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What is Wicca


The cycles of nature are our holy days, the earth is our temple, its plants and ... is the modern rebirth of the pre-Christian indigenous faith of the Norse peoples ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: What is Wicca

What is Wicca??
  • Wicca is a Pagan Religion
  • Wicca (and Pagans) Honor
  • The Elements of Nature Earth, Air, Fire and
  • The God and Goddess (or Lord and Lady)
  • Are Wicca and paganism the same thing?
  • The word pagan comes from the Latin word pagani
    meaning civilian or rustic which would be
    equivalent to todays redneck or hick
  • Wiccans are pagans, but pagans are not
    necessarily Wiccan.

  • What Make Wicca a Religion and Paganism a
  • While both are a way of life, Wicca believes in
    Divine Spirit above all
  • Paganism while spiritual is not (necessarily)
    a religion
  • Yes, you can be spiritual without being

  • What is Wicca??
  • Wicca is an Earth-based spirituality founded on
    the pre-Christian belief systems of European
    peoples, combined with modern concerns such as
    environmental issues and social justice.
  • Wicca does NOT have a single, written book of
    laws (like the bible).

  • Wiccan Traditions
  • Alexandrian - founded by Alex Saunders in 1933
  • British Traditional - Saunders/Gardner descended
  • Celtic - uses Celtic/Druidic practices
  • Church and School of Wicca
  • Correlian-Natavist
  • Covenant of the Goddess
  • Dianic - Goddess based not female only, but is
  • Eclectic - a little bit of everything!
  • Fairy/Faery
  • Gardnerian - Founded by Gerald Gardner in the
    1950s 1st out of the broom closet tradition
    famous member Aleister Crowley
  • Georgian - founded by George Patterson in the
  • Seax-Wica - one of the first traditions that
    allowed self-initiation and solitaire work

  • What is a Pagan??
  • When one defines oneself as Pagan, it means she
    or he follows an earth or nature religion, one
    that sees the divine manifest in all creation.
    The cycles of nature are our holy days, the earth
    is our temple, its plants and creatures our
    partners and teachers. We worship a deity that is
    both male and female, a mother Goddess and father
    God, who together created all that is, was, or
    will be. We respect life, cherish the free will
    of sentient beings, and accept the sacredness of
    all creation.
  • Edain McCoy

  • Pagan Traditions
  • Asatru/Odinism -Asatru is the modern rebirth of
    the pre-Christian indigenous faith of the Norse
  • Celtic Traditionalism - reconstruct the beliefs
    and practices of the original Celtic people, as
    opposed to Druidic learnings
  • Ceremonial Magick - followers of this Tradition
    uses a great deal of ceremonial magick in their
    practices. Detailed rituals with a flavor of
    Egyptian magick are sometimes a favorite, or they
    may use the Quabbalistic magick
  • Church of all Worlds - is dedicated to "healing
    the separation between mind and body, men and
    women, civilazation and Nature, Heaven and Earth.
  • Discordianism/Erisian
  • Druidism Celtic/Britannic natural religion
    not just for men
  • Egyptian-Isian Kemetic - resurrection of ancient
    Egyptian religion in one form or another
  • Gnosticism - Gnosticism is a concept of spiritual
    experience which has its roots in many religious
    practices and is not restricted to Christianity
  • Golden Dawn
  • Greco-Roman
  • Green Witch
  • Hedge Witch - hedgewitch is one that follows in
    the footsteps of the old village wisewoman
  • Shamanism
  • Stregharia Italian witchcraft
  • Wicca

Is Wicca a Religion or A Way of Life??
WiccaWitch Whats the Difference? Is There A
  • Wicca is First and Foremost a Religion that
    Practices Witchcraft
  • A Witch isnt Necessarily Wiccan

What A Witch ISNT
Francesco Mario Guazzo, Compedium maleficarum,
Hans Baldung GrienWitches' Sabbath, 1510
(The Famous History of Lancashire Witches, 1780)
(No Transcript)
What a Witch is
  • A Witch is an individual who works magick through
    natural means and treats each spell as a
    scientist would with methodologically,
    scientifically, and in an organized manner.
  • A Witch is an individual who works to empower
    themselves to their highest potential through
    means of practice of magick and by practice of

Beliefs of Wicca/Witchcraft Regarding Magick
  • The Power shall not be used to bring harm, to
    injure or control others. But if the need rises,
    the Power shall be used to protect your life or
    the lives of others.
  • The Power is used only as need dictates.
  • The Power can be used for your own gain, as long
    as by doing so you harm none.
  • It is unwise to accept money for use of the
    Power, for it quickly controls its taker. Be not
    as those of other religions.
  • Use not the Power for prideful gain, for such
    cheapens the mysteries of Wicca and magick.
  • Ever remember that the Power is the sacred gift
    of the Goddess and God, and should never be
    misused or abused.

Of the many different traditions, there are two
key beliefs that all traditions share
  • Lest in thy self defense it be, ever mind the
    rule of three
  • Do ye what thou whilst, an it harm none.
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