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Team Stellar is engaging the leaders of


Fourteen teams have registered for the prize. One has withdrawn. ... DARPA Grand Challenge - Semi-finalist 2004 - Finalist 2005 - Urban Challenge Semifinalist 2007 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Team Stellar is engaging the leaders of

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The Google Lunar X Prize Challenge
Team Stellar is engaging the leaders of
industry and academia to support an entry to the
The Google Lunar X Prize Challenge
  • 30 million competition
  • 20 million for the first team to land a rover on
    the moon, travel 500 meters and transmit video,
    images and data back to Earth.
  • 5 million for video of a heritage site
  • 5 million for surviving the 14 day Lunar night
  • Teams must be at least 90 privately funded, cash
    or in-kind contributions.
  • Fourteen teams have registered for the prize. One
    has withdrawn.

The Team
STELLAR stands for Space Technology for
Exploration, Lunar Landing and Roving. The team
was formed in October of 2007, and has been
meeting regularly since that time. Team
STELLAR has developed a management structure and
strategy for an entry into the challenge with a
goal of establishing a permanent commercial
entity. The team currently includes North
Carolina State University staff, researchers, and
graduate students, along with affiliated business
Capabilities College of Engineering
  • Largest college at NC State, with more than 7,700
    students, more than 2,000 graduate students
  • Nine academic departments, 18 bachelors, 17
  • 13 doctoral degree programs
  • Ranked 22nd in the world among research colleges
    of engineering by Academic Ranking of World
  • Annual research expenditures exceed 100 million
  • 14th in industry-sponsored research among US
    engineering schools NC State top 10 in corporate
    giving among public universities         

Capabilities Insight Technologies
- Autonomous ground vehicle control
systems -          Hardware/Software Integration
skills -          Sensor development and
integration -          Robotic platforms -        
  Embedded software systems -         
Communications Software
Capabilities Insight Technologies
  • -          Navigation and Routing software
  • -          Complex System Design skills
  • -          Real Time video analysis techniques
  • DARPA Grand Challenge
  • - Semi-finalist 2004
  • - Finalist 2005
  • - Urban Challenge Semifinalist 2007

Capabilities ASTREC (NSF/IUCRC)
-    Advanced Space Technology Research and
Engineering Center is an NSF
Industry/University Cooperative Research Center
-    Produces integrated and innovative
fractionated small satellite systems for
improvements in time to orbit at a good value
-    Lower cost associated with maximum
flexibility for design accommodation and
performance.  - Verification validation
objectives for improvements in time to
orbit -    Research and development of pico and
nano-class satellites with the following
subsystems GNC, communications, CDH,
propulsion, power, payload, structure and
mission control.
Capabilities AVRC
  • Developed NC Aerospace Workforce Strategy
  • Project management and industry outreach
  • Education support for K-12 outreach
  • Business development and commercialization
    partners for new energy and propulsion
    technologies including
  • Sodium Borohydride Fuel Cell
  • Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion Engine
  • Autonomous vehicles         

Capabilities NCSU MAE Dr. Andre Mazzoleni
  • - Astronautics, space systems design
  • Tethered satellites, earth-based tethered systems
  • Lunar and planetary rovers
  • Solar sails
  • Biologically inspired autonomous vehicles and
  • Dynamics, vibrations, nonlinear systems
  • Oversees the graduate student rover team

Team Stellar Capabilities also include
  • Commercial space industry (NewSpace) expertise
  • Systems engineering
  • Strategic business and technology planning
  • and implementation
  • Technical sales and marketing

Sub-team descriptions follow
Launch Team
- Find launch method - Primary interface to
launch site - Loading issues - Interface to
Mission Control - All issues up to earth orbit
Earth Orbit to Lunar Orbit
- propulsion - communications to the
vehicle - all orbital mechanics -
how to stabilize and direct the vehicle -
insertion into lunar orbit - when and how
much to fire the engines - all control
from earth orbit to established lunar orbit
- work with Mission Control
Transfer Vehicle Team
  • Design and build the STELLAR EAGLE, the craft
    to carry the Rover from the earth to the lunar
  • STELLAR EAGLE Must have communication and
  • STELLAR EAGLE must carry the Rover and possibly
    one or more satellites.

Landing Team
  • - Work closely with Vehicle team
  • - Must place Rover safely on Lunar surface
  • - Must release any satellites
  • All issues with orbital exit to controlled
  • Must release rover for operation
  • - Must be at or near target landing position
  • - Work with Mission Control

Communications and Data
- Establish communications functions with vehicle
rover - Establish all earth stations
- Ability to send and receive data -
Data channel and control channel - Data
encryption per requirements - Interface
with mission control, vehicle, rover
Rover Team
  • - Design and build rover
  • - Delayed driving/autonomous control
  • - Control of cameras
  • - Interface with communications
  • - How to locate vehicle position
  • - How to find the heritage site
  • Power management
  • Envisioned as a joint effort between VT and NCSU
    grad student teams

Mission Control Team
- Define launch and landing sites - Define
control and monitoring center - Runs the
mission - Must meet all goals - Monitor all
telemetry - Interface to all teams to complete
Sponsorship has its benefits
  • International visibility and recognition
  • Intellectual property sharing possible
  • Access to world class university and private
  • Access to world class technical recruitment with
    experienced students in space-related
  • Establish advantage in commercial space industry
  • Recognition of proprietary technologies
  • Advertising and sponsorship opportunities
  • Testing opportunities in a highly rigorous

  • Sponsors for
  • Sub-team ownership
  • Funding
  • Staff
  • Expertise
  • Contact Dick Dell, Team Stellar 919.870.9494