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Career Clusters, Academies, and Pathways: A Primer for Understanding Smaller Learning Communities Es


Music = time for interaction with others ... Individually review 16 Career Clusters information sheet ... 1 Band 1 Vocal Music. 1 Drama 1 Sound Prod. 2 SPED. AP ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Career Clusters, Academies, and Pathways: A Primer for Understanding Smaller Learning Communities Es

Career Clusters, Academies, and Pathways A
Primer for Understanding Smaller Learning
Communities (Establishing Relationships,
Relevance, Rigor)
  • Mike Gross
  • Junction City High School Career Academy
  • 900 N. Eisenhower
  • Junction City, KS 66441
  • 785.717.4227

Objectives for Today
  • Gain deeper understanding of the differences and
    advantages of each of the Smaller Learning
    Community models discussed
  • Highlight the processes used to develop
  • Discuss school reform implementation strategies,
    successful practices, and known mistakes

Guidelines for this Session
  • Move chairs so that you are comfortable
  • Ask questions as they arise
  • Music time for interaction with others
  • Meet your own physical needs immediately
    Restroom, water, etc.
  • Connect the content of this workshop to your own
    school, community and students

Smaller Learning Communities
  • Smaller is better- 350 to 450 students according
    to research
  • Schools at 1000 need to be reduced
  • School within a school
  • Can be random, by grade, by interest
  • Divide and conquer
  • Economy of scale Small school environment plus
    opportunities of large school

Activity SLCs
  • Directions Informally group with 3-4 other
    people and take turns answering the following
    questions for each other
  • What is your current position, employer and
    function within your organization?
  • What occupations have you had that are different
    from what you are doing now?

Thank your partners for working with you-
Career Clusters
  • 16 clusters
  • Dept. of Education project (Now state directors
    of Career and Tech)
  • All careers can be classified in one of clusters

Career Clusters Definition
  • Career Clusters represent a grouping of
    occupations and broad industries based on

Reference Career ClustersFocusing Education on
the Future The National Association of State
Directors of Career Technical Education
Consortium States Career Clusters
Initiative (Speakers Kit, May 2003) www.careerclus
Career Clusters Titles
  • Agriculture, Food Natural Resources
  • Architecture Construction
  • Arts, Audio/Video Technology Communications
  • Business, Management Administration
  • Education Training
  • Finance
  • Government Public Administration
  • Health Science
  • Hospitality Tourism
  • Human Services
  • Information Technology
  • Law, Public Safety Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing, Sales Service
  • Science, Technology, Engineering Mathematics
  • Transportation, Distribution Logistics

Career Clusters Purposes
  • The 16 Career Clusters are an organizing tool for
    schools to offer a broader, more durable
    preparation for the world of work.
  • Re-training the Workforce
  • Cross-training the Workforce
  • Preparing the Emerging Workforce

Activity Career Clusters
  • Individually review 16 Career Clusters
    information sheet
  • Choose one career cluster that interests you
  • Find all other participants that have chosen the
    same cluster. Please stand together and
    introduce yourselves to each other.
  • In these groups, each participant give one reason
    you chose this cluster

Typical Cluster Plan of Study at
Thank your partners for working with you-
Career Academy
  • A physical grouping of students and staff for the
    purpose of increased focus on broadly related
    career development and the integration of
    academic and career and technical skills.

Career Academy
  • Academies should contain a full complement of
    academic, elective and Career and Technical
  • Academies should have a dedicated support system,
    including autonomous administration and SPED

Pocket Career Academies
  • West coast
  • Academy is housed within larger comprehensive
    high school
  • Students apply to academy
  • In house magnet school

Activity Pocket Academy
  • Participants with an interest in Engineering and
    Technology please stand
  • You will be required to complete an application,
    and if you are chosen you will attend the ET
    Academy next fall
  • If you have no interest in Engineering and
    Technology, you will be in the main part of our
    high school next fall

Wall to Wall Career Academies
  • All students in school are placed in an academy
  • School provides opportunities for all students
    and career interests
  • Broad career groups
  • Can be based on clusters

Key components of the Career Academy model at
  • 9th Grade Academy (400-450 students)
  • 4 Teams, Math, Science, English and Life Skills
    teachers on each
  • Double dose in Math and Reading for students
    below grade level
  • Life Skills class addresses transition, study
    skills, interpersonal/intrapersonal, career focus
  • 3 Career Academies, grades 10-12 (300-400
    students each)
  • Based on 16 Career Clusters (Megaclusters)
  • Looping/integration
  • Career focus/relevance in course selection and
  • Authentic out of school learning opportunities

Activity Wall to Wall Career Academies
  • Using the Cluster Selection Form as a guide,
    group with other participants with clusters in
    the same Academy (by color)
  • In your Academy groups, introduce yourself and
    indicate which Cluster you have chosen
  • Please stand with this group for the remainder of
    this activity

JCHS Career Academies
  • SET (Science, Engineering and Technology)
  • FAHS (Fine Arts and Human Services)
  • BIT (Business and Information Technology)

JCHS Career Academies
  • Each academy has
  • Principal
  • Academy Leader
  • Counselor
  • Dedicated office support in academy area
  • Special Education support
  • Full academic course offerings

Career Academies at JCHS
10-12 Career Academies
  • Thank those people that you have shared your time
  • Thank you for your participation!
  • (You may return to your original seat)

Career Pathways
  • A career pathway is a specific sequence of
    courses that leads to a terminal course, industry
    based certification, or a post-secondary
  • Career and Technical Education completer programs
    are the best example of a pathway

Activity Career Pathway
  • One volunteer with an interest in Business,
    Information Technology or another related field
    please stand and share with the group
  • The sequence of courses at your school that would
    be considered pathway courses to prepare you
    for a career

Please show our volunteer our appreciation!
What we have learned implementing Career
Academies in our schools
  • Determine your specific needs and goals
  • Research best practices from everywhere
  • Bring faculty and admin together from the
  • Vote on big decisions
  • Public relations must be emphasized from the
  • Be your own best expert - Avoid models that do
    not align with your philosophy, goals and needs
  • Build on existing strengths

  • Financial needs include
  • Staffing (leadership, release time, academy
  • Staff development, travel and training
  • Consultation
  • Physical plant needs, including teacher and
    office relocation
  • Curriculum planning and coordination

Known Barriers, Pitfalls and Mistakes
  • Dont let anyone call this tracking!
  • Each academy must provide equal services
  • Classrooms are the sacred cow in the educational
  • Teachers follow other teachers most of the time,
    but the boss must be the boss for some issues
  • Bring an association savvy member into the
    leadership circle early
  • Communication is critical Make promises
    regarding philosophy, not process, then work
    through the details together
  • Maintain the integrity of the process through
    consistency, fairness, and adherence to the
    guiding principles

If you keep using the same teaching strategies,
and the students keep failing, who is really the
slow learner?
  • Smaller Learning Communities group students and
    staff into smaller units
  • The 16 Career Clusters are a classification
    system for careers that can be used as a guidance
    and planning tool for students
  • Career Academies are SLCs that are based upon
    common, broad-based career interest
  • A Career Pathway is a specific sequence of
    courses that lead to something beyond school

Thank your partners one last time for working
with you-
Final Question
  • What can you do to make it happen?

Thank you!