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Multi Agency Taxi Cab Inspections


Car wash. Emergency warning lights. Doors. Trunk lid. Hood. Bumpers. Grill ... Over the three (3) days of the multi agency taxicab inspections, Hamilton Police ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Multi Agency Taxi Cab Inspections

Multi Agency Taxi Cab Inspections
Randy Charlton CPSO, MLEO(c), AMCT Coordinator
Standards Licensing Section Building
Licensing Division Planning Development
Department City of Hamilton
Multi Agency Taxi Cab Inspections
  • January 5, 2005 Council advised of Multi Agency
  • March 14, 15 16 2005 (unannounced)
  • Co-ordinated and facilities provided by the City
    of Hamilton

Agencies Involved In the Taxi Cab Inspections
Ministry of the Environment
Ministry of Transportation
Standards Licensing
Hamilton Police Services
  • Municipal Amalgamation in 2001
  • Implementation of a Harmonized bylaw to regulate
    the taxi industry 2003
  • Measure the effectiveness of the new Bylaw
  • Ensure compliance with other applicable
  • Respond to a common enforcement concern
  • Ensure that standards are met and maintained
    within the taxi industry to protect public health
    and well being, and public safety and security in
    the City of Hamilton

Operational Plan
  • 2 City facilities were utilized to facilitate
  • Teams from all agencies located at both locations
  • Concentrate on taxicabs older than six (6) years
    of age
  • Plan A
  • Taxicabs would be called in for inspection
    chronologically by cab number
  • Plan B
  • Attend locations throughout the City and
    instruct/escort taxicabs to inspection

Standards Licensing Inspection
  • Visual Exterior Inspection
  • Fenders
  • Door numbers
  • Tire condition
  • Exhaust
  • Lights
  • Roof light working with meter
  • Taxi cab plate taxi cab plate
  • Car wash
  • Emergency warning lights
  • Doors
  • Trunk lid
  • Hood
  • Bumpers
  • Grill
  • Hub caps
  • Door handles
  • Exterior moulding

Standards Licensing Inspection
  • Visual Interior Inspection
  • Front seat
  • Rear seats
  • Arm rests
  • Door panels
  • Window cranks
  • Headliner
  • Tariff card and bracket
  • Floor mats
  • Shampoo interior
  • Horn

Ministry of the Environment Inspections
  • Pursuant to the Environmental Protection Act
  • Specifically Ministries Drive Clean Program
  • visible smoke emissions
  • missing pollution control components
  • exhaust leaks

Ministry of Transportation Inspections
  • Pursuant to the Highway Traffic Act
  • specifically Section 64 which states
  • Every motor vehicle, other than a
    motorcycle, when driven on a highway shall be
    equipped with at least two braking systems, each
    with a separate means of application and
    effective on at least two (2) wheels, one of
    which shall be adequate to stop the vehicle as
    required by regulations made by the Ministry and
    the other of which shall be adequate to hold the
    vehicle stationary

Hamilton Police Services involvement
  • searching for taxicabs and then directing the
    taxicabs to the City facilities
  • Keep the peace
  • Ensure that taxicabs that had the Ontario license
    plates removed by the Ministries, were not driven
    on the road when released to the owners
  • Arranged a security tows

Standards Licensing Statistics
  • Of the 130 taxicabs inspected 30 taxicabs or
    (23) were instructed to undertake repairs and
    return for a re-inspection
  • In every case that the Ministry of Transportation
    removed an Ontario License Plate , City of
    Hamilton inspectors removed the City taxicab
    plate also.
  • 57 City taxicab plates were removed rendering
    these taxicabs out of service until the required
    repairs were completed
  • of the vehicles inspected by City of Hamilton for
    2005 license renewal after January 20 were
    removed from service as a result of this multi
    agency inspection.

Standards Licensing Statistics
  • Why were 20 of the taxicabs removed from service
    after being inspected by the City of Hamilton
    Taxicab Office only months before the multi
    agency taxi inspection
  • A combination of a number of factors contributes
    to this statistic, which include bad safeties,
    vehicle age, mileage travelled, and a lack of an
    owners maintenance plan
  • Regulations are already in place regarding
    vehicle age however, policies regarding safeties
    and City inspection policies need to be reviewed

Ministry of Transportation Statistics
  • The Ministry of Transportation inspected 128
    taxicabs during the multi agency taxicab
  • As a result for their inspections, the Ministry
    removed 49 Ontario license plates.
  • In three (3) cases the Ministry placed the
    taxicab out of service but did not remove the
    Ontario plate.
  • The most common violation found by the Ministry
    was for defective brake components specifically,
    the requirement to adequately hold the vehicle
    stationary or what can be referred to as the
    emergency brake.
  • As a result of the Ministry of Transportation
    inspections, 38 charges were laid with the fine
    of 110 per fine.

Ministry of the Environment Statistics
  • the Ministry of the Environment completed 120
    taxicab inspection
  • 20 taxicabs were ordered to Drive Clean
    facilities for testing
  • The Ministry laid 14 charges and removed three
    (3) Ontario vehicle license plates

Hamilton Police Services Statistics
  • Over the three (3) days of the multi agency
    taxicab inspections, Hamilton Police Services
    arranged 19 security tows
  • All other vehicles having the Ontario license
    plates removed were released by Hamilton Police
    Services and towed by the owners.

Standards Licensing Initiatives as a result of
the Multi Agency inspections
  • Regulations are already in place regarding
    vehicle age however, policies regarding safeties
    and City inspection policies need to be reviewed
  • City of Hamilton taxicab inspection staff has
    advised and provided cases to the Ministry of
    Transportation of the concerns surrounding a
    possible correlation between bad safeties and a
    taxicab owner also owning a motor vehicle garage
    providing a safety standards certificate to their
    own taxicabs.
  • To ensure a check and balance regarding safeties
    staff is of the opinion that a taxicab owner
    should be taking the taxicab to an independent
    licensed motor vehicle garage where the taxicab
    owner has no business interest.
  • The currant taxi Bylaw provides that licensed
    automobile mechanics issuing safety certificates
    to a licensed taxicab be approved by the city and
    the city will now develop the criteria to
    implement that requirement.

Standards Licensing Initiatives as a result of
the Multi Agency inspections
  • The multi agency inspections made it very clear
    that a more enhanced and indepth inspection is
    required to ensure safety issues are closley
  • Previous to amalgamation the former
    municipalities, including The City of Hamilton
    did not include as part of the taxicab vehicle
    inspection process an inspection of the vehicles
    braking system. This matter was judged to be
    dealt with through the receipt of a safety
    standards certificate from the taxicab owner.
  • However, as a result of the experience with the
    mulit agency inspections staff believes that
    although relying on saftey certificates submitted
    by the owners should be all that is needed, the
    number of infractions suggest that problems with
    the vehicle braking system are in fact not being
    picked up as part of the safety inspection.
  • As a result it was recommended that the City
    amend its policy to also include an inspection of
    the braking system.

Multi Agency Taxi Cab Inspections Summation
  • Results of the multi agency taxicab inspections
    support vehicle age regulations already set out
    in the bylaw, specifically older vehicles have a
    high probability of major defects.
  • In order to augment our current polices an
    expanded comprehensive policy manual to clarify
    what is and what should be included in a visual
    exterior and interior inspection of the taxicab
    vehicle and assessment of mechanical fitness and
    safety would assist in providing clarification to
    the taxi industry, stakeholders and licensed
    motor vehicle garages.
  • This taxicab inspection manual would outline all
    vehicle components and systems that are to be
    inspected, identify the risk level for the
    continued safe operation of the taxicab, the
    required action by the owner, driver or broker
    and the enforcement action as a result of defect.

Multi Agency Taxi Cab Inspections Summation
  • As a result of the multi agency inspection staff
    has already added to the inspection process a
    visual inspection of the braking system required
    to hold the vehicle stationary.
  • The Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of
    Transportation along with the Hamilton Police
    Services all believe that the multi agency
    taxicab inspections were very successful and have
    indicated a desire to conduct future cooperative

Recommendations to Council
  • .
  • That staff be directed to explore the possibility
    of adding an inspection pit to the Taxicab
    Inspection Office to best respond to an improved
    taxicab inspections
  • That staff be directed to consult with the Taxi
    Industry, including stakeholders on the
    development of an expanded comprehensive policy
    manual for the inspection of taxicabs.

  • Statistics from the multi agency inspections
    needed to be put into perspective
  • Media articles and reports of the taxicab
    inspections suggested that 50 of the taxicabs in
    Hamilton were unfit to be on the road. These
    reports were not put in the proper perspective
    given that only 130 vehicles out of 435 vehicles
    were inspected
  • The multi agency inspections targeted older
    taxicabs and subsequent inspection resulted in a
    number of taxicabs being removed from service
  • As a result of the inspections only 14 of the
    Taxi industry was affected.

Industry Protest
Unfair Taxicab Enforcement