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Internationalizing the Curriculum RU Cooperative Projects with China Using Distance Education Techno


... political survival ... ... a series of outstanding articles on rationale/benefits of ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Internationalizing the Curriculum RU Cooperative Projects with China Using Distance Education Techno

Internationalizing the CurriculumRU Cooperative
Projects with China Using Distance Education
TechnologiesDr. Joe DerrickDepartment of
Information Technologyejderrick_at_radford.eduNOTE
Nearly all text and notes are directly quoted
from the associated references. I have only
assembled these nuggets into one file.
  • The Case for Internationalizing the Curriculum
  • Why Chinese Language and Culture?
  • RU-China Initiatives
  • Conclusions

The Case for Internationalizing the Curriculum
  • or, in other words Why Should RU
    Students Learn Another Language and Culture?
  • Example Fat Cat, Skinny Cat 1

Reference Modern Languages Association 2
(No Transcript)
Modern Languages Association 2
  • Improved skills and grades in math and English
  • Improved entrance exam scores (SATs, ACTs, GREs,
    MCATs, and LSATs)
  • Improved chances for success in school, career
  • Job advantage in a global economy
  • Insiders view of another culture a new view of
  • Learning new sounds, expressions, and ways of
  • Learning how to act in another culture, how to
    know a new community from the inside

  • Duke University 3

Duke University 3
  • Personal Growth
  • Challenges who you are.
  • Makes you examine your very identity.
  • Involves you in a process of change that can only
    happen through encounter with the unfamiliar
    what growth is all about.

Duke University 3
  • Global Understanding
  • Can help you contribute to making the world a
    better place.
  • Knowledge of other languages and cultures is and
    will be an absolute necessity
  • For economic and political survival
  • For international cooperation in dealing with the
    many problems facing the world today.
  • We need to be able to understand global events
    and interactions from perspectives other than our

Duke University 3
  • Professional Success
  • will give you the edge on the job market, in
    career advancement, and knowledge of your
  • More and more employers that work both in and
    outside of the U.S. are seeking employees with
    foreign language skills and international
    experience for higher level positions.
  • The so-called "soft skills are becoming just as
    important as "hard" technical or professional

More on Professional Success Increasing Ones
Marketability 4
  • Being bilingual, or better yet multilingual,
    broadens your career and international business
    options and expands your network
  • Speaking more than one language could help you
    turn contacts into contracts.
  • Since 9-11, the issue of being multilingual and
    proficient in other languages has gained
    visibility and focus.
  • Emphasis is on defense work and business as well
    as international diplomacy Also important in
    areas like commerce, service positions, and to
    preserve family and community

12 5
  • Ten In-Demand Job Skills
  • Foreign Language
  • America depends upon many nations for raw
    materials and goods, as well as for global
    markets for our own goods and services. The
    ability to speak a foreign language -- today's
    hot ones include Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and
    German -- can enhance your employment
    opportunities and compensation.

Spectator Online, Seattle University 6
  • Knowing a second language helps one learn the
    related culture, the way people think, the way
    people act, and the ways of life of  a given
  • Increases cultural sensitivity and allows you to
    understand concepts not included in English.
  • Realize that people see things differently and
    think about things differently than we do that
    people in another culture value different things.
  • Expands not just your ability to express things,
    but your ability to think things to see things
    that you might not otherwise see.

Kansas City Star 7
  • How Americans are perceived overseas
  • Well-known for inability to speak any languages
    other than English
  • Equally well-known for their discomfort around
    others speaking languages they dont understand
  • Americans insist immigrants learn English but
    fail to understand the difficulty in that,
    because few have ever tried to master a foreign
  • Very provincial, close-minded, narrow in views
  • A certain sense of conceit e.g., the American
    way is the only way, the best way

Why Focus on Chinese Language and Culture?
  • Size and Influence
  • Economy
  • Market
  • Trends
  • Worlds most important languages

Chinas Size and Influence 8
  • China is one of the biggest countries in the
    world, the third largest country in the world
    (after Canada and Russia).
  • Area is about 9.6 million square kilometers about
    6.5 per cent of the world total land area
  • A population of more than one billion accounts
    for 23 per cent of the world's population.
  • China is the world's oldest continuous
    civilization with seven major Chinese dialects
    and many sub-dialects.
  • The predominant dialect is Mandarin, the official
    language of government.

Chinas Economy 8
  • With gross domestic product (GDP) growing at an
    annual rate of 6 per cent, China has the second
    largest Gross Domestic Product
  • Such an economy stands to offer exciting business
    and capital market opportunities to foreigners

Chinas Market 8
  • China is a rapidly rising global economic power
  • Overall growth has averaged a robust 7 to 8 for
    more than a decade, with some markets expanding
    much more rapidly.
  • China's auto market exploded in 2003, passenger
    car sales jumping 82 year-over-year.
  • China is the world's largest telecommunications
    market with some 280 million mobile subscribers
    and 270 million wireline subscribers.
  • Chinese household appliance manufacturers are
    experiencing growth in excess of 35 per year.

2004 Major Trends 9
  • 3 out of 4 American companies in China are
  • Twice the number of companies plan to expand
    their businesses in China compared to last year
    Many will increase operations in secondary cities
    and beyond.
  • China continues an ongoing opening of its market
    to foreign investors, and in 2003, became the
    world's principal destination for foreign
  • China is now substantially in compliance with its
    World Trade Organization (WTO) obligations.

2004 Trends in Trade and Investment 9
  • China the worlds most important emerging market
    that has rapidly ascended as a world trading
    power on a tide of globalization.
  • Since 1998, its GDP has risen by 50 percent as it
    has successfully enmeshed itself in complex
    global supply chains.
  • Last year, China became the world's fourth
    largest exporter by value and the third largest

2004 Foreign Investment 9
  • AmCham-China memberships
  • 31 indicate China is their number 1 priority for
    global investment
  • 49 report that China is in their top 3 global
    investment priorities

Zhou WenzhongChinese ambassador to the US 10
  • In 2004, bilateral trade volume was nearly US170
  • The U.S. invested in over 45,000 projects in
    China, with paidup investment exceeding US48
  • One million visits are exchanged every year by
    officials, businessmen and students of our two
    countries. That is about 3,000 people flying over
    the Pacific every day.

American Economic Alert 11
  • Ian Davis, the worldwide managing director of the
    consulting firm McKinsey Company, is quoted as
    saying that for Fortune 500 executives, China is
    absolutely center stage right now.
  • China is experiencing the greatest industrial
    revolution in world history in terms of scale and

24 12
  • China's GDP growth rate in the past twenty-three
    years is 2.5 times more than in North America and
  • If the leading increase rate keeps going, China
    will undoubtedly grow into a strong economic
    power in the next fifty years.
  • Multinational companies must attach sufficient
    importance to the promising purchasing power on
    the Chinese market.
  • China has already become one of the focuses for
    the multinationals in all business lines in
    rearranging their international economic setup in
    the 21st century many large multinational
    enterprises have moved their head offices to
    China .

Worlds Most Important Languages 13
  • These are the most widely spoken languages in the
    world with economic power
  • Chinese Dutch English French German Hindi Italian
    Japanese Portuguese Russian Spanish
  • The most widely spoken language in the world is
    Chinese, with more than twice as many speakers as
    any of the next most widely spoken languages
    English Hindi Spanish
  • Half the population of the world speaks one of
    the following five languages Arabic Chinese
    English Hindi Spanish

American Views on International Education Issues
National Public Radio Morning Edition 15
  • Chinese Classes Grow in Popularity with U.S.

RU-China Initiatives Using Distance Education
  • The Process of Building a Relationship
  • November 2003 (McGlothlin Foundation Grant)
  • January 2004 Chinese New Year presentation
  • May 2004 Kirk Scholars (RJ Kirk)
  • Summer 2004 (Internationalizing Curriculum Grant)
  • Spring 2005 (CIST One-time monies Grant)
  • March 2005 Chinese Delegation visit and MOU
    signing (RJ Kirk)

Memorandum of Understanding
  • Subject to the availability of resources and the
    approval of both parties the following
    cooperative ventures will be considered
  • The exchange of faculty.
  • Study abroad opportunities for students.
  • Collaborative research.
  • Access to and use of academic facilities.
  • Distance education and training initiatives
  • Collaborative staff and staff development

Current Projects
  • Support for Kirk Scholars Program
  • Communications between students and teachers
  • Distance Education Projects
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Chinese Calligraphy
  • (Supporting Hardware and Software)

Project Team
  • Dr. Dennie Templeton
  • RU Director of Distance Ed
  • Dr. Helen Roybark
  • RU Department of Accounting
  • Ms. I-Ping Fu
  • RU Department of Foreign Languages

  • Raise awareness
  • Change attitudes
  • Position RU Students for the future

  • The Case for Internationalizing the Curriculum
  • Why Chinese Language and Culture?
  • RU-China Initiatives
  • Conclusions

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  • Note See bottom of above web page for a
    series of outstanding articles on
    rationale/benefits of studying languages and
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This concludes the presentation
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