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Will You Marry Me


Will You Marry Me? After you say yes, how do you plan for the big day? 'Love is a fire. ... and our wedding budget calculator will give you an itemized ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Will You Marry Me

Will You Marry Me?
  • After you say yes, how do you plan for the big

Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm
your heart or burn down your house, you can never
tell. Joan Crawford
There are at least three aspects of wedding
planning that each couple should consider.
  • Perhaps most people assume that a wedding should
    be and is all about the bride. Hopefully, upon
    reading/researching and doing more planning as a
    couple, one would find that a wedding should be
    about both parts of the couple.
  • First things first, the bride and the groom need
    to be represented equally in the ceremony. This
    should be especially true if the bride and groom
    come from different religious or ethnic
  • Coming up with a budget for anything can be
    relatively difficult. Planning a wedding needs
    to include planning, and sticking to, a budget.
    What areas are important? Flowers, photographs,
    attire? What areas are not as important?
    Alcohol, a particular venue, the cake?
  • Do you need a wedding planner? This question can
    really only be answered by the couple. A wedding
    planner is intended to know the ins and outs of
    wedding planning and should be able to help you
    save money and hopefully the stresses too!

My thoughts on a ceremony for 2
  • My mother owns a flower shop, and has been
    providing wedding flowers for countless brides…
    There is something wrong with this picture… where
    is the groom? Okay, while the groom might not
    always be interested in sitting around talking
    about calla lilies or gerbera daisies, he should
    be an active part of the wedding!
  • A marriage should be a cohesive union of two
    people that are in love and who are committing to
    each other for the rest of their life. I do not
    mean to be sappy, but I think most people could
    agree that this ceremony, while only a day in
    your life, is a monumental event.
  • Maybe you are planning on marrying somebody that
    did not exactly grow up where you did or how you
    did. Maybe you are from two totally different
    religions or cultural backgrounds. Your marriage
    should signify the uniting of yourselves as well
    as your acceptance of each others beliefs.
  • So, brides, grab your grooms and get to work on a
    list of what needs incorporated in this big day
    so that each of you may be equally represented.

What others have to say…
  • According to Wikipedia In 1967, the Supreme
    Court ruling in Loving v. Virginia struck down
    the last of the anti-miscegenation laws in the
    United States, widening the available marriage
  • (http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interracial_marriag
  • A website entitled Different Cultures, lists some
    of the traditions of various cultures
  • At some African-American wedding ceremonies,
    newlyweds "jump over a broom" to symbolize the
    beginning of a new life.
  • One early French wedding custom signifies the
    new alliance created by uniting two families
    through marriage. During the Wedding Reception,
    the new couple raise a glass of wine from two
    different vineyards. They then pour their wine
    into a third glass and each drinks from it.
  • Some Brides may choose to carry a white silk or
    satin purse ("busta") to store gifts of money
    that are welcomed. "Tarantella" folk dances are
    popular at the wedding reception. Another Italian
    custom is to present five sugar-coated almonds to
    the guests which represent health, wealth, long
    life, fertility, and happiness.
  • (http//www.vfwpost1503.org/different_cultures.htm

Start with a Budget
  • Personally, I stress about money. It never
    fails, I even lose sleep over this! So, in order
    to plan a more perfect wedding, I need a budget.
    Every couple needs a budget! You decided to get
    married, now you have to figure out how you are
    going to finance your big day.
  • Starting a list of what the couple cannot live
    without on this day might be a good way to start
    your own wedding budget.
  • My own personal list includes
  • Flowers
  • Photographer
  • Venue
  • Now it is also important, as previously
    mentioned, to get your partners list…
  • Beverages
  • Venue
  • Attire
  • Take these lists and communicate!
  • Perhaps you can stretch your budget to emphasize
    all of them!

Budget Planning Advice
  • Determine your Wedding Budget Planning a wedding
    and not sure where to begin? The first step in
    wedding planning is to determine your wedding
    budget. Not sure how to allocate your funds? Tell
    us your total budget and our wedding budget
    calculator will give you an itemized list of
    wedding costs tailored to meet your spending
  • (www.elegala.com)
  • When you first decide on the date of your
    wedding, you should make a wedding budget
    checklist. It should include all of the things
    you will need. Also list the things you want and
    see if you can eliminate some items or make an
    inexpensive substitution. Of course this site is
    about cheap-chic-weddings and for that reason
    there are some things that wont be listed here.
  • (http//www.cheap-chic-weddings.com/wedding-budget

Can We Get Some Help?
  • When I hear people talk about planning a wedding,
    I feel anxious for them. I cannot imagine the
    stress of planning such a huge and important
    event all by myself.
  • So, I got to thinking, even if I was the ultimate
    party planner, it would be very helpful to have
    somebody that is in the know and plans weddings
  • A wedding planner is not just reserved for the
    famous or wealthy couples! While a wedding
    planner would be an added expense, they should
    know their way around venues, florists,
    photographer and be able to steer you away from
    vendors that have not be up to par in the past.
  • When you start your budget, investigate how much
    a wedding planner really costs. I would want to
    interview some of them as well, to get an idea of
    their style and personality.

A Wedding Planner
  • Check out www.eventplanners-directory.com to
    locate a wedding planner in your area
  • Linda Cooper Weddings website states From the
    scent of the flowers to the table settings, the
    quality of the food to the choice of music,
    nothing can be left to chance. Only perfect will
    do and that is why we will commit to organizing
    no more than six weddings or civil partnerships
    in any one year.
  • You were united to your wife by the Lord. In
    God's wise plan, when you married, the two of you
    became one person in his sight.

  • Both individuals should be equally represented in
    the ceremony of marriage. This might include
    doing research, making lists, and talking to your
    partner about each others wishes.
  • Be excited about your engagement, and plan early
    to avoid stress! Make a budget and stick to it!
    Find out who is footing the bill for what and how
    much s/he is willing to spend on your big day.
  • A wedding planner should not be out of the
    question simply because of a fear of how much
    hiring one may cost.

  • My heart to you is given Oh, do give yours to
    me We'll lock them up together, And throw away
    the key. Frederick Saunders

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