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What is Software Quality


What is software quality to you ? Name a program/application/system ... Our car's engine would cut out during heavy rain. DAIMI. Henrik B rbak Christensen. 19 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: What is Software Quality

What is Software Quality?
  • What is software quality to you ?
  • Name a program/application/system of high
  • Low quality?
  • What aspects of it make it high quality or low

Definition of quality
  • Criteria for a good definition of quality
  • allow us to measure quality in a meaningful way
  • Why?
  • avoid dogmas ?
  • measure if techniques really improve quality
  • what investment gives most return on investment?

Quality views Kitchenham Pleeger
  • Transcendental view
  • quality can be recognized but not defined
  • User view
  • quality is fitness for purpose
  • Manufacturing view
  • quality is conformance to specification
  • Product view
  • quality is inherent characteristics of the
  • Value-based view
  • quality is the amount costumer will pay for

View clashing
  • Stakeholders have different view on same product
  • Morale Trade-offs between cost and quality

Developers Manufacturing view
Researchers and Teachers Product view
The product
Management Value-based view
Customers User view
  • What views did we use in our discussion of
    good/bad systems before?
  • dPaSS / dSoftArk course preaches
  • Low coupling / high cohesion
  • Favor object composition over class inheritance
  • What is the view here ???

Quality frameworks
  • Quality has many faces...

Quality Attributes
  • ... measure quality in a meaningful way.
  • This requires
  • that we define the aspects/qualities we measure
  • that we agree on some kind of scale a metric

Measuring quality
Quality Attribute
Choose alternatives
Quality Frameworks
  • Of course a lot of different quality frameworks
    have been proposed.
  • Bass, Clements and Kazman
  • Architecture Quality Attributes
  • Sommerville Software Engineering books
  • IEEE Standard

Quality framework (Bass et al.)
  • System quality attributes
  • Availability
  • Modifiability
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Testability
  • Usability
  • Business qualities
  • Time to market
  • Cost
  • Projected lifetime
  • Targeted market
  • Roll-out schedule
  • Integration with legacy sys.
  • Architectural qualities
  • Conceptual integrity
  • Correctness and completeness
  • Buildability

Bass System Qualities
  • Availability
  • probability that the system will be operational
    when needed
  • Modifiability
  • ease with which the system supports change
  • Performance
  • response time
  • Security
  • ability to withstand attacks/threats
  • Usability
  • how easy it is for the user to accomplish a
    desired task
  • Testability
  • ease with which the software can be made to
    demonstrate its faults

  • Which of these qualities can be judged by a
    testing process?
  • Which can be measured?
  • quantitatively (hard numbers 4.3)
  • qualitatively (judgment low/high)

Dependability Sommerville
  • Name systems where one is very important?
  • What is the relation to usefulness?

equates to its trustworthiness.
IEEE (Burnstein)
  • IEEE Standard Glossary of SE terminology
  • 1. Quality relates to the degree to which a
    system, system component, or process meets
    specified requirements.
  • 2. Quality relates to the degree to which a
    system, system component, or process meets
    customer or user needs, or expectations.
  • Exercise Relate to Kitchenhams quality views...

War Story
  • Major Danish company, highly active in services
    on the WWW.
  • Requirement specification
  • Make something that is smarter than the
    competitors product...

Reliability and failure
  • Reliability Probability that a software system
    will not cause the failure of the system for a
    specified time under specified conditions.
  • Failure is then defined by either
  • the specification (IEEE definition 1)
  • the user/customer (IEEE definition 2)

Reliability is in the eyes of the beholder
  • Note that conditions are part of the definition.
  • But conditions may change !
  • Fault causing crash in Words fax service ?
  • Developer may be able to use his own prototype
    tool, but others may make it crash every time…
  • Our cars engine would cut out during heavy rain ?

Reliability and Failures
  • Thus fixing any defect and removing a failure
    will not give same increase in reliability...
  • Example two defects
  • Word cannot save documents due to defect
  • Word cannot reconfigure button panel due to
  • Which defect removal will increase reliability

Quality View
  • Cem Kaner
  • The measure of a products or services quality
    is the satisfaction of their customers, not the
    match to a specification.
  • A programs quality is
  • the features that make the customer want to use
    the program
  • the flaws that make the customer wish hed bought
    something else

Yet another view
  • Beizer
  • There can never be an absolute definition for
    bugs, nor an absolute determination of the
    existence. The extent to which a program has bugs
    is measured by the extent to which it fails to be
    useful. This is a fundamentally human measure.
  • Interesting… It makes many programs into defects
    instead ?

Ensuring reliability
  • Reliability is compromised by failures. Failures
    happen when the system is in an error state,
    which may be caused by a defect. So reliability
    can be enhanced by several measures.
  • Fault avoidance simply avoid introducing
  • Fault detection and removal Find and remove the
    defects before they cause failures.
  • Fault tolerance Ensure that faults does not lead
    to failures.

Fault avoidance
  • Use methods, tools, languages, techniques that
    are known to minimize the probability of
    introducing defects.
  • Corollary Avoid using m,t,l,t that are
    notoriously known for introducing defects
  • That is Never, ever, use C or C ?
  • Use safe languages (Java, C)
  • Use proven design techniques
  • encapsulation, no gotos ?, type-checking, etc.

Fault detection and removal
  • The primary focus of this course
  • Hunt down the defects by what-ever means
    (execution, review) and remove them.

Fault tolerance
  • If we know that cannot remove all defects then at
    least ensure that they do not lead to failures
  • Exception handling
  • handle IO errors gracefully
  • null pointer exceptions?
  • N-version programming
  • let n teams develop the same software unit
  • vote on the n results
  • Space shuttle maintains five parallel systems
  • one running base flight software
  • four running mission and flight software

Run-time cycle
  • Faults cause failures when faulty code is
    executed with inputs that expose the fault.
  • I_e input that will lead the system into error

Input space
Program execution state
error states
Economic consequences
  • Not all input have the same probability
  • Which function to you use most in Word?
  • save document
  • reconfigure button panel
  • If a defect is present which unit would you
    rather have it in?
  • save document algorithm
  • reconfigure button panel algorithm
  • Thus with a given testing budget not all test
    cases are born equal!

  • Quality is many things...
  • There are several frameworks defining quality
  • All, however, must deal with reliability
  • Reliability Probability that a software system
    will not cause the failure of the system for a
    specified time under specified conditions
  • Reliability techniques
  • fault avoidance fault removal fault tolerance
  • Not all faults are equally important for
  • Testing budget should be used wisely
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