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How to Apply Online: Getting Started with


Choose the Role(s) that align with the type(s) of jobs you are seeking. This determines what types of jobs you can apply for and what you will be asked ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How to Apply Online: Getting Started with

Eugene School District 4J
  • How to Apply Online Getting Started with

Human Resources Department 200 North Monroe St.
Eugene, Oregon 97402 Fax 541 687-3588
541 687-3256 http// Last
Updated on April 2, 2009
We use the edZapp service for online
applications. This is how it works
  • edZapp is an online application accepted by many
    Oregon school districts.
  • 4J is a Private Label subscriber to edZapp that
    allows us to customize the application. This
    site is hosted on edZapps servers, not at 4J.
  • You can reuse and update your application to
    apply for other many 4J postings.
  • Apply Anytime, self-managed, self-paced
  • Applying is FREE!
  • Activate application, apply to jobs
  • Upload or send in required documents

The Online Application Process
Step 1 Registration
Step 2 Build Your Resume
Step 5 Activate Your Application
Step 4 Answer Any Questions
Step 3 Upload Requested Supplemental Documents
Step 6 Select Jobs to Apply To
Pictured below edZapp navigation tabs
Step 1a Create An Account (Register)
  • Using a compatible web browser go to
  • Click on Register
  • This is a one-time requirement.
  • You may also browse current job listings from
    this page, but you still must register with
    edZapp BEFORE applying.

Step 1a Create An Account (Register)
  • After clicking Register you will then arrive at
    this page.
  • Register with a working personal email address
    that you will always have access to
  • The FULL email address you enter will become your
  • Required fields are denoted with an asterisk ()

Step 1b Choose Your Roles
  • Scroll to the bottom of the registration page
  • Choose the Role(s) that align with the type(s) of
    jobs you are seeking.
  • This determines what types of jobs you can apply
    for and what you will be asked on the
  • You may select multiple roles.

What Role(s) Should I Choose?
  • Tip Choosing too many roles will most likely
    leave you very confused as you will be asked to
    answer questions or sections that do not make
  • Try to select only necessary ones for the type of
    job you want.

What Role(s) Should I Choose?
  • You may edit your roles later on by clicking on
    the My Profile tab in the top navigation bar
    after you login
  • Click Submit when done

Why Wont it Accept My Phone Number?
  • The phone number must be exactly entered in this
  • xxx-xxx-xxxx
  • 541-687-5555 Correct!
  • (541) 687-5555 Incorrect!

Note When You Log Back In
  • Make sure that you always access your account
    through the 4J HR Homepage in order to see all
    required parts of our application.
  • http//
  • Make sure you enter your ENTIRE email address as
    your username.
  • Many people inadvertently add spaces after their
    email address or password. Be sure to check that
    you have not done this.
  • Note to Internal Applicants EdZapp is NOT linked
    to your 4J email account! You will need to
    register. Please use a personal account, not a
    work address.

Tip If you forgot your password or username,
click there!
Step 1c Are You an Internal or External
  • Carefully determine if you are an internal or
    external candidate.
  • If internal, check the box and provide your
    six-digit employee number.
  • If external, simply click Continue.

Step 1c Are You an Internal or External
  • If you are a 4J District Employee, please read
    the following criteria below CAREFULLY to see if
    you qualify as an "internal applicant" under
    current district labor agreements.  Falsely
    indicating your status as an internal applicant
    may jeopardize your application.  Please contact
    Human Resources if you have questions about your
    employee status.
  • Who is considered an internal applicant?
  • For Licensed Positions The applicant must
    currently be in a licensed position with the
    District of .5 FTE or greater, with either a
    Probationary (1, 2 or 3) Contract Status, or a
    Temporary status. Guest (substitute) teachers
    are NOT considered as internal applicants. 
  • For Classified Positions The applicant must
    currently be in a classified position with the
    District and have completed the probationary
    period of seven (7) work months.  Qualified
    bargaining unit members on the recall list will
    also be considered as internal candidates (OSEA
    24.6) Please NOTE 4J Classified Substitute,
    Seasonal and Temporary status employees are NOT
    considered as internal candidates.

Step 2a Build My Resume
Click the Build Resume button, then click Add
  • Go at your own pace you may leave and come back
    at any time to update your application
  • Complete as much as you can as fully as you can.
  • You may add additional items by clicking Add
    New to each section.

Step 2b Build My Resume
  • After you click the add new button on the
    previous page, you should get a screen like this.
  • Add the details of your education
  • When finished with each section click Save to
  • Repeat this procedure for each of the sections.

Make Sure You Are On the 4J edZapp Site
Tip Make sure the 4J logo is visible in the left
hand corner to make sure you are on the right
site throughout this process. If not sign-out
and go to the 4J Jobs page http//
Step 2c Build My Resume
  • Step through each section of the application.
  • Click on after completing
    each section until you get to the end of the
    Review/Finish Section.

Use the Help section for more info.
Important Note Build My Resume
  • Using the Next Section button is important as
    it will bring up the subsections underneath each
    of the arrows.
  • Be sure to fill each section out completely to
    the best of your ability.

What sections will I fill out if I selected
INSTRUCTIONAL SUPPORT (Classified) under roles?
  • Preparation
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Work Experience
  • References (3 total are required)
  • Skills/Awards
  • Classroom Skills
  • Foreign Languages
  • Supplemental Documents
  • (None)
  • Questions
  • District Questions
  • Regional Questions

What sections will I fill out if I selected
  • Preparation
  • Educational Licenses Certificates (enter your
    teaching license and endorsements in this
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Experience Summary
  • Experience in Education
  • Work Experience
  • Skills/Awards
  • Classroom Skills
  • Extra/Co-curricular Skills
  • Foreign Languages
  • Hobbies/Awards
  • Supplemental Documents
  • Transcripts (unofficial undergraduate
  • Letters of Reference (three are required)
  • Questions
  • District Questions
  • Regional Questions
  • Cover Letter (see Step 6d.)

Your application must have your License entered,
the Supplemental Documents uploaded and the
District and Regional questions answered to be
considered complete. All other sections are
highly recommended.
Need More Information?
Tip The help? link located near the top right
hand side of the page will provide more
information that is specific to the page you are
currently on.
Need Technical Support?
Tip After you login to edZapp, you can contact
edZapp customer support by clicking on the
contact us link located near the top right side
of the webpage. However, it is best to click
through the help? link first as your question
may already be answered there. Please do not
contact 4J HR for technical support.
Optional Step Activate Your Application (It is
recommended you wait to do this later in Step 5)
  • After filling out the optional EEO information
    you will arrive at this page.
  • The tab will read Review/Finish
  • Activate your application by clicking Activate
    My Application. This will make your application
    visible to 4J.

Step 3a Supplemental Documents
  • Click on the Supplemental Documents Tab
  • Certain roles require supplemental documents.
    (Some may not have any.)
  • Required documents will appear under this tab.
  • Click the details button next to each document
    for more information.

Step 3b Supplemental Documents
  • You may send it to edZapp and they will scan it
    in for you. (be sure to include the barcode
    coversheet when you mail it in.)
  • Or you may choose to upload documents yourself in
    Adobe PDF format.
  • Please do not send in documents to 4J as they
    will not be accepted.

Step 4 Answer Any Questions
  • Click on the Questions Tab
  • Answer any and all required questions.
  • Tip Applications are typically considered
    incomplete not accepted due to people not
    answering required questions!

Step 5 Activate Your Application
  • Click on the Application Status/Jobs Tab
  • Make sure that your application is set to
  • To do this, in the sub-tab Application Status
    click Activate Application

Step 5 Activate Your Application
  • Activating your application is extremely
    important as 4J will not be able to see your
    application otherwise!

Step 6a Apply for a Current Opening
  • Click on the Application Status/Jobs Tab
  • Click the sub-tab Current Openings
  • Select the position you would like to apply to by
    clicking the job title.

Step 6b Apply for a Current Opening
  • Review the posting to make sure it is the one you
    want to apply for.
  • Click on the Apply Now! Button

Step 6c Apply for a Current Opening
  • Edzapp will ask you to review your application
    for completeness. Click on the Continue button
    to move onto the next sections.
  • Incomplete sections will be highlighted in RED.
  • Click the edit text to add additional
    information before moving on.
  • Do this for EACH section.

Note Apply for a Current Opening
  • If you click on edit or cancel you will need
    to find the job again as it will not remember
    which job you are currently applying to.
  • You will NOT be automatically returned to that
    job you were working on (edZapp is currently
    working on fixing that)
  • Please select the job to apply to again under
    Step 6a. Repeat until you have answered all
    required sections.

Step 6c Apply for a Current Opening
  • Click Cancel if you want to the stop the
    application process.
  • Below are the sections you will walk through
  • Required Sections
  • Job Specific Documents
  • Supplemental Questions
  • Cover Letter
  • Confirm Application

Step 6d Apply for a Current Opening
  • You may choose to enter a Cover Letter for the
    job you are applying to.
  • This is not required but it is preferred by many
    of our hiring administrators.
  • Note that some formatting will not appear
    correctly to the hiring administrator.

Step 6e Apply for a Current Opening
  • Click Confirm to Apply!
  • If you have successfully applied you will receive
    an e-mail confirmation.
  • If not, you will be redirected automatically to
    fill out missing parts of your application.

Confirming You Have Applied To A Job
  • You do NOT need to call 4J HR to confirm your
  • To see all jobs youve applied to select show
    all jobs in the dropdown box.
  • The positions youve successfully applied to will
    be listed here

Finishing Up
Tip Make sure that when you are finished you
sign-out and close your browser for your
Review Online Application Process
Step 1 Registration
Step 2 Build Your Resume
Step 5 Activate Your Application
Step 4 Answer Any Questions
Step 3 Upload Requested Supplemental Documents
Step 6 Select Jobs to Apply To
Pictured below edZapp navigation tabs
Frequently Asked Questions
Q Whats a web browser? How much does it cost?
  • A

A web browser is a software application which
enables a user to display and interact with text,
images, videos, music, games and other
information typically located on a Web page at a
website on the World Wide Web or a local area
network. To access edZapp you will need internet
access and a compatible web browser such as
Microsoft Internet Explorer (6.0 or above) or
Firefox (2.0 or above). They can be downloaded
free from the internet and may already be
installed on your computer.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q Does edZapp work on either Windows or Mac
computers? Which Browsers?
  • A

Yes, edZapp accepts applications from either
Windows or Apple systems. EdZapp works best with
Internet Explorer (version 6.0 or higher) or
Firefox (version 2.0). We cannot assure or
support functionality of other browsers. If
edZapp is looking weird in your browser make
sure that you are using a compatible browser.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q Which browser works best on a Mac?
  • A

EdZapp works best with Firefox (2.0 or above).
You can download it free from http//www.mozilla.c
Frequently Asked Questions
Q What if I dont have an e-mail account?
  • A

You can obtain an email account free online at
various sites such as Yahoo (Yahoo Mail),
Microsoft (Hotmail), Google (Gmail), etc. Sorry,
we cannot help you remember lost usernames or
passwords for your email account so be sure to
write them down in a safe place.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q Can I share my e-mail address to use edZapp?
  • A

No. Every email address can only have one unique
edZapp account. It is not recommended you share
your email or password with anyone. Every edZapp
user must have their own unique email address.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q Can I use my work 4J email account to register
with edZapp?
  • A

No. The district encourages both internal and
external applicants to use an email address that
they personally own and will have access to
regardless of the place of employment. It is
highly inappropriate to use a work account to
apply to a position, even if it is to the same
organization. Remember, your 4J email account is
considered public property and therefore anything
you receive or send may be read by others.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q I cant login! Whats going on?
  • A

Remember, you must REGISTER with EdZapp before
using the system. (See Step 1a) Your username is
the FULL email address you used when you
registered in edZapp. Many times people only
enter the first part of their email address. Be
sure to type it out completely. If you do not
remember either your username or password, click
on the link underneath the sign-in box and follow
the directions provided. As a reminder, to
internal candidates, you should not use a 4J
email address to register with edZapp.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q What is the difference between My Documents
and Supplemental Documents?
  • A

Supplemental Documents are district-specific, and
are forms posted by a district as part of their
Private Label application. Supplemental
Documents are ONLY seen by the district who
posted them.
My Documents are documents that YOU control, and
may be seen by ALL districts, or (if you choose)
only by Zapped districts you designate. This is
a premium feature offered through edZapp
EXAMPLE When applying for a job at District X,
you download the Supplemental Document form for
a transcript and send it in. This transcript
will only be seen by district X. To have that
same transcript seen by ALL districts, you could
purchase Document Management and send it in as
one of My Documents.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q What if I dont have access to a computer or
  • A

Try a friends or family members computer. You
can also use one of the public computers at the
Eugene Public Library, the Oregon Employment
Center, and take advantage of some of the open
lab time setup from time to time by Human
Resources at the 4J Ed Center. The City of
Eugene also offers free WiFi spots in various
public spaces around town. Try a coffee shop
with free Wifi. FedEx Kinkos also offers
computer use (for a fee.) Also, offers
low income accounts.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q Is my application complete? Can you check?
  • A

You will receive an email confirmation that we
have received your application. If your
application is incomplete, then the system will
prompt you to enter the information before
submitting. You can check to see what you have
entered by logging back on to your account and
clicking through each of the sections. The jobs
youve successfully applied to will be listed
under the Application/Jobs and under the
sub-tab Jobs Applied To Due to the heavy volume
of calls and emails, HR is unable to check your
application for completeness.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q I cant get my supplemental documents to
upload. What should I do?
  • A
  • First, make sure that the job you are applying
    requires supplemental documents.
  • Supplemental documents must be uploaded as an
    Adobe Acrobat PDF formatted file. (Sorry,
    Microsoft Word and other file types are not
    accepted.) There are a number of free PDF
    creation software applications available on the
    internet. (Google PDF Creator for more info.)
    You may need to use a scanner to scan letters of
    reference or unofficial transcripts. Note that
    uploaded files my not exceed 3MB in size.
  • You may also send in your documents to edZapp for
    them to scan in. This is free to you as an
    applicant as 4J contracts with them for this
  • If you have any additional questions please
    contact edZapp support directly as Human
    Resources is unable to answer technical questions
    about the supplemental documents system.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q Can I turn in a paper application?
  • A
  • Not for any job posting on edZapp. All
    applications listed using this system requires an
    online application. Paper applications for these
    jobs will not be accepted.
  • Note however that there are certain types of
    classified non-instructional positions that do
    not require an edZapp application. Those are
    listed on our website.

Some Tips
  • Start Early! Avoid last-minute frustrations and
    anxieties by getting your application completed
    and documents submitted in plenty of time.
  • Note that late or incomplete applications cannot
    and will not be accepted.
  • Try to provide as much accurate information as
    you can. Hiring Administrators can only judge
    your qualifications based on the information you
    enter, so be sure to include everything
    accurately and fill in all applicable fields.
  • Represent yourself well. Just like a paper
    resume, the online application reflects you.

Some Tips
  • If you are selected for an interview, we will
    contact you directly.
  • In the near future, you will be able to check the
    4J Human Resources website for status updates on
    the job search. Due to the volume of emails and
    calls we are unable to answer questions related
    to search status so please check our website.
  • If you have questions about the posting or the
    content of the application please contact Human
  • If you have technical questions regarding edZapp,
    please contact edZapp support directly they are
    best equipped to handle these inquiries. Email

Need More Information?
  • Visit the 4J Human Resources Website at
  • Contact 4J HR at 687-3256 or
  • Visit edZapp at
  • Visit the Applicant FAQ from the same page
  • Contact edZapp Technical Support
  • Email
  • Click on the support link on any edZapp page

Human Resource Recruitment Staff
  • Jason Mak
  • Recruitment, Compensation, Classification
  • (541) 687-3256
  • Genessa Waite
  • HR Assistant I (Recruitment)
  • (541) 687-3153

  • Apply Now!

Human Resources Department 200 North Monroe St.
Eugene, Oregon 97402 Fax 541 687-3588
541 687-3256 http//