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Introducing the


... hours, when the tractor-trailer behind them suddenly accelerated. ... With truck driving logs unchecked, drivers travel farther, faster and on less sleep. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Introducing the

  • Introducing the

Transportation Technology For Todays World
Highway to Hell
Driving along U.S. 220 in North Carolina, Gerald
Campbell and his wife were headed to South
Carolina in the early morning hours, when the
tractor-trailer behind them suddenly accelerated
. . .
The truck rammed the Campbells pickup truck,
rolling it several times. The pickup exploded
and the couple was thrown from the carnage. When
the first eye witnesses arrived they found the
couple on fire, writhing in pain on the side of
the road. Both died from injuries sustained
within 24 hours.
Highway to Hell
The truck driver survived the fiery crash with
only minor injuries. The ensuing investigation
found that hed dozed off at the wheel.
Authorities discovered that he hadnt had a day
off in more than 2 months (even though hed
begged his employer for time off), and had been
driving 92 hours during the 8 days prior to the
In court, it was proven the trucker's written
log, that showed him obediently adhering to
federally mandated driving hours, was false.
The trucking company agreed to a 7.25 million
settlement to the Campbells family.
Truth in Numbers
Heavy Truck Crash Fatalities On The Rise
SOURCES U.S. Department of Transportation,
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,
Traffic Safety Facts 1999, DOT HS 809 100
(Washington, DC December 2000), tables 8 and 9,
and personal communication, Nov. 28, 2001.
Truth in Numbers
  • More than 56,000 crashes in the U.S. are
    attributed to drowsy driving each year.
  • With truck driving logs unchecked, drivers travel
    farther, faster and on less sleep.

SOURCES National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration and the National Sleep Foundation.
Truth in Numbers
Each day, 14 people die in truck related crashes
. . .
. . . the equivalent of an airliner going down
each week.
More truck drivers are killed on the job than any
other type of worker.
Truth in Numbers
A majority of crashes involving common truck
carriers are caused by driver fatigue, according
to the Federal Highway Administration.
In crash investigations, drivers are often cited
for driving longer than the 11 hours allotted,
for falsifying driver logs and not resting the 8
hour stint required before resuming driving.
It is estimated that drowsy driving crashes cause
losses of a staggering 12.5 billion each year.
Truth in Numbers
  • With statistics like these, the trucking industry
    requires a better practice than relying on
    drivers to follow safety regulations.
  • Skyrocketing insurance costs and liability claims
    demand a modern solution.
  • How far-reaching is this problem?

Truth in Numbers
When roadside inspections were performed we
found that approximately 62 of the driver
out-of-service violations discovered were related
to hours-of-service and logbooks. On-site
reviews of carrier management practices and
safety compliance indicate that 18 of total
citations issued to motor carriers relate to
hours-of-service and falsified logbooks.
George L. Reagle, Associate Administrator for the
Motor Carriers Federal Highway Administration.
No Laughing Matter
Drivers have been listening to their bodies and
fudging their logs. Logs are so routinely
falsified that some drivers call them Comic
Books .
Lana R. Batts, President of the Truckload
Carriers Association.
How Do They Do It?
In a recent survey of long-haul truck drivers,
nearly 50 percent admitted to driving more than
the 11 hours permitted.
Neither manual or computer generated log books
verify the identification of the driver.
This allows drivers to enter misinformation about
the number of hours theyve actually driven and
allows the opportunity to falsify information
regarding driving partners that dont exist
(phantom driving partners).
A New Threat
In a post 9/11 world, it is common for national
security forces to issue warnings to truck
drivers, admonishing them not to leave their
cargo or cabs unattended.
Alone and on the road, late at night truck
drivers are often the last line of defense in
protecting cargo that could be used in a
terrorist attack or other criminal activity.
A New Solution
A patent was recently awarded for the Biometric
Operator Log (Bio-Log). The device uses proven
technology to fully integrate the positive
identification of authorized drivers/operators
and an accurate report of the number of hours
The Bio-Log can be integrated into a trucks (or
other vehicles) computer or mechanical systems
and is both tamper-proof and accurate.
  • Paper log books that havent changed since the
    1930s with no possibility of verifying time or
    driver identification.
  • No dependable link between a computer-generated
    or manual log to a specific driver.
  • Phantom drivers appearing in log books.
  • Astronomical insurance premiums and litigation
  • Security threats to drivers and cargo.
  • Preventable truck crashes occurring day after

  • Time the start and end of an interval, while
    monitoring truck operation.
  • Verify driver identity and the accuracy of
    printed logs, using a biometric fingerprint
    sensor on the truck.
  • Accurate, electronic logs, allowing 100 auditing
    by the F.H.A.
  • Built-in anti-hijacking capabilities.
  • Reduction of crashes, insurance premiums and

Fool-proof Integrity
The Biometric Operator Log (Bio-Log)
  • Providing common carrier trucks and other
    vulnerable equipment with computer-produced
    records that enforce the integrity of the
    driver/logbook relationship finally overcoming
    the shortcomings of the systems currently in use.

Fool-proof Integrity
The Biometric Operator Log will
  • Equip carrier trucks with a system that will
    automatically log computer-monitored parameters.
  • Include anything from hours of operation to the
    number of miles an employee has driven.
  • Reduce risk, increase security and reduce
    insurance rates.
  • Positively identify drivers eliminating the
    risk of falsified log books and increasing
    security through Biometric Identification.

Positive ID
  • Positive identification can be guaranteed up to
    99.9 accurate when a biometric device is used.
  • Forging a signature in an electronic or paper log
    book is easy.
  • Measuring an innate human trait, such as a
    fingerprint, is the best option for positive

Opportunity . . . .
  • The need exists for the Biometric Operator Log
  • The U.S. Department of Transportation is now
    required by law to better enforce truck safety
  • The Biometric Operator Log is ready to step up to
    the plate.
  • Are you the manufacturer for this solution?

Opportunity . . . .
  • Biometrics spending will nearly triple,
    increasing to more than 300 million by 2004,
    according to Allied Business Intelligence, a New
    York-based technology research firm.
  • According to a senior analyst for the firm,
    biometrics are, and will continue to be, in high
    demand for security purposes.

  • Biometric security devices provide access control
    through an innate human attribute (such as a
    fingerprint) that is nearly impossible to
  • The cost to manufacture biometric hardware has
    dropped dramatically.
  • The demand for biometric solutions from both
    government and private industry will continue to

Who wants the Bio-Log?
Because the Bio-Log can be configured for a
variety of uses, the potential customer-base and
end-user potential is unlimited. However, here
are a few examples of the types of buyers you can
expect once the device is manufactured
  • Government agencies and departments from the
    military to the Department of Justice to the
    National Transportation Safety Board
  • Vehicle (heavy/medium truck) manufacturers
  • Heavy equipment manufacturers
  • Department of Defense/Military contractors
  • Fleet Owners/Operators
  • Aftermarket distributors
  • Fleet sales and leasing companies
  • Private manufacturing/distribution/warehousing

Thank you . . . .
For more information about the Biometric Operator
Log patent, visit our Web site
Contact the inventor and patent-holder of the
Biometric Operator Log, Ronald Weiss
at 516-679-2737 Or via e-mail at bolinfo_at_compu-t