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Sunday School Youth


The event can be for one day or to build attendance for an entire month. ... Christmas and Easter. Record keeping is essential. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Sunday School Youth

Youth Sunday School
Compiled by Ed Gilman
Relating to Youth
Establish common ground. Go where youth are
and make contact. Invite youth to your
home. Participate in youth activities. Be a
good listener.
Relating to Youth
Practice affirmation. Be sensitive to youth
needs. Develop trust. Be a friend, not a
buddy. Pray for youth, specifically by name.
  • Link this huge event in students lives to
    Sunday School. Since there is already a new
    school year, there needs to be a renewed emphasis
    on the new Sunday School year.

Attendance Competitions (Fall and Spring)
  • There are two times a year that are ideal to do
    some kind of competition. Give points and rewards
    to folks who go all out in inviting members and
    prospects to come on attendance days. Be sure the
    rewards are for effort and not just for results.
    The event can be for one day or to build
    attendance for an entire month.

Summer Mania

Family vacations, sports and band camps, jobs,
and so much more begin to fill up the live of
students in the summer. This should be an
emphasis focused on reminding students to be
faithful in Bible study participation. Plan
things that you can only do during the summer.
Christmas and Easter

In some churches, this is an ideal time to
challenge people to be faithful in attendance.
Some students only show up at this time of the
year. Do something extra special and remind
students that this is the kind of experience they
can have every week.
Effective Outreach
  • Record keeping is essential. Make sure you
    collect complete information about prospects at
    every opportunity.
  • Plan a calendar of ideas and activities for the
    whole year. Too often outreach doesnt happen
    because we never plan for it. Also make sure your
    plans are not interfering with the overall Youth
    Ministry or church-wide plans.
  • Teach key students how to make others feel
    welcome. The key to outreach is your students.
    They need to realize the significant role they
    play in reaching unchurched people.

Effective Outreach
  • Dont be afraid of failure. Not every event or
    strategy will bring untold masses of students
    into your ministry.
  • Set your expectations reasonably. God is holding
    you accountable for doing outreach, not the
    results of it.
  • Pray before, during, and after each event. God is
    the mover and shaker when it comes to His kingdom

  • Every department, class, and ministry should have
    a plan, as well as scheduled activities and
    events to promote assimilation.
  • Too many students are lost due to the fact that
    we have not intentionally reached out to them and
    included them.
  • The key to assimilation is the student. Whatever
    plan you develop must revolve around the
    abilities and willingness of your students.

  • Idea One
  • Enlist Student Care Group Leaders. Assign three
    to six teenagers to each care group leader. Half
    of that number should be regular attendees and
    the other half prospects and chronic absentees.
  • Encourage care group leaders to make weekly
    contact. The focus of the contact should not be
    just to get them to attend. Instead, the student
    care group leader should focus on building the
  • Relationships are essential to building a sense
    of community among class members.

  • Idea Two
  • Another idea is to plan monthly or quarterly
    class fellowships. Make the focus of the event to
    build relationships.
  • Structure activities so as to allow students time
    to get to know each other. Play games where they
    have to do things with people they dont know
    very well.
  • Prepare a get-to-know-you sheet which requires
    students to get information from other students.

  • Idea Three
  • Another idea might be to enlist a host or hostess
    for your class.
  • His or her responsibility would be to greet
    newcomers, enroll them, introduce them to others,
    and sit with them in class and in worship. They
    could also be responsible for making sure the
    newcomer is assigned to a care group leader.
  • The first few moments in the class or department
    time are some of the most important in
    assimilating guests into our ministry.
  • Who is the one person who would be perfect for
    this you are aware of now.?

Sunday School Leadership Job Descriptions
Division Director
  • Coordinate the work of the Youth Sunday School
    where there are two or more adult departments.
  • Discover training needs and plan training
    opportunities in conjunction with the Sunday
    School Director.
  • Participate in outreach efforts, planning
    meetings, and Bible study groups.

Department Director
  • Discover and enlist other department leaders.
  • Monitor the process of assimilating new members.
  • Lead the large group time when planned for a
    Sunday morning.
  • Lead the planning period for the department at
    worker's meetings.
  • Work with youth leadership team and youth to plan
    fellowship opportunities.

Department Secretary
  • Be responsible to the Department Director in all
    matters related to department records.
  • Process and maintain visitation records and
    maintain an up-to-date prospect file, and provide
    records for the caring ministry.
  • Determine ways information from records can be
    used to minister to people.

  • Be responsible to the Department Director or
    Sunday School Director for the total work of the
  • Teach youth the Bible by guiding
    discovery-learning activities.
  • Participate in planning sessions, outreach and
    visitation activities, and other special Sunday
    School functions.

Youth Class Leader
  • Be selected by the teacher to serve for a three
    to six month period of time.
  • Assist the teacher in administering and
    evaluating the activities of the class.
  • Participate in training opportunities.
  • Be involved in Bible studies and encourage peers
    to be personally involved.

Youth Care Leader
  • Be selected by the teacher to serve for a three
    to six month period of time.
  • Assist the teacher in administering and
    evaluating the activities of the class assist the
    teacher in leading class members to care for
    members, non-members and their families.
  • Participate in training opportunities.