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Completed Games to use for Orientation/Reorientation. Delta Kappa Gamma ... Corporate trainers ... Health, wellness, personal growth, travel, enrichment, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Delta%20Kappa%20Gamma%20MemberSHIP

Delta Kappa Gamma MemberSHIP
  • Smooth Sailing
  • for New Presidents

Xi State Web site Membership Section
  • What will be available there
  • This PowerPoint Presentation
  • Games Templates
  • Completed Games to use for Orientation/Reorientati
  • Delta Kappa Gamma Song in Mnemonic form
  • Other document files to help you build your

International Web Site
  • Page for Membership Committee has the following
  • Download for Delta Kappa Gamma 101 PowerPoint
    for Orientation
  • Links for ordering Membership Anniversary pins,
    brochures on membership
  • Download of graphics files for Society emblems
    and insignia

Reinstated and Transfer Members
  • No fee for reinstatement
  • Any members can ask for reinstatement at any
    time, but chapter votes
  • Geographic relocation or job change may trigger
    transfer to another chapter
  • All Active, Reserve, and Honorary members in good
    standing are eligible to transfer to another

Keys to finding new members
  • Think outside the classroom
  • Use a variety of means to identify prospects
  • Consider all kinds of educators, not just those
    like ourselves

Who will be your new members?
  • According to the International
  • Constitution
  • Active members shall be women who are employed
    in educational work at the time of election and
    have had three or more years of experience as
    professional educators (Article III, B1).

Other classifications of membership
  • Reserve
  • Must request transfer from active membership
    based on inability to attend due to long-term
    physical problems or geographic location
  • Honorary
  • Must have performed significant service to women
    and/or education but be ineligible for active

For Active membership have you considered
  • Classroom teachers?
  • Administrators?
  • College or trade school instructors?
  • Instructional Aides? Paraprofessionals?
  • Private or charter school teachers?
  • Educational program administrators?
  • Private tutors?

For Active membership have you considered
  • Librarians instructing in the public library?
  • Church school education department leaders?
  • Business employees responsible for employee
  • Pre-school and nursery school teachers?

Or These
  • Registered nurses who present educational
  • State or countywide teacher training educators?
  • State Department of Education employees who
    provide educational services?
  • Corporate trainers and seminar leaders?

Have you looked in these places for Professional
  • School or work place for regular and part-time
    teaching staff, specialists, substitutes, support
    personnel, and administrators
  • District, county, state, national, international
    schools countrywide service centers
    universities professional career training
  • Grade level, department, curriculum or
    professional development meetings, conferences,
    workshops, and conventions

Or These?
  • Community colleges, adult and community education
  • Board of Education, local community, and public
    board meetings
  • Organized community park, recreation, sport, and
    leisure time programs
  • Pre-school, private, parochial, charter,
    alternative schools, and senior citizen centers

Have you looked here for Professional Educators?
  • Hospital, nursing home, assisted living, and care
  • Public libraries, museums, institutes, and
    service organizations
  • Private businesses and corporations for
    individuals responsible for training and in
    servicing or creating instructional or training

Dont forget to consider these as well
  • Health, wellness, personal growth, travel,
    enrichment, hobby, parenting, human growth and
    development speakers and events
  • Local tutors and private teachers (instruments,
    drama, painting, )
  • Social and community events
  • Internet interactions and relationships

Can you considered prospects such as these?
  • Susan, a resource teacher for gifted students
    for 22 years, is planning to retire in June.
  • Anita, an extraordinary teacher, is beginning her
    third year in the classroom.
  • Jean, a retired teacher, volunteers as a docent
    at a local art institute.
  • Jane accepted the chapters invitation to
    membership 15 months ago, but has been unable to
    attend an initiation.

How about these?
  • Ingrid, a police officer, is assigned to work
    with teachers and students regarding safety,
    violence and abuse.
  • MaryAnn was an unpaid tutor for many years now,
    she serves on the Board of Education
  • Heidi just finished her education to become a
    kindergarten teacher she wants to join.

And these?
  • Liisa, an engineer, trains small girls in skiing
    and skating during her leisure time she has
    spoken to school groups about the benefits of an
    active life.
  • Antji, a retired university professor, was
    invited to membership two years ago now that she
    has time, she is interested.
  • Sigridur will retire in two years from the
    municipal library she was a school librarian for
    five years early in her career.
  • Grete has written many plays and short stories
    for children during the past decade.

What about these?
  • Sylvia taught six years before leaving teaching
    she returned to the classroom two years ago.
  • Kay has been an instructional aide in a Special
    Education classroom for seven years.
  • For two years Amy has done pre-school story
    time/story telling programs as librarian at the
    public library.
  • Shirley has been a district pre-school/Head Start
    teacher for five years.

Can these women be members?
  • Valerie is retiring in January, three months
    before the chapters scheduled initiation.
  • Reverend Joanne organized the religious education
    program in her church and has taught in it for
    five years.
  • Tammy is student teaching in the high school
    English department.
  • Laura has written the training manuals and has
    been responsible for in-service training at XYZ
    Corporation for twelve years.

Finally, these?
  • Carol taught in the districts adult education
    program for twelve years.
  • After teaching for five years, Beth is the new
    principal of a private, alternative high school.
  • Donna has completed her fifth year of teaching at
    a community college.
  • Andrea completed her doctorate in early childhood
    education although she has not yet actually
  • Michelle is a professor in the Accounting
    Department at the state university

If in doubt
  • Check with the Xi State Membership Committee
  • Check with Jill Foltz - Program and Membership
    Services Administrator
  • Check with the International Membership Committee

Are these membership practices acceptable?
  • Epsilon chapter initiates new members every other
  • Xi chapter pays the state and International dues
    for Marlene who resides in a nursing home.
  • Both Phi and Pi chapters collect partial chapter
    dues from Sara, a snow bird, who spends part of
    the year in each of the two states.

What about these?
  • Gamma members invite friends, educators and other
    non-members to chapter meetings.
  • Sigma chapter members insist that Chris join
    their chapter instead of Tau chapter, because she
    works in Sigmas chapter territory.
  • Upsilon chapter approaches district
    superintendents and universities to acquire names
    of potential candidates for membership.

And these?
  • Due to chapter size, Alpha refused to reinstate
    Ann, suggesting she join Kappa instead.
  • Rho distributes DKG flyers and information at
    community events.
  • Mu invites area women educators to a countywide
    speaker and ??G information night and encourages
    those present to consider membership in the

Are these membership practices OK?
  • Betas orientation involves all chapter members,
    rather than only the Membership Committee
  • Zeta chapter initiates Audrey, a candidate
    previously not accepted by Chi chapter.
  • Nu chapter members are approached by Barbara who
    wants to become a member, and she is immediately
    accepted without vote.
  • Omega members oppose the transfer of DAnne into
    their chapter.

Are these?
  • Lambda members help Debbie with transfer process
    and paperwork.
  • Iota assigns initiation to Membership Committee
    Eta assigns it to Program Committee.
  • Omicron added a Sabbatical classification for the
    purposes of chapter dues assessment.
  • Theta collects Reserve state and international
    dues for Betsy who is on a leave of absence.
  • Delta destroys financial and membership files
    after 5 years.

Orientation is crucial for new members and
current ones, too.
  • Make certain that new members understand the
    history and current structure of the Society
  • Make it easy for them to learn customs,
    procedures, and ceremonies
  • Use Delta Kappa Gamma 101
  • Use game formats to test all your members on
    facts about the Society (games on the Xi State
    web site)

After initiation, your work is far from over
because new members need
  • Nurturing
  • Personalizing
  • Bonding
  • Mentoring

Members need nurturing
  • Use chapter telephone trees and the Internet to
    contact members.
  • Carpool to help older or inactive members get to
  • Offer financial help with members dues and fees,
    if needed.
  • Create a buddy system so each member can keep in
    close touch with another member.
  • Send personal notes or make phone calls to
    members not attending.

More ways to nurture
  • Select programs and chapter activities based on
    members interests and highlighting their
  • Establish a chapter committee or Care Group to
    regularly check on inactive or older members.
    Rotate the committee membership so all members
    can serve in this capacity.
  • Move the meeting to a home, retirement community
    or care facility where members reside to permit
    their attendance.

They need personalizing
  • Feature a members biography or a short skit
    about a member or two at chapter meetings.
    Include this and similar information in the
    chapter newsletter for everyone to read.
  • Use nametags for all.
  • Create a Me bag, containing information about a
    member, then ask others to guess Who?

More personalizing strategies
  • Encourage members to sit with unfamiliar women at
    selected meetings or events.
  • Keep current data about members, including
    contact information, personal and professional
    interests and abilities.
  • Send cards on special occasions, to celebrate
    successes, or for illness.
  • Record the oral history of a treasured rose in
    the chapter. Use video / audio tape or pen and
    ink. Present the finished product at a chapter

They need bonding
  • Use members expertise for planning and
    presenting programs.
  • Assign all members to a chapter committee.
    Encourage chairmen to involve everyone on the
    committee in the groups business, decisions, and

More bonding activities
  • Have warm-up activities during which those
    present must match a fact with a member, like
    Who is a charter member? Who was born in
    Singapore? Whose hobby is calligraphy?
  • Schedule social time at every gathering to allow
    members to become better acquainted.
  • Select a chapter project in which all members can
    actively participate.
  • Assign groups to give presentations or make
    meeting arrangements, so these teams can
    celebrate their shared successes.

They need mentoring
  • Help a new member or an uninvolved member become
  • Invite a member to attend an area, state, or
    regional meeting with you.
  • Inform members about opportunities for personal
    and professional growth in the Society (??G
    scholarships, training, US and international
    contacts, etc.).

More mentoring strategies
  • Encourage newer members to accept leadership
    roles, first, in the chapter, then, on the
    coordinating council, state and international
  • Talk to a member about personal or professional
    goals and how the Society and its members can
    help her reach these goals.
  • Answer questions about the Society. Help members
    understand activities, benefits, and positions at
    all levels of the organization.

Still more mentoring tips
  • Invite members from other chapters and friends of
    members to present chapter programs.
  • Invite a state officer or committee chairman to
    visit and interact with members.
  • Encourage show and tell for members who are
    active at the state and international levels.

Which all lead to retaining members
  • Actively seek to involve all members at meetings
    and in chapter activities.
  • Check to see why members joined, what member
    expectations are in the Society, and whether
    these expectations are being met.
  • Meet members needs.
  • Pay dues for members experiencing financial

More ways to retain members
  • Use the Program Resource Guide to plan engaging
    and relevant programs.
  • Together, use healthy chapter practices.
  • Reach out to include new target groups of
    educators, while supporting current members

Final advice
  • Dont take it personally when members resign or
    fail to pay dues
  • Do your best and grow with the job
  • Ask for help from your chapter members, state
    officers and committee chairmen, and from
    International. We all want you to be the best
    president your chapter has ever had.