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Therefore the seventh day was made for the salvation of mankind ... Augustine 7th day had no ... Exercises world dominion as the lamb slain (Rev 5:6-14) ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Hebrews

  • Superiority of Christ
  • Written about 65-67 A.D.
  • Key Verse 121-3

Hebrews - Themes
  • Superiority of Christ
  • We need to obey Christ, our High Priest
  • Teachings for Mature Christians
  • Stay the Course or Face Severe Consequences
  • Christ will be with us During Persecution

Hebrews - Immediate Audience
  • Probably House Churches in Rome (F. F. Bruce)
  • Jews in Palestine (Dr. T. Martinez)
  • First records of Hebrews are from Rome
  • Written to Jewish Believers, or those Familiar
    with Jewish customs.
  • Christianity began as a Jewish Sect

Hebrews - Time Line
  • 33-37 AD Acts 2 lists Pentecost people from Rome
  • 49 AD Claudius expels Jews from Rome
  • 54 AD Nero becomes emperor, welcomes Jews back
  • Claudius poisoned by Neros Mother
  • Nero murdered Mother possibly half-brother
  • Nero allows Jews back into Rome
  • 64 / 65 AD Rome burns
  • Nero blames Christians, persecution begins
  • 68 AD Siege in Jerusalem begins after Jewish
  • 70 AD Rome burns Jerusalem, temple destroyed
  • 81-96 Dominus declares himself God, persecution

Hebrews - Style
  • Alexandrian formal presentation
  • Opens as a sermon, closes as an epistle
  • Flowery, ornate, excellent Greek
  • Skilled writer(s) and teacher(s)
  • Exceedingly structured, well done.
  • Frequently mixes teachings with exhortations
  • The entire Old Testament is the work of The Holy

Hebrews - Authorship
  • Unknown
  • Writing style sharply different from Paul
  • Contains phrases similar to Luke writings
  • Different outline way of quoting scripture
  • Quite flowery elaborate, Paul was somewhat
  • Pauls Epistles presented by descending length,
    then Hebrews follows implying different author
  • Hebrews 23 rules out Paul as author.
  • Other candidates are Apollos, Barnabus, and
    Pricilla (a likely teacher/author)

Hebrews - Outline
  • The Finality of Christianity (1, 2)
  • The True Home of the People of God (31-413)
  • The High Priesthood of Christ (414-620)
  • The Order of Melchizedek (7)
  • Covenant, Sanctuary, Sacrifice (81-1018)
  • Call to Worship, Faith, Perseverance
  • Concluding Exhortation Prayer (131-21)
  • Postscript (1322-25)

I. The Finality of Christianity (1,2) Gods Final
Revelation in His Son (11-4)
  • The Son of God
  • God made the universe through Him (Jesus)
  • He is the reflection of Gods glory
  • He is the very image of the essence of God
  • He upholds all things by His word
  • He has made purification of our sins
  • He sits at the right hand side of God

I. The Finality of Christianity (1,2) Gods Final
Revelation in His Son (11-4)
A God has appointed Christ as heir B
Through him he created the world. C
He is the radiance of Gods glory
C He bears Gods stamp B He governs the
universe (having made purification for
sin) A He sat down at Gods right hand
I. The Finality of Christianity (1,2) Gods Final
Revelation in His Son (11-4)
  • Upholds all things by the word of His power
  • Probably refers to administration, not natural
  • The exact representation of His nature
  • Not an inferior copy but the real thing
  • He sat down at the right hand of God
  • Jesus is unique from God yet part of God
  • It is the duty of preachers to teach correct
  • Power comes from on high, not from nature or man
  • What a great sermon summary statement start

I. The Finality of Christianity(1,2) Christ is
Better than Angels (15-14)
  • Messianic Psalm 2 Christ is Gods Son
  • 2 Samuel 712-16 Christ is foretold from
  • Psalm 8927 Christ is firstborn, the highest
  • Psalm 1044 Angels are only wind and fire
  • Psalm 456f Throne of Christ is forever
  • Psalm 10225-27 Christ superior to nature
  • Messianic Psalm 110 Christ sits at Gods right

I. The Finality of Christianity(1,2) Christ is
Better than Angels (15-14)
  • The Sons Unique Relationship to Father (15)
  • Jesus was son at creation
  • Jesus installed as royal King of universe at
  • The Inferior Position of the Angels (16-7)
  • Jesus has authority angels do not
  • Jesus anointed angels are not
  • Most authoritative statement of Jesus as God in
  • The Son will Reign Forever (18-14)
  • The Son is at right hand angels are not (113-14)

I. The Finality of Christianity (1,2)
  • First Admonition, the Gospel the Law (21-4)
  • Because Old Covenant given by angels
    (Acts 738, 53 Galatians 319, Deut. 332)
  • While New Covenant given by a superior Christ
    with signs and wonders and requital of sin.
  • Therefore do not drift away for then we have no
  • The Humiliation Glory of the Son of Man (25-9)
  • Psalm 8 Christ rules all things awaiting
    fullness of time (Dan. 713)
  • Christ was temporarily lower than angels to die
    for us.
  • Deut 328, Daniel 1020,-21, 121 (Eph 612)

I. The Finality of Christianity (1,2) The Son of
Man the Savior the High Priest of His People
  • Jesus was a brother one like us not an angel
  • Psalm 2222 Isaiah 817 Isaiah 818a
  • Jesus was a pioneer who led the way to glory
  • Jesus was made son of Abraham (member of church),
    so that he could be a priest to us make
    atonement for our sins
  • Since He endured suffering death, He can help
    us when we endure suffering death

True Home of the People of God (31-413) Jesus
is greater than Moses (31-6)
  • We Christians are a holy brotherhood
  • Jesus is our priest our representative
  • Only NT reference to Jesus as apostle (31)
  • Jesus is faithful to God, the true builder
  • Superior to Moses ( our pastors) who are
  • Christ is a Son heir (not a servant)
  • We are in Christs house if we persist in our
  • Is our seed sown on solid ground or upon the
    rocks (wilts in the hot sun)?

True Home of the People of God (31-413) Believe
in Jesus to Enter His Rest (37-19)
  • Psalm 951-7a is a call to worship God
  • Look at how God was with them for 40 years!
  • Daily Manna, clothes did not wear out, water, Red
  • Psalm 957b-11 is a warning against disobedience
  • They rejected God at Kadish-barnea (Num 1422-23)
  • All but Caleb and Joshua died.
  • The Israelites rejected Moses, it is more serious
    to reject God.
  • Encourage one another to remain steadfast
  • Only those that stay the course earn the prize.

True Home of the People of God (31-413) What is
Entering My Rest?
  • Israelites leaving Egypt to enter Canaan
  • Early Christians leaving Judaism for the Gospel
  • About 40 Years from crucifixion to Temple
  • Christians only obtain true rest with salvation
  • Come to Me, all you that are weary and
    heavy-laden, and I will give you rest (Ma
  • Present rest from works
  • Future rest in the age to come
  • We will rest when our works are completed, just
    as God did
  • Do not disobey like the Israelites did

True Home of the People of God (31-413) How
Long is Gods Rest (Seventh Day)?
For He has said somewhere concerning the seventh
day, And God rested on the Seventh day from all
his works and again in this passage, They
shall not enter My Rest. (44-5)
  • Seventh Day in Genesis (22-3) is linked in
    single sentence to My rest in Psalm 95
  • My Rest continues on through the end of the age
  • The Seventh Day is an age we can enter Today

True Home of the People of God (31-413) The
True Rest of God may be Forfeited (41-10)
  • Believers must hear the gospel message and then
    have lasting faith to enter the true rest of God.
  • We are warned with the example of the Israelites
  • Believers enter into the rest God enjoys today.
  • Same Genesis 22 and Psalm 9511 in Septuagint
  • Echoed in John 517 My Father is working still,
    and I am working.
  • Gods Rest has been open to believers since
    creation, but forfeited by disobedience.

True Home of the People of God (31-413) What is
Gods Rest?
  • God is still at rest today
  • Only the Lord of the Sabbath can bring us into
    that rest
  • The Israelites in the desert did not enter it
  • The seventh day (Genesis 22-3) has no recorded
    ending (unlike the first six days)
  • Therefore the seventh day was made for the
    salvation of mankind
  • This opportunity will end at the end of the age

True Home of the People of God (31-413) 5
Principals of Faithfulness George H. Guthrie, NIV
Hebrews Commentary
  • A healthy focus on Jesus
  • A daily choice, emotional, intellectual
  • Sinfulness and unbelief can hinder faithfulness
  • Must persevere in commitment to the end
  • Communal (The church needs to remain faithful)

True Home of the People of God (31-413) Past
History of Seventh Day
  • First century - Philo Jewish
  • God created everything instantaneously - 6 days
  • Second century - Iranacus
  • Days could be epochs (1000 years 2 Peter 38)
  • Third century - Clement of Alexandria
  • Days were not 24 hours - God created time
  • Fourth century
  • Augustine 7th day had no ending, therefore
  • Basil noted Genesis says one day rather than
    day one.

True Home of the People of God (31-413) Exhortat
ion to Attain Gods Rest (411-13)
  • We must strive to enter that rest and not
  • God is not to be trifled with
  • For the Word of God is living and active. It is
    sharper than a two-edged sword
  • Gods word built the world in 6 days
  • His word continues in the seventh day today to
    both judge and bring people into His rest
  • God knows our every thought and deed.

III The High Priesthood of Christ
414-620 Christs Priesthood an Encouragement to
His People (414-16)
  • He has passed thru the heavens, He has endured
    trials temptations as we have, but He remained
    free from sin
  • So we have confidence to approach Gods throne
    because of Him

III The High Priesthood of Christ 414-620 High
Priesthood Inclusio (51-3) (727-28)
For every High Priest taken from among men is
appointed by God, in order to offer both gifts
and sacrifices for sins he can deal gently with
the ignorant and misguided, since he himself is
also beset with weakness, and because of it he is
obligated to offer sacrifices for sins, as for
the people, so also for himself.
Who does not need daily, like those high priests,
to offer up sacrifices, first for His own sins
and then for the sins of the people, because this
He did once for all when He offered up Himself.
For the Law appoints men as high priests, who are
weak, but the word of the oath, which came after
the Law, appoints a Son, made perfect forever.
III The High Priesthood of Christ 414-620 High
Priesthood (Guthrie) (51-4)
  • Originates from among the people (1)
  • Represents the people in matters relating to God,
    especially offering gifts and sacrifices (1-2)
  • Leviticus 161-25)
  • His weakness enables him to deal gently with
    people (2-3)
  • Has to deal with his sin first (Leviticus 1611)
  • God appoints high priests (1, 4)

III The High Priesthood of Christ 414-620 High
Priesthood (F. F. Bruce) (51-8) Qualifications
for High Priesthood (51-4)
  • Able to sympathize with those whom He represents
  • Divinely appointed to His office
  • All previous Levitical Priests had failed

III The High Priesthood of Christ 414-620 High
Priesthood (F. F. Bruce) (51-8) Christs
qualifications for High Priesthood (55-8)
  • Appointed by God as Son in the order of
  • Psalm 110 High Priest King (combined role)
  • Earned appointment due to suffering, obedience,
  • Offered entreaties supplications with loud
    cries tears
  • No hint His earthly supplications ended with
  • Obedient to death Source of eternal salvation
  • His glory only came from others, not from Himself
  • He 13, 27,9, 33, 55-6, 1321

III The High Priesthood of Christ
414-620 Overview (Guthrie)
  • Confrontation
  • You are spiritually immature (511-63)
  • Warning
  • You are in Danger (64-8)
  • Mitigation
  • I have confidence in you (69-12)

III The High Priesthood of Christ 414-620 3rd
Admonition - Spiritual Immaturity (511-14)
  • Logically, the Melchizedek discussion should be
    next, but are they ready?
  • You should be teachers, but instead you are
  • Sounds just like a teacher wrote this sentence.
  • You need milk, but you should be eating meat
  • I Cor 27 1 Peter 22

III The High Priesthood of Christ 414-620 No
Second Beginning Possible (61-8)
  • Rudimentary Christian Elements (Jewish emphasis)
  • Repentance from dead works (OT evil works)
  • Faith in God (Habakkuk 24)
  • Teaching about ablutions
  • (Jewish ceremonial washings popular in early
  • Laying on of hands (common OT theme)
  • Resurrection of the dead
  • Pharisees, Is. 2619, Dan 122, Ex 36, Mark
  • Eternal Judgment (common OT theme)
  • Gen. 1825, Is. 3322, Dan. 79-14

III The High Priesthood of Christ 414-620 No
Second Beginning Possible (61-8)
  • Jewish Christians cannot return to Judaism
  • Apostasy is irremediable
  • Continuation is the test of reality (salvation)
  • Those that have been Christian but turn away deny
    Jesus and crucify Him all over again.
  • Lords Parable of the Sower is in view here.
  • Those that have tasted the Holy Spirit but later
    fall away are hereby warned this is quite
  • Their works will be judged with fire.
  • Stay the course.

III The High Priesthood of Christ 414-620 5
Interpretative Views (61-8)
  • Not theological exhortation to stay the course.
  • But make questionable statements?
  • Never saved, only tasted Holy Spirit by being
    near Christians
  • But Hebrews does not quite support this
  • Once saved always saved
  • How about the 90 saved that never attend again?
  • James says faith without works is dead.
  • Once saved but you can lose your salvation
  • Seems to contradict other scriptures, Pastor John
  • Parable of the Sower of the Seeds (but can take
    some time)

III The High Priesthood of Christ 414-620 No
Second Beginning Possible (61-8) Practical
Applications (Guthrie)
  • Warn people not to convert to another religion
    (Islam, Mormon, Bahi)
  • Warn and be concerned when people leave the
    church (such as our youth)
  • Do not convert people with a one-way conversation
    it does not stick well.
  • Do not go chasing after isms (Political parties,
    wealth, etc.)

III The High Priesthood of Christ 414-620 Stay
the Course (69-20)
  • Encouragement to Persevere (69-12)
  • We are convinced you will persevere
  • Our desire is that you should be eager
  • Consistent with husband wife authors
  • The Steadfastness of Gods Promise (613-20)
  • God made written covenant with Abraham, For it
    is impossible for God to lie.
  • God was faithful to Abraham Isaac, even when it
    seemed impossible
  • Abraham was faithful to both God Melchizedek
  • Jesus is our forerunner our high priest

IV The Order of Melchizedek (7) Melchizedek the
Priest-King (71-3)
  • Name means king of righteousness
  • Name means king of peace
  • No written father or mother beginning or end
  • This suggests a type of Christ, not that he had
  • Many have concluded otherwise
  • Argument in silence allows us to use arguments in
    silence about seventh day likewise not ending.
  • He remains a high priest forever
  • He was both priest and king like Jesus was

IV The Order of Melchizedek (7) The Greatness of
Melchizedek (7410)
  • Abraham paid him a tithe (10)
  • He blessed Abram (and Abrams descendents)
  • The inferior blessed by the superior
  • Abram paid tithes to one alive today, while
    tithes paid today are to mortal humans.
  • Levis came from Abram, therefore they paid
    tithes to Melchizedek (well almost).
  • Levis only priests Melchizedek Christ
    (Judah) both priests kings.
  • Jesus and Melchizedek served bread wine (not
    olive oil)

IV The Order of Melchizedek (7) The Greatness of
Melchizedek (7410) Victor P. Hamilton (NICOT)
  • Abram paid a tithe (10) as an arrangement
    between the victorious warrior the silent
  • Melchizedek also appears in two Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Genesis Apocryphon similar to Hebrews
  • 11QMelch scroll pictures him as passing judgment
    in Heaven (Judge and executioner)
  • The Hebrew account must answer
  • How can the Messiah be priest from Judah?
  • How is Jesus superior to 11QMelch views? (By
    noting Melchizedek is a type of Christ, not the
    other way around.

IV The Order of Melchizedek (7) The Greatness of
Melchizedek (7410) F. F. Bruce (NICNT) Comments
  • Melchizedek is a type of Christ.
  • Melchizedek probably lived and died like any
    other man, but Hebrews properly uses the absence
    of genealogy and death.

IV The Order of Melchizedek (7) Imperfection of
Aaronic Priesthood (711-14)
  • Perfection could not be achieved
  • Laws needed to be changed
  • New priesthood needed from another tribe
  • The old laws were temporary until Christ arrived
    (Gal. 324)
  • The old laws increased awareness of sin but did
    not provide salvation
  • Paul thought of moral law, Hebrews of ceremonial
  • Priesthood is eternal, not mortal (from earth)

IV The Order of Melchizedek (7) Superiority of
New Priesthood (715-25)
  • Old Covenant
  • Earth-bound system of rules
  • All the priests died
  • Priest had to cleanse himself before cleansing
    the people
  • New Covenant
  • heaven-bound system
  • We can become truly righteous
  • Divine oath (720-22)
  • Eternal priest forever living continuously for us
    (723-25) This makes Christianity superior to
    Islam, Mormon etc.

IV The Order of Melchizedek (7) Superior Because
of Jesus Character (715-20)
  • Jesus is more like a throned Priest-King,
    pleading for us before the Father.
  • Has no need to plead for His own sin as He is
    Holy, free from guile defilement
  • Jesus is our intercessor, that is He can plead
    our case before the sinless Father. (We cannot
    directly talk to God due to our nature.)
  • Jesus always has His prayers pleas answered as
    He is the reigning King.
  • Exercises world dominion as the lamb slain (Rev

V Covenant, Sanctuary, Sacrifice
81-1018 Priesthood and Promise (81-7)
  • Christ is Priest of the true sanctuary pitched by
    the Lord in the Heavens
  • Comparable to My Rest in Hebrews 3, 4
  • Offers gifts and sacrifices (Himself)
  • Earthly priests serve in temples that are only
    shadows and copies of the heavenly temple
  • Christ mediates a better covenant enacted on
    better promises
  • The first covenant was holy but had faults

V Covenant, Sanctuary, Sacrifice 81-1018 The
Old Covenant Superseded (88-13)
  • Hebrews quotes Jeremiah (3131-34) as God
    speaking, not Jeremiah
  • Old Covenant was for Israelite society, but new
    Covenant needed for modern society.
  • Results David, the Psalms, 75 of Bible, wisdom
  • New covenant better promises
  • Remember our sins no more (Jesus last sacrifice
    for us).
  • Holy Spirit is on our hearts
  • Word of God (Law) is in our hearts
  • New Covenant is a progressive revealing of God

V Covenant, Sanctuary, Sacrifice
81-1018 Application of Chapter 8
  • Judaism and the Old Covenant are Good
  • They served mankind for thousands of years
  • The Old Testament is good, 75 of our Bible
  • The Old Covenant is still there, but obsolete
  • Christianity is Better
  • Jesus fulfilled the Old Covenant
  • We have a new Covenant with better promises
  • We must respect and love our Jewish brothers
  • Racial prejudice is incorrect theology
  • Christianity has sad history towards Jews

V Covenant, Sanctuary, Sacrifice 81-1018
  • Old Covenant Ordinances and Sanctuary (91-5)
  • Tent, Lampstand, Table, Showbread
  • Tent called Holy of Holies with
  • Golden incense-altar
  • The Ark of the Covenant with manna, Aarons Rod,
    the tablets of the testimony (10 commandments)
  • A Temporary Ritual (96-10)
  • Limited access once a year to Holy of Holies
  • There was no direct access to God
  • This ritual awaited the time of reformation
  • Outward instead of inward orientated

V Covenant, Sanctuary, Sacrifice
81-1018 Christs Eternal Redemption (911-28)
  • The shadows have been replaced by the real thing
  • Christ entered the Heavens, not the Holy of
  • Christ makes His dwelling in our hearts (Is
  • Christ shed his blood for our sins once for all
  • This is my blood of the covenant, which is
    poured out for many (Mark 1424)
  • He does not die again when we retake communion
  • Christs death ratified the new covenant
  • Christ cleansed the heavenly realities for our
  • Christ died once, as we must, but will appear
    again to cancel our sin bring us salvation.

V Covenant, Sanctuary, Sacrifice 81-1018 The
Blood and the Covenant (911-28)
  • Blood represented death
  • Blood used to purify, not for forgiveness
  • Modern man thinks of laws and regulations
  • Modern man had trouble thinking of primitive
    blood sacrifices
  • Modern man needs a clean conscience
  • The death of Christ for our forgiveness is a New
    Covenant concept

V Covenant, Sanctuary, Sacrifice 81-1018
  • The Old Order a Shadow of the Reality (101-4)
  • Shadow and Copy refer more to foreshadowing than
    copy of heavenly reality
  • Had to be repeated yearly instead of just once.
  • The sacrificial system was noted by most as dead
  • The New Order the Reality (105-10)
  • Christ was Him of whom the Old Testament
  • Christ did away with the old order with His new
  • His sacrifice replaced the old sacrificial system

V Covenant, Sanctuary, Sacrifice 81-1018 The
Enthroned High Priest (1011-18)
  • The priests always stood, ever busy sacrificing
  • Christ gave just one superior sacrifice, then sat
    down at the right hand of the throne of God
  • When sins are no longer remembered, there is no
    need of further sin offerings for them
  • Jeremiah 3131-34, Psalm 110
  • Christ is working to make His enemies a footstool.

V Covenant, Sanctuary, Sacrifice 81-1018
Communion Service (1011-18)
  • Christ sacrificed once for all time
  • We do not sacrifice Christ when we take communion
  • The Levitical Priests had to sacrifice daily
  • Now our priests do not have to sacrifice daily
  • For if we did, Christ dying once has little
  • Therefore communion is more like a
    remembrance Eat this in remembrance of Him

V Covenant, Sanctuary, Sacrifice 81-1018 Three
Common Errors (1011-18)
  • 1. Our sins have been forgiven, now we can
    directly approach the throne of God.
  • We still need to ask for forgiveness (The Lords
  • 2. Perfect means our sins have been forgiven
    once and for all times.
  • We will sin daily, and need to strive for
  • Phil. 312-16
  • 3. God is not forgetful, He remembers our past
  • He has forgiven us. If we can remember our past
    sins, why cannot God also?

VI Call to Worship, Faith, Perseverance
  • Access to God Through Christs Sacrifice
  • We can freely access God by Jesus blood by a new
    living way
  • The veil (inner court) of the temple was rent at
    His death
  • We have a great high priest
  • We need a true heart, in faiths full assurance
  • Let us stimulate one another
  • Let us continue to meet together (church vs.
  • The Day is approaching (of the destruction of
    the temple especially the 2nd coming of Jesus)

VI Call to Worship, Faith, Perseverance
(1019-1229) Inclusio wrapper around center
of Hebrews
  • (Read these two together and compare)
  • 414-16
  • 1019-25

VI Call to Worship, Faith, Perseverance
  • 4th Admonition Willful Sin of Apostasy
  • After hearing the Gospel, if we sin deliberately,
    we will face His fiery wrath indignation
  • This refers to deserting the Word of Christ, that
    is deserting The Living God for other religions
  • New Covenant sin against Christ more serious than
    Old Covenant sin against the word of angels
  • Confessions (Catholic Church) logically deny the
    one-time forgiveness of sins by Jesus (remind one
    of Judaism)
  • Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom
  • Song of Moses (Deut 3235-36)

VI Call to Worship, Faith, Perseverance
  • Call to Perseverance (1032-39)
  • Reassurance and encouragement (like 64-8)
  • Circumstances similar to Rome before A.D. 65
  • Roman Jews expelled by Claudius A.D. 49 for
    rioting over Christians
  • Pricilla Aquila met Paul in Corinth in A. D. 50
  • Let back in Rome after Claudius death by Nero
  • Major martyrdom awaits them soon via Nero
  • They visited those in prison suffered gladly
  • Major Habakkuk 24 theme used also by Paul in

VI Call to Worship, Faith, Perseverance
  • The Faith of the People of Old (111-40)
  • Similar to Romans 824 discussion of hope
  • By faith we know God created the universe by a
  • This is a different Greek word than John 11-5

VI Call to Worship, Faith, Perseverance
(1019-1229) 7 Patriarch Examples of by Faith
  • Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph
  • All had faith that Yahweh would fulfill His
  • All were obedient, and all tested
  • The situation in every case looked hopeless
  • All sought the promised land, never went back
  • All realized the real promised land was heavenly
  • All sojourners in an alien land (like Christians
  • All lived full lives on this earth looking
  • They all died in faith before promises fulfilled

VI Call to Worship, Faith, Perseverance
(1019-1229) Abraham Example
  • Always had faith obeyed Yahweh
  • Was severely tested when situation looked
  • Isaac was a type of Christ rose as if dead
  • Abraham believed Isaac could be raised from dead
  • Abraham did not seem in turmoil over Isaac
    simply had faith in Yahweh
  • Always a sojourner on earth looking for promised
    land (which was never Canaan).
  • Israel today is in promised land, but has no
  • We also die in faith hope of the promised rest.

VI Call to Worship, Faith, Perseverance
VI Call to Worship, Faith, Perseverance
  • When real people obey in faith, they can
    accomplish much
  • None saw the results in their lifetime
  • Abram, Isaac, Jacob, Moses all did not see the
  • Jesus became the new living way to the
    promised land
  • God will surely test us (temptations will arise)
  • We must stay the course to receive the prize
  • We need to encourage each other and look to God
  • Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

VI Call to Worship, Faith, Perseverance
(1019-1229) Dr. Fruchtenbaum Outline
  • B The Evidence of the Life of Faith
  • 1. The Endurance of Faith (111-3)
  • 2. The Examples of Faith (114-31)
  • 3. Faith in Trials (1132-33)
  • 4. The Victory of Faith (1139-40)
  • C Exhortation to the Endurance of Faith
  • 1. Faith and Discipline (121-11)
  • 2. Faith and the Believers Obligation (1212-29)

VI Call to Worship, Faith, Perseverance
(1019-1229) Jesus, the Pioneer Perfecter of
Faith (121-3)
  • Look at all the witnesses
  • F. F. Bruce thinks they do not look at us today
  • Persevere during persecution
  • Keep your eyes on Jesus (instead of your
  • Pioneer of faith (He went before us)
  • He has borne such hostility, use Him as an
  • He now sits at Gods right hand side (has Gods
  • Get your mind off yourself dwell on Jesus instead

VI Call to Worship, Faith, Perseverance
(1019-1229) Discipline is for Sons (124-11)
  • No persecution to death yet
  • Perhaps just before Nero started killing them
  • The Lord disciplines like a Father due to love
  • Every person whom He loves is disciplined
  • If no discipline, He does not love you
  • Discipline is painful
  • Righteousness can result if we learn from it

VI Call to Worship, Faith, Perseverance
(1019-1229) Let Us Then be Up Doing (1212-17)
  • Abandon your pity party
  • Clean up your act
  • Walk with Christ the straight narrow path
  • Pursue peace with everybody
  • Get rid of bitter feelings
  • Be pure in heart
  • Surround yourself with fellow Christians

VI Call to Worship, Faith, Perseverance
(1019-1229) The Earthly Sinai the Heavenly
Zion (1218-34)
  • Our Home is not on this earth
  • Our Home today is Mount Zion in the Heavens
  • City of the Living God
  • Myriads of angels in Festive Array
  • City of Christians that have gone before us
  • City of the truly righteous that have obtained
  • City of Jesus and His new covenant
  • Jerusalem home of Judaism is not our Home.

VI Call to Worship, Faith, Perseverance
(1019-1229) The Earthly Sinai the Heavenly
Zion (1218-34)
VI Call to Worship, Faith, Perseverance
(1019-1229) Pay Heed to the Voice of God
  • Jesus speaking from Heaven better than Jesus
    speaking on earth
  • The visible universe is wearing out will be
  • Our God is a consuming fire

VII Concluding Exhortation Prayer
131-21 Personal Ethical Injunctions (131-6)
  • Have Brotherly Love, practice hospitality
  • Visit those in jail (for Christ)
  • Honor marriage
  • Nothing special about single priests
  • Do not love money love God instead
  • God will never abandon us
  • He will be with us during persecution
  • Money lovers have clouded judgment (not fair

VII Concluding Exhortation Prayer 131-21
  • Church Ethical Injunctions (137-8)
  • Support Your Guides (Pastors)
  • Jesus Christ will never change
  • Keep Your Mind Straight (139-16)
  • Dont get lost in strange teachings (Bible Codes)
  • Dont get lost in foods, drinks
  • Our true home is not on this earth
  • Our true home is outside the camp, that is in
  • Lets us be constantly thankful do deeds of

VII Concluding Exhortation Prayer 131-21
  • Request for Prayer (1318-19)
  • Pray for us (and our ministry)
  • Words of a husband and wife team?
  • Was not pray for me
  • Prayer and Doxology (1320-21)
  • Eternal covenant
  • Lord Jesus is our great busy shepherd
  • Call to action on our part
  • Ends like a typical Epistle, started like a sermon

VIII Postscript 1322-25
  • Hebrews is a sermon closing added to end
  • Personal Notes (1322-23)
  • Note first person I
  • Switches from we to I consistent with husband and
    wife team
  • Only Biblical record that Timothy was in prison
  • Reinforces visiting Christians in prison
  • Final Greetings and Benediction (1324-25)
  • Author(s) identified as from Italy (Rome)

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