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However, WWE has sued Gagner for the use of the AWA name


However, WWE has sued Gagner for the use of the AWA name, citing trademark ... Before being promoted to the main WWE roster, Cena trained in and wrestled for ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: However, WWE has sued Gagner for the use of the AWA name

Maite Cuesta, Anna Mateo, Judith Campayo and
Victoria Morgade
Early years Anton Tony Stecher was a founding
member of the NWA in 1948 and had promoted
wrestling in Minneapolis since 1933 through his
Minneapolis Boxing and Wrestling Club. In 152, he
sold a one third interest in the promotion to
Wally Karbo and his son Denis Stecher. On october
9, 1954, Tony Stecher died and control of the
promotion passed to Karbo and Dennis Stecher. In
1959, Dennis Stecher sold his majority stake in
the Minneapolis Boxing and Wrestling Club to
Karbo and Gagne. They became co-owners of the
promotion from that point onward.
Breaking away from the NWA In 1960, after
unsuccesfully lobbyng the NWA for a title match
between Verne Gagne and the NWA World Champion,
Verne Gagne and Wally Karbo led certain
territories out of the NWA forming the American
Wrestling Association. While OConnor was the
first AWA champion, he never wrestled in the
AWA. Gagne was a former amateur-wrestling
champion who had earned a spot on the U.S. team
at the 1948 Summer Olympics he ran the AWA with
a traditionalist sensibility, firmly believing
that sound technical wrestling- sold be the basis
of a pro-wrestling company.
The remainderof the matches took place at the
Rochester Civic Center, where the AWA taped live
matches for its television program from from
1989-1990. Jake Milliman again
came away with the win by eliminating DeBeers at
the end, winning the Series and the suposed
1.000.000 chek for Larrys Legends.
The TCS concept was ill-convinced and poorly
presented many wrestling fans feel that it
hastened the AWAs demise. Yet elements of the
series have parallels to the brand extension
employed by World Wrestling Entertainment.
1982-1983 Between 1982 and 1983 there were
multiple cases of corruption trying to do that
Hulk Hogan will win since he was the favourite of
the public but they never obtained it. What did
that Hogan rival was accepting an offer of the
promoter Vince McMahin jr. To fight for the WWF,
in december 1983. One month later became the
champion of the heavy weight. Hogan and the WWF
phenomena were done in the mass media jumping
ahead of the AWA and NWA
1984 the alliance with the NWA known as Pro
Wrestling USA, which was a union between the AWA
and NWA territory promoters in the summer of 1984
to establish a national presence to compete
against the WWF, and aired a national show on
ESPN. International working agreements Abroad,
the AWA had working agreements with Japanese
promotions Internacional Pro Wrestling (1969 to
1980), then All Japan Pro Wrestling (1980 to
1988) and, near the end, New Japan Pro wrestling.
The debacle was that on June 29, 1986, Hansen
refused to lose the AWA Heavyweight Title to Nick
ESPN television deal It was around that time that
the AWA began airing weekly programming on ESPN,
the network which formally aired Pro Wrestling
USA programming, giving the promotion the
national exposure alredy enjoyed by the WWF (on
USA Network) and the NWAs Georgia/World
Championship Wrestling.
1986-1991 The downfall of the AWA Howewer, the
AWA continued to fall behind the WWF and NWA as a
major promotion, throughout 1986 and 1987.

The AWA would become inactive in the fall of
1990. As a result, Larry Zbyszko, the winner of
the AWA world tittle in an 18- man Battle Royal,
signed with WCW. As his last official act, Verne
Gagne stripped the already-departed Zbyszko of
the AWA World Title in December 1990.
AWA Team Challenge Series The AWA held a Team
Challenge Series from october 1, 1989 through
August 11,1990. all of the available wrestler
were divided into three teams, Larrys Legends,
headed by Larry Zbyszko, Slaughters Snipers,
headed by Sgt. Slaughter, and Baron Blitzers,
headed by Baron Von Raschke. Babyfaces and heels
alike were assigned to teams, forcing bitter
rivals to work together. The winners of the Team
Callenge matches would share one million dollars.
Some of the earlier TCS matches took place in a
TV studio without an audience the announcer
claimed it was part of an effort to stop
wrestlers from interfering, but it was actually
due to poor ticket sales for arena shows.
  • AWA on television
  • Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, AWA televisison
    production was headquartered at Minneapolis
    independent station WTCN-TV, then owned by
    Metromedia. Marty ONeill announced the matches
    for the local WTCN audience. By 1979, production
    was transferred to Minneapolis station KMSP-TV.
    During the AWAs existence, it
    produced or had hand in production of several TV
  • AWA All-Star Wrestling
  • AWA Championship Wrestling
  • AWA Major League Wrestling.

AWA on pay-per-view From 1999 to 2002, a series
of AWA-related pay-per-views were produced.
Titled AWA Classic Wrestling, they featured
compilations of old AWA footage, hosted by Greg
Gagne and Todd Okerlund with occasional
appearence by Verne Gagne. They pay.per-view
ceased following the acquisition of the AWA tape
library by World Wrestling Enternaiment. On
February 29, 2008. AWA Classic Wrestling can be
seen late night on ESPN Classic.
World Wrestling Entetainment ownership World
Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) inducted Verne
Gagne into the WWE Hall of Fame on April 1, 2006.
Currently, all footage for the AWA prior to
the formation of AWA Superstars of Wrestling is
owned by World Wrestling Entertainment. The WWE
released The Spectacular Legacy of the AWA on
November 21, 2006
AWA Superstars of Wrestling In 1996, American
Wrestling Association name in the state of
Minnesota and the AWA re-opened as an
independent promotion called AWA Superstars of
Wrestling . On April 26, 2007 it was revealed
that WWE has sought legal action against Dale
Gagne for the use of the AWA name, citing
trademark infrigement. The trademarks for the AWA
logo and the name American Wrestling Association
are owned by WWE
American Wrestling Title History The AWA World
Heavyweight Championship was established in May
1960, after the AWA became a separate promotion
from the National Wrestling Alliance, which had
previously been a part of as the NWA's
Minneapolis, Minnesota-area presence. The first
champion was Pat O'Connor, who was recognized as
the first champion upon the AWA's secession from
the NWA as O'Connor held the NWA World
Heavyweight Championship as well, which he won on
January 9, 1959. With the introduction of the
championship, which had world title status for
its entire existence until the promotion folded
in January 1991, the NWA World Championship lost
its status as the only World Championship of pro
The creation of a second world title would pave
the way for the creation of many other world
championships in other wrestling promotions. The
title was supposedly revived in 1996 in Dale
Gagner's independent promotion AWA Superstars of
Wrestling, who relicensed the AWA name. However,
WWE has sued Gagner for the use of the AWA name,
citing trademark infringement, as the WWE owns
the AWA tape library, trademarks, and logos. AWA
Superstars of Wrestling has claimed lineage for
their world title to the classic AWA title and
control over the title history, but because there
is no connection to the original organizations or
individuals involved therein, no continuity in
title reigns or even physical belts, and
questionable legal use of the AWA name, the
claims made by AWA Superstars of Wrestling are in
historical dispute and in legal jeopardy
Mark William Calaway (born March 24, 1965)is an
American professional wrestler, better known by
his ring name The Undertaker. He is signed to
World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), wrestling on
its SmackDown! brand.
He was born in August 11, 1953,better known by
his ring name Hulk Hogan, is an American actor,
semi-retired professional wrestler, and former
rock bassist. He currently stars on the VH1
reality show Hogan Knows Best and is the new
co-host of American Gladiators on NBC
Oscar Gutierrez was born December 11, 1974 better
known by his ring name Rey Mysterio, is an
American professional wrestler currently signed
to World Wrestling Entertainment wrestling on its
SmackDown brand. Despite competing as a
cruiserweight for most of his career, he is a
former World Heavyweight Champion, as well as a
record-setting eight-time Cruiserweight Champion.
David Michael Bautista, Jr. was born January 18,
1969,better known as Dave Batista or by the ring
name Batista, is an American professional
wrestler. Batista is currently signed to World
Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), wrestling on its
SmackDown! brand. Batista is a three-time World
Heavyweight Champion and the winner of the 2005
Royal Rumble match.
Dalip Singh Rana was born August 27, 1972 better
known by his ring name The Great Khali, is an
Indian professional wrestler, actor and former
powerlifter who won Mr. India in 1995 and 1996.
He is currently signed to World Wrestling
Entertainment (WWE) wrestling on its SmackDown!
brand. Before embarking on his professional
wrestling career, he was an officer in the Punjab
state police. Singh is a one-time World
Heavyweight Champion, and appeared in the film
The Longest Yard (2005).
John Felix Anthony Cena was born April 23, 1977
is an American professional wrestler, hip hop
musician and actor. He is employed by WWE as a
member of the Raw brand. In his WWE career, Cena
has been a three time WWE Champion, a three time
United States Champion, and a one time World Tag
Team Champion with Shawn Michaels. He also won
the 2008 Royal Rumble. Before being promoted to
the main WWE roster, Cena trained in and wrestled
for Ultimate Pro Wrestling and Ohio Valley
Wrestling, holding the top titles of both
Paul Michael Levesque was born July 27, 1969 is
an American professional wrestler and actor,
better known by the ring name Triple H, an
abbreviation of his former ring name Hunter
Hearst Helmsley. He currently wrestles for the
Raw brand of WWE. Before joining WWE, Levesque
began his wrestling career with World
Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1993, wrestling
under the ring name Terra Ryzing. He changed his
ring name to Jean-Paul Lévesque before joining
WWE in 1995, which was then known as the WWF.
Edward Fatu was born March 28, 1973 is a Samoan
professional wrestler better known by his ring
names Jamal, Ekmo, and currently Umaga. He is
presently signed to WWE and performs on their Raw
brand. He is a member of the Anoa'i wrestling
family, and before his current WWE role, he
frequently worked as a part of a tag team
variously named The Island Boyz, the Samoan
Gangstas, and 3-Minute Warning with his cousin
Matt Anoa'i.
The life of Randy Orton
He was born in 1 April, 1980 in Knoxville,
Tenesse. He is an American professional wrestler
currently signed to World Wrestling
Entertainmentv(WWE) wrestling on its Raw brand,
where he is the reigning WWE Champion During his
career in WWE, Orton acquired the moniker of
being a "Legend Killer", disrespecting Hall of
Famers and physically attacking veterans of
professional wrestling outside of appropriate
restrictions. He is also a former
Intercontinental and World Tag Team Champion.
Fight 2002 In 20 Genuari, with Batista, Ric
Flair and Triple H we won to Scott
Steiner. 2003I gain(earn) reputation and it he
made début thanks to his her presence in
EVOLUTION 2004Orton lost the intercontinental
title against Edgey conquered Chris Benoit in
SummerSlam and turned into the champion mas young
of the WWE.
2007 He was participe in Backlash, in Vengeance,
in 2008 He was win WWE Champion
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