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Robert Hooke


1635 Born in Freshwater on the Isle of Wight. At the age of six was scarred from small pox. Father hung himself when Hooke was ... Contributions to Paleontology ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Robert Hooke

Robert Hooke
  • Victim of Politics!

Robert Hooke
  • Where is the Portrait??

Some Basic Life Facts
  • 1635 Born in Freshwater on the Isle of Wight
  • At the age of six was scarred from small pox
  • Father hung himself when Hooke was 13
  • Thus he became an artists apprentice
  • Was then accepted to Westminster School
  • Never married although he did live with his niece
    for quite some time in his later years

Physical Facts
  • He was a small man
  • Badly disfigured from small pox
  • In later years his back curved giving him the
    appearance of constantly being hunched over, and
    this caused him much pain

Professional Facts
  • 1653- Entered Oxford as a chemical assistant on a
  • 1658 Became the paid assistant of Robert Boyle
  • 1662- Became the Curator of Exp. For the Royal
    Society- became a fellow in 1663
  • 1665-Prof. of Geometry at Gresham College,
  • 1666-Rebuilt much of London, designing many of
    the buildings
  • 1677- Becomes Secretary of the Royal Society

Contributions to Biology
  • In 1665, he published Micrographia
  • Micrographia was a look at small objects by using
    a specially designed (30x) compound microscope of
    his own design.
  • He coined the term cells
  • His book sparked the interest of many people.

Contributions to Astronomy
  • In 1666, published Cometa about the nature of
  • Newton read it and it is said that it sparked his
    interest for now
  • He was unable to determine what path the comet he
    was observing would take, Although he did know of
    the relationship between Mass and distance and
  • Collected a lot of data on comets from a variety
    of astronomers

C to A cont.
  • Formulated and demonstrated the elliptical path
    of planets by treating the paths as a mechanics
  • Discovered the Red Spot on Jupiter and determined
    that the planet was rotating.

Contributions to Physics and Technology
  • And yet still we cant find the portrait!!

  • Invented the Universal Joint (??)
  • Invented the first respirator
  • Discovered the law of elasticity (F-kx)
  • First to realize the wave properties of light
  • Invented the diving bell
  • Established thermo-metric zero
  • Contributed greatly to watch technology
  • Founded the field of Meteorology
  • And many other things there just isnt enough
    time for except

Contributions to Paleontology
  • 250 years before Darwin, he realized the true
    nature of fossils by studying them with his
  • At the time many people thought that the earth
    had natural shaping properties that created
    fossils and that they had nothing to due with
    previous life

So where is that Portrait?!
  • In 1672, Hooke had a major dispute with Newton
    over his prism ideas
  • Newton refused to acknowledge Hookes
    contributions to the Principia
  • Newton held more poltical weight and after
    Hookes death, it is rumored that he had the
    dwarfs portrait removed!!!

  • Hooke was one of the hardest working and most
    prolific scientists of day
  • He had never received the credit he deserved due
    to bad politics and peoples willingness to bow
    to Newtons temper tantrums
  • Without Hooke we wouldnt be able to blame the
    weathermen for bad weather!!!!