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Building A Moor Christ Centered School


Bring in adults who can share their 'Christian journey' & Worship habits with your students. ... beat the drum and bring out the band. #3: Bible Labs: ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Building A Moor Christ Centered School

Building A Moor Christ Centered School
Where Do You Start? You Start With YOU!
  • You are to show that YOU are a living letter from
    Christ written not in ink, but with the Spirit
    of God. -2 Cor. 32
  • Christ is sitting for His portrait in each
    disciple In everyone Christs love, His
    holiness, His meekness, His mercy and His truth
    are to be made known to the world. Desire of
    Ages, p. 827

Barna Research Group Ltd. November 15, 1999
  • Probability of people accepting Christ as Savior.
  • Ages 5-13 32 rate of probability
  • Ages 14-18 4 rate of probability
  • Ages 19-death 6 rate of probability
  • Bottom Line If a person does not accept Christ
    by age 14, the likelihood of ever doing so
    diminishes drastically.

V.G. School Effectiveness Factors
  • Percentage of Students Experiencing
  • Good, Competent Teachers
  • Grades 6-882, Grades 9-1281
  • Caring, Supportive Teachers
  • Grades 6-863, Grades 9-1257

The First Step In Developing A Christ-Centered
School Some Simple Questions???
  • Is this school a safe and caring environment?
    (Caring Compassion)
  • Does this school encourage the development of
    strong, supportive, and long-term relationships
    between students and their teachers and other
    caring adults?

The First Step Some Simple Questions???
  • Do we demonstrate high academic and behavioral
    expectations for ALL students?
  • When students, parents, or church members walk
    into this school for the first time (or the
    fifty-first time), do they feel welcome?

Characteristics of a Caring School.
  • A caring school puts a priority on fostering
    meaningful student-to-student and
    student-to-adult relationships, and on
    recognizing and celebrating each individuals
    abilities. The appearance of the school building
    reflects this respect for the people who learn
    and work there. The school is part of the church,
    and extends its ethic of caring into the church,
    the homes and the surrounding neighborhood.
  • A caring school reflects the love of our Father.

1Keep Christ at the Center of the School
Program. (Nuts Bolts)
  • Make Christ the focus of your life.
  • Invite Him to be the center of your school daily
    perhaps hourly. (brainstorm).
  • Focus on modeling Christ IN THROUGH you. Be a
    walking book about Gods love to be read by all.
    With Christ as your model play follow the
    leader every day.
  • Bring in adults who can share their Christian
    journey Worship habits with your students.
  • Celebrate the joy found in Jesus. Share victories

Keep Christ at the Center of the School Program.
(Nuts Bolts)
  • Encourage prayer action for individuals in
  • Praise God in personal and public interactions.
  • Form What would Jesus do? clubs in each
  • Provide a couple of profound agape feasts yearly.

Keep Christ at the Center of the School Program.
(Nuts Bolts)
  • Encourage your staff to pray one-on-one with all
  • Be intentional with spiritual programming. A
    what ever approach to song service sends the
    message, this isnt really important to
    students. Make the spiritual program a priority
    with your time your money.

Keep Christ at the Center of the School Program.
(Nuts Bolts)
  • Make Bible class practical personal.
  • Plan the yearly program well in advance to ensure
    that Christ doesnt get squeezed out by other
  • Expect miracles celebrate them.
  • Expect disasters use them as teaching/learning
  • Provide opportunities for students to lead out in
    spiritual endeavors.

2Building and Strengthening Relationships
  • The literature on child resiliency and
    intervention is clear Every child needs at
    least one adult who is irrationally crazy about
    him or her. (Bodine Crawford 1998)

Building and Strengthening Relationships (nuts
  • Make it a priority to ensure that every student
    is well known by, and in regular contact with, at
    least one caring adult in the church. Example
    adopt grandparents.
  • Connect older students with younger students in
    big brother/sister relationships.

Building and Strengthening Relationships (nuts
  • Intentionally do things to build rapport with
    students. Example cookie day/night, birthday
    celebrations etc.
  • Understand that the purpose of discipline is
    REDEMPTION. Use discipline to point students to
    their loving Father in heaven. Your actions will
    speak louder than your words.

Building and Strengthening Relationships (nuts
  • Include students on advisory committees. (Not
    necessarily policy making ones)
  • Be involved get out of the office and be part
    of the flavor of the school.(Be a welcome
    committee of one).
  • Let kids tell you how they feel and LISTEN. Act
    on what you can and tell them when you cannot.

Building and Strengthening Relationships (nuts
  • Play with the students. Good advice for teachers,
    pastors and board members.
  • Teach cooperation team work and then expect
  • Celebrate successes beat the drum and bring out
    the band.

3 Bible Labs Gods Plan for Serving
  • A curriculum that explores issues of caring is
    enriched by opportunities for helping others.
    Community service can be particularly beneficial
    for students at risk. It gives them a chance to
    feel useful and build self-esteem. (Curwin 1993)

of Retention Comparedto Method of Teaching
  • LISTENING (Lecture) 5
  • Reading 10
  • Audio Visual 20
  • Demonstration 30
  • Discussion Group 50
  • Practice (experience) 75
  • Teach Others 95

Bible Labs Gods Plan for Serving (nuts bolts)
  • According to the V.G study, the two most
    influential factors in students connecting to
    Christ and remaining faithful are 1)
    Parent/child dialogue about faith and .
  • Involvement in helping projects. (home, church,
    and school).

Bible Labs Gods Plan for Serving (nuts bolts)
  • Include witnessing/service activities in the
    schedule, and not just an add on.
  • Study the life of Christ with your students and
    help them see that service is not something you
    do, its who you are in Christ.
  • Lead them to experience the joy of serving others
    for Christ (and not for self).
  • Remember, servant leadership is taught best
    through two models Jesus You.

Gods Plan for Serving Quotable Quote
  • Teaching is very much like the game of tennis.
    Those who fail to master the basics of serving
    well, usually lose. Unknown
  • Students dont care how much you know until they
    know how much you care. Gerhard Gschwandtner

4 School Traditions
  • School traditions can instill a sense of
    connectedness and school pride in your students.

School Traditions (nuts bolts)
  • Explore with students, parents church members
    the traditions already in place (there history),
    as well as those they would like to see
    initiated. Set up a plan to assure that the
    continuance of traditions is not based on
  • Here are some ideas for starters

School Traditions (nuts bolts)
  • Teacher dedication ceremony the first Sabbath of
    the school term.
  • Home vespers conducted by board members or
    teachers or pastors
  • Faculty/Board vs. students annual softball game.
  • International supper (fundraiser)

School Traditions (nuts bolts)
  • Give me a hug. Students are on a rotation to
    greet elderly members on Sabbath morning and give
    them a hug.
  • Church/School clean up day. A way for the
    students to say, Thank you, to the church.

5 Promoting Parent Interaction.
  • When parents send their children to your school
    they are sending their two most valued
    possessions -their children, and, -their money.
    Good interaction with them is a key to success.

Promoting Parent Interaction (Nuts Bolts)
  • Hand select a group of positive parents to
    serve on a Parent Advisory Committee.
  • Develop a Parent Appeals Process using the Mathew
    18 model hand it out at registration time each
  • Purchase a stack of small Thank You cards give
    them to parents after you have observed exemplary
    student conduct.

Promoting Parent Interaction (Nuts Bolts)
  • Never talk to a parent about the children of
    other parents. (If I hear you talking about
    someone elses children behind their back, I can
    assume you will do the same with my children
    behind my back.)
  • Five Tips for Strengthening Parent Relationships
  • 1) Welcome them Do you make them feel welcome
    even when you dont want to see them?
  • 2) Use their name Everyone likes to hear their
  • 3) Meet their needs Find some way to treat them
    as Christ would treat them.
  • 4) Thank them Its a way to make them feel
  • 5) Invite them back or bid them have a nice
  • Note These also work with pastors,
    superintendents, church members and even

6 Miscellaneous Ideas(Nuts Bolts)
  • Keep the facility CLEAN. This is the
    responsibility of everyone.
  • Keep the facility in GOOD REPAIR.
  • Keep the lines of communication OPEN.
    Blessings, Name Them One By One. (And it will
    surprise you .) Another way to say it -
  • Your Attitude Determines The Schools Altitude!
  • Supervise! Supervise! Supervise!

Miscellaneous Ideas (Nuts Bolts)
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • When we communicate, the message is 93
  • 7 - Words
  • 38 - Tone of Voice
  • 55 Body Language

Miscellaneous Ideas(Nuts Bolts)
  • Fred Pryors Suggestion for dealing with
    difficult people
  • S Smile, or Square Off (facing the person)
  • O Open Body Posture
  • F Forward Lean
  • T Territory (respect their space)
  • E Eye Contact
  • N Name Used Often, also Nod While

Miscellaneous Ideas (Nuts Bolts)
  • Think PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE
  • If I am going down the hall, and you say good
    morning to me with a smile, and then I smile and
    say good morning to you Who was proactive?
  • Teachers are leaders .. .. leaders initiate
    rather than simply waiting to react. When it
    comes to building relationships plan ahead
    take the lead.

Miscellaneous Ideas (Nuts Bolts)
  • Dont allow others to determine your feelings.
  • Other people dont make me angry. I make myself
    angry by how I choose to interpret their
  • In the heart of Christ, where reigned perfect
    harmony with God, there was perfect peace. He was
    never elated by applause nor dejected by censure
    or disappointment. Amidst the greatest opposition
    and most cruel treatment, He was still of good
    courage. DA, p.

Miscellaneous Ideas (Nuts Bolts)
  • Continually feed the Adventist grape vine with
    positive information. It will discover enough
    negative information on its own.
  • AFFIRM, AFFIRM, AFFIRM (but dont flatter)
    students, parents, board members, pastors,
    teachers Everyone. If you want to cultivate
    positive . BE POSITIVE.

Summary Statement
  • A positive school climate is the result of
    purposeful and informed leaders taking action.
  • By recognizing and meeting students fundamental
    need to feel safe, accepted, and valued, we will
    provide a climate built for success.
  • Love each and every student unconditionally!

  • The number one way children develop a
    relationship with Christ is watching their
    parents model their relationship with Christ and
    talking with them about it.
  • There is no way to produce spiritual life in
    children. The best we can do is to provide an
    atmosphere where spiritual life can occur and

  • The number one way for children to learn how to
    be selfless (rather than selfish) is through
    working jointly with their parents on acts of
    kindness for others.

The Role of the Principal It is the Love of
Christ that controls me. -2 Cor. 514
  • C - Christs
  • L - Love
  • I - Influences
  • M - My
  • A - Attitude
  • T - Toward
  • E Everyone Everything
  • Evidence exists that a school is the shadow of
    its administrator.
  • School improvement begins with the administrator.
  • Here is the bottom line to building a better
    school CLIMATE

Where Do We Start??
  • Start with a joint meeting of the School Board,
    Church Board, Home School, Faculty and Pastors
    to address the 4 simple questions presented
  • Develop a list of suggestions and for each
    suggestion and ACTION PLAN.
  • Action Plans include -What will we do? Who will
    do it? Who will be in charge of it? A time line
    for completion Cost.
  • NOTE Our problem is not with what how. Our
    problem is with who when.

The End!
The Relationship Between
  • The Pastor to the School
  • The School to the Pastor(Church)

Goal Develop Two Lists of Practical Suggestions
for Pastors Teachers in 30 Minutes
  • How are we going to do that? Heres How.
  • Brainstorm How the Pastor can support the
    school. 10 Minutes
  • Brainstorm How the school can support the
    Pastor/Church. 10 Minutes
  • Developing the master lists. Group 1 share
    their list. Other group/groups add to it. Group
    2 share their list. Other group/groups add to
    it. List will be compiled and distributed before
    the day is over. 10 Minutes. NOTE Listen for
    the bell!!

Miscellaneous Ideas (Nuts Bolts)
  • Appreciate and support the current staff. And if
    they choose to leave the school that has lavished
    them with such love and support
  • Seek to hire , enthusiastic, positive, Christ
    like teachers who reflect your schools philosophy.