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Small budget for Tutoring No problem: How to dramatically grow and enhance your program without incr


... to their learning styles, personal study habits, and academic ... Implement certified training program. Marketing, integrate tutoring across campus ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Small budget for Tutoring No problem: How to dramatically grow and enhance your program without incr

Small budget for Tutoring? No problem How to
dramatically grow and enhance your program
without increasing your budget
  • Eric Dunker
  • Derrick Haynes
  • Metropolitan State College of Denver

  • Metro State College of Denver Tutoring Program
    growth and success in past 2 years
  • Opportunities and Challenges
  • Strategies to grow without any increase in budget
  • Strategies to sustain and improve service
  • Group activity Assessment of academic support on
    your campus, how can you improve and grow using
    some strategies we talk about!

Operating Budget of Metro State Tutoring Center
since 2004
Individual students served since 2004
Tutoring Sessions with students since 2005
Number of tutors employed since 2004
Retention Statistics
Evaluations7 point Likert Scale
  • Overall, how satisfied were you with the entire
    tutorial experience? Any improvements you would
    like us to make? 6.63
  • How much of a positive impact did the tutorial
    session have on your understanding of the course
    material? 6.53
  • If you need tutoring help in the future, how
    likely are you to return to the Tutoring Center?
  • How likely would you be to recommend the Tutoring
    Center to other people? 6.74
  • How knowledgeable was your tutor? 6.75
  • Were you satisfied with the facilities used for
    tutoring? 6.49

Program Status inSeptember 2005
  • Small space (700 square feet) with few staff and
    maxed out budget
  • The program needed to dramatically change, and
    aligned with mission of Metro State
  • How can the Metro Tutoring Center maximize its

Economics 101
  • 21,000 student population
  • Modified open admissions, over 50 need remedial
    classes at community college
  • 62 Fall to Fall retention rate
  • 17 graduation rate
  • 12 tutors
  • Problem!
  • Supply vs. Demand?
  • Is current demand based on requests received, or
    is demand untapped?
  • Based almost entirely on other programs, staff,
    faculty and how they view the importance of your

New Intended Program Outcomes
  • Every student, faculty, and staff at Metro State
    will have knowledge about the Tutoring
    opportunities on campus by 2008.
  • The Tutoring Center will have the most
    diversified offering of classes and tutoring
  • The Tutoring Center will have the most qualified,
    highly trained, customer service oriented staff
    in student services.
  • The Tutoring Center will substantially contribute
    to the overall retention goals of the college.
  • Tracking, assessment

New Intended Learning Outcomes
  • Learn how to become effective independent
    learners through strategies employed by tutors.
  • Learn effective study skills and organization
    habits that will contribute to the students
    success in academics.
  • Learn the importance of persistence and goal
    setting as it relates to academic success.
  • Students will become more self-aware in relation
    to their learning styles, personal study habits,
    and academic strengths and challenges.
  • Gain confidence and insight through positive
    feedback and attention from tutors.
  • Will be knowledgeable about programs and other
    services that can assist with academic success
    offered on campus through contact with the
    Tutoring Center.

  • Tutoring not integrated on campus, very few
    departments know it exists
  • Culture of apathy and discontent
  • Small budget The Tutoring Center is the only
    general student population learning assistance
    program on campus
  • No previous assessment
  • No hard-drive or database
  • Floppy disks

  • No tracking system, other than counting request
  • Underutilized web-site
  • 12 student tutors, no other professional staff
    for population of 21,000 students
  • No walk-in/group tutoring
  • Set up like a small cohort tutoring system
  • Almost starting from scratch!

  • Growth, without compromising service or
  • IT system/database, tracking
  • Implement certified training program
  • Marketing, integrate tutoring across campus
  • Supporting mission of Metro State by affording
    more opportunities for academic support for

  • Repair unhealthy or broken relationships on
  • Working with each academic department to
    determine needs assessment
  • Incorporate work-study and volunteer employees as
  • Assessment, evaluations, statistics
  • If nothing else, cant go anywhere but up!

  • Growth Strategies
  • Sustainability
  • Preparing current staff for successful change and
    a new vision

Growth Strategies
  • Exclusive 1 on 1 tutoring is unrealistic
    expectation for population of 21,000
  • Implement group tutoring, group workshops, test
    reviews, study skills
  • 12 tutors will not be able to serve population of
    students who need tutoring
  • Increase in staff starting immediately
  • Work-study office. When are forms due? When does
    money get kicked back from unearned money from
    previous semesters? Is work-study maxed out?
    State, Federal, No-need
  • Sell concept of academic support across campus
  • Funding in future.
  • Career Services example

Sustainability and Improvement
  • Training, certify through CRLA
  • Obtained 3 year certification
  • Build comprehensive web-site
  • Hire IT student, focused help from IT department
  • Comprehensive assessment system
  • Tutees
  • Tutors
  • Obtain buy in from Academic Affairs
  • Form advisory council with Deans office
  • Web-site and information in professor syllabi by
    Spring 2006
  • Integrate Academic Support across campus
  • Including other student services departments

Utilizing current staff, planning for success
  • Give all existing staff responsibilities in
    addition to tutoring, collaboration with other
  • exp) 10 hours of work per week 8 tutoring, 2
    hours supporting office needs
  • Marketing, budget, IT, liaison to student
    organizations, liaison to different academic
    departments, ect.
  • Support balance and wellness of staff
  • Fiscal Accountability
  • No more hourly tutors for non-high demand
    subjects. Must obtain work-study, volunteer, or
    reduce hours

Assessing your Programand Planning for Change
  • Assessment
  • Focus Points
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Recruitment
  • Marketing
  • Management

FIRMM Assessment
  • Assess the institution to develop a plan for
  • Examine the following
  • External Factors
  • Strategic Plans (vision, mission, objectives)
  • Gaps that exist

  • Utilizing student staff to compensate for lack of
    fulltime staff.
  • Only spend money on high demand subjects where
    work-study or volunteer undergraduates are hard
    to find
  • Continue lobbying the school for financing in
    order to take the next steps with the program.
  • Diversified sources
  • Volunteers!
  • Most student organizations require community

FIRMM Information Technology
  • Tracking database through Access
  • Ad-Hoc Access to Banner or student database
  • Success rates of students we are serving
  • Are we serving a representative population
    compared to campus demographics
  • Comprehensive web-site, user-friendly
  • All forms on-line
  • Electronic Schedule, seamless set-up process
  • Query high failure rate courses, contact
    professors to increase our exposure

FIRMM Tutor Recruitment
  • Targeted e-mail to students who are above 30
    credits, but below 91, As in courses, above 3.0
  • Over 2000 e-mails sent out with link to
    application stating they are pre-qualified to
    become tutors
  • Highlighted benefits of the experience, pay rate,
    and emphasize work-study.
  • Obtained over 220 applications in a year and a
  • Work-study, volunteer, reduced hours for high
    demand subjects if hourly. Most qualify for
    work-study in some way
  • Interviewed interested candidates, signed intent
    to hire forms for work-study office
  • Diversity in staff. Grow with a plan. What does
    my staff look like (compared demographics to the
    population we serve)?

  • Each tutor must make 3 professor visits per
  • Liaison positions
  • Exp) Top physics tutor is your new liaison to the
    Physics dept.
  • Needs assessment from academic departments,
    athletics, other departments through liaisons
  • Branding
  • On evaluation, ask how students found out about
    the Tutoring Program
  • 75 through professors

FIRMM Program Management
  • Autonomous employees and system
  • Fluid operation
  • Strong communication
  • Accountability/Performance Standards
  • Diversity in staff and stakeholders
  • Sound Training
  • Professional development

FIRMM Management (cont.)
  • Visioning for future
  • Wellness and balance
  • Building solid relationships
  • Trust, openness
  • Collaborations

Take the FIRMM challenge
Questions to Consider
  • How does my institution view the academic support
  • Are your academic support programs properly
    equipped to serve the general population?
  • What has your Director done to help improve the
    institution's outlook on the program?
  • Current funding sources? Am I diversified?
  • Is academic support integrated across campus?

Questions to Consider
  • Are we utilizing the volunteer commitments of
    student organizations?
  • Do we utilize our student staff to not only
    tutor, but to help support the overall operations
    of the office?
  • Do you have positive relationships with all
    pertinent stakeholders?
  • Do we have data to support our progress?

Current Projects
  • Projected staff of 65 in Fall 2007
  • Created and manage SI program for Reece Learning
  • Funding for Program Assistant
  • Tiered structure, lead tutors, ect.
  • Awarded 2 new spaces, increased square footage by
  • Increased collaboration with other departments

Current Projects
  • Subject Specialists funded by Academic Affairs
  • Conversation hours for foreign language and ESL
  • Currently offer tutoring for all 1000/2000 level
    classes and most upper level classes