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After Graduation Ideas for Rich, Full Days


I have my own car and drive places I need to go (I've had my driver's ... (my Assiniboine given name is Eya Be Washday Weya, which means Good Words Woman) ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: After Graduation Ideas for Rich, Full Days

After Graduation Ideas for Rich, Full Days
  • April 6, 2009
  • University of Montana
  • Rural Institute Transition Projects
  • http//

  • Tracy Fillbach
  • Age 22
  • Graduate of Corvallis High School
  • Home Care Attendant
  • Active member of community

Living Situation
  • I live in my own apartment in Hamilton
  • I plan and prepare my own meals
  • I have my own car and drive places I need to go
    (Ive had my drivers license for a long time)
  • To keep connected with the world, I have a land
    line telephone and a track phone (like a cell
    phone but I purchase minutes every month)
  • I have a computer but no Internet access
  • I work out regularly at a local Health Club

Staying Organized
  • I write appointments and other important things
    on calendars
  • If I cant be somewhere Im supposed to be, I
    call ahead of time and let the other person know

Staying Safe
  • I can call 911 if I have an emergency
  • My apartment has smoke detectors
  • Susanne, my Community Rehabilitation Provider,
    joins me in my cooking and meal planning twice a
  • My mom is supportive and helps if I need it

  • I am currently a Home Care Attendant
  • I work Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 830
  • I help an individual get ready in the mornings,
    assist her with her breakfast, and feed her
  • Prior to being a Home Care Attendant, I worked as
    a Dietary Aide

  • I volunteer at the Teller Wildlife Refuge
  • My volunteering is in the summer
  • I weed and do other garden work
  • I volunteer with two ladies from the area

  • Raising and showing rabbits
  • I own three rabbits
  • They live at my sisters house in Corvallis
  • Breeding and showing rabbits is a family event
    for us
  • Entering photographs at the county fair
  • Going to the Ravalli County Fair
  • Taking vacations with my family (my mom and I
    went to Oregonin 2001, we went to Hawaii)
  • On my days off, I like to relax a bit but always
    work out!

  • I have several friends I spend time with
  • Randy and I hang out sometimes

  • My mom told me I needed to start exercising, so
  • I go to the Iron Horse Health Club with friends
  • I use the machines
  • Twice a week for an hour at a time
  • I ride my bike
  • I downhill ski
  • I compete in Special Olympics
  • And I go horseback riding
  • Once a week with Bitterroot Therapeutic Riding

A Typical Day
  • Get ready for the day
  • Drive to work (from Hamilton to Corvallis)
  • Work from 830 1100
  • Run errands
  • Go home
  • Eat lunch and relax
  • Go to the Iron Horse and work out
  • Watch television
  • Go visit friends
  • Make and eat dinner
  • Go for a walk
  • Watch a rented movie

Community Supports
  • I am eligible for Community Supports funding
    through the Montana Developmental Disabilities
  • The money is used for
  • Fitness Membership
  • Meal Planning, Preparation, and Budgeting
  • Horse Back Riding
  • Long-Term Supported Employment

Do I ever get bored?
  • Yes! Dont we all?
  • When I get bored, I ride my bike, watch
    television, or find something else to do

My Name is Ryan Monson
  • I graduated from Hamilton High School in May
    2002. This is my senior year picture.
  • I am 27 years old now.
  • I live with my parents and have 5 brothers and
    sisters and 12 stepbrothers and sisters, though I
    am the only one living at home.
  • We moved to Montana from Utah nine years ago.
    Some of my family members still live in Utah and
    some live in Montana and I have lots of nieces
    and nephews.

I have a job delivering newspapers
I deliver the Bitteroot Star every Wednesday
morning starting at nine oclock. I deliver to
the businesses downtown and it usually takes me
about two hours.
People who have helped me since I graduated
  • My family and I do fun things together. Sometimes
    we go swimming, hiking, have picnics or barbeques
    and watch movies or play chess.
  • Susanne Meikle is my job coach and also helps me
    in finding suitable employment. She is my friend,
    too, and helps me learn things about working in
    the community and doing things the right way. She
    is with Montana Work Solutions and helps people
    with disabilities and special needs to find jobs.
    There is a newspaper article about her on the
    last slide.
  • Jane Shigley is my case manager for Community
    Supports. She helps me with Special Olympics,
    government funding for job supports, and helps
    with any problems I encounter.
  • Jerry Zook, the counselor with Montana Vocational
    Rehabilitation in Hamilton, helped me in finding
    work and providing government funding.
  • My parents provide transportation when I need it.

Things I do for fun
  • Read books
  • Go for walks or ride my bike
  • Play computer games and watch TV
  • Ride horses
  • Attend Peoples First meetings and events
  • Visit my brothers video store to play and trade

Things I do for fun
  • Work on my computer
  • Practice typing by copying books
  • Attend Special Olympics
  • Play and compose music on my keyboard
  • Play chess
  • Volunteer

I volunteered at Kids First
Carol Monson
  • I am Ryans stepmother. He has lived with me
    since he was seven years old.
  • I help Ryan with his projects, teach him proper
    use of his computer and electronic equipment, and
    encourage him to be outgoing and participate in
    things that are useful for his growth and
    intellectual progress.
  • His father also helps in caring for his special
    needs and provides transportation whenever he
    needs it.

Tips for other parents and teachers
  • Find what is available in services and providers
    in your community. In Ravalli County, check with
    the Opportunity Resources people.
  • Sign up for Developmental Disability services and
    Community Supports as soon as you can, even while
    your child is still in school. Once your child
    is out of school, Community Supports funding can
    help in paying for job coaching and searching for
    possible employment.
  • Apply for SSI for your child (and keep applying
    if you are initially turned downthey always seem
    to turn you down at first but be persistent and
    keep applying).
  • Access all available work programs while your
    child is still in school- summer jobs, work
    experience programs, etc.
  • The Rural Institute at the University of Montana
    in Missoula can be of help sometimes, too.

Tips for other parents and teachers
  • It helps to be aware of your childs strengths
    and weaknesses and what special abilities they
    might have that could be marketed in the business
    world. Then plan to increase their capacity.
  • Start looking around for businesses that might be
    willing to take on an employee with your childs
    special abilities and strengths.
  • While he was in high school, Ryan participated in
    a special Job Profiling through the Rural
    Institute. This helped us to realize just what
    he was capable of. Then we brainstormed with his
    teachers to think about and find possible
    businesses that could be shown how someone with
    Ryans skills could be of benefit to their
    workplace. We met often to discuss and help
    discover further opportunities to help Ryan. His
    teachers in the Special Education Department were
    very helpful.

Was it easy to build a full day?
  • After Ryan graduated from high school, the
    Community Supports program (Jane Shigley, case
    manger, and Susanne Meikle with Montana Work
    Solutions) started working and doing IP
    (individual planning) meetings to help Ryan. We
    applied to Montana Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)
    for help and they paid for some of his funding in
    finding a suitable job. His Community Supports
    funding kicked in and paid Susanne after funding
    with VR ran out.
  • We met often in IP planning meetings to decide
    the best businesses for Ryan to apply at and then
    Susanne called them and set up appointments for
    interviews. She let them know Ryan would have a
    job coach at first until he was comfortable with
    the job enough to not need one anymore.

Was it easy to build a full day?
  • It took awhile to get things worked out because
    not all businesses are willing to take a chance
    on people with disabilities but they can be shown
    how someone with disabilities can be of benefit
    in their workplace.
  • It took almost a year to find something he could
    do. He worked at Vanns Appliances for awhile
    until they no longer needed him and he worked at
    Print Works until they had cutbacks due to
    various failures in their business. While he was
    waiting for employment he kept busy doing
    volunteer work and the fun things he likes to do.

(No Transcript)
  • Melissa Lissie Clark (my Assiniboine given name
    is Eya Be Washday Weya, which means Good Words

My Background
  • Gros Ventre Assiniboine Native American from the
    Fort Belknap Reservation
  • Born in Havre in 1976
  • Graduated from CMR High School in 1996 and
    Secondary Life Skills in 1998
  • One of the first diagnosed children with Fetal
    Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) in the state of Montana

Living Situation
  • I live in Great Falls with my foster mom and
    support person, Sister Johnelle, and my dog,
    Tiger (Tiger a 105-year-old lab/Akita cross)
  • My mom drives me to places I need to be
  • Eventually I will be in the 10 of people with
    FAS who successfully live on their ownwith
    proper supports in place

  • I am the owner and CEO of Lissie's Luv Yums, a
    gourmet dog biscuit business
  • My mom provides necessary supports
  • Ive been in business for 10 years now
  • Our products include Montana Made Dog Biscuits,
    Fun to Fix Dog Biscuit Mix (includes directions
    and a cutter), and Poochie Snack Pack
  • We sell all over the U.S. and Canada via our web
    site, trade shows, and selected stores
  • I have three contracted bakers working for me and
    an informal franchise in Baker, Montana
  • I usually work 3-4 hours per day, 5 days per week
    (hours vary)
  • http//

My duties include
  • Grinding wheat berries
  • Setting up the dry mix for the contractors
  • Baking
  • Packaging
  • Preparing products for shipping
  • Recording all orders and receipts
  • Bookkeeping and record keeping by hand
  • And anything else that needs to be done!

My business is fun!
  • The secret to success is to spend a lot of time
    up front making sure the business is something
  • The person can do
  • The person wants to do
  • The person will enjoy
  • A home-based business works well for meI work in
    my room, which is a safe space and reduces stress

  • I give presentations and interviews to interested
    groups about FAS
  • Idaho Governors DD Conference on Self-Employment
  • Melissa's Circle of Life at the Humility of Mary
    Center in Davenport, Iowa
  • Students Like Me in Grand Rapids, MI
  • High school students in Valier
  • Self-Employment for People with Disabilities at
    the Illinois State Transition Conference
  • Meeting Ground ½-hour radio show in Saskatoon,
    Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Cover of Apostrophe magazine winter issue
  • Montana Made Products PBS film (in production)
  • I also give talks about business development
  • I am a member of the SAMSHA Nationwide FASD panel
    (I am the American Indian expert member)
  • I have been a member of the Montana Council on
    Developmental Disabilities for 5-6 years and was
    the Vice-Chairperson for 2 years

  • Soup kitchen
  • Penny Fundraiser for AGAPE House (1400) and now
    for Great Falls Rescue Mission
  • I am an associate member of the Sisters of
    Humility of Davenport, Iowa
  • Not a nun
  • Attend all meetings, including annual assembly in
  • Share prayers
  • Contract with Sisters

Continuing Education
  • Teacher provides computer tutoring every Tuesday
  • I just graduated from a 10-week sign language
    class and plan to go through it again next fall
    (I want to be an interpreter)

  • Word searches
  • Puzzles
  • Collect pennies
  • Listen to music (all kinds)
  • Read books (Raymonds Room, Murder She Wrote,
    Long Way to Simple, The Horse Whisperer)
  • Play the violin
  • Watch movies (Slum Dog Millionaire, Grand
  • Attend powwows and art shows

  • I have lots of friends,
  • including Mary, Angie, Angie from QLC,
    Stephanie, and the Sisters of Humility
  • I also have a boyfriend
  • When my friends and I have time, we like to go
    out to eat and go to movies
  • Sometimes QLC staff will host a get-together at
    someones house and well have popcorn and watch
  • I use a cell phone and the Internet to keep in
    touchI just joined Facebook and I have a web
    site for my business

  • I work out on the machines at Golds Gym for an
    hour every Monday and Friday (a staff person from
    QLC goes with me)
  • My mom and I attend Gentle Yoga for an hour every
    Monday at Paris Gibson Square
  • We have reflexology every Wednesday
  • When Tiger feels well enough (she has bone
    cancer), we go for walks
  • I am at risk for diabetes, so try to eat healthy
    foods (Im an excellent cook!)

A Typical Day
  • Wake up
  • Make biscuit dough
  • Get the oatmeal water and coffee going (on
    Sundays, cook breakfast)
  • Shower, dress, turn on computer, and eat
  • Bake, ship biscuits
  • Study sign language
  • Cook and eat lunch
  • Go to Gentle Yoga
  • Package and ship biscuits
  • Practice violin
  • Do email
  • Walk Tiger
  • Housework
  • Reflexology, computer class, or catch up on
  • Cook and eat dinner
  • Read, watch a movie, or relax before bed

Community Supports
  • I receive Community Supports funding through the
    Montana Developmental Disabilities Program
  • The money is used for
  • Computer classes to help my business
  • Sign language classes
  • Gym on Mondays and Fridays
  • Social activities (cooking class, safety
    concerns, community independence)

My Mission
  • To educate others about FAS and give hope to