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The United States should become increasingly involved in the Darfur crisis


... Countries act in their own interests when they get involved with foreign affairs. ... Bush, and two U.S. Secretaries of State have all labeled the current ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The United States should become increasingly involved in the Darfur crisis

The United States should become increasingly
involved in the Darfur crisis
  • Philip Suh
  • CIS1055 Sec 621

A. Background of the Conflict
1) How did the conflict start?
  • The conflict began early in 2003 after a rebel
    group began attacking government targets, saying
    the Darfur region was being neglected by Khartoum
    (capital of Sudan).
  • Darfur inhabitants have faced many years of
    conflict over land and grazing rights between the
    mostly nomadic Arabs. The rebels said that the
    government was oppressing black Africans in favor
    of Arabs.

2) What is the government doing?
  • It admits mobilizing "self-defense militias"
    following rebel attacks but denies any links to
    the Janjaweed, accused of trying to "cleanse"
    black Africans from the territory.
  • Refugees from Darfur say that following air raids
    by government aircraft, the Janjaweed ride into
    villages on horses and camels, slaughtering men,
    raping women and stealing whatever they can find.
  • Sudan's government denies being in control of the
    Janjaweed and President Omar al-Bashir has called
    them "thieves and gangsters".

3) What has happened to Darfur's civilians?
  • Millions have fled their destroyed villages, with
    many heading for camps near Darfur's main towns.
    But there is not enough food, water or medicine.
  • Some 200,000 have also sought safety in
    neighboring Chad, but many of these camps remain
    vulnerable to attacks.
  • Many aid agencies are working in Darfur but they
    are unable to get access to vast areas because of
    the fighting.
  • The latest research published in September 2006
    in the journal Science puts the numbers of deaths
    at "no fewer than 200,000".

4) Is anyone trying to stop the fighting?
  • About 7,000 African Union troops are deployed in
    Darfur on a very limited mandate.
  • Experts say the soldiers are too few, and the AU
    says it does not have the money to fund the
    operation for much longer.
  • The new, larger joint UN-AU force should be in
    place by early 2008

B. Arguments For/Against Increasing International
1) For Save Lives and Increase International
  • a. Save Lives
  • Campaign by the Sudanese government against
    Darfuri civilians has already claimed as many as
    400,000 lives and 2.3 million have been
  • Approximately 1 million more Darfuris still live
    in their villages, under the constant threat of
    being attacked. (

1) For Save Lives and Increase International
Reputation cont.
  • b. Increase International Reputation
  • U.S. popularity has plunged across much of the
    world due to the popular opinion that United
    States acts as a tyrant over other nations and
    doing too little to help poor countries.
  • Additionally, Growing numbers of Muslims see the
    anti-terror campaign as a way for the United
    States to bully its Islamic foes.
  • This growing anti-Americanism will make it
    increasingly difficult for leaders of democratic
    nations to support controversial U.S.
    initiatives. It also threatens the stability of
    governments that back and exercise U.S. policies.
  • Key findings of the report released by the Pew
    Research Center for the People and the Press, a
    widely respected public opinion outfit.

2) Against Countries act in their own interests
when they get involved with foreign affairs.
  • a. China and Russian Arming of the Sudanese
  • Amnesty International has recently published a
    report that has accused China and Russia of
    arming the Sudanese government.
  • In the report, photos of Russian Mi-24s
    (helicopter gunships) and Chinese Fantan (fighter
    jets) have been seen in Sudanese government
    property. (

2) Against Countries act in their own interests
when they get involved with foreign affairs.
  • b. America, Belgium and Frances involvement in
    the Rwandan Genocide of 1998
  • Where nearly 800,000 minority Tutsis were killed
    by the Hutu majority
  • America The Clinton administration signed a
    decree limiting U.S. involvement in U.N.
    peacekeeping and pressured the U.N. to limit its
    own role -- perhaps fearing it might reflect
    poorly on themselves
  • US failed to deliver upon their promise to send
    fifty armored personnel carriers to aid
    intervention instead placing a price of fifteen
    million dollars for our vehicles
  • Belgium and the U.N. Hutus killed 10 Belgian
    soldiers. Because of this Belgium withdrew its
    troops, who had been keeping 2,000 Tutsi refugees
    safe from Hutus. The refugees are immediately
  • France In mid-June, the French government billed
    a military expedition into Rwanda as a
    "humanitarian" mission and carried it out under
    the U.N. flag. When France enters the country
    they protected their genocidal Hutu allies from
    the Tutsi RPF, and even supported them in the
    slaughter Opération Turquoise was eventually
    credited with rescuing at least ten thousand
    Tutsis in western Rwanda, but thousands more
    continued to be killed in the French-occupied

C. The Right Choice Intervention
C. The Right Choice Intervention
  • As mentioned before
  • Tens of thousands of civilians have been murdered
    and thousands of women raped.
  • About 2 million civilians have been driven from
    their homes, their villages torched and pillaged.
  • Thousands die each month from the effects of
    inadequate food, water, health care, and shelter.

C. The Right Choice Intervention
  • These atrocities are real and are happening now
    in the western region of Sudan know as Darfur
    where the war between Sudanese government and
    rebel groups has transformed the landscape into
    one of the most brutal and horrifying places in
    the world today.
  • This is a major atrocity that should not be
    tolerated in the world we live in today.
  • As one of the main leaders of the world, we
    Americans have a duty to our fellow man to
    alleviate them from their current plight.
  • We have the resources and we have the power, all
    that is left now is the will. Americans must come
    together to bring change in Darfur.

C. The Right Choice Intervention
  • At the minimum, by increasing support of
    humanitarian efforts in Darfur America will be
    able to provide safety for thousands of people.
  • The humanitarian situation in Darfur is critical
    workers and operations are constantly being
    harassed by both government and fragmented rebel
  • According to, Vehicles are being
    hijacked and robbed, aid workers are assaulted
    and intimidated while carrying out their work and
    offices are broken into and looted.
  • Officials say that if the current fragile
    humanitarian efforts to the flow of humanitarian
    aid were to collapse, it could lead to death
    rates as high as 100,000 per month.

C. The Right Choice Intervention
  • If we wanted to save Darfur to the fullest
    capabilities, an armed peace keeping force should
    be sent to Darfur in order to protect innocent
  • United States The United States Congress, the
    United States House of Representatives, President
    Bush, and two U.S. Secretaries of State have all
    labeled the current situation in Darfur as
    genocide. This is the first time in history that
    a conflict has been labeled genocide while it was
  • If the U.S. views Darfur as a true genocide, why
    have we been so inactive? Do we wish to repeat
    the events of the Rwandan Genocide in 1998 that
    led to the genocide of 800,000 people?

C. The Right Choice Intervention
  • Should Americans take action to increase
    humanitarian aid in Darfur, or to send an armed
    peace keeping force in to protect civilians we
    will be able to give the gift of peace and safety
    to our fellow man.
  • No longer will civilians be killed and raped,
    driven from their homes, or die from the effects
    of inadequate food, water, health care, and
    shelter. We will be able to save thousands of
    lives, should we choose to act now.
  • Americas reputation will be brought up by the
    peace we have provided to thousands. In contrast
    to the uncaring and bully-like image we hold in
    the world today.

C. The Right Choice Intervention
  • It is time to act now, the atrocities of Darfur
    should have been eliminated a long time ago, but
    still continue today.
  • Get involved within the world as intelligent
    college students and save lives.
  • We have the power to help these people, lets get
    it done.

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