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STC Board Teleconference Notes


Working with Chair of Virtual Community Task Force on budget expectations of non ... SIG Leaders sharing lessons learned thru SIG Leaders' list ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: STC Board Teleconference Notes

STC Board Teleconference Notes
  • 19 July 2006

Financial Area Report
Treasurers Report
Treasurer W.C. Wiese
  • Accomplishments
  • Through May, received 96 of income vs. 81 of
  • Notified presidents of community funding
    commitment office letter expected next week
  • In Progress
  • All Board changes to preliminary budget due this
  • Community Treasurer Guidelines reviewed for
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Hold Board call to walk through budget in August
  • Change business case threshold to be more
  • Complete budget update for October vote
  • Revise Community Treasurer Guidelines

SIG Funding Pilot
Chair W.C. Wiese
  • Accomplishments
  • Bi-weekly concalls instituted
  • Face-to-face with 2 financial services providers
    charter sent to office
  • Working with Chair of Virtual Community Task
    Force on budget expectations of non-pilot SIGs
  • Reviewed budget template and expectations with
    SIG Managers
  • Received a well-formatted, detailed budget from
  • In Progress
  • Awaiting two Employer Identification Numbers
    (EINs) from IRS
  • Reviewing conference call providers
  • Pilot SIG to submit additional funding details
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Send RFP for community banking select financial
    services partner
  • Revise Community Treasurer Guidelines document
  • Approve budgets for 3 pilot participants
  • Complete review of SIG Budget requests present
    to WC and Board for approval
  • Distribute ½ of SIG funds in last half of 2006 ½
    in January 2007
  • Begin writing guidelines for future pilot

Executive Director and Office Report
Executive Director Update
Interim Executive Director Rob Moran
  • Accomplishments/In Progress
  • Signed LISA Contract
  • Designed Management Staff Budget Process
  • Transitioning to a Yes-If mentality
  • Concluding all business of the transition from
    Interim Executive Director to new Executive
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Community Task Force Implementation
  • Hotel Negotiations - Minneapolis
  • Developing policies with legal counsel on
    limiting Society liability and exposure
  • Filling Education positions

Presidents Report
Presidents Report
President Paula Berger
  • Accomplishments/In Progress
  • Sent first News Notes email
  • Preparing letter and questionnaire for Community
    Business Model Task Force
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Marketing planning meeting at office on July 31
    with Chairman of Marketing Committee, Executive
    Director, and Director of Marketing and
  • Attend ASAE conference in Boston meet with
    Executive Director there
  • Arrange meeting with tekom
  • Work with Certification Evaluation Task Force

Communication Area Report
Communication Area Update
Area Leads Cindy Currie / Jeff Staples
  • Accomplishments
  • Completed final draft of the Communication
    Strategy and distributed to the board for review
    and feedback.
  • Met with members of the Marketing and PR teams
    (including their STC Office Liaisons) to discuss
    how we can all work together most effectively.
  • In Progress
  • Complete budget for Communications Area.
  • Began creating the first in a potential series of
    ideas for more effective communication.
    Received input from Communications Team members
    that needs to be incorporated, and then this
    first one should be ready.
  • Continue gathering new content for Committees and
    Board web pages (almost finished). Page building
    in progress, and looking seriously at launch
    dates now.

Communication Area Update (cont)
Area Leads Cindy Currie / Jeff Staples
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Enhance and re-launch Board webpage with
    bios/photos (Aug)
  • Design and launch Committees web page with
    committee descriptions and bio/photos of
    committee chairs. (Aug-Sep)
  • Develop metrics and measures for STC
    Communication (Jul-Sep)

Communication Department
Office Liaison Maurice Martin
  • Accomplishments
  • Call For Proposal (CFP) announcement sent to STC
  • Developed HTML e-mail format for distribution of
    Presidents News Notes
  • Drafted and sent message to chapters about
    Executive Directors tour
  • Provided photo and bio for Communication Team Web
  • In Progress
  • Redesign of Preliminary Program
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • INTECOM announcement
  • Begin spotlighting Minneapolis

Member Communication Committee
Chair Brenda Huettner
  • Accomplishments
  • Added two volunteers to team
  • In Progress
  • Creating Member Communication Guidelines document
  • Continue recruiting more volunteers
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Establish Fresh Eyes team

Publications Committee
Chair Karen Field
  • Accomplishments
  • Completed interviews with Intercom, Technical
    Publications, and Tieline Editors
  • Completed charter
  • In Progress
  • Researching survey tools for member surveys
  • Creating screening criteria for members
  • Budgeting Pubs work
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Recruit 3-5 committee members
  • Choose survey tool
  • Begin working with editors to draft survey

Website Committee
Chair Bogo Vatovec
  • Accomplishments
  • Approved charter by the sponsors and Interim
    Executive Director
  • In Progress
  • Project plan and estimations
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Issue two calls for volunteers
  • Start first activities
  • Establish communication methods

Professional Development Area Report
Competitions Committee
Chair Karen Baranich
  • Accomplishments
  • Completed updates on all ITAC, ITPC, and ITOCC
    forms and documents.
  • Updated STC Competitions website (with managers,
    office, and local/regional managers)
  • In Progress
  • Ongoing Developing a detailed time
    line/responsibilities checklist for ITAC, ITPC,
    and ITOCC
  • Ongoing Update STC website as information is
    received from local/regional competitions
  • Continuing to field questions and concerns from
    local/regional managers
  • Beginning evaluations of ALL local/regional
    competition guidelines and best practices

Competitions Committee
Chair Karen Baranich
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Hold strategic planning sessions with competition
    managers and RAC
  • Provide additional resources to chapters using
    the STC website (sample news releases,
    certificate templates, letters to judges, etc.)
  • Open dialogue to assess feasibility of a student
    competition at the college/graduate level
  • Issues, Risks, and Concerns
  • Replacement of RAC Members
  • Role of international portion of competition and
    ways to integrate these into the process
  • Need to develop strategies for making
    competitions more cost effective
  • Need strategies for making competitions (all
    competitions, all levels) more visible and
  • Development of EFFECTIVE across-the-board
    training for judges

Standards Council
Chair Annette Reilly
  • Accomplishments
  • Continued to vote on ISO JTC 1 SC7, IEEE, and
    NISO standards
  • George Hayhoe received comments from 8 select STC
    reviewers of ISO 26514 (Standard for developers
    and designers of user documentation) and prepared
    a revised version (119 pp.), including an updated
    bibliography. Forwarded for ISO first (Committee
    Draft) ballot which concludes 10 Oct 06. STC
    Member comments welcome on this ballot.
  • Posted meeting minutes and concept of operation
    to SC7 for ISO 24765 (Standard software and
    systems engineering vocabulary)
  • In Progress
  • Preparing STC application for OASIS membership as
    approved by the Board in May

Standards Council (cont)
Chair Annette Reilly
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Complete draft of ISO 24765 (Standard software
    and systems engineering vocabulary). Review the
    public version of the online application.
    Development has been delayed due to staffing
    turnover in the IEEE Computer Society support
  • Submit request for continuation of IEEE Std
    1063-2001 Software User Documentation until it is
    replaced by ISO 24765.
  • Continue participation in ISO, IEEE, OASIS, W3C,
    and NISO activities
  • Prepare budget request for board approval
  • Participate in ISO JTC1 SC7 US Technical Advisory
    Group meeting 18-20 September 2006 in Seattle
  • Notes
  • ISO JTC 1 SC7 WG2 would like to meet concurrently
    with an STC regional conference in the US in
    October 2007.

Research Grants Committee
Chair Rachel Spilka
  • Accomplishments
  • Explored ways to promote STC-funded research with
    Chairman of PR Committee.
  • Submitted draft of article to Intercom on
    Research Grant Committees purpose, focus, and
  • Worked with staff regarding fall Intercom
  • Persuaded key member to rejoin the committee as a
    practitioner representative
  • Distributed 3 large grant proposals and 9 10K
    pre-proposals to the committee for July review
  • In Progress
  • Preparing a summary of ways to promote STC funded
  • Reviewing the proposal submissions to prepare for
    August discussions
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Summarize committee reviews of large grant and
    10K proposals
  • Set up August conference call

Marketing Area Report
Marketing Area Update
Lead Mark Clifford
  • Accomplishments
  • 1st draft marketing charter
  • In Progress
  • Defining budgetary requirements
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Marketing Plan formal presentation in October
  • Meeting with Executive Director and Director of
    Membership and Marketing at end of July

Organizational Partnerships Committee
Chair Andrea Ames
  • In Progress
  • Partnerships
  • Prioritize list of all organizations
  • Template for partnerships (to be refined as we
    establish more partnerships and learn)
  • Discussions with targeted associations
  • Business model template (with Membership Area
  • World Usability Day (WUD) (by 14 July)
  • Vision statement for STCs involvement
  • WUD Web page on STC site
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Finalize committee members
  • Partnerships
  • Initiate high-priority discussions and assign to
    appropriate liaisons
  • Complete LISA business case for August conference

Sponsorship Committee
Chair Sally Spahn/TBA
  • In Progress
  • Beginning research on possible corporate sponsors
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Work with committee on charter and strategic plan

Chair Suzanna Laurent
  • Accomplishments
  • STC membership approved
  • STC representative Suzanna Laurent elected Vice
    President of INTECOM
  • Forum2007 postponed until 2008
  • Invited INTECOM to hold their next annual general
    meeting (AGM) in Minneapolis
  • Comprehensive report sent to STC Board of
  • Participated in two work groups
  • Made agreement with tekom to hold annual meetings
    to discuss ways we can work together to promote
    technical communication
  • In Progress
  • Is STC interested in submitting a proposal for
  • Member Communication Chair and Public Relations
    Chair working on announcement articles
  • INTECOM setting date and location for their next
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Prepare minutes (for Secretary General who
  • Start review of Constitution/Bylaws

Public Relations Committee
Chair Rich Maggiani
  • Accomplishments
  • First call completed
  • Assignments given
  • In Progress
  • Defining our PR audience
  • Next conference call with committee
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Write goals and objective PR committee charter
  • Create publicity and PR primer
  • (Re)evaluating STC brand
  • Distribution list for publicity
  • Press/Media kit

Communities Affairs Area Report
Community Recognition Committee
Chair Tom Barnett
  • Accomplishments
  • Compiled single list of 101 criteria from 3
  • Removed 27 non-controllable items added 20 new
  • In Progress
  • Team is working to reduce the criteria
  • Modifying Web form as criteria and envisioned
    process change
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Complete criteria overhaul
  • Prototype Web form Web form approved

LCR Update
Chair De Murr
  • Accomplishments
  • Recognition of Leaders Committee began
    development of criteria for Volunteer of the Year
  • In Progress
  • Fill management positions in People and develop
    LCR Organization Chart
  • Contact all leaders in former Region 2 and Region
  • Review and submit for approval the Criteria for a
    Community in Crisis (Triage Committee)
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Develop and publish LCR business plan for 2006-07

CAC Fast Start Leadership Guide
Chair Mike Murray
  • Accomplishments
  • Sent letter to key volunteers regarding possible
    task conflict
  • In Progress
  • Drafting minimum requirements for approval
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Finalize requirements and suggested Table of
  • Identify subject matter experts and solicit
    bulleted ideas
  • Expand on appropriate ideas
  • Complete first draft for review and further input

Virtual Communities
Chair Judith Herr
  • Accomplishments
  • SIG Leaders sharing lessons learned thru SIG
    Leaders list
  • CIC SIG election documented process/lessons
    learned for other SIGs anticipating holding an
  • Experienced SIG managers coaching others in
    preparing for SIG conference activities
    estimating expenditures for planned activities
    testing discussion list tool hosting Webinar
  • In Progress
  • Developing discussion list guidelines
  • SIG-sponsored conference proposals combining
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Drafting FAQs, checklists for new SIG managers
    reimbursements, interface with office, etc.
  • Completing estimate of SIG expenditures for

Community Business Model
Chairs Mike Murray and Susan Burton
  • Accomplishments
  • Completed 90 of task force invitation list
  • In Progress
  • Completing task team invitation list
  • Editing Moran summary document and Berger
    Community Business Model invitation documents
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Complete task force meeting face-to-face or
  • Have complete draft of model ready for February
    Board meeting

Region Reports
Region 1
Director Cindy Currie
  • Some communities are still holding transition of
    leadership events.
  • Many communities still have questions about
    community funding for this year.
  • Community leaders have been asked to consider if
    they have senior members who might be appropriate
    to nominate for Associate Fellow this year.

Region 7
Director John Hedtke
  • Accomplishments
  • Action item Korea Chapter ready for
  • Vote will be held later in this meeting.
  • In Progress
  • Jing Tan et al working on forming China chapter
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Ratifying China chapter
  • More N.A. sponsorship

Education Area Report
Education Area
Lead John Hedtke
  • Accomplishments
  • Conference First Conference Action Committee
    phone call scheduled (7/24, 900am ET). Call for
    Proposals emailed.
  • Training Objectives identified.
  • In Progress
  • Heavy discussions (Training Conference) on what
    a certificate program should be and how to
    implement them for 2007 conference
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Conference creating policies on detailed issues
    (partnerships, compensation for speakers,
    certificate programs, etc.)
  • Training Posting RFP (mid Aug), proposals in
    hand (mid Sep), populate training program (late

Membership Area Report
Membership Area Update
Lead Jim Romano
  • In Progress
  • Work on Corporate Value Program (CVP) continuing
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Planned meetings with UK- and European-based
    companies of several sizes and types who may be
    candidates for the CVP. Goals are to
  • Increase CVP participation and awareness in
  • Increase membership, via CVP participation
  • Maximize the ROI of our trip to the UK

Secretarys Report Administration and Operations
Area Report
Secretarys Update
Secretary Char James-Tanny
  • Accomplishments
  • Sent updated slide template to committee chairs.
  • Attended Finance Committee meetings.
  • Answered questions, forwarded documents, updated
    slides, etc.
  • Corrected Annual Business Meeting Report
    uploaded to STC site.
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Start working on Web-based Communication System.

Calendar and Action Items
Calendar Items
  • Schedule of teleconference meetings
  • 16 August 2006 (slides due 14 August)
  • 20 September 2006 (slides due 18 September)
  • 15 November 2006 (slides due 13 November)
  • Next face-to-face Board Meetings
  • 12-13 October 2006 in London
  • 2-3 February 2007 in Arlington, VA