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Student Worker Orientation for Supervisors


W&J is encouraging supervisors to hire more student workers as well as use ... work for more than 7 calendar days, they will receive temporary disability benefits. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Student Worker Orientation for Supervisors

Student Worker Orientation for Supervisors
  • Student Workers Your Budget
  • WJ is encouraging supervisors to hire more
    student workers as well as use current workers
    in new and creative ways.
  • If you can use additional student workers, but
    believe your budget will not support it, dont
    dismiss the idea. Talk to your supervisor.

Workers Compensation
  • Provides coverage if a student is injured in the
    course of their employment with the college.
  • Report the students injury/accident
  • If supervisor is not available, then notify
  • Security will investigate.

Workers Comp Benefits
  • If injury deemed compensable comp will pay for
    all medical and prescription drug costs.
  • If the student is absent from work for more than
    7 calendar days, they will receive temporary
    disability benefits.
  • The student must use the colleges panel of
    doctors if they want the claim to be considered
    under workers comp. (List is in your packet)

Blood Borne Pathogens
  • If the student is exposed to bodily fluids, i.e.
    blood or saliva, they run the risk of contacting
    hepatitis or AIDS.
  • WJ will provide the student with hepatitis B
  • Use common sense.

Hazard Communication
  • All employees have a RIGHT TO KNOW about the
    chemicals they use on the job and how to work
    safely with those chemicals.
  • For more information on a chemical, refer to the
    Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).
  • MSDSs are located in the labs, physical plant and
    Protection Services.

Emergency Procedures
  • 6032 securitys number - call to report any
    accident, injury, fire, etc.....
  • In the event of a real or perceived emergency get
    the student to safety, call security.

Drug Free Workplace Act
  • The college does not condone the bringing or use
    of a controlled substance or alcohol on campus.
  • Disciplinary action against violators, consistent
    with federal, state and local laws will be taken.
  • Actions could include counseling, suspension,
    termination and referral for prosecution.

FERPA- Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
of 1974
  • Most information concerning a students academic
    record is considered confidential and may not be
    released without the student's OK.
  • Directory information is ok-name, address, dates
    of attendance, major, enrollment status, degree
    earned and date of graduation.
  • OK to give parents info if they claim the student
    on their taxes-must present proof.
  • (See FERPA FAQ handout in packet)

  • The student may have access to confidential
    information, such as grades, addresses, financial
    information etc.
  • Giving away this information can have serious
    consequences for them including discipline,
    dismissal from the school, and could make the
    students and their parents liable to be sued.
  • Students with access to confidential information
    should sign a confidentiality agreement (see
    sample in your packet).

Sexual Harassment
  • Usually about power-the inappropriate use of
    sexual demands or the creation of a sexually
    charged hostile environment as a way of
    exercising power over a student or an employee.

Sexual Harassment-types
  • QUID PRO QUO benefits offered or withheld as a
    means of coercing sexual favors.
  • HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT conduct that unreasonably
    interferes with the victims work/academic
    performance or creates an intimidating, hostile,
    or offensive environment.
  • RETALIATION taking action against someone for
    filing a complaint.

Payroll Issues Timesheets
  • Done correctly received in the
    Office of
    Financial Aid on time.
  • NO Timesheet NO PAY.
  • LATE Timesheet DELAYED PAY.

Forms We Need
  • I-9 - Proof of US citizenship
  • 1. Picture ID and either Social Security Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • 2. US Passport
  • 3. Proper Visa Status
  • Federal Tax Withholding form
  • Forms are in your packet and can also be obtained
    from HR

Paychecks can be picked up at the Campus Mailroom
SEP Supervisor Responsibilities
  • College Policy is that students with demonstrated
    financial need get first priority for Jobs.
  • Complete Student Employee Position Description
  • Interview Students.
  • Notify Office of Financial Aid of your Selection.

Orientation 1. Tell Students About Department
Rules and Policies. 2. Share your Job
Expectations. 3. Make Introductions to staff. 4.
Train on Equipment.
Attendance 1. Students Need to be Aware of Your
Requirements. Establish a policy and instruct
them. 2. Be Sure They Have A Phone To Call
  • Discipline Part I
  • Give a verbal warning and a written reprimand to
    attempt to correct the problem.
  • Dismiss a student if they do not solve the

  • Discipline Part II
  • No need to use this policy under extreme
    circumstances such as
  • 1. Violation of FERPA/Confidentiality Rules
  • 2. Theft
  • 3. Violence
  • 4. Violation of Computer Policy i.e.. Giving
    Away Deleted or Vax Password
  • 5. Blatant or Egregious Sexual Harassment
  • Report these situations immediately to Linda
    Ankeny, Campus Employment Coordinator.

  • Give em a break!
  • Remember being a student is their primary job.
  • If they need time off to study, please comply