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Subjunctive Mood


2. ??:???????????,???????????,??????,??,??????????? 2) ????????. ????????,????????,?????????? ... 5.If it should rain tomorrow, they wouldn't go for an outing. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Subjunctive Mood

Subjunctive Mood ????
1.?????????, ????,?????????? 2.
2) ???????? ????????,????????,????????????????
?????  ???????????,?????????,?? if ???????
?????? ???? ?? ????? shall/will ????
If he comes, he will bring his violin.
The volleyball match will be put off if it ___.
A.will rain B. rains C. rained
D. is rained
1.If I had HIV, I would know because I would feel
sick. 2.If I were you, I would give AIDS patient
a hug. 3. If I had taken your advice, I wouldnt
have made a mistake. 4. If he had been there, it
wouldnt have happened.
5.If it should rain tomorrow, they wouldnt go
for an outing. 6.I think we could do it, if we
planed it properly and could borrow the tools. 7.
If we were to have three days off , we would
enjoy a very happy life.
If he had come yesterday, I should / would have
told him about it.
??He did not come yesterday, so I did not tell
him about it.
If he had not been ill and missed many classes,
he would have made greater progress.
?? He was ill and missed many lessons, so he did
not make greater progress.
?????????? ???????
If ???????
would/could/should/might V.(?)
1.???2.shouldV. 3. were to do
would/could/should/might V.(?)
?? ?? ??
  • Wish
  • ?????

would/could/mightV. should
  • I wish I were a bird.(??)
  • I wish I hadnt made such a mistake.(??)
  • We wish our parents wouldnt punish us.
  • (??)

I wish I were as tall as you. ?????????
He wished he hadnt said that. ???????????
I wish it would rain tomorrow. ???????????
2)wish to do???? wish sb / sth to do
I wish to see the manager. I want to see the
I wish the manager to be informed at once. I
want the manager to be informed at once.
?? ?? ??
2. would rather that
I would rather you paid me now.
I would rather you had gone, too.
Dont come. I would rather you came tomorrow.
?? ??
3. as if /though Clause
She loves the baby as if it were her own son. It
seems that it were spring. I remember the whole
thing as if it had happened yesterday.
They talked as if they had been friends for
He looks as if he were drunk.
4.Its (about/high) time that ---
should V.
Its high time that you went. Its high time that
you were going. Its high time that you should go.
???? ????
Its time that we went to bed. Its time that we
should go to bed.
  • ????????? ????,????,????,??????
  • 1.insist 2. order, command
  • 3. advise, suggest, propose
  • 4. demand , require, request, desire
  • ???????????????????????????? ??should

????Tom ?????? ????????? ?????????????? ??????????
We suggested that Tom have a rest.
He insisted that I (should )be present.
The king ordered that the prisoners be killed the
next day.
They requested that we (should) send them to work
I suggest that we (should) hold a meeting next
week. He insisted that he (should ) be sent there.
?? ?suggest, insist???"??" ?"?????????",????????"
1.The guard at gate insisted that everybody
____(obey)the rules. 2.He insisted that
she______(be)seriously ill and that
_________(send) to hospitals at once. 3.He
suggested that we________(have) a meeting at
once. 4.His pale face suggested that he______(be)
be sent
?? order, advice, suggestion, proposal, demand,
request, desire
Its suggested that the plan be carried out. My
demand is that she should come to see me once a
week. All of us are for the advice that the
chemical factory should be closed down.
6.without?but for ?????but for??? Without
sunlight, peoples life would be different from
today. But for your help, I wouldnt have
finished the work. Without your help, I would
have failed. But for water, it would be
impossible to live in the desert.
7. If only ????? If only I knew his name! If
only we had followed your advice! If only I could
see him again!
??????????????????? ???????????!
If only our parents could live with us!
If only I hadnt missed the train!
8. Its necessary /strange/ natural/ important
that---Clause ??????????,?(should)????
It is important that we ( should ) master a
foreign language. It is strange that she refuse
to come to the party. Its necessary that we
should study hard.
9. ?????????? Heaven help him! God
bless you! May you succeed! Long
live the Peoples Republic of China!
10. need "???"?"????"  didn't need to do??
???????, ???????.
needn't have done?? ???????, ???????
John went to the station with the car to meet
Mary, so she didn't need to walk back home.
John went to the station with the car to meet
Mary, so she needn't have walked back home.
??????????,???????????? (Mary????,????John???)
???? There was plenty of time. She ___. A.
mustnt have hurried B. couldnt have hurried C.
must not hurry D. needn't have hurried
??D?needn't have done. ??"???",???????,????????
mustn't have done ?????,?????????????????couldn't
have done, "?????"? must not do ???(???????)
? ?????????????
?????????????? If the weather had been finer, the
crops would be growing still better. If you had
followed the teachers advice, you wouldnt be in
the hospital.
2.????????? ??????should, were,
had????????if??,??????????? If I were you, I
would give it up. Were I you, I would give it
up. If it were not for your advice, we couldnt
have got over the difficulties. Were it not for
your advice, we couldnt have got over the
If I had had time, I would have run round that
lake again. Had I had time, I would have run
round that lake again. If there should be a
flood, what should we do? Should there be a
flood, what should we do?
?? ?????????,??'be'????????"were",??was,
If I were you, I would go to look for him.
If he were here, everything would be all right.
???? _____ to do the work, I should do it some
other day.A. If were I B. I were C. Were I D.
Was I
??C. ???????????were, should, had????
????, ?? were, should, had ??????????,??????????,
???????????????????????????? Were I not to do.,
???? Weren't I to do.