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Prepare Your Job Search. Prepare Your Resume ... al


Prepare Your Job Search. Prepare Your Resume ... all CareerBuilder job openings in the key sectors that meet the search criteria. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Prepare Your Job Search. Prepare Your Resume ... al

Hiring Employees
Grow Your Business
Connect to Training
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  • Understand emerging jobs
  • Cultivate a skilled workforce

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Business Services
Success Story
Five years ago I was a college graduate with no
job prospects in my field. I earned a degree in
Broadcast Communications, and found a job
briefly, but the company soon went under. I
started substitute teaching and discovered my
true calling. I contacted my local Career Link
office, an Illinois workNet Center and asked if
there was anything they could do. They allowed
me to go back to school and earn a teaching
certificate. Now I'm teaching at a local high
school that sends low-income students into WIA
programs. A lot of the kids I work with have
little or no hope of getting any education after
high school. Through this program, I have seen
numerous kids flourish because of the hope this
program provides. I have former students in
colleges all over the Midwest who may not have
made it out of our little town without the help
of WIA programs. I am so thankful that they
allowed me to become a facilitator for these
students.  WIA programs have not only given me a
job I can be proud of, but because of them, I can
help others do the same.
Adam Kuchan Havana, IL
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Success Story
In the healthcare industry, one must be on par
and competitive with the insurance industry to be
successful. As a small office, we did not have
the resources to adequately train our employees
to be certified in billing, coding and
compliance. The insurance companies have these
levels of training and so do the larger offices
and hospitals. That is the level required to be
successful in this business. As a small office
that specializes in alternative health care we
had even more hurdles to overcome.  The training
grant has allowed us to become competitive with
the insurance companies and become advocates for
our patients
Dr. Hollett Algonquin, IL
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  • Health Services

Work Support Services
Success Story
After graduating from college with a BA in
English, I found few opportunities for
challenging and fulfilling work, and even less
for a stable full-time position. I applied for
hundreds of jobs, and only interviewed with a
few. Luckily, BEST, Inc., an Illinois workNet
Center, helped me and my employer greatly by
placing me with them! I never expected to end
up in a job like this, and would not have found
this position without the help of WIA! I've been
able to learn so much that I never expected, and
continue to learn every day. I'm able to apply
what I learned at school to my job here, and know
that I am learning skills that will last my
entire lifetime. I feel much more confident as
an employee and as a person overall and look
forward to taking these skills with me through my
entire career! I hope that other college grads
can use WIA to pursue their dreams and learn as
much about themselves as I did. I wouldn't have
realized how much I love business and
entrepreneurship if it hadn't been for WIA, and I
am so glad I have had these experiences!
Catherine Herzog Putnam, Illinois
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Success Story
My wife and I both lost our jobs within the same
year and we were facing foreclosure. So we
visited the Madison County Employment and
Training Department, an Illinois workNet Center.
They guided me through pre-tests and education
to get me ready for the truck driving program at
Rend Lake Community College. I now work at a
refinery driving workers to their stations. I
love my job and I love going to work every
Dusty Highland, IL
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Success Story
I began going to the WIA Works Summer Youth
program in 2009. I was 21 at the time and working
part time at a local fast-food restaurant
making terrible wages and trying to support
myself and my 2- year-old daughter. The Quincy
Workforce Service Center, an Illinois workNet
Center, placed me in a temporary job at a small
business office. I was hired on through the
business full time with full benefits within 6
months. Now, I am 22 and I have a wonderful job
with great benefits for me and my daughter. I
couldn't be happier and without WIA Works, I
wouldn't have a job at all. Sounds too good to be
true but this is my success story and it really
IS true!
Melinda Quincy, IL
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Success Story
Jacqueline Nelson was laid off from Technicolor
Universal Media Services in March 2007. With
assistance from Man-Tra-Con Corp., an Illinois
workNet Center, she was eligible for the TAA/ WIA
programs. The following summer, Jacqueline
enrolled in the Culinary Arts Food Management
program at Southwestern Illinois
College. Jacqueline was ecstatic when the
opportunity arose for her to pursue her passion,
cooking and baking. She excelled in school
and was awarded the Chef Ollie Sommer Scholarship
along with numerous awards and certificates. Jacqu
eline graduated in May 2009 with a 3.85/4.0 GPA.
In December 2009, she accepted the Sous Chef
position at the Casino Queen, earning a great
salary. She loves her job and is grateful for
all of the assistance that Man-Tra-Con offered
her. Jacqueline is currently being mentored to
become the Executive Chef. Her Career
Specialist Erin Tarrants added, Jacqueline was a
pleasure to work with and always followed through
with all of the program requirements. She
definitely deserves all the success that her
future has in store for her.
Jacqueline Nelson Marion, IL
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  • Prepare
  • Present
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    employment, as well as apprenticeships and
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Success Story
Paula Porter, a single mother, was dislocated
from Technicolor Universal Media Services (TUMS)
on March 22, 2007. She enrolled in the Radiologic
Technology program at Rend Lake College in fall
of 2007, with assistance from Man-Tra-Con Corp,
an Illinois workNet center through the TAA/WIA
programs. Paula excelled in school and graduated
in May of 2009, with a grade point average of
3.743/4.0. After graduation, she passed the
American Registry of Radiologic Technologies
exam. In June, she began working PRN and within
several months, she moved into a part-time
Radiologic Technologist staff position in the
department. Shortly thereafter, Paula was offered
a full-time position with benefits. She loves her
job and is really grateful for the assistance
that Man-Tra-Con provided her. With the help of
my Man-Tra-Con career specialist, I was able to
choose a promising career path and build a future
for myself and for my son. I am truly blessed,
said Paula. Paula is excited about furthering
her education in Radiology. She is currently
learning CT Scan at work and plans on taking the
exam to become registered. Career Specialist
Erin Tarrants adds, Paulas positive attitude
and determination made her a pleasure to work
with I am really proud of her accomplishments
and wish her a successful future
Paula Porter Marion, IL
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  • Technical Skills
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  • Business
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  • Discover training to secure high-demand or
    emerging jobs

Success Story
I was working at a high school in food service
when I lost my job in December 2009. There was a
change in policy and I could no longer work there
because of a felony background. I started coming
to the Job Center, an Illinois workNet Center
every day to look for work. They told me about a
6-week program called the Repatriate project
where I could learn Microsoft Office and I
enrolled as soon as possible. While in training,
I networked at the Job Center, someone there told
me that a newspaper office needed help one day
moving. I helped them out, and the editor hired
me.  I was hired as a customer service
representative just two days after graduating
from the Repatriate project.
Harold Waukegan, IL
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Put Illinois workNet to work for
Success Story
In Chicago, if youre in a rough neighborhood
like the one I grew up in, you either join them
or theyre going to jump you every day. They kind
of force you into it. I went to prison three
times. I kind of burned my bridges at home. My
mom was like, "I dont want you to parole here
because you keep doing the same stuff." Being
involved in gangs heavily influenced my thinking,
my everyday actions. So I wanted to get away and
moved to Springfield for a second chance. My case
manager Diane believed in me every step of the
way. Thanks to all the services provided through
WIA, her encouragement and my determination, I
am now an employed Auto Body Technician who can
support my family and realize all of my dreams
for my 2-year-old.
Sylvester LeBlanc Springfield, IL