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2009 Campaign Marketing Plan Loaned executive Training, august 13


Selected 2009 campaign theme, messages and design based on key findings. Developed inclusive and integrated Campaign Marketing Plan ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 2009 Campaign Marketing Plan Loaned executive Training, august 13

2009 Campaign Marketing PlanLoaned executive
Training, august 13
Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital
  • OPM Innovator Award Recipient 2003-2008

Todays Presentation
  • Campaign Brief
  • Theme and Design
  • Marketing Strategy and Implementation Plan

Campaign Brief
Communications Objectives
  • Build upon last years record setting campaign
    success and the momentum created by the new
    Administrations give back to the community and
    United We Serve messaging
  • Appeal to the diverse Federal workforce in a
    compelling and fresh manner
  • Attract a younger generation and new employees,
    while preserving current donors and paying
    attention to generational differences
  • Identify ways to integrate, repackage and deliver
    materials, with a focus on streamlining materials
    for greater effectiveness
  • Drive increased use of online and interactive
    tools and resources, including catalog access,
    volunteer resources and e-Giving tools
  • Develop measures for assessing effectiveness of
    campaign efforts so that refinements and
    adjustments can be made as necessary during this
    years campaign and for future years

Communications Development Process
We used a comprehensive approach to develop the
campaign theme, design, key messaging and
implementation plan.
  • Analyzed materials, past success/challenges and
    data from previous campaigns and target donor
    profile information
  • Participated in strategy sessions to generate
    potential theme ideas and key messages
  • Conducted Marketing Meetings with target donors
    and previous volunteers to assess current
    perceptions of CFCNCA and test possible theme
  • Selected 2009 campaign theme, messages and design
    based on key findings
  • Developed inclusive and integrated Campaign
    Marketing Plan

Marketing Meeting Findings
  • Knowledge and Perceptions of CFC
  • High level of understanding
  • Valuable and worthwhile, causes resonate
  • Collective effort of Federal employees, increases
  • Depth of knowledge, some misperceptions about
    benefits and resources available
  • Length of campaign, prefer shorter period and
    consistent end date
  • Unknown outside of government
  • Ideas on What to Communicate
  • Value of participation, giving to CFC versus
    outside campaign
  • Every gift helps
  • Sense of responsibility to give back
  • Diversity and choice of charities
  • Why giving is effective, testimonials
  • Balance fun events with more emphasis on payroll
  • Higher profile and energy at the top, personalize
    within each department
  • Emphasize start and end dates

Marketing Meeting Conclusions
The theme, design and messaging must address key
motivators and benefits sought by participants.
  • Emphasize participation and the idea that by
    coming together and pooling resources Federal
    employees can make a difference
  • Appeal to the altruistic sense of the Federal
    worker, letting them know how they are helping
    others through CFC
  • Highlight the ability for individuals to choose
    where their contribution goes among a diverse
    number of charities
  • Enable individual departments to expand on the
    theme in ways that are reflective of their own
    staff and communities
  • Demonstrate the value of every donation, no
    matter the amount how their contribution can be
    a part of something bigger
  • Inspire new donors and lapsed donors to

Key Messages
  • Generosity of Federal employees.
  • Public service spirit.
  • Personal choice. Collective strength.
  • Maximize the value of your pledge.
  • Accountability you can trust.
  • Giving made easy.
  • In addition, messages will be customized for
    target audiences
  • Repeat Donors
  • New Donors
  • Lapsed Donors
  • Volunteers
  • General Public

Sample Messages
  • Public service spirit. As a Federal employee,
    your spirit of public service empowers you to
    help make the world a better place. The CFC
    supports and promotes philanthropy through an
    employee-focused program that is cost-efficient
    and effective in giving Federal employees an
    opportunity to improve the quality of life for
  • Personal choice. Collective strength. Through
    CFCNCA, you can direct your pledge to those
    organizations you are most passionate about
    supporting. Your donation through CFC supports a
    larger collective effort of the Federal workforce
    to give back to the community.
  • Maximize the value of your pledge. Giving through
    the CFC is unrestricted and allows more of your
    pledge to go directly to the good work of the
    organization. CFC reduces administrative overhead
    costs associated with soliciting and collecting
    donations for a charitable organization. And, the
    e-Giving tools help reduce administrative costs
    and increase efficiencies even more.
  • Accountability you can trust. With strict
    oversight from a local committee of Federal
    employee volunteers, the CFC maintains the
    highest levels of integrity and transparency for
    the program, accounting for every dollar pledged.
  • Giving made easy. Making your pledge through
    payroll deduction and online pledging tools
    provides an easy and convenient way to
    participate no matter the amount of the

Tone and Manner of Creative
  • Engaging, but with a respectful, serious and
    caring tone
  • Inspiring employees to participate
  • Demonstrating diversity
  • Offering a feeling of empowerment
  • Personal, without being too colloquial / informal
  • Emphasizing the leadership role of Federal

Theme and Design
2009 CFCNCA Campaign Theme
  • Promotes the individual choice of donors to
    support personally relevant causes, while
    emphasizing the benefit of participation in a
    collective effort
  • Highlights the generosity and strength of the
    Federal workforce

Creative Campaign Samples
  • Posters
  • Catalog of Caring

Catalog of Caring
Marketing Strategy and Implementation Plan
Marketing Strategies
  • Strategy 1 Increase participation through
    education, resources and the direct ask
  • Provide campaign volunteers with the guidance and
    tools at their fingertips to be effective in
    their role and outreach to donors
  • Create clear and concise messaging for volunteers
    to inform donors about the value and benefits
    associated with the campaign in order to
  • Inspire donors by the "ask" (or call to action)
    to participate
  • Reinforce key messaging throughout print and
    online materials

The campaign relies heavily on its volunteers
or advocates to drive and manage the
Marketing Strategies
  • Strategy 2 Build greater brand awareness for
  • Communicate consistently about key messages to
    raise awareness among potential donors in the
    Federal workforce
  • Create greater visibility within the metro area
    about the generosity and public service spirit of
    the Federal workforce to support employees pride
    in participation

Newer (often younger) Federal employees are less
familiar with CFC, its value and the benefits of
donating through this workplace giving program.
Marketing Strategies
  • Strategy 3 Expand digital elements of the
    campaign for greater reach and efficiency
  • Increase digital efforts, both for reaching
    potential donors and for improving the
    convenience, ease and efficiency for those
    participating in the campaign
  • Drive volunteers and donors to use digital
    resources (e.g., website, e-Giving tools,
    campaign templates) to help reduce administrative
    overhead costs and improve accessibility

Use of digital media (e.g., web, video, social
networking) to communicate and conduct business
is becoming more customary and expected among
today's population.
Supporting Campaign Tactics
  • Donor Materials consistent campaign messaging
  • Implementation of a new series of Campaign Cards
    (e.g., benefits of giving, donating online, see
    what your gift can do, special message to new
    donors, testimonials)
  • Redesigned set of posters, Thank You card with
    signature from key leadership, donor stickers
  • Enhanced website for better usability and support
    of e-Giving tools
  • Promotional video that inspires through
    testimonials from Federal employees elements
    will be repurposed for multiple uses (PR,
    YouTube, Facebook, PSAs, website, etc.)
  • Volunteer Support greater accessibility to
    resources and tools including
  • Expanded volunteer materials and website section
    to include campaign roadmap, communications
    guidelines, idea lists, pledge session guides,
    library of campaign resources, online bulletin
    board for sharing ideas, Facebook page, etc.
  • Downloadable and customizable leadership
    communications and e-mail blast templates
  • Guidelines on establishing a CFC section on their
    Intranet, template designs, artwork and content

Supporting Campaign Tactics
  • PR and Advertising possibilities for free (or
    low-cost) awareness through
  • Print advertising inserts, Washington Post
    Express Supplements
  • Distribution of PSAs to internal, external and
    online media outlets
  • Online campaign progress tracking, highlighting
    progress toward goal () by agency
  • Downloadable campaign content for agency
    newsletters and Intranet sites, media, etc.
  • Pitching stories about CFCNCA and the generosity
    of Federal workforce during tough economic times
    to local media outlets
  • Training, Events and Data Gathering greater
    efficiency and feedback through
  • Transitioning tools, training materials and
    resources online to reduce print costs and
    improve accessibility
  • Streamlining campaign and volunteer events
    (materials, giveaways, etc.)
  • Establishing volunteer registration questionnaire
    (collect e-mails, profile info, campaign ideas)
  • Conducting meetings with volunteers and donors
    post-campaign to determine effectiveness of
    resources and tools as well as to capture ideas
    that will inform 2010 effort

Creative Campaign Samples
  • Donor Pledge Form
  • Donor Campaign Cards
  • Donor Thank You Card
  • Volunteer Button and Donor Sticker
  • Keyworker Training Kit Envelope
  • Volunteer Handbook
  • Campaign Managers Guide
  • Volunteer Calendar

Donor Pledge Form
Donor Campaign Cards
Donor Campaign Cards
Donor Thank You Card
Volunteer Button / Donor Sticker
Keyworker Training Kit Envelope
Volunteer Handbook
Campaign Managers Guide
Volunteer Calendar
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