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... achieving personal health and fitness goals (via sound nutrition, ... and welcome to Brookside Soccer Club. You've just completed our safety orientation! ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes


Example is not the main thing in influencing
others, its the only thing. - Albert Schweitzer
  • Written safety programs and slides like these do
    not make us safe. Its our attitude about safety
    and the actions we take that make us safe.
  • Each of us here have been given authority by BSC
    to serve BSC in some capacity, but each of us
    must take responsibility for doing what we have
    been given the authority to do safely.
  • Safety must be integrated into all aspects of
    what we do as part of everyday activities

How does SAFETY fit in?
On any given day during a busy BSC soccer season
here are a few of the things we may find
ourselves concerned with at any given time
theres more of course but these should look
SAFETY and how we must align it with other BSC
What we must remember is to make safety a part of
everything we do and to consider safety before,
during, and after starting a practice or game.
From John Ouellette, AYSO National Coach (August
  • Coaches, our job is to prevent injuries, not to
    treat them.  Remember that.  If you go to your
    manuals, injury prevention is what we do. 
  • If there is any doubt at all in your mind, never
    put the game ahead of a childs well-being. If
    there is any question about playing an injured
    player, dont.

Injury Prevention
  • Accidents are typically caused by behavior,
    conditions, or a combination of both.
  • Most are caused by behavior.
  • Well talk about ways to help prevent behavior
    based and condition based accidents.
  • Both require your effort.

Volunteer Responsibilities
  • Comply with health safety standards
  • Use information, equipment, and methods or
    procedures adopted for players protection
  • Do not create hazards
  • Do not interfere with the safety or safeguarding
    efforts of others
  • Report any unsafe conditions and take appropriate
    action to correct them

Club Responsibilities
  • Carry accident insurance
  • Be prepared for incidents
  • Promote a safe and healthful environment for
    practice and games
  • Provide training and information on potential
    safety hazards that we may be exposed to

BSC General Safety Guidelines
  • Designate team parents to do a routine check of
    practice and playing fields to remedy unsafe
    conditions (glass, debris, holes, obstructions,
  • Inspect goals for potential hazards (sharp edges,
    damage, stability, etc.).
  • Inform parents and bystanders to be alert for
    developing hazards during the course of practice
    or games such as unchained dogs, bicycles,
    bystanders behind goal nets, etc.
  • At games practice always know the location of
    the nearest medical center have a cell phone
    available and call 911 if an emergency.

Safety Guidelines (cont.)
  • During threatening weather, make sure parents
    remain with their vehicles at practice and/or
  • Ensure that minor first-aid supplies and ice are
    available during practice and games.
  • If bleeding occurs, dispose of all contaminated
    materials (best effort should be made to
    eliminate the possibility that others may come in
    contact with such materials).
  • Keep an extra jersey on hand in the event a
    players jersey gets bloodied yet they are OK to
    return to play.

Safety Guidelines (cont.)
  • Notify BSC immediately of any serious incident,
    such as threats of bodily harm, fighting,
    hospitalization, etc.
  • Inform your team parents that BSC carries
    Supplemental Accident Insurance (SAI). For
    serious injuries, instruct claimants to download
    claim forms from
  • Obtain return to play forms for any seriously
    injured player, keep a copy for your players
    file and submit a copy to BSC.
  • Maintain the recommended adult to child
    supervision ratio of 18 or less.

  • Those who think they have no time for exercise
    will sooner or later have to find time for
  • Physical wellness is your ability to apply your
    knowledge, behavior, attitude, and skills toward
    achieving personal health and fitness goals (via
    sound nutrition, exercise, and safety in everyday
  • Share these ideals with your players.
  • Encourage players to exercise often, eat right,
    and get enough sleep use easy concepts to make
    your point and please try to avoid junk-food
    post-game snacks!

Severe Weather
  • A little rain is OK to play in (and the kids
    would say fun) however if there is
  • Lightning clear the field and wait for 30
    minutes after the last lightning to return
  • A severe storm seek shelter
  • A tornado warning seek shelter
  • And when tornado warnings sound be prepared.
    Practice what you would do with parents and
    players. It will help reduce the panic during an
    actual event.

Cold Weather
  • Below 60 degrees, encourage warm-ups to be worn
    (and during practice/games if need be)
  • Avoid static stretching do more dynamic
    stretching before practice games (spend a few
    minutes extra when its cold)
  • Wear knit hats and gloves
  • Hot chocolate

Heat Stress
  • In warm to hot weather players will experience
    some level of heat discomfort during games.
    What we need to do is to help prevent heat
  • Heat stress is also more dangerous in team
    environments. People starting to feel ill do not
    want to let the team down.
  • Urge your players to hydrate before, during, and
    after practice and games.
  • Signs of heat-related illness can include
    confusion, delirium, or loss of consciousness.
    Heat stroke is serious it get progressively
    worse - never hesitate to seek prompt medical
    attention if someone is showing signs.

Minor First Aid AED
  • Wash small cuts and abrasions with soap and water
    and keep them clean and dry. Alcohol and
    hydrogen peroxide do little to prevent infection
    and may actually delay healing.
  • Punctures through the soles of shoes/cleats have
    a higher risk of infection. All punctures should
    be tended by a Doctor immediately
  • When applying an ice pack to a strain or bruise,
    make sure it is first wrapped in a towel to
    prevent frostbite to the wounded area
  • An Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is kept
    on-site during all games and is self-instructing.

  • Yes, theres lots to consider, but we all need to
    understand the potential hazards that exist in
    our game and practice areas.
  • We are the leaders out there. By example, we
    promote safe behavior and we maintain safe
  • The guidelines just discussed are posted on our
  • Do your part to promote the safety and well-being
    of all players, spectators, and non-spectators.

  • and welcome to Brookside Soccer Club.
    Youve just completed our safety orientation!
  • Thanks for volunteering and representing your
    local soccer club.
  • Have a fun safe season.