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Workplace Writing Style Review


Don't replace technically precise words with vague, general words. ... Make sure the relationship of the ides is clear. Use active voice verbs whenever possible. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Workplace Writing Style Review

Workplace Writing Style Review
Find the Exact Word
  • Dont replace technically precise words with
    vague, general words. Dont replace central
    processing unit with a part that makes the
    computer run.
  • Dont use technical words if the text can be
    simplified. Dont use Acoustically attenuate
    the food consumption area. Use Soundproof the
  • Dont use three syllables when one will do.
    Generally use less aggregate total or
    endeavor effort or try.

Find the Exact Word (cont.)
  • Choose words you hear and use in everyday
    speaking words that are universally familiar.
  • However, if a complex word can sharpen your
    meaning and replace several simpler words, use
  • Not Six rectangular grooves around the outside
    edge of the steel plate are needed for the
    pressure clamps to fit into.
  • Instead Six rectangular grooves on the steel
    plate perimeter accommodate the pressure clamps.

Be Specific and Concrete
  • The more specific the word, the clearer the
  • General Structure
  • Dwelling
  • Vacation home
  • Log cabin
  • Log cabin in Tennessee
  • Specific Three-room log cabin in
  • Monteagle

Be Specific and Concrete (cont.)
  • Informative writing tells and shows.
  • General One of our workers was injured by a
    piece of equipment recently.
  • Specific Alan Hill suffered a broken thumb
    while working on a lathe yesterday.
  • Even words listed as synonyms can carry different
    shades of meaning. Be precise. The words
    slender or slim mean the same as lean or
    scrawny but choosing the wrong word could be

Writing for Conciseness
  • Every word should advance meaning. Concise
    writing delivers the most meaning in the fewest
    words without omitting words necessary for
  • Dont be wordy
  • At a rapid rate rapidly
  • Readily apparent obvious
  • Aware of the fact that know
  • Eliminate redundancy
  • A dead corpse
  • Basic essentials
  • End result
  • http//

Conciseness (cont.)
  • Avoid opening the sentence with there.
  • Not There is a coaxial cable connecting the
    antenna to the receiver.
  • Use A coaxial cable connects the antenna to
    the receiver.
  • Do not begin with it unless necessary to relate
    to the previous sentence.
  • Not It is necessary to complete both sides of
    the form.
  • Use Please complete both sides of the form.

Conciseness (cont.)
  • Avoid needless to be constructions.
  • Not Your product seems to be superior.
  • Use Your product is superior.
  • Avoid excessive prepositional phrases
  • In the near future soon
  • At the present time now
  • In the course of during

Conciseness (cont.)
  • Avoid nouns manufactured from verbs
  • Conduct an investigation of investigate
  • Provide a description of describe
  • Make a discovery of discover
  • Clean out the clutter words such as very,
    actually, really, somewhat.
  • Use the positive rather than the negative
  • Did not prevent allowed
  • Not absent present

Jargon, Acronyms, and Euphemisms
  • Every profession has its shorthand and economical
    ways to communicate. In medicine stat means
    drop everything and deal with this emergency.
  • Avoid useless jargon. Dont replace cooperate
    with interface.
  • Jargon sounds pretentious.
  • Not Unless all parties interface
    synchronously within given parameters, the
    project will be rendered inoperative.
  • Say Unless we coordinate our efforts, the
    project will fail.

Jargon (cont.)
  • Acronyms are formed from the first letters of a
    phrase. URL is Uniform Resource Locator.
    These can be helpful, but ONLY if the audience
    knows their meaning. The first time the acronym
    is used, the entire phrase should be written out.
  • Avoid words that are trite or worn out from
    overuse such as hard as a rock or over the
  • Euphemisms are an attempt to make an unpleasant
    subject less offensive. People pass away
    rather than die. When a euphemism becomes
    deceptive, it is unethical. The language loses
    all meaning when mistakes become teachable
    moments and when instead of wars and civilian
    casualties, we have conflicts and collateral

  • Fluent sentences are easy to read because they
    contain clear connections and emphasis.
  • Combine a series of short disconnected sentences
    into a clear concise sentence.
  • Not Jogging can be healthful. You need the
    right equipment. Most necessary are well-fitting
    shoes. Without this equipment you take the
    chance of injuring your legs. Your knees are
    especially prone to injury.
  • Use Jogging can be healthful if you have the
    right equipment. Shoes that fit well prevent
    injury to your legs, especially your knees.

Fluency (cont.)
  • The way sentences are combined will change the
    emphasis of the content! Make sure the
    relationship of the ides is clear.
  • Use active voice verbs whenever possible.
  • Use subject-verb sentence structure.

Format for Paper
  • Size 12 Times New Roman font
  • Title Page that includes a running head (1st 1-2
    words of your title and the page number in the
    upper right hand corner), title, your name, class
    and instructor, and date (centered)
  • Body of paper should include a running head,
    headings, and visuals.
  • References (if used) on a separate page in APA
    documentation style