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We can't let the public know about a program if we find ou


We can't let the public know about a program if we find out the week ... No Hair, Kids, No Drawers, : The Britney Spears Story, An American Masters Special' ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: We can't let the public know about a program if we find ou

Can This Marriage Be Saved?
  • Producers and Promoters

Time Is On Our Side
Why are we always the last to find out? We cant
let the public know about a program if we find
out the week before it airs. We need to know
about a program being produced well before its
done. This gives us plenty of time to work on a
plan and give you a time line.
The Promoter
Hey, we didnt just pick deadlines out of the
air, you know. Were trying to meet them too -
for printers, journalists, media outlets,
listings services.
Calm down! We dont necessarily need finished
written products (press releases, descriptions)
by deadline. We can write them. We just need some
information from you.
Were here to help, not be a pain in the . . .
. .
The Producer
Promo? I thought YOU were doing the promo!
Hey, cant you see Im doing a show here? Im an
Yes, I can use your help. If I dont get this
show done you can tap dance Tea For Two in
front of the camera for sixty minutes!
You know, I can do an hour-long program, but I
may be pretty clueless about producing a 30
Its not just a show. Its MY show! Id like
outdoor, signs on busses, newspaper ads, radio
spots, cable TV, a dedicated web site, and would
you mind wearing a sandwich sign promoting
Needlepoint The Barry Bonds Story whenever
youre out shopping?
Whats in a Name?
Titles are one of the first things a viewer sees
before making a decision what to watch. Would you
watch Kinkaids Auto Repair Service Presents Men
in Tights on Stage Performing Something Very
Pretty But a Bit Boring
The Promoter
It doesnt matter how creative your title is. A
listings grid only has so much room. Make your
first few words count. They should give a viewer
an idea of what the show is about. Heres your
choice now Kinkaids Auto Service. Huh???
Stick to one title! When you change it the night
the program is airing, you make viewers think we
aired the wrong show!
The Producer
I should have been an internist, because I love
working with colons Killing Us Softly With His
Song Another Barry Manilow Pledge Special No
Hair, Kids, No Drawers, The Britney Spears
Story, An American Masters Special
But the titles gotta say whos involved, what
theyre doing, and where its taking place. And,
oh yeah, it should be apparent that its a
television program. And it should reflect the
local aspect of this show
Okay, I will admit that occasionally the producer
isnt the best one to come up with a title. Its
kinda like poetry, isnt it?
We should have talked about this earlier. Its
gotta be captioned in an hour and a half!
A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
Come on! Nobody reads Penthouse for the stories!
They want pictures!
The Promoter
I just watched your documentary and you have an
original photo of Geronimo in there! Why didnt
you give it to me too?
No time like the present! When youre on a shoot,
youve got a great opportunity, take a few
photos. Or, heck, let me come along and Ill take
Screen grabs dont always cut it! Ask our
graphics person!
The Producer
Uhh How about a screen grab?
I have to admit, when Im on a video shoot,
getting a photo is the last thing on my mind.
Thanks for sending the picture with the press
kit. Is that a shot from my program, or did you
just, like, grab it off someones desk? And if
so, do they work here, or was it a business that
has no relation to us or the program?
The photo looks great. Let me help with the
Can I Get a Promo Here?
Our air is one of the best vehicles we have to
promote. We are capturing the eyes of people who
watch and appreciate what we do. And we have them
right now!
The Promoter
Yeah, yeah, you love the fact that this battle is
important because its the first time uniforms
were sewn with spun thread instead of horse
hairs, but dont you think the majority want to
watch because it was the battle that ended a
40-year war?
There are standard lengths that we need. Please
leave about 5 seconds at the end so we can tag
the promo. We need the clean promos so we can use
them again.
Hey, I wasnt hired as a producer! I dont know
nothing about that edit suite!
Is anyone watching promos these days? All the
other networks put the shows back-to-back.
The Producer
Ill produce the promobut can you run it often,
and where it makes sense? Do you have enough
influence with traffic to make that happen?
Hey, Im pretty busy. Can I just give you a 25
excerpt of the show that you can tag? Gotta go,
off to lunch, ta-ta-for-now.
Thanks for offering to do the promo. How about if
I give you a one-sentence description of the
program and identify two or three really short
sound bites you can use? Or can you use a first
draft of a script?
Im Ready for My Closeup
People love watching Tom Cruise jump on Oprahs
couch! Setting up interviews on local TV shows
and radio stations is a great way to promote the
The Promoter
Dont start crying! It doesnt have to be you.
The host or one of the subjects works great too!
But dont pick the person who knows the least
about the show and talks with a lisp!
I know you have footage. What is making up that
documentary? That TV show loves getting footage.
Less work for them!
Well, sure, I can do a TV interview. My face
should be pretty much healed up from the surgical
peel by then, and my whistling nose, caused by my
acute sinusitis, hardly ever drowns out my voice
The Producer
It all started at a 100-watt radio station
Yes, and this program reminds me of a completely
unrelated and tedious story
Enough already! Stop the last minute changes- we
know its a work in progress and youre an artist
and all, but viewers tend to be upset when a
program isnt how it was described.
The Promoter
Having to send out changes after the original
information was sent out is like trying to stop a
bullet once its been fired. This is especially
true with titles.
And get everyone on the same page. I just sent
out the press release saying 90-minute
documentary on how ice cream is made. But the
underwriter thinks hes sponsoring a 30-minute
show on the why chocolate is superior to vanilla.
Send everyone to the Web? Have you seen our
ratings for Lawrence Welk lately?
The Producer
Im sorry, but there will probably be some
changes right until the last minute. The
technology allows it, and Im going to take
advantage of it.
I know the release and the promo are done, but
can we refer people to the Web site for changing
Im sorry if it complicates promotion, but the
programs the thing. If my late minute changes
make a better program, Im going to do them.
Brilliant Solutions
Give us a seat at the Production Meetings.
The Promoter
Let us be there at the conception.
Give us a production/shooting schedule.
Incorporate the promotion plan into the shows
production schedule. Let us do the work!
Give us a script or let us see a rough-cut a
couple of months in advance.
Give us a list of contacts and their addresses so
we can do targeted promotion.
Ideally, a show would be completed and evaluated
before being scheduled.
The Producer
We know you promote lots of shows. But this one
is special to us!
Please be proactive. Come to me with questions
about the production. I tend to get tunnel vision
when Im working on a production.
Yes, ideally, a show would be completed and
evaluated before being scheduled. But how often
does that REALLY happen?
All those ideas in the previous slide are great.
If Im excluding you, let me know and Ill do
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