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Kin 263 Midterm Exam


wrestling, boxing, dancing, races, contests of strength (lifting objects, arm ... d) The Sabbath Day Act passed in 1845 in Upper Canada restricted the kinds ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Kin 263 Midterm Exam

Kin 263 Midterm Exam
45 marks
Short Answer(
25 marks
 1.List what you consider to be the 4 major
reasons the MAAA might claim to have been the
powerhouse of Canadian organized sport prior
to 1910 (4 marks)- initiative in forming from
Library, MLC, MSSC, MBC-business acumen or savvy
of middle class businessmen good at
organizing-success - hockey, lacrosse, Olympic,
football etc champions-financially prosperous -
membership and gate receipts-formed NSGBs esp
AAA of Canada-right institution in right city at
right time-defined amateurism and promoted that
ideal in comp sport 
  •  2. Describe the basic notion of muscular
    Christianity and its application to sport. (3
  • - 19th century ideology, originating in Britain
    equating the importance of playing hard and fair
    on the field, with Christian values, and
    transferring these values to the world outside of
    sport embodied in Tom Browns Schooldays and
    the teachings of the public schools

  • 3. What is the great irony of European contact
    with Aboriginal peoples in Canada and what are
    the two physical activities in particular which
    are good examples? (4 marks)
  • - in part the Europeans claimed to be
    civilizing the Natives, when in practice many
    Europeans including fur traders and soldiers,
    later colonists, would not have survived without
    the skills of the bush and the skills of
    transport which they learned from their
    Aboriginal guides
  • - examples snowshoeing, canoeing

  • 4. In what ways can we infer that Athenian Greek
    sport was antecedent to the development of
    Canadian sport prior to 1900? (3 marks)
  • -equipment development amentum, himantes,
    husplex therefore added sophistication to sport
  • -amateur ideal or holistic ideal of sound mind
    in a sound body
  • -facilities for sport - palaestra and gymnasia
  • -passion for the struggle in sport, not
    necessarily the victory
  • -excellence of competition with ancient Greek
    national athletic festivals

  • 5.What kinds of physical activities, other than
    the work that was taking place, would one
    typically see at a barn-raising, harvest, or
    logging bee in 19th century Upper Canada? (4
  • - wrestling, boxing, dancing, races, contests of
    strength (lifting objects, arm wrestling, tugs of
    war) contests with tools (chopping contests,
    sawing contests)

  • 6.  a) Adam E. Ford remembered the first
    rule-based baseball game in Beachville, Ontario-
  •  b) Medieval jousting - festive, organized,
    symptomatic of timeless impulse to compete/play
  • -rules, code of chivalry (proper way to compete)
  • c) the rules of the Montreal Curling Club
    social experience was far more important than
  •  d) The Sabbath Day Act passed in 1845 in Upper
    Canada restricted the kinds of activities that
    were appropriate for Sundays including various
    sports and games made them illegal

  •  e) The MSSC snowshoers song very clearly
    established the important values of a physical
    masculinity one that was class and race based
    and one that stipulated a defined gender polarity
    between men and women
  •  f) rifle-shooting an activity used for nation
    building, to create a volunteer military force
    to acclimatize people to the economic and
    political changes that were taking place in the
    new Dominion of Canada Canadas first federally
    funded sport 1 million dollars between 1867 and
  •  g) articles of agreement - early format for
    standardizing competitions in the absence of
    codified rules ex Lucknow hammer throwing

Essay Questions 20 marks(
  • Generally, it is expected that students will be
    able to present an answer to the question that is
    guided by an analytical framework as outlined in
    the question the answer should have a thesis,
    and should be supported by arguments which have a
    basis in evidencea good answer will have
    analysis, evidence, and will be well written
    the lessor grades will have parts of those
    qualities, but not all the even lessor grades
    will have one of those qualities, but no the
    other two the lowest grades will have little of
    each or at least substandard qualities

  • 1. Based on what you have studied in class and
    from your course readings, explain the
    significance to sport and leisure of the mid-19th
    century emergence of the middle classes. It might
    be useful to explain how dominant forms of
    masculinity changed from the previous era and how
    these related to social values. Be sure to
    provide examples to demonstrate the issues you
    raise in your arguments.
  • - the analysis should talk about how the notion
    of male honour was related to physical practices
    and how this differed between classes and how it
    changed over time

  • -the evidence should discuss the elites and their
    honour code the duel as sustaining these codes
    of honour the private club as sustaining the
    rights of privilege and of social difference
    family name and money sustaining social hierarchy
    - the labouring classes, their sense of honour
    the physical challenge, strength contests, tavern
    brawls they must talk about the success of
    reformers in gaining access to forms of public
    power the new middle class man, values of
    family, work ethic, honour achieved through
    success and deeds, not through family privilege
    the new public man celebrated physical competence
    in public through sport valued fair play, but
    rough play tempered by Christian values muscular
    Christianity social Darwinism that the social
    crème rose to the top through the natural
    hierarchy created by industrialization the new
    middle class man was an organizer, a record
    keeper, rationalized all forms of behaviour
    according to their ends

  • 2. Describe the nature of sport/physical
    activity in British North America prior to about
    1850 then, discuss the ways in which industrial,
    technological innovations affected the rate,
    magnitude and direction of changes in the
    development of Canadian sport after 1850.

  • -should describe the nature of physical activity
    in BNA with bees, horseracing, garrison officers
    sport (NOT New France) - pastimes, informal,
    upper class, social first, athletic second - all
    this as describing the nature of sport/PA prior
    to 1850 - could use documents from web site like
    Montr Ol Games, Sabbath Act, MCC rules
  • -major part of paper should discuss changes to
    sport from
  • -transportation changes
  • -communication changes
  • -equipment changes
  • -facilities changes
  • with solid examples of exact changes to sport
  • Extensive use of readings s 4-7 inclusive would
    be hallmark of excellent answer