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Transforming Government


Professor of Computer Science, BYU and Univ. of Idaho ... cabinetry, wiring, plumbing, etc. Structural Foundation: Concrete foundation, water and ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Transforming Government

Transforming Government
  • Phillip J. Windley, Ph.D.
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Office of the Governor

  • VP, Product Development and Operations,
  • CTO, iMALL, Inc.
  • Professor of Computer Science, BYU and Univ. of
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, Univ. of California,
  • Member of Technical Staff, Division of Naval
    Reactors, Dept. of Energy

  • When you measure what you are speaking about and
    express it in numbers, you know something about
    it, but when you cannot express it in numbers
    your knowledge about it is of a meager and
    unsatisfactory kind.
  • - Lord Kelvin

Metrics Drive Performance
  • People will pay attention to what you measure.
  • Measure what you care about, not just whats
  • Achieving goals depends on measuring our efforts
    and making adjustments to gain desired results.

Governors Vision for IT
  • Governor Leavitt has outlined three broad IT
    goals for the next four years
  • Universal Broadband Access
  • Comprehensive eGovernment Services
  • Making Government more Efficient
  • These tasks are not independent, but are
    interlocking subgoals of a larger vision.

Transforming Government
Government Transformed
Success Factors
  • One Enterprise
  • CEO involvement in technology
  • Innovation, not automation
  • Integration, not Balkanization
  • Valuing results over excuses
  • Removing friction
  • Thinking outside the box

Broadband Big Pipes
Universal Broadband Access
  • Broadband Internet is fundamentally different
    than narrowband.
  • Always on
  • High speed
  • Peering
  • A rancher in Juab county needs these advantages
    as much as the banker in Ogden.
  • Quality, high speed access is vital as we make
    more and more state services available online.

Whatever it Takes
  • How do we do it?
  • Working with the private sector, where possible,
    to bring high speed Internet access to every
  • Use assets, prestige, regulation authority, etc.
    of the State to encourage private build out
    wherever possible.
  • Adesta project is one example.
  • Blanding and The Navajo Nation

Next Steps
  • Strategic Plan
  • We have a lot of tinker toys and a picture of
    what the Governor wants us to build.
  • We need step by step plans on how to put the
    pieces together to achieve the Governors vision.
  • Leverage State microwave and fiber network where
  • Right of way charges on state highways.
  • Partner with initiatives like Rural SmartSites to
    drive broadband penetration.

Comprehensive eGovernment
  • Governor Leavitt has declared that by 2004,
    citizens, if they choose, will be able to find
    every government service they need online.
  • eGovernment can be divided into four broad
  • Government to Citizen
  • Government to Business
  • Government to Employees
  • Government to Government

Internet and American Life
Nearly half of all Internet users are looking for
government information
PEW The Internet and American Life Project
The Williams Family
  • Life Event Moving to Utah
  • Change of address
  • Register car
  • Register to vote
  • Enroll child in school
  • Bussing
  • City services
  • Health information
  • Child safety
  • Check the commute
  • Tax information

Online not In line!
eGov Initiatives Key Concepts
  • Single source for citizens, businesses,
    employees, and governments to find information
    about and gain access to services from Utah
  • Customer Focus
  • People dont know and dont care about state
  • Consistent Look and Feel
  • Brand
  • Marketing

eUtah - Customers
  • What is the power of eGovernment?
  • eGovernment brings state services to the front
    and presents a new, service oriented face to
  • eGovernment will change how we do business as a
    state. For example
  • Customer care organization and 24x7 access to
  • We need to allay customer concerns over privacy
    and security.

Unified Branding
  • Concept The eUtah Network
  • Pushing as the place for Utah
  • Main site
  • Specialized entry points. For example
  • G2B
  • G2E
  • G2G
  • Goes beyond URLs to complete brand identity.

eUtah - Branding
  • A single, unified brand
  • Navigation
  • Verbage
  • Messaging and positioning
  • Strong branding drives usage which drives savings
    and service
  • Not the only place, but certainly the first place
  • Service offerings
  • Event notification and calendaring
  • Press releases

eUtah Where We Are
  • Good News
  • Award winning
  • Many successful applications
  • Strong start
  • Bad News
  • Low hanging fruit
  • Collection of links and some services

eUtah Going Forward
  • The vision
  • A personalized, citizen-centric, feature rich
    Utah government Internet presence.
  • We must move beyond a mere web site.
  • Ideas
  • Agencies as content providers
  • Single authentication and authorization
  • Personalization
  • Common infrastructure

eUtah An Analogy
  • What we have now is a tent, a nice tent to be
    sure, but still a tent.
  • What our constituents demand is a house.
  • Whats the difference between a tent and a house?
  • Foundation
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical wiring
  • Heating

Houses and eUtah
  • Building a House
  • Building eUtah

Points of Access Front door, back door, side door
Points of Access Web, wireless, telephone, kiosk
Rooms Living, dining, bathroom, kitchen
Rooms License applications, ticket payment, tax
payment, permit renewal, etc.
House Components Pre-built trusses, molded
shower, cabinetry, wiring, plumbing, etc.
House Components Payment gateway, workflow
engine, personalization, content management,
security, etc.
Structural Foundation Concrete foundation, water
and power service
Structural Foundation Middleware,
authentication, session management, machine
room, etc.
eUtah Planning for Success
  • Scalability and capacity planning
  • Security
  • Reliability

  • Security demands strong, central control
  • State Security Charter
  • Outlines ideas not policy
  • Says what, not how
  • Designates responsibility
  • Security Czar
  • Advisory Committee
  • Model for Agencies
  • Agency CEO needs to set the tone
  • Agency specific policy

eUtah - Reliability
  • Governor has declared us the 24x7 State
  • 99 uptime ? 23¾x7 State
  • Internet users expect always on service.
  • 99.99 is not unusual even for free services.
  • 99.99 ? 5 minutes/month
  • By definition, if services are not reliable, then
    customers will not rely on them.

Tearing Down Walls
  • Walls are leftovers
  • Loose federations of services
  • Shared between agencies
  • Shared with other states
  • Shared with Federal agencies
  • Shared with private sector

Federating Services
  • Child entering School
  • Health information
  • Grades
  • Tuition and fees
  • Books
  • Child safety
  • Bussing
  • Federal programs
  • Check commute
  • Moving to Utah
  • Real estate
  • Taxes
  • Register car
  • Register to vote
  • Enroll child in school
  • Bussing
  • City services
  • Utilities
  • Health information
  • Banking
  • Child safety
  • Change of address
  • Check commute

Shared services Private services
eUtah Getting There
By 2004, citizens, if they choose, will be able
to find every government service they need
online -- Governor Mike Leavitt
  • A self supported model will not get us there in
  • Well be able to continue to renovate the tent,
    but well never lay the foundation and install
    the infrastructure needed.
  • Service fees drop the percentage of Utah citizens
    who Definitely Would use online government
    services from 44 to 21.

Next Steps
  • Take control of the eUtah brand.
  • Hire product manager with responsibility for
    coordinating and planning all web activities.
  • Establish customer care center to support web
  • Bring operational responsibility for eUtah in
  • Invest more now to achieve compre-hensive
    eGovernment services.

Product Development
  • Performed by a multi-disciplinary team
  • Teams goal is building, operating, and
    maintaining a product.
  • The members of the team may include
  • Product managers
  • Software developers
  • Project managers
  • Product operations engineers
  • Customer support managers
  • Software quality assurance engineers
  • User interface design engineers
  • Marketers
  • Financial personnel
  • Graphic artists

Product Manager
  • A product manager serves as the leader of this
    cross functional team.
  • The product manager does not necessarily function
    as the operational manager for these people.
  • The product manager does lead, coordinate, and
    supervise their work toward the end goal of
    making the product a reality, launching it,
    operating it, and managing it throughout its life

Product Manager is NOT
  • A product manager is not
  • A developer
  • A software manager
  • A project manager
  • A marketer
  • An IT director

PM Responsibilities
  • Define and plan product lines and product
  • Management of product contracts and sales
  • Strategic direction based on customer needs and
    business goals
  • Interpret strategic goals into operational tasks
  • Make proposals to senior management regarding
    implications of proposed plans
  • Serves as representative to internal and external
  • Takes lead in establishing tactical plans and
  • Develops and implements administrative and
    operational matters ensuring achievement of
  • Evaluates risks and trade-offs proposes
    contingency plans

PM Accountability
  • Accountable to executive management for
  • Overall product direction
  • Key decisions
  • Product budget
  • Ensuring that final product meets specifications
  • Evangelizing product to internal and external

eUtah Product Management
  • CIOs Office hiring eUtah Director of Product of
    Strategy with extensive PM experience.
  • Identify/hire other individuals inside existing
    projects (such as eUtah, Innerweb, etc.) to
    server as PMs.
  • Ask agencies to identify PM for their online
  • Form eUtah Product Management Council to
    coordinate PM actions across agencies.
  • Set up training for people with PM

eUtah Summary
  • eUtah will, of necessity, be built by a large,
    distributed group of developers representing
    agencies, external contractors, and others.
  • The product management organization will serve to
    direct the efforts of this development effort to
    drive us toward the goal of being a 24/7 state.

Defending Our Best Managed Title
  • Utah has been named the Best Managed state.
  • Governors challenge to us is to use IT as a
    lever for reducing paper and process steps in
    state government.
  • Services with a public face will be forced to be
    more efficient.
  • eProcurement can save the state significant money
    and drive process improvements.
  • Do your IT projects and proposals move you toward
    this goal?

IT Project Planning
  • Without measurable results, IT will be considered
    a necessary evil, rather than a strategic
    management lever and it will be subjected to the
    tyranny of subjective performance assessments.

Maybe it is right now!?!
IT Project Planning
  • ROI based project evaluation
  • Operational as well as financial measures
  • Focus on
  • Interacting with Customers
  • Reducing paper
  • Streamlined processes
  • Staged funding

  • People are no longer surprised when they find
    services online they expect it.
  • We must bring service to people where they live
    even if that is online.
  • Doing so will
  • Raise peoples respect for government
  • Increase the level of service we provide
  • Improve peoples lives
  • Lower costs
  • In short, we will transform government.