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ESTI All Hands Meeting


Arm 6. Eye 5. Hand 4. Wrist 4. Safety Performance. By Program Area ... When conducting training exercises on the field ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: ESTI All Hands Meeting

ESTI All Hands Meeting
  • February 9, 2005

TEEX Safety in the Work Place
  • Annual Safety Refresher Training
  • Division Director Presentation

Safety Refresher Agenda
  • Share the TEEX Directors views on safety
  • Identify the safety responsibilities for the
    Division, supervisors, employees
  • Identify the ESTI Safety Officer ESTI Focus
    Areas for Safety
  • ESTIs Safety Performance Record Safety Goals
  • TEEX Safety Incentive Program
  • Future Safety Training
  • Overview of various safety policies
  • Overview of TEEX Accident Investigation process
    and reports

TEEX Directors Safety Philosophy
  • Safety is a mindsetan attitude
  • Employees customers are TEEX

TEEX Directors Safety Philosophy
  • Accidents hurt employees and TEEX
  • All accidents will be investigated

TEEX Directors Safety Philosophy
  • Effective risk management is essential, not
  • Risk assessment is a continual process
  • Employees must apply safety principles

Division Responsibilities
  • Monitor division safety performance
  • Comply with
  • TEEX Safety Guide
  • TEEX Safety Manual
  • TAMUS safety regulations
  • Include elements of employee safety
    responsibility in annual performance appraisals

Managers, Coordinators, Supervisors
  • Make safety a priority during all work
  • Work safely themselves without injury
  • Empower employees to work safely
  • Correct unsafe conditions and behaviors
  • Comply with provisions of TEEX Safety Guide
  • Report all accidents

Employee Responsibilities
  • Make safety a priority during all work
  • Work safely without injury
  • Report unsafe conditions and behaviors
  • Comply with provisions of TEEX Safety Guide

ESTI Safety Officer
  • The ESTI Safety Officer is Ron Peddy
  • Assist Division Director, managers and
    supervisors in implementing safety program
  • Serve on TEEX Safety Subcommittee
  • Ensure employees have personal protective
  • Ensure employees are trained in PPE

ESTI Safety-Focus Areas
  • Change/Improve the working environment
  • Accomplished by eliminating unsafe conditions
  • 2. Change/Improve the behaviors of workers
  • Accomplished by eliminating unsafe behaviors
  • Instilling a safety mindset

ESTI Safety Performance
  • Accidents
  • FY03 17
  • FY04 16
  • FY05 3 YTD
  • Lost-time accidents
  • FY03 7
  • FY04 4
  • FY05 1 YTD

ESTI Safety Performance
  • Most common types of injuries FY03 FY05
  • Arm 6
  • Eye 5
  • Hand 4
  • Wrist 4

Safety PerformanceBy Program Area
  • Injuries by Program Area for FY03 FY04
  • Maintenance 16
  • Private Sector 7
  • CMTS 6
  • WMD 3
  • Municipal 2
  • Field Services 1
  • Business Office 1

Safety PerformanceGoals FY05
  • Achieve 6 months with no lost time injuries
  • Reduce total number of injuries by 10
  • Reduce lost time injuries by 10

TEEX Safety Incentive
  • TEEX now offers two types of safety incentives to
    each Division.
  • 180 Day No Lost Time Accident
  • ESTI will receive one day of administrative leave
    for all Division employees if we complete 180
    successive days without a lost workday accident.
  • NOTE ESTI's safety incentive award date
    (180-days w/o LTA) is April 2, 2005
  • 10 Decrease in Workmens Comp Claim Costs
  • For FY05, each 10 reduction in a Divisions FY04
    worker compensation costs will be rewarded with a
    5 reimbursement toward the Division worker comp
  • The intent of the reimbursed funds is to allow
    the Division Director to reward deserving
    employees who have significantly contributed to
    the successful reduction of worker compensation

ESTI Safety-Training
  • New Employee Orientation Part II
  • ESTI Division Director Annual Safety Refresher
  • EHS Manager will provide training to MMT
  • TEEX Safety Guide
  • ESTI Health Safety Plan
  • ESTI Safety Procedures
  • Supervisor/Coordinator to train staff
  • Employees should request specific training

Global Safety Procedures and Policies
  • Severe Weather Procedures
  • Eye Protection
  • Hard Hat
  • Safety Shoes
  • TEEX Accident Investigation Report
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Project Safety Analysis
  • TEEX Risk Assessment Matrix for Hazards

Severe Weather Procedure
  • Located at R/ESTI Safety
  • System alarms when lightning is detected 2.5
    miles from field
  • 15-second continuous horn closes field
  • Three 5-second blasts opens field
  • No foot traffic on field when field is closed

Eye Protection Policy
  • Located at R/ESTI Safety
  • Safety glasses required when
  • Any and all maintenance or construction jobs
  • Use of any mowing equipment
  • Fueling projects
  • Racking fire hose
  • Moving bales of hay or stoking burn projects with
  • Any job that may create air borne debris that
    could enter the eye
  • Safety glasses available through the Tool Room in
    Building 87

Hard Hat Policy
  • Located at R/ESTI Safety
  • A hard hat is to be worn when
  • Performing any maintenance or construction work
  • When racking fire hoses
  • When designated for obvious overhead hazards
  • Temporary work areas designated by supervisor
  • When operating heavy equipment
  • When working in close proximity to heavy
    equipment operating overhead
  • Hard hats are available through the tool room in
    Building 87

Safety Boot Policy
  • Located at R/ESTI Safety
  • Steel toe safety boots are required
  • When performing any maintenance or construction
  • When conducting training exercises on the field
  • When lifting/moving equipment in excess of 80
  • When designated by the employees supervisor

TEEX Accident Investigation Report
  • Located on
  • All Forms / Operations / Safety
  • Required for all accidents resulting in injury or
    property damage
  • Section 1 to be completed within 24-hours
  • Remaining sections to be completed within 10 days
  • EHS Manager
  • Facilitates accident investigation
  • Submits completed report to TEEX Safety

Risk Management Tools
  • To better manage risk, ESTI will implement the
    use of the following 3/1/05
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Project Safety Analysis
  • TEEX Risk Assessment Matrix for Hazards
  • Coordinators and Supervisors will be provided
    training on the use of these tools

Risk ManagementProgram Results
  • Through the use of Accident Investigations, ESTI
    implemented the following corrective actions
    during FY04
  • Cooling water on props reduced during off-hours
    due to algae buildup
  • Improved lighting at night for maintenance work
  • Revised job scheduling to reduce rush jobs
  • Installed safety chains at 3-story and Engine
  • Will revise water cooler placement during Annual
  • Increased height of temporary power lines
  • Re-implemented the use of Job Safety Analyses
  • Provided re-training to employees when needed

ESTI Safety Accountability
  • ESTI Director Division Safety
  • EHS Manager Unsafe Conditions
  • Program Manger Program Safety
  • Coordinator/Supervisor Employee Safety
  • Employee Personal Safety
  • Bottom line safety is everyones responsibility

Safety Questions/Concerns
  • If you have a safety question or concern, it
    should be brought to
  • Immediate Supervisor
  • Program Manager
  • EHS Manager
  • ESTI Associate Division Director
  • ESTI Division Director
  • TEEX Associate Director of Operations
  • TEEX Director

Think Safety Act Safely
Safety Reminder
  • Be safe out there!!
  • I ask that all of you be particularly careful on
    coming to and leaving work
  • Hwy 2818 is a dangerous stretch of road
  • There have been at least six or more fatalities,
    and countless injuries in the last two years
    within 1.5 miles of either direction of BFTF

  • Our People
  • Includes or Students and our Staff
  • Our Operations
  • Make them safe and of the highest quality
  • Our Reputation
  • Be vigilant to protect it and exhibit integrity
    to expand it
  • Our Future
  • Depends on moving forward with our people, our
    operations, and our reputation

  • Please Be Safe !
  • And Have a Great Week!