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PeopleSoft V8 Workshop and Year End Planning


Other Chart fields used for Expense Reports default from the User Profile ... some expenditures take a few days - one month to process Central Supply, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: PeopleSoft V8 Workshop and Year End Planning

PeopleSoft V8 Workshop and Year End Planning
Augusta State University Special Projects
Office Spring 2008
  • We do not have all the answers (yet)
  • But we will track them down for you

  • What
  • do you hate
  • about Peoplesoft?

  • Upgrade
  • Expenses a simpler way to process Travel
  • eProcurement
  • Decisions to be made by the departments
  • YearEnd

Timeline for upgrade
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Web-based (like last years Banner upgrade)
  • But very different look easier to navigate
  • Uses At Your Service

Training on Campus
  • Mandatory
  • Computer-based training provided by OIIT(called
  • There may be some workshops

Computer-based trainingUPK User Productivity
  • Available through GaView(aka Vista, or Web-CT)
  • Provided by the Board of Regents
  • See It! Mode
  • Provides simulated instruction.
  • Try It! Mode
  • Provides interactive practice to reinforce
  • Do It! Mode
  • Allows you to step through the business process
    visually as you work in the PSFIN V8 environment
    (when available). Do It! mode is great for
    real-time recall of the steps to take to complete
    the Business Process.

Peoplesoft V8 Expenses
  • Employees are no longer vendors, Expenses uses
    Peoplesoft Human Resources Management
  • Travel authorizations will encumber funds
  • Travel locations and per diem (meal allowances)
    will be downloaded into a table for verification
    of requested meal reimbursements
  • Workflow driven approvals

Expenses a New Module
  • The Expense Module allows employees to input
    their own travel and miscellaneous
    reimbursements. They can then inquire on the
    status of approval or payment.
  • Miscellaneous reimbursements currently FSA (Flex
    Spending Accounts)

Entering Travel
  • Enter a travel authorization
  • Approve an travel authorization expense report
  • Travel
  • Enter a travel expense report
  • Approve a travel expense report

Faculty/staff can delegate authority to create
At Your Service with expenses
Expense menu
Travel Authorization before the trip
Processing Travel Authorizations
  • Things to Remember
  • Travel authorizations are budget checked
  • Travel authorizations may be canceled by user if
    approved but not associated with an expense
  • Travel authorizations may be deleted if they have
    not been budget checked
  • Warning Cannot be entered after the trip!!!

Processing Expense Reports
  • What is an Expense Report?
  • An approval document related to an employees
    past travel on official business, based on
    Statewide Travel Regulations, State of Georgia
    (, covering
  • Travel Location(s)
  • Business Purpose
  • Reimbursement Amounts
  • Travel Dates
  • Mode of Transportation
  • Use of Agency- or Institution-Owned Vehicles,
    Personal Vehicles, etc.

Creating an Expense Report from a Travel
Since you already entered your anticipated
expenses on a Travel Authorization before you
traveled, you simply choose which travel
authorization to apply to your current expense
Your approved travel authorization information is
automatically populated you may proceed to
update the information with your actual expenses
for the trip.
(No Transcript)
Your Travel Authorization has been applied!
The amount owed to the employee has been
You are ready to Submit your completed Expense
Approvals for Expense Reports
Department Manager 2 (optional)
Project Manager (optional)
Department Manager 1 (required)
Reviewer (optional)
Real-Time Document Routing
AP Auditor (required)
Approvals for Expense Reports
  • Transactions are routed instantly to the
    Travelers Department Manager (1st Approval
  • A Traveler can view the actions taken on his/her
    expense report at any time

An Approver can click directly on the text to
open an Expense Report
Transactions that need approval are displayed in
an Approvers Worklist
An Approver has four approval options for any
Send Back
Place on Hold
Real-Time Document Tracking
Travelers, Approvers, Auditors, Administrators
can see when an Approval Action was taken.
Employees can view their Expense Transaction
History at any time
Processing Expense Reports - Recap
  • Things to Remember
  • Expense Reports may be entered, submitted, budget
    checked and approved on or after the date of
  • Expense Reports may be entered by the Traveler or
    his/her Delegate (defined on the EX Authorized
    User page)
  • Expense Reports are routed to Department Manager
    1 2, Project Manager (where appropriate),
    Reviewer and AP Auditor Approvers
  • AP Auditors also verify the receipts

Processing Expense Reports - Recap
  • Things to Remember
  • Users may cancel and delete their own Expense
  • Expense Reports may also be cancelled and deleted
    by the Expense Administrator
  • Accounts used for Expense Reports default from
    the Expense Type Group or the Expense Type (may
    be updated during data entry)
  • Other Chart fields used for Expense Reports
    default from the User Profile gt Organizational
    Data gt GL Default Chart Fields

FSA Flex Spending Accounts
  • Employees who withhold wages from their salary,
    which are deposited in a flexible spending
    account (FSA) employees who request periodic
    reimbursements from their FSA for medical and
    dependent care expenditures
  • FSA is processed the same as travel
  • At Your Service
  • Faculty/staff can delegate authority for expenses
    but still do their own FSA expense reports

Cool Things about Expenses
  • Georgia and Non-Georgia Locations
  • Meal allowances are loaded into the system!!!
  • Mileage rates in database and date of trip
    determines the rate
  • Accounts used for Travel default from the Expense
    Type Group or the Expense Type (may be updated
    during data entry)
  • Other Chart fields used for Travel default from
    the User Profile gt Organizational Data gt GL
    Default Chart Fields
  • Don t have to do the Travel Expense Request and
    Report (paper forms)

  • Will faculty and staff have to complete their own
    expense reports?
  • That will be dependent on the department. The
    system is setup so each employee does their own
    expense reports.

  • faculty/staff delegating expense authority in the
    new Peoplesoft
  • Faculty/staff can go into At Your Service and
    delegate one or more people to do expenses.
  • They delegate expenses but can still enter their
    own.  So they can enter their own flex spending
    and other staff can enter their travel

And another FAQ
  • Will we have to get signed approvals from
    department managers?
  • No! The Department of Audits and Accounts has
    agreed to allow online approval of expense
    reports to satisfy audit requirementsand its
    all online!

Last FAQ.
  • What happens if an approver is out of the office?
  • Approvers can re-assign their work to another
    authorized approver for any period of time.

eProcurement Overview Creating Submitting
  • Similar to current system but a little easier
  • Format allows quick entry of commonly purchased
  • Requesters will be able to more easily inquire on
    the approval status of their requisitions and its
    subsequent sourcing to the vendor.
  • Requesters receive email notification when their
    requisitions are approved or denied

ePro Main Menu
ePro Requisition Creation Choices
Create Requisition
1st 25 letters of description will appear on
Inventory Reports
ePro Manage Requisitions
ePro Workflow Basics
  • ePro Workflow Routing Approval Levels
  • Step 1 - Department Manager (Required)
  • Step 2 - Project Manager (Projects/Grants only)
  • Routing Based on the Department and Project
  • chart fields on the Distribution Line
  • Ad Hoc Approver can be routed to any user with
    ad hoc approver role
  • Ad Hoc Reviewer can be routed to any user with
    ad hoc approver role

eProcurement Overview Additional Workflow
  • Approval notifications are routed via the
    Worklist as well as emails
  • Approvers have the ability to select an alternate
    user for short durations of time via My System
  • Approvers and Reviewers can be inserted into the
    Approval/Review process
  • Any changes to the amount or chartfields will
    initiate the approval process again
  • In order to reject a requisition, the approver
    must indicate reason for rejection in the
    requisition approval comments section.

Using the Worklist
Department Manager Routing- they will approve
the req
Approval Confirmation
  • At Your Service usernames who picks them?
  • Peoplesoft usernames what are they?
  • They will have to match!!!
  • If you have not registered for At Your Service
    please do so with your Peoplesoft username
  • If they do not match
  • We are created a business process to change them
  • Would you rather we delete them and have you
    re-create them or would you rather we delete and
    re-create them?

HOMEWORKWhat YOU have to do now!
  • As a dept
  • Decide if you are going to have the travellers
    process their own travel on At Your Service
  • Decide who will approve travel expenses (may be
    the same person who approves flex spending)
  • Decide who will approve ePro - reqs they will
    be listed as the manager of the dept
  • Let Mary F-L know what your dept decides

New info since April 8th Workshop
  • All in process POs and Reqs will be closed by the
  • Valid open POs and Reqs will need to be re-keyed
    following cut over.

Put another way..
  • Prior to 8.9 cut over, ALL Reqs, POs, Receivers,
    PO Vouchers and PO related Asset transactions
    will need to be processed, finalized, closed, etc

Questions before Year end review?
May 16, 2008 430 pmRequisition Deadline
  • All requisitions must be
  • Created
  • Approved
  • Budget checked
  • If they have not been approved and budget checked
    by this date, it does not reserve the money.
    Remaining departmental funds become part of ASUs
    general fund and you will have to delete the
  • If you have an emergency after May 16th, you must
    get permission from Dan Whitfield before spending
    any more FY08 funds.

Other deadlines
  • Purchasing Card May 16, 2008
  • Telecomm work orders May 9, 2008
  • Petty cash June 6, 2008
  • Postage June 6, 2008
  • Copy Center June 4, 2008
  • ASU Central Supply, Library, Media Center,
    Bookstore June 4, 2008

Managing Current Requisitions
  • Submit as early as possible
  • Approve and budget check
  • Requisitions that you do not want
  • Delete if it has not been budget checked
  • Trash can on Requisition header comments panel
  • Request it be cancelled to appropriate buyer via
    email (must be both approved and budget checked)

  • Spend early on P-Card transactions
  • Before using your P-Card
  • Check your budget for available money
  • Remember some expenditures take a few days - one
    month to process Central Supply, Bookstore,
    Media Services
  • Purchases applied to statement after May 16
    should be on an emergency basis and will be
    charged to your FY09 budget

Preencumbrances and Encumbrances
  • Use your budget reports to ensure that you have
    preencumbrances for all outstanding reqs.
  • Liquidated pre-encumbrances for all
    requisitions after PO has been created
  • Liquidated encumbrances after check has been
  • Problems contact the buyer ASAP!!!!

Entering YearEnd Requisitions
  • Create requisition when authorized by
  • Dan Whitfield
  • Lisa Webb in the Vice Presidents of Business
    Services Office
  • Projects Office notified by Dan or Lisa to open
    access to Reqs for departmental user
  • For Buyer, you must choose Year End Buyer
  • User notifies Lisa via email when the requisition
    is ready to be approved.