huntsville
  • North Carolina State University,University of
    North Carolina Charlotte, University of North
    Carolina Chapel Hill, University of Miami,
    Florida State University, University of South
    Florida (FTP/HTTP only)
  • GoMOOS
  • Bedford Institute of Oceanography, University of
  • Texas AM University
  • AOOS
  • AOOS LDM/Data Server, University of Alaska

IOOS Products from USGODAE Server Data
AOOS imagery from USGODAE satellite data
Wave models for GoMOOS, SCOOP, and SEACOOS forced
FNMOC Data and Models Currently Provided for IOOS
  • Global Wave Watch 3
  • 1 degree resolution, forecast to 144 hours
  • COAMPS Application Grids
  • Data for the three regions surrounding CONUS
  • Currently used to force several IOOS wave models
  • Global NOGAPS Application and Computational Grid
  • Computational grids provide the most accurate
    fields for forcing models in the coastal zone.
  • Daily High Resolution Global Ocean Analysis
  • 2161x1051 34 Levels (0-5000m)
  • High Resolution Global SST/Sea Ice Analysis
  • 3241x2441 6 hourly

FNMOC Models Available for IOOS(all pending
FNMOC approval for public release)
  • High Resolution Regional Wave Watch 3
  • Covers East Pacific, West Atlantic, and Central
    America (Gulf of Mexico)
  • Forced by FNMOC Regional COAMPS Models available
    on Server
  • 27 km resolution, forecast to 48 hours
  • COAMPS Computational Grids
  • Data served on the original computational grids
    for three regions surrounding CONUS
  • Provides the most accurate fields for forcing
    ocean models in the coastal zone

USGODAE COAMPS and WW3 Coverage for IOOS
Regional COAMPS and WW3 are available for the
three regions surrounding CONUS EPAC, CENTAM,
and WATL
FNMOC Regional Atmospheric and Ocean Models for
EPAC Regional WW3
COAMPS Comp. GridLambert Projection for EPAC
  • Thanks to 8 years of funding from ONR, the
    USGODAE Monterey Data Server has been developed
    into an invaluable resource for both the RD
    community and the Navy operational community.
  • As planned from the outset, ONR funding for the
    Server will end at the beginning of FY08.
  • To ensure continued USGODAE Server availability
    we must enhance its role as an RD system,
    supported under the projects that have made the
    Server a key part of their data serving
  • If no additional funding is provided, the USGODAE
    Server will be decommissioned in 2008.