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U.S. History Review


James Buchanan Abraham Lincoln. Rutherford Hayes James Garfield. Grover Cleveland Woodrow Wilson ... John Brown Abraham Lincoln. Category: Cold War. Things ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: U.S. History Review

U.S. History - Review
Category US Presidents
  • Presidents elected with less than 50 of the
    popular vote (minority)?

John Q. Adams James Polk James
Buchanan Abraham Lincoln Rutherford
Hayes James Garfield Grover Cleveland Woodrow
Wilson John F. Kennedy Richard Nixon
Category Civil rights movement
  • Events related to the civil rights movement

Montgomery bus boycott Brown v. Board of March
on Washington Civil Rights Acts Central High
Little Rock, AR. Freedom rides Univ. of
Mississippi (Meredith) "sit-ins Voting Rights
Act (1965) Riots (Watts)
Category Reagan Administration
  • Foreign policy events of the Reagan

Iran-Contra affair bombing of Libya marines in
Lebanon invasion of Grenada release of Iranian
hostages SDI (Star Wars) summits with
Gorbachev war on drugs Plane hijacking
terrorists evil Soviet Union
Category FDR Administration
  • New Deal Acts during the 100 days Congress of

Bank Holiday Beer Act Civilian Conservation
Corps FERA abandons gold standard AAA Glass-S
teagall Act TVA HOLC PWA
Category Roaring 20s
  • News making events from the 1920s

Immigration Act of 1924 Palmer raids Scopes
"Monkey Trial" Teapot Dome Stock market
crash Harding dies Lindbergh flies solo Ruth
hits 60 home runs Sacco Vanzetti
executed prohibition
Category 1970s
  • News making events from the 1970s

end of Vietnam War Kent State massacre Iran
hostage crisis Watergate scandals Arab oil
embargo Camp David Accords Helsinki accords
Roe v. Wade decision Pentagon Papers
Nixon resigns
Category Colonial Politics
  • Acts from Parliament that upset colonials

Toleration Act Molasses Act Sugar
Act Quartering Act Stamp Act Declaratory
Act Townshend Acts "Intolerable Acts Quebec
Act Currency Act
Category The Colonies
  • Things associated with colonial New England

Congregational church Heart of the
revolution Fishing Small farms Rocky
terrain Plymouth rock Fur trade Shipbuilding
Salem witch trials Lumber
Category Economics
  • Notable tariffs

of 1816 (first real) 1890 - McKinley 1828
Abominations 1909 Payne-Aldrich 1833
Compromise 1913 - Underwood 1846
Walker 1922 Fordney-McCumber 1861
Morrill 1930 Smoot-Hawley
Category Social History
  • Social reform movements of the antebellum

Prohibition Temperance 2nd Great
Awakening Prison reform Anti-war Education
Abolition Abstinence Wilderness
Utopias Womens Rights
Category Politics
  • Famous American compromises

Great Compromise 54 40 or fight????? 3/5
Compromise Kansas-Nebraska Act Missouri
Compromise Crittenden Compromise 1833 Compromise
Tariff Compromise of 1877 Compromise of
1850 Election of 2000
Category Social History
  • Famous abolitionists

Theodore Dwight Weld Harriet Beecher Stowe Lyman
Beecher Harriet Tubman Sojourner
Truth Frederick Douglass William Lloyd
Garrison William Seward John Brown Abraham
Category Cold War
  • Things associated with the Cold War in the

Cuban missile crisis Berlin Wall U-2 pilot
shot down '60 Khrushchev deposed Bay of
Pigs flexible response Missile build
up Vietnam War The hot line Moon landing
Category The Colonies
  • Things associated with the Middle colonies

The bread basket of colonies Most tolerant The
most diverse Shipbuilding No official
church Commerce Some taken from the
Dutch Quakers / Penn Slavery legal but
disallowed Hosted capital
Category Expansion
  • Land acquisitions of the United States

Original US by Treaty 1783 Mexican Cession
1848 Louisiana Purchase 1803 Gadsden Purchase
1853 Florida 1819 Alaska 1867 Texas
1845 Hawaii 1898 Oregon Country 1846 Puerto
Rico 1898
Category Early US History
  • Federalist political decisions

Washingtons cabinet Assumption Bank of the
US funding at par Neutrality
Proclamation Jays Treaty Alien Sedition
Acts Judicial Review Power over states
(Cohen) Tariff
Category Politics
  • Famous political antebellum non-presidents

Alexander Hamilton Daniel Webster Aaron
Burr Nicholas Biddle John Marshall Stephen
Douglas John Calhoun John Jay Henry
Clay Benjamin Franklin
Category Civil War
  • Events associated with sectionalism

Missouri Compromise Gag resolution of
1836 Sumner/Brooks clash Harpers
Ferry Compromise of 1850 Dred Scott
decision Kansas-Nebraska Act Uncle Toms
Cabin Ostend Manifesto Bleeding Kansas
Category Literature
  • Literary works that changed America

Poor Richards Almanac Uncle Toms Cabin Common
Sense A Century of Dishonor Looking
Backward Silent Spring Pragmatism On the
Road The Jungle On the Duty of
Civil Disobedience
Category Economics
  • Downturns in American economic history

Revolutionary recession Depression of
1893 Embargo of 1807 fiasco Roosevelt recession
1907 Panic of 1819 The Great Depression Panic
of 1837 Post WWII (small) Panic of 1857 The
1970s Panic of 1873 Black Monday 1987
Category Social History
  • Antebellum non-abolitionist reformers

John Humphrey Noyes Robert Owen Father Theobald
Matthew George Ripley Neal Dow Horace
Mann Dorothea Dix Elihu Burritt Elizabeth Cady
Stanton Dr. Sylvester Graham
Category Native Americans
  • Things that affected Indians other than just the
    arrival of the white man

Diseases Dawes-Severalty Act Introduction of
alcohol Indian New Deal Winchester
rifle decimation of buffalo Broken
treaties Indian Removal Act 1830 Reservations
Category Protest
  • Symbols or events of rebellion from the 1960s

Woodstock concert March on Washington Burning
your draft card Haight-Ashbury in SF Birth
control pill Long hair Drug culture Flower
power 1968 Demo. Convention Black Panthers
Category The Colonies
  • Things associated with the Southern colonies

Slavery took off Tobacco Agricultural
base Rice Georgia was a buffer Trade with
West Indies Aristocratic society Most were
royal colonies Anglican Church Indentured
Category Economics
  • People and things associated with the labor

Knights of Labor American Federation of
Labor Molly Maguires Pullman Strike 1894 Samuel
Gompers Haymarket Square incident Eugene V.
Debs Committee for Industrial Org. Homestead
Strike of 1892 Taft-Hartley Act of 1947
Category Presidents
  • Elections that made history

Washington unanimous Roosevelt wrench of
1912 The 1800 tie FDRs 3rd and 4th Corrupt
Bargain of 1824 Trumans comeback 1948 Lincoln
in 1860 Kennedy/Nixon closest Compromise of
1877 Bush/Gore 2000
Category Social History
  • Things associated with nativism

Alien Act of 1798 Cheap foreign labor Irish
German immigration Emergency Quota Act 21
Know-Nothing party Immigration Act of 1924
Molly Maguires Executive Order 9066 Chinese
Exclusion Act of 1882 Bracero program
Category Economics
  • Things associated with the transportation

Turnpikes/Cumberland road Stagecoach Rockets/Space
Pony express Conestoga wagons Transcontinenta
l railroads Steamboats/canals Automobile Clipper
ships Air flight
Category Economics
  • Things associated with the colonial Atlantic trade

Importation of slaves Transatlantic
crossing Rum Pirates of the
Caribbean Sugar Triangular British Navigation
Laws Dangerous Smuggling Money, money, money!
Category The 1920s
  • Things associated with Prohibition

Organized crime NASCAR / fast
cars Speakeasies International waters -
1923 FBI Police on the take Mixed
drinks 18th Amendment Volstead Act 21st
Amendment (Repeal)
Category Expansion
  • Things associated with the Mexican-American War

Acquisition of California Rio Grande river
dispute General Zachary Taylor President James K.
Polk Santa Anna Increased territory by
33 Expansion of slavery Treaty of Guadalupe
Hidalgo Annexation of Texas American payment -
18 million
Category Presidents
  • Things associated with Andrew Jackson

The Common Man Eaton malaria Specie
Circular Force Act Indian Removal Act Tariff
issues Bank War Indian fighter Kitchen
Cabinet Maysville Road veto
Category Civil Rights
  • African-Americans associated with the CRM

Martin Luther King Jr. Stokely Carmichael Rosa
Parks Thurgood Marshall Malcolm X Medgar
Evars James Meredith Jackie Robinson Emmett
Till W.E.B. DuBois
Category New Nation
  • Things associated with the Articles of

Failure Lack of taxation Land Ordinance of
1785 States Rights Land Ordinance of
1787 Unanimous votes Foreign policy
makers Unicameral government No
executive Regulated commerce
Category Presidents
  • Things associated with President George Washington

First Relied on Alex Hamilton Loose
construction Federalist Party Original
Cabinet Neutrality Proc. of 1793 Whiskey
Rebellion Conflict with England Two-term
tradition Alliance warning
Category Conflict
  • Things associated with the Spanish-American War

Imperialism/colonization Cuban insurrectos The
Rough Riders Teller Amendment The Maine San
Juan Hill Yellow journalism Anti-Imperialist
League William McKinley Puerto Rico, Guam,
Category Politics
  • Foreign policy between the wars

Washington Naval Conference Good Neighbor
Policy Five-Power Treaty London Economic
Conf. Kellogg-Briand Pact Neutrality Acts Dawes
Plan (German debt) Lend-Lease plan Smoot-Hawley
Tariff Oil embargo of Japan
Category Social History
  • Causes of the population shift from rural to
    urban from 1875-1925

Railroad expansion Increased farm
mechanics. Electricity Job opportunities in
WWI Automobiles Drought in 1890s Decline in
agricultural prices New immigrants stay in
city Insect infestation (esp. after 1915) pull
of the city attractions
Category Roaring 20s
  • Literary notables who gained popularity in the

H.L. Mencken F. Scott Fitzgerald Ernest
Hemingway William Faulkner Sinclair
Lewis Ezra Pound Langston Hughes Sherwood
Anderson T.S. Eliot e.e. cummings
Category Cold War
  • Things associated with the Cold War in the 1950s?

Rosenbergs executed CIA in Iran CIA in
Guatemala Sputnik I II Bomb
shelters Eisenhower Doctrine The Kitchen
Debate Suez Crisis McCarthyism Korean War
Category Politics
  • Progressive era legislation

Pure Food and Drug 1906 Federal Reserve
Act Mann-Elkins Act 1903 Clayton Anti-Trust
Act Hepburn Act 1906 17th Amendment Meat
Inspection Act 1906 18th Amendment Federal
Trade Commission Act 19th Amendment
Category Presidents
  • Political jargon of the 20th century

The Great Society A New Frontier A Return to
Normalcy New Deal Fair Deal Square
Deal Read my lips New Nationalism I like
Ike Reaganomics
Category Conflict
  • Things associated with the Vietnam War

Gulf of Tonkin napalm Geneva
Accords Vietnamization Fall of Diem
government Draft Operation "Rolling
Thunder" My Lai The Pentagon Papers Tet
Category Antebellum
  • Events related to the Era of Good Feelings

End of the Federalists Monroe Doctrine Spirit
of nationalism War of 1812 2nd Bank of the
US Tariff of 1816 American System Canal
building Panic of 1819 Missouri Compromise
Category Early US History
  • Events related to Thomas Jefferson

Louisiana Purchase Tripolitan War Kent.
Virginia Resolutions Declaration of Ind. Embargo
of 1807 Demo-Rep. Party Chase
Impeachment The Chesapeake Strict
Construction July 4th death w/ Adams
Category Economics
  • Federal banking history

First BUS 1791-1811 National Banking System
1863 Second BUS 1816-1836 Resumption Act of
1875 Bank War of 1832 Sherman Silver Purchase
Act Divorce Bill Federal Reserve Act of
1913 Independent Treasury Gov. creates FDIC
Category Social History
  • People things associated with the
    environmental/conservation movement

Theodore Roosevelt John Muir National Parks
System Ballinger-Pinchot contro. Forest Reserve
Act (1891) Earth Day Rachel Carson Silent
Spring EPA Clean Water Act of 1972 Superfund
Category Gilded Age
  • Gilded Age leisure activities

Barnum Bailey Circus Vaudeville Buffalo
Bills Wild West Show Boxing Baseball
Americas pasttime Basketball Horse racing
Kentucky Derby Croquet Photography Eastmans
Brownie College football
Category Cold War
  • Things associated with the Cold War in the 1940s

Capitalism v. communism Josef Stalin Truman
Doctrine Atomic bomb Berlin Airlift Marshall
Plan Formation of NATO United Nations
vetoes Containment HUAC
Category Protest
  • Notable rebellions in America prior to 1800

Bacons Rebellion 1676 Pueblo Revolt
1680 Stono Rebellion 1763 March of the Paxton
Boys Regulator Movement Boston Massacre -
1770 Boston Tea Party 1773 American
Revolution Shays Rebellion 1786 Whiskey
Rebellion - 1793
Category War
  • Things associated with the War of 1812

British arming the Indians Impressment Lets get
Canada Macons Bill No. 2 DC burned to the
ground War Hawks New sense of
nationalism Battle of New Orleans Hartford
Convention Treaty of Ghent
Category Economics
  • Things that lead to an economic down swing

land overspeculation Stock Market slides shaky
currency crop failures climatic
disasters runs on banks world price
problems railroad speculation bad banking
practices bad gov. decisions
Category Gilded Age
  • Our favorite robber barons and corrupt politicians

John D. Rockefeller J. Pierpont Morgan Andrew
Carnegie Boss Tweed Jim Fisk Jay Gould
Leland Stanford Cornelius Vanderbilt Grant
Administration Henry Flagler
Category Cold War
  • Things associated with the Cold War in the 70s

Nixon recognizes China détente Fall of
Saigon SALT Treaties Soviets invade
Afghanistan Olympic Boycotts Glastnost
perestroika SDI (Star Wars) Reagan/Gorbachev
summits Fall of the Berlin Wall
Category Early US History
  • Foreign policy decisions/events between 1789

Neutrality Proclamation 1793 Jays Treaty
1794 Pinckneys Treaty 1795 GW
Farewell Louisiana Purchase 1803 XYZ Affair
1798 Tripolitan War Embargo of
1807 Non-Intercourse Act of 1808 War of 1812
Category Supreme Court
  • Landmark Supreme Court decisions throughout U.S.

Marbury v. Madison Dred Scott v.
Sanford McCullough v. Maryland Plessy v.
Ferguson Brown v. Topeka Board of Ed. Korematsu
v. U.S. Gideon v. Wainwright Roe v. Wade Bush
v. Gore Miranda v. Arizona
Category Protest
  • Challenges to federal authority in the antebellum

Whiskey Rebellion 1794 Nullification Crisis 1832
Virginia/Kentucky Resolutions Underground
Railroad Hartford Convention 1815 Seneca Falls
1848 Corrupt Bargain 1824 Fugitive Slave
Law South Carolina Exposition The South secedes
Category Expansion
  • Things associated with westward expansion

Displacement of the Indians Manifest
Destiny Lewis Clark expedition Conestoga
wagons Development of railroad GOLD!!! Cheaper
available land Oregon Trail Mormons on the
move safety-valve theory
Category Social History
  • Immigrant waves

Great Migration 1630s Eastern Euros
1880s Scots-Irish 1700s Southern Euros
1880s Irish 1840s Japanese
1890s Germans 1848 Vietnamese Late
70s Chinese 1840-1882 Latinos 20th century
Category Arts
  • Architectural styles that have appeared in the

Georgian Federal Victorian Shingle
style Spanish Colonial Prairie Greek
Revival Tudor Gothic Revival Craftsmen
Category Social History
  • Notable antebellum American authors

Washington Irving Henry Wadsworth
Longfellow James Fenimore Cooper John Greenleaf
Whittier Ralph Waldo Emerson Oliver Wendell
Holmes Henry David Thoreau Edgar Allen Poe Walt
Whitman Nathaniel Hawthorne
Category Social History
  • Things associated with conformity in the 1950s

Levittowns Tupperware parties Two-martini
lunch Fast food / TV dinners Man in the Gray
Flannel Suit Ozzie Harriet / TV Divorce?
NEVER consumerism Suburbs / white flight Pink
Category Conflict
  • Wars involving the United States

World War II War of 1812 Spanish-American Ci
vil War War on Drugs Vietnam War on
Poverty World War I Mexican-American Korea
Category Politics
  • Long forgotten political parties

Federalists Union Anti-Masonics Greenback-Lab
or Whigs Peoples (Populists) Free
Soil Progressives American (Know-nothing) Demo
. Liberal Reps.
Category Colonial Era
  • Famous colonists of the 17th century

John Smith John Rolfe Lord De La Warr Myles
Standish William Bradford John Winthrop Anne
Hutchison Roger Williams Nathaniel
Bacon William Penn
Category Constitution
  • Topics of Amendments 11-27

Lowering voting age Poll tax Election of
Pres. And VP Income tax Slavery Prohibited
Woman suffrage National prohibition
Prohibition repealed Anti-third term
Suffrage for blacks
Category US Presidents
  • US presidents and vice-pres. who died or resigned
    while in office

William Harrison Zachary Taylor James
Garfield John Calhoun William
McKinley Warren Harding Franklin
Roosevelt John F. Kennedy Richard
Nixon Spiro Agnew
  • Threats to national unity

Category Art
  • Notable American architects

Thomas Jefferson Louis Sullivan Henry H.
Richardson Frederick Law Olmstead Frank Lloyd
Wright Frank Ghery
Category Constitution
  • Topics of the first 10 Amendments to the

right to bear arms quartering of
troops freedom of religion search and
seizure right to life, liberty, and right to
speedy trial property and face
accuser against cruel unusual trial by jury
punishment right not enumerated in
powers reserved to in Con. are
retained States and people
Category The 1960s
  • Events of 1968

Tet Offensive Civil Rights Act of 1968 Johnson
declines nomination Hair opens on Broadway MLK
assassinated Olympic games protest RFK
assassinated Democratic Convention My Lai
massacre Nixon elected
Category Women
  • 400 years of womens movements

Anne Hutchison Womens Suffrage Republican
motherhood Flappers Cult of Domesticity Sexua
l revolution Seneca Falls 1848 Betty Friedan /
NOW Temperance/Prohibition Roe v. Wade
  • 1968

  • Changing roles of religion

  • Notable shifts in religious beliefs

  • Popular cultural movements/eras

  • Notable Womens Movements

  • Changes in womens roles over time
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