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Business Opportunity Training Presentation


Business Opportunity Training Presentation – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Business Opportunity Training Presentation

Business Opportunity Training Presentation
Re-energise your Business
Nu Skin Galvanic Spa Business Opportunity
Capitalise on the growing at-home spa industry…
The Galvanic Spa Opportunity is proving to be a
huge success in both Australia and New Zealand in
creating strong new leaders and driving product
sales. It is also successfully being integrated
into existing business focuses such as Photomax
to create stable monthly volumes and a solid
business foundation with loyal consumers, a high
level of retention, and dynamic business
builders. This Training Module is designed to
cover the Galvanic Spa Opportunity and should be
utilised by distributors to gain a complete
understanding of how they can build or expand a
business with the Galvanic Spa.
Galvanic Spa Steps to Success
  • Step 1 Watch the Galvanic Spa Training Module
    Presentation for a complete Galvanic Spa
    Opportunity Background
  • Step 2 Go to or for more information and
  • Step 3 Download the Galvanic Spa Downloadable
    Presentation from the Resources link on the
    Galvanic Spa Site
  • Step 4 Use this presentation to train your
  • Step 5 Utilise corporate support through the
    Galvanic Product Training Workshops and the
    Galvanic Spa Maxcast Videos
  • Questions?? Email

The Galvanic Spa Business Opportunity…
Sponsoring, Retention and Volume…
  • The Nu Skin Galvanic Spa is a unique business
    opportunity for Nu Skin. Whilst Pharmanex has
    the Scanner, and Big Planet has Photomax, Nu
    Skins business opportunity is the Galvanic Spa
    which has a strong focus on sponsoring,
    retention and volume.
  • Not only is the Galvanic Spa System an extremely
    powerful and demonstrable product, but the
    Galvanic consumables create retention with
    monthly ADP orders and stable volumes
  • The Galvanic Business Opportunity can be
    integrated into your current business or it can
    be used to create new leaders

How will the Galvanic Spa Opportunity affect my
  • Sponsoring The Galvanic Opportunity is easily
    duplicable, and the 1000 Point Kits
  • connection with the Automatic LOI Program and
    Mega Performance Bonus Pool rewards
  • gives incentive for signing up new distributors.
  • Retention The Galvanic Spa System and
    consumables is like purchasing a car- you cant
  • run a car without petrol, and you cant run the
    Galvanic Spa System without the
  • consumables. The Galvanic Spa Pre-Treat and
    Treatment Gels are perfect ADP products,
  • thus creating stable monthly volume and consumer
  • Volume The Galvanic Spa System generates a high
    level of PV, and the Galvanic
  • Consumables purchased by consumers will generate
    stable volume. The 1000 Point Kit
  • Volume also links in with the new compensation

Capitalise on the rapidly growing spa treatment
Now is the perfect time to capitalise on
the rapidly growing spa treatment industry in
Australia and New Zealand as it is the right
time, there are no competitors and there is rapid
industry growth.
  • Right market The Spa Treatment Industry in
    Australia and New Zealand is currently at
    critical mass with over 15,000 speciality
    salons and a high level of media focus
  • No competitors Currently there are no direct
    selling companies in the home Spa Treatment
    market and no at-home product that delivers the
    immediate and powerful results of the Galvanic
    Spa System.
  • Rapid Industry Growth The Spa Industry continues
    to grow at astronomical rates, with the US Spa
    Sector growing at a 300 increase over the last 6
    years and in Australia there is a huge focus on
    anti-cellulite and firming products and

Galvanic Spa Target Market
  • The Galvanic Spa System is one of the easiest Nu
    Skin Products to sell - it is suitable for all
    skin types it will - Calm acne prone skin -
    Rejuvenate and clarify younger skin, and
  • - Target the signs of ageing in older skin.
  • It also targets hair thinning, cellulite and loss
    of skin firmness.
  • The results of a Galvanic Spa Facial are most
    dramatic on lined and wrinkles, and the primary
    demographic who purchase a Galvanic Spa System
    are women 30 who want to prevent and treat their
    ageing skin.

Galvanic creates global leaders Galvanic success
is proven across the world…
  • Over the past 2 years the Galvanic Spa has been
    developing huge sales volume and new leaders
  • The Galvanic Success is already globally tried,
    tested and proven successful
  • Globally proving extremely successful in Europe,
    Korea and the USA with both creating new Nu Skin
    focused leaders, but also being integrated into
    Photomax focused businesses
  • Huge increase in Nu Skin ADPs in all launch
    markets stable volume
  • 6 New Team Elites created from the Galvanic Spa
  • Galvanic Spa System II is exclusive to Nu Skin
  • The Galvanic Spa consumables make it ADP and
    consumer retention friendly

Galvanic Spa
Success in AU/NZ
  • Over the past 2 years the Galvanic Spa and
    consumables sales have remained stable
  • Since the repositioning of the Galvanic Spa
    System and the launch of the Galvanic Spa 1000
    Point Kit as a business opportunity the results
    in Australia and New Zealand have been phenomenal

Galvanic Spa takes over Australia
  • Combined total of single Galvanic Sales and Kit
    Galvanics has resulted in a 1500 growth in 5
  • Treatment Gels have increased by 500.
  • Galvanic Spa System and Treatment Gels have moved
    from the number 35 and 60th best selling Nu Skin
    product, to being in the top 3 for the past 3
  • Monthly Nu Skin revenue increase of over 15
    since the kit launch
  • This growth is not cannibalising other Nu Skin
    sales incremental growth

Galvanic Spa takes over New Zealand
  • Combined total of single Galvanic Sales and Kit
    Galvanic sales has resulted in a 1400 growth in
  • Treatment Gels have increased by 400.
  • This growth is not cannibalising other Nu Skin
    sales incremental growth
  • New Zealand sold over 240 Galvanic Spa Systems
    (80kits) in the first 3days of the launch

How can you build a business with the Galvanic
  • There are three ways you can integrate the
    Galvanic Spa
  • Opportunity into your business
  • 1) Galvanic Spa product
  • 2) Galvanic Spa Complete Package
  • 3) Galvanic Spa 1000 Point Executive Kit

Option 1 Galvanic Spa Individual Product
  • Galvanic Spa System 513.50RRP or 359.00
  • Galvanic Spa Pre-Treatment and Treatment Gels
    78.00RRP or 54.50 wholesale
  • Galvanic Spa Body Shaping Gel 87.00RRP or
    61.00 wholesale
  • Galvanic Spa Nutriol Hair Fitness Treatment
    123.50RRP or 86.50 wholesale

Option 2 Galvanic Spa Complete Package
  • The Galvanic Spa Complete Package is perfect for
  • Personal consumption, retailing or an
    introduction to the business
  • Convenience of the relevant products packaged
  • Perfect to sell in a workshop environment
  • Great to cross-sell for example everyone you
    sign up to Photomax purchases a Galvanic Spa
    Starter Kit

Galvanic Spa Complete Package contains
  • 1 Galvanic Spa System
  • 1 Galvanic Spa Pre Treat Treatment Gels
  • 1 Galvanic Spa Body Shaping Gel
  • 1 180 Face Wash
  • 1 180 Skin Mist
  • 1 180 UV Block Hydrator
  • 1 Tru Face Line Corrector
  • 1 Celltrex CoQ10
  • 1 Galvanic Spa Demi-Facial Voucher
  • 1 Visia Voucher
  • 1 Galvanic Spa Brochure
  • 1 Nu Skin Product Catalogue 4.00rrp
  • 1 ADP Application Form
  • 1 Privileged Member Form
  • 1 Galvanic Spa DVD

Total Value 1160
How much do the Galvanic Spa Packages Cost?
Option 3 Galvanic Spa 1000 point Executive Kit
  • Each Executive Kit comes with 3 of the Galvanic
    Spa Complete Packages, one
  • Business Portfolio, and one 75 GWP Starter Kit
  • The 1000 point volume slots into the automatic
    LOI Program, new compensation
  • plan Mega Performance Bonus Pool and has an
    easy to follow duplication
  • model.

How much do the Galvanic Spa Executive Kits cost?
  • The Galvanic Spa 1000 Point Executive Kit is
    valued at over 3565rrp or 2800 wholesale,
    however the price paid is

Simple, Easy and Duplicable
  • Step 1 Purchase a Galvanic Spa 1000 Point
    Executive Kit

Box 3
Box 1
Box 2
Keep for personal demo use
Onsell at Retail
Onsell at Retail
Step 2 Sell 2 of the Packages for their retail
value. Keep 1 Package for demonstration and
personal use.
Step 3 Buy another 1000 Point Galvanic Kit
retail all 3 of the Individual packages
Step 4 Keep purchasing the Galvanic 1000 Point
Executive Kits to on sell at retail, and recruit
other Business Builders to sell the Galvanic Kits
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Online Signup
  • The Galvanic Spa 1000 Point Executive Kit can be
    used to sign up a new distributor using online
  • The Online Signup Purchase Price of the Galvanic
    Spa 1000 Point Executive Kit is 1990, thus
    giving the upline distributor a 340 retail

A complete business package
  • To complete the Galvanic Spa 1000 Point Kit
    Package as a true Business Opportunity, we have
    launched an exclusive promotion to all purchasers
    of the kit from July 2007.
  • Inside each Galvanic Spa 1000 Point Executive Kit
    there is a voucher with an exclusive code which
    will enable them to purchase a Big Planet Global
    Web Page (GWP) Kit for only 75.00! That is a
    saving of over
  • 230 and will enable them to set up their
    global e-business
  • with a personal web page.
  • Monthly hosting fee still applies

ADP Promotion Stable Volume
Retention To support the ADP Retention
component of the Galvanic Business Opportunity,
the following promotion was put in place put 2
Galvanic Spa Treatment Gel Packs on an ADP order
for 3 consecutive months and in the3rd month get
one pack for free (no PV on free product).
Galvanic Spa Treatment Gels Month 2 2 packs of
Galvanic Spa Treatment Gels Month 3 2 packs of
Galvanic Spa Treatment Gels one
pack for FREE in month 3 Promotional code 134501
Corporate Support
  • To support the Galvanic Spa Business Opportunity,
    Nu Skin have launched - A new Galvanic Spa
    website - Galvanic Spa ADP Promotion - Galvanic
    Spa Product Demonstration Package - Galvanic Spa
    Tri-Fold Product Brochures - FREE Galvanic Spa
    Product Training Workshop Events in the DSCs -
    Galvanic Spa MAXCAST Facial Demonstration Video -
    Downloadable Product Training Presentation -
    Monthly Galvanic Spa Targeted Email with tips,
    testimonials and exclusive promotions

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26 or
  • To support the Galvanic Spa Business Opportunity
    a specific re-branded website has been
    created - Product Information product usage,
    ingredients and benefits - Resources
    downloadable product training presentations -
    ADP links to creating or adding to an ADP order
    and Galvanic Spa ADP Promotions - Product
    Workshops Information and dates on the FREE
    Galvanic Spa Product Training Workshop Events
    held in DSCs - Galvanic Spa MAXCAST Videos-
    including product information and a Galvanic
    Spa Usage Demonstration

Galvanic Spa on MAXCAST
Log onto or to watch the
Galvanic Spa Product Information Video, or watch
a 15minute Product Demonstration of how to use
the Galvanic Spa System.