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Shoot for the stars, Live for the moment. Be who you are. ... And tiny elves dancing, Boy, do they look silly! Suddenly the train halts, And I see I am back. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: My Ticket

My Ticket
Alexis Mudri
My ticket was very special to me
I was as happy as I could be
But yet you don't know what it is for
It will stay with me for evermore
Listen to me while I am ready to tell
My ticket is for a kingdom of hope
Where nobody is allowed to mope
This is a place where dreams come true
Never on a kingdom's cue
I know where it is, but do you?
Alicia SotoThe ticket to success,Is unlike all
the rest,Of all the plans it is the best,And
leaves no reason to have to guess.
  • It is the path that one must take,Through rain
    or shine or threat of quake,Through spirits may
    fall or even break,The rewards at the end are
    often great.To avoid the wrath of what may
    come,To avoid the pitfalls and not come
    undone,To deal with life and learn not to
    run,The ticket to success can not be outdone.

To Success
Allyssa Trunk
  • My ticket to success in school,
  • is to get good grades and follow the rules,
  • I want to go to Kutztown university to be a
    teacher and get my degree,
  • Teaching is the way to go how we learn and what
    to know,
  • For all the people who might give in you need to
    keep going and you will win.

Emily Shoemaker
If you want to be successful You have to live and
learn From mistakes you have made And know what
you can learn This ticket you need Is the one
you have to work for In time of tough and
greed It is the one you need more Does it look
like your learning is done Or is it just the
beginning of a world of fun?
  • Gabby Barbera
  • Life is sometimes luxurious
  • It is also sometimes rough.
  • I want a ticket out of town
  • Where life is not tough.
  • There is no end
  • But there are new beginnings.
  • For in life you strive to have fun
  • But there are always clouds and never any sun.

  • Life is like a baseball game
  • There can be way too many innings.
  • But when life comes to an end
  • You wish you had more beginnings.

As I sat down on the desolate trainClutching the
ticket I had obtainedMy life would never be the
sameAfter I has won the lotteryIt was a dream
come trueFor once I was the one luck came
toOne moment calm the next crazyIt was all
very hazyPeople now acting funny Trying to ask
me for money In the distance I hear a
tick-tockAs I awake with a start as another day
starts with the alarm clockWas it a dream or a
preview of the future In my hand I had a ticket
  • Kristy Conklin

  • My golden ticket to life is happiness,
  • I use it to get through my day,
  • But even when the golden gate is closed,
  • I can easily close my eyes and pray,
  • Ill pray for a smile, a giggle, or a laugh,
  • And soon the worst is split in half,
  • My golden ticket is my support,
  • It takes away all my wrath,
  • This ticket puts me on a better path,
  • A path of hope, with a convincing curve,
  • That everything will be better soon,
  • This ticket just puts everything in tune.

The Ticket Nicole Cassar He waited for the
train As he tried to run away form the pain As he
thought of the ticket to a new life With the fear
of what would be left behind Or what he might
find In the road of a new beginning As the train
He took one last wave and said one last
goodbye. As the train arrived He took one last
wave and said one last goodbye. He boarded the
train with sort of a smile. Good-bye my old
friends Ill see you in awhile
Ticket Steven Benner
A ticket can take you many places To do new
things and see new faces It is a way out of an
unwanted situation A paper source of
inspiration For some its a way to take a
vacation And arrive at a new destination Some
need a ticket to save their life A way out of
struggle, pain, and strife Tickets arent always
for such a serious cause Take a second to think
and pause Say youre driving too fast on the
highway one night There are no cars or people in
sight You press the gas and your speed will
rise Not knowing there is a hidden surprise
A siren sounds and lights start to flash If I get
a ticket my parents will kick my ash I accelerate
to elude the cop I have to get away, I cant
stop I was pulling away sure to prevail But when
the tanks on E, its easy to fail I jump out of
the car to escape on foot Soon in handcuffs I was
put So instead of a ticket I was thrown in
jail With no car, no food, or money for bail So
as you can see tickets can be good or
bad Vacation tickets make you glad, while
speeding tickets make you mad So you decide if it
makes you happy or want to spit It depends on
what you make of it.
Ticket David Williams
Life has never been easy for any one of
us, Matter of fact its taken breath and love out
of everyone of us. Pain is universal And just
like the struggle It takes different shapes, No
matter what you do you can never escape, Life is
hard enough We dont need to discriminate, So
dont generate and misplace your hate. If you do
youll end up at the wrong gate. Now no one in
this world wants to be in Hell,
Whether I will be or not, I cannot tell. We all
live life hoping for a greater being, But in the
end of life who do we end up seeing? I hope its
my loved ones, who went before me, I want to see
all who loved and adored me. The pain of life is
rewarded with death, We gain everything times two
of what we left. The greater you do and the
better you are, The greater is your ticket and it
will take you far. So strive and reach for your
ticket Because you never know if it will be too
late until you get it.
Ticket Emily Thiel
Rejuvenate yourself. Travel across the world. Sea
to sea, Experience all. Live in the city, swim
with the sharks. Dance to your song.
Believe. Find your peace of mind. Meditate.
Follow your heart. Walk on hot coals, move to the
country. Skydive, take a road trip. Smile, love
your life. The ticket to paradise is within
you. Discover it.
Ticket Anne Dewalt
What is the ticket I am in search of? It may be a
plane ticket to paradise It may be a bus ticket
to the beach Or it may be a concert ticket to the
Beach Boys But its not any of those kinds of
tickets Im one of millions in line for a
special kind of ticket One to the world With
this ticket, I can live my dreams I will be happy
and successful I will have made a difference in
someones life And I will be the best person I
can be. My ticket to the world will be
expensive But from what I hear, its worth every
penny. My ticket to the world is My college
education and diploma.
What a Ticket means to me
Roman Luknicki Grade 10
A ticket lost in life Forever closes the gates of
eternity So here I stay In this dark, damp, fiery
place Trapped here by my sins Which were
committed in vain I have made my amends Because I
have realized this is my home
To Leave
Alex Weir Grade 10
Get away To get away from life For just a
little Melt away Ticket to the horizon Ticket to
beyond Ticket to get me father Ticket to get
somewhere Ticket to leave Ticket from
problems Ticket to get away Ticket to
This is it The way out Key to somewhere,
anywhere Anywhere but here The way to
escape Escape from life Leave for a
little Problems behind The ticket to go Go
somewhere new To find a new place To find a new
My Ticket
Karissa Skibinski Grade 10
I was born with a ticket to live life. Every
year I get older my ticket will be punched. Every
new experience and every new smile my ticket will
be punched. I was given a ticket of life, I was
given a ticket Of freedom, independence a ticket
to love. My ticket is my life to be free. Every
emotion I feel every tear I cry My ticket will
be punched. When I fall in love my ticket will be
punched. When I start a new family my ticket will
be punched. When I die my ticket will be
punched. I was given a ticket to live life to the
The Last Ticket
Shelby Laudenschlager Grade 10
Ive been searching for a ticket Nothing like
one Ive seen before Not to a movie, concert, or
Broadway play This ticket may be predetermined I
might already have it and be looking for
nothing But Im just dying to find it anyways I
cant say Ive done anything wrong But now that
its my time to go When they tell I only have 3
months in me left I just I need to find that
ticket Mr. Zeppelin built me my stairway To
where that ticket will take me And only God knows
if its up or down the stairs Im going But
before I die, I need to have that
ticket Finally, when I sat down and thought to
myself I realized that there is no ticket My
entire life and who I am is the ticket And my
life, is what decides If my eternal rest will be
peaceful, or horrific
Matthew Croft Grade 10
A meaningless piece of paper, Or maybe an
untouchable idea That worthless object to get you
in the fair Or the opportunities given to you at
birth That would lead to open doors, and a life
worth living Possibly the same ticket to enter
the gates, That resembles the ending of a
well lived past It may all sound similar but
there is quite a difference The doors of life an
death, or even a fair A ticket is something you
hold on too To get you through a checkpoint,
Towards the destination of your desire
Sara Kulp Grade 11
Take a chance, Shoot for the stars, Live for the
moment. Be who you are. Smile like you mean
it, Laugh out loud, Push yourself, Stand out from
the crowd. Cry a little, Let your hair
down, Share a secret, Take a night on the
town. Forget popularity, Homecoming queen, Nails
and shopping, And making a scene. Relax a
little, Take a seat, Think of a boy, Who makes
your heart skip a beat.
Remember his smile, His 63 satnce, Relive
every moment, And how you took that chance. Take
this ticket, Of life itself, Use it wisely, And
keep your health. Experience life, Protect your
heart, Open doors, To countless starts. Breathe
life, Taste the years, Make them worthwhile, And
hold them dear.
Jarrid Young Grade 11
I have bought a ticket to leave all of my
previous life behind me and as I board this
lonely train never to go back again I think back
to a time when everything was good When all the
trees grew and I could see all the leaves when
the wind blew but now that all those trees are
bare and the wind wont blow the leaves
anywhere I have decide to leave this town and
move on to a different ground where the day
doesnt end till night and everything else the
moon will light
Dream Ride
Lauren Begany Grade 10
I curl up in my blankets, Sitting wide
awake, Waiting for the train, To help me make my
escape. I keep my golden ticket Carefully by my
side, For if I do lose it, I can never make this
ride. The train pulls up, And I grab my
things. I sit near the window, And the trains
bell rings. I stare out the window, As we move
along. Then all of a sudden, I hear a lullaby
song. I see magical creatures, And all sorts of
things. I see fairies, and dragons, And horses
with wings.
I see angels, and sunlight, And golden day
lilies, And tiny elves dancing, Boy, do they look
silly! Suddenly the train halts, And I see I am
back. I collect my things, And begin to pack. I
am sad by the thought, Of leaving the dream, With
turtles and mermaids Swimming in cream So as I
stand On the tracks of the train, I wave
good-bye, And it starts to rain.
Nicole Bruchak Grade 10
An official passport to take You where you
choose To go Some may never use their
ticket Theyll let it sit Until they dont know
what to do with it they will later regret what
they Might have missed thinking that if they had
more time The problem might be fixed dont let
this happen to you Take full advantage before its
too late You can go anywhere threw the gate The
world is yours Admission for one To go anywhere
and to do anything
Tyler Kuhns Grade 10
Everyone has got one It is the decision of where
you want to go And how much it will cost you It
is a ticket of your life You decide when to take
the ride It is up to you where to start And where
to end All with a ticket
A Ticket to Victory
  • By Kyle Lighting
  • A ticket to victory isnt an easy thing to
  • But the pressure starts to let up if you simply
  • Put your focus to the mission, along with a
    strong urge to succeed
  • And you will obtain your destiny, I strongly
  • ZOOM
  • Run like a cheetah, win that competition
  • BOOM
  • Go in a rocket ship and fly to outer space
  • You can do ANYTHING no matter the case

Ticket To Death
  • By Aaron Young
  • Oh, what a shameful place to be,
  • Like a never ending drop.
  • Falling as fast as a roller coaster in the night
  • You wish you were alive.
  • Woosh!!!, your life passes before your eyes,
  • And you remember when you won that prize.
  • Boom!!!, you finally hit the end,
  • But its just your imagination as it like to

My Golden TicketBy Justin El-Kareh
  • I have a Golden Ticket
  • That takes me to my dreams
  • That grants all your wishes
  • Which doesnt cost a thing
  • Which makes me so happy
  • Thats really what I want
  • So thank you very much

The Ticket To My FriendshipBy Jackie Busolits
  • Friendship
  • A beautiful gift
  • Like a colorful package
  • Wrapped up in a bow
  • Full of hopes and dreams of things to come
  • The ticket to my friendship
  • It started out so well
  • Whether sleepovers, or just hanging out
  • We got along like best friends should
  • Or so I thought
  • I never saw how you really were
  • Until the day
  • You became popular
  • An accepted by others
  • I tried to play along
  • But I ended up fading into the background

  • You ripped out my heart piece by piece
  • A thing you can never restore
  • You tore up the friendship that I prized so dear
  • The friendship that I thought would last for
  • This thing would have worked if you met me half
  • Now I realize the jokes on you
  • I have passed on the ticket of friendship to
  • One that I know will sustain
  • She has mended my heart
  • and will keep it that way
  • Take heed from my example
  • The ticket of friendship is a valuable thing
  • That sometimes can not be restored
  • Be careful who you give your thicket to
  • For the gift of friendship is as beautiful as a
    diamond and more

  • Ticket of Life
  • By Felicity Sorrentino
  • A ticket
  • Like life
  • Kept in a safe place
  • Anticipation
  • Excitement
  • Life
  • Like a ticket
  • Taking a chance
  • What will Happen?
  • Fulfillment or disappointment

Tick-Tock ClockBy Christopher Moyer
  • Tick-Tock clock I got the ticket to time with a
    flick of my wrist Im just in time for class up
    on a pedestal reading aloud for the class about
    what it can do I begin with this magical ticket I
    can travel through time with a jump a spin and a
    buzz I will travel next to Ben Franklin with his
    trusty key and kite have the power to control
    space time and light

A Ticket to ChangeAlexa Bartel
  • A ticket is
  • A new life
  • A second chance to do
  • What you always wanted to do
  • Or to fix
  • What you did wrong
  • You can attempt to offer apologies
  • You can even try
  • Making up for all the fun
  • You ever missed out on
  • Old love can be found once more
  • Engagements meant to be forged
  • And idiotic fights resolved so that
  • A seemingly ruined relationship is mended
  • With a special ticket,

  • People can forget the horrors
  • Of past homes or situations
  • They can create a whole new way of life
  • Free of foster home nightmares
  • Free of the terrors of abuse
  • Free of living in fear of their neighbors
  • People can be offered lives
  • With a caring and accepting family
  • With a safe place to live
  • With friends who are watchful mother birds
  • Who care about and protect them
  • No one should have to live
  • With the memories of their pasts that are
  • Horrid plagues, killing off all happiness and
  • A ticket gives an opportunity
  • To change

A Ticket to FreedomBy Kazim Ali Rajmohamed
  • Oppressed in lands where slavery never ends,
  • Working day and night until we are able to get
    out of this plight,
  • A day full of beating and back aching tasks,
  • Sometimes I question my fate, Why me? I ask
  • My one and only wish is to get out of this place,
  • A ticket to freedom where people dont judge me
    by my race
  • I envision by my side a family that cares,
  • A lifestyle of my own that I can abide by
  • Im waiting for this day when I can be free,
  • Released from my shackles and my misery
  • My life is like a jail cell,
  • And Im its prisoner

Road to FreedomBy Seth Butterfield
  • It was a coliseum
  • Found guilty by crime,
  • I lay here alive
  • Waiting for my time,
  • The gate falls open
  • To the coliseum of heliotrope,
  • I grab up my knife
  • And get ready to fight,
  • Strong as an ox,
  • Yet as sly as a fox.
  • Im well known in the kingdom
  • And Im on my road to freedom.

Idea of Many Meanings
  • By Austin Kotch

A pass to the future A fine that must be paid An
admission to a game To a flight that was
delayed A ticket can be anything Anything you
get for free Itll get you anywhere Anywhere you
need to be
  • You can watch your favorite team
  • Take your son to the game
  • But when you get a parking ticket
  • Whos but you to blame?
  • A ticket can also be figurative
  • An opportunity you must take
  • A pass to the future
  • The road you cannot mistake
  • So whatever kind of ticket
  • Whatever comes your way
  • Be sure you dont miss it
  • On that very golden day

Seeing FantasySue Bin Lee6th Grade, section
Hooves made of Glistening gold Which arent
bold. Pegasus with Magical, magnificent wings As
white as snow, As bright as an angel Making a
road Wherever it goes Made of gold. So if you
want A ticket to fantasy, Go in your bed and
dream About Fantasy.
  • In a land far, far away
  • You can feel the breeze
  • Of fantasy.
  • Where in the clouds,
  • Where you can see,
  • Creatures that are gorgeous
  • Like an Angel.
  • Where dragons fly,
  • You see butterflies by,
  • Flap like an elephants ear.
  • Maybe even to see a
  • Flying pig!
  • Unicorns there are
  • That have horns
  • As sharp as the tip of a knife.

Doom is SmokingScott Springer6th grade, section
  • The ticket to Doom
  • The blackness swirls like dark clouds
  • Smoking
  • Is the doom ticket
  • Black smoke in lungs
  • Swirling black vortex of doom
  • Dark as night
  • Deadly as explosives
  • Burning like fire
  • Smoking is your ticket to Doom
  • Seems harmless
  • In other eyes it seems bad

The OppositesBy Mariah Gannett and Ashlyn
Jacoby(These next two poems were written to go
The Life of DarknessMariah Gannett6th Grade,
section 6-06
Ive got a ticket to the circus. It might be
fun A big black tent sits in the middle of
nowhere I hear the growl of tigers And the roar
of the elephants Inside the circus seems to have
a theme Black I suddenly feel depressed Like my
lift is gone
I see a tightrope walker with skin as gray as a
corpse A black horse zooms by me, His fierce red
eyes full of fury Whoosh! The fire spitter lets
out a burst The flames fall upon me I feel no
pain, just depression Im in Im a member of the
circus Dead
The Life of HappinessAshlyn Jacoby6th grade,
section 6-06
And dont get worried like a rabbit thats
late. Youll be as happy as a kid in a candy
store, Youll be with everyone, Everyone you have
ever dreamed of being with. So you never know
when the day is going to come, So live your
life, One by one.
Theres a little thing called the ticket to
heaven. It comes around when it feels that its
time, Bam! Youre there, And you feel so relieved
and happy. Its like no place you have ever been
before. So dont be sad like a cat without yarn,
My Ticket to EverythingGarrett Collins6th
Grade, section 6-06
If you wonder I will tell you, If you ask I will
explain, Its my cheat sheet to the world, My
answers to everything, A ticket to a movie, A key
to happiness, The main thing of life, Its why I
even live, It can be as silent as night,
As noisy as day, It can be anything at
sight, Thats why I have to say, If you wonder I
will tell you, I you ask I will explain, You can
take a guess now, On what this thing might be, If
you think thats what it is, Then yes, my ticket
to everything.
My Ticket to WorldsLauren Therese Geiger6th
grade, section 6-06
  • Words on a computer screen
  • Swim in my mind
  • Over one hundred pages
  • Written over years at a time
  • It started with a dream
  • And a vision, a sight
  • I thought that I would
  • I sought that I might
  • So I sat and typed
  • And I typed
  • And I typed
  • Words budded and bloomed
  • Grew and climbed
  • Now a story is growing
  • On a flowering vine
  • It started in the 4th grade
  • Through fifth, now sixth
  • Every hour I sit
  • It grows even higher

My ticket to success Is my stubborn mind My
passion, my talent My golden sun That shines and
shines And blocks out Those yeah rights and
doubts Of ignorant minds So still I climb The
vine that Im growing With the precious ticket I
am holding So tenderly in my hand Of a jubilant
dream That I know wont wilt For someday
seeing My name in print.
Ticket Poem By Dennis Peterson
  • A ticket to life is hard work
  • It is doing the best you can
  • It is motivation and determination
  • Studying hard in every class
  • Doing all your homework
  • Doing more than just to pass
  • Trying harder when you make a mistake
  • And not getting discouraged when you do

  • It is participating and paying attention
  • Doing all those things you dont want to do
  • It is something that not everyone wants or can
  • The ticket to life is very valuable
  • When you do get this ticket it will be rewarding
  • With this ticket you can attain success
  • And lead a happy life

  • Ticket
  • By Elizabeth Sherr
  • Did you ever wonder
  • How many different emotions
  • Can come from a
  • simple ticket
  • A young girl
  • Who is overwhelmed
  • With the most excitement she ever had
  • Just because a simple ticket
  • Lets her go to the
  • Sweetest concert of the year
  • Or possibly a busy man
  • On the way to work
  • Who is running late

Even a mother of two Who waits in the line Of
the local grocery market Holds a simple deli
ticket Who feels relief That the number on her
ticket Is the upcoming one The little boy No
more then five years of age Waits with his daddy
In front of the train station Feels as excited
As any one could ever feel And yet the most
nervous He could ever imagine Just because a
simple ticket Gives him access for his biggest
dream to become the greatest reality Oh how
many Different emotions Can come from a Simple
  • There is So Much a Ticket Can Offer
  • By Erin Kloss
  • What should we do? What should we see?
  • There is so much a ticket can offer.
  • As many choices as a salad bar
  • For my friends and me
  • Tickets pull us to the games
  • As we sit as tense as a stalking cat
  • To see who wins the game
  • Go, team, Go
  • Its one thing a ticket can offer

  • Tickets allow us to see many shows
  • Movies and concerts and plays
  • As we sit eating popcorn with butter
  • Pop, Pop, Pop
  • Its one thing a ticket can offer
  • Tickets drag us all over the world
  • By bus, by train, by plane
  • To see the wonders of the world
  • Wow!
  • Its one thing a ticket can offer.
  • Tickets give us a little cash
  • As we scratch and scratch and scratch
  • To see what we won
  • Yippee!
  • Its one thing a ticket can offer
  • What should we do? What should we see?

A Ticket Will Guide You All the WayBy Augusta
  • Passageway is what a ticket means,
  • You need one to buy lunch or cross overseas,
  • A ticket can mean a passage to freedom,
  • Such as a slave paper that certifies you're free,
  • Or a horrible voyage like the RMS Titanic that
    ended up under the sea,
  • On the Polar Express you need a ticket to ride,
  • Willy Wonka requires you to hold a ticket to go
  • A Broadway show,

A Ticket Will Guide You All the Way (continued)
  • You need a ticket to go,
  • That's not all the tickets you find,
  • If you do a sloppy parking job that's out of
  • You will soon posses a ticket and a fine,
  • Everywhere you go you need a ticket to show,
  • A ticket to success, a parking ticket, a ticket
    to ride an airplane, a ticket to drink champagne!

A Ticket Will Guide You All the Way (continued)
  • A ticket is the same as full and the opposite of
  • A ticket is more than a piece of flimsy
  • It allows you to watch, ride, or board,
  • Tickets to operas, tickets to plays, if you buy a
    ticket, it will guide you all the way!

The Worshiped TicketBy Ali Greenholt
  • A ticket is not just a piece of paper it could be
    much more
  • Its a key to millions of newly found doors
  • A ticket to your future, your success, or just
    your favorite show
  • Where yours will take you, I do not know
  • A wonderful production, what a wonderful show!
  • Magnificent actors and the end fireworks glow!
  • The producer deserves a standing ovation for
  • The\is small piece of paper gave you sweet bliss!

  • Instead of being the watcher, be the watched
  • If youre in the show, it wont be botched
  • You get a different ticket this way
  • A ticket to your future go from school
    production to Broadway!
  • A plane in the marshmallow-like clouds
  • A train chug chugging so loud!
  • Places to go and people to see
  • Grab your ticket and be at the gate by three.
  • Whether its big or small, new or old
  • Whether its worth a time with a friend, or a
    piece of gold
  • It could be yellow, orange, plain white, totally
    invisible, or blue
  • It could be for me or it could be for you

  • Is Today My Lucky Day?
  • By Brenda Hageter
  • I always get a lotto ticket
  • Today has to be my lucky day!
  • If I see my numbers I will win..maybe big
  • 38.
  • 21.
  • I see the money falling into my pocket!
  • I have all the numbers right so far!
  • 80..
  • 61

  • I think I am going to win!
  • Yes! Yes! Yes!
  • I started jumping up and
  • down like a kangaroo
  • I won!
  • I won!
  • Im rich!
  • But what am I going to do with all this money?

Baffled, Bewildered, and ConfusedBy Megan
  • Im baffled, bewildered, and confused,
  • Why you ask? Let me tell you.
  • My teacher inquired what a ticket was to me,
  • Well, I thought, Its just a piece of paper
    that accepts a fee.
  • I pondered I wondered and pondered some more,
  • Hmmm
  • Until I found a solution much better than before.
  • A ticket holds that universal key, unlocking
    everything that could possibly be.

Baffled, Bewildered, and Confused(continued)
  • But that cant be it, there has to be more.
  • What exactly could a ticket be used for?
  • Maybe a plane flying up like a bird with great
  • Or even a man-eating fire without a fright.
  • A ticket can be used so many places and times,
  • But a normal ticket can only be used one time.
  • Though my thinking didnt stop there,
  • A ticket cant be just a piece of paper getting
    you somewhere.

Baffled, Bewildered, and Confused(continued)
  • All of a sudden my bustling mind came to a halt,
  • I had my conclusion,
  • this time without its past faults.
  • There arent only tickets seen with the eye,
  • What matters most is that special ticket
  • which comes from inside.
  • A ticket that is happiness and joy,
  • a ticket to success, that one key,
  • And that rare ticket is the only one
  • that matters to me.

Excitement of the soccer gameby Tyler Lake
  • All these people have a ticket to my soccer game!
  • Whew
  • Im getting nervous
  • My heart is pounding like lions jumping
  • I start sweating
  • Tweet!
  • I hear a whistle
  • Everyone is running around me
  • Someones coming after me.
  • AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  • I fall to the ground
  • Tweet!! Called the whistle
  • Penalty kick yelled the ref
  • I kick it with all my power
  • It flew over everyone
  • Its
  • Its
  • out! the ref screamed
  • I passed it over to him
  • He kicks
  • AHHHHH!!!!
  • He shoots!
  • Yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
  • We won!!

Thinking Thats the Ticket!By Alan Mendez
Step right up! The show is yours! Embark on the
grandest of all tours! Discover a cavern,
commune with a thicket, But first you will need
your admission ticket. As important as your
ticket may be, It has a knack of easily Evading a
humans greedy hand, This is the truth as sure as
I stand.
Thinking Thats the Ticket!
  • Swish! Swash! Thud! Clang!
  • A bell hits the floor with an earsplitting Bang!
  • You trip, trying to tackle the falling table,
  • You stretch your fingers as sure as youre able.
  • As you get your bearings, you look at the ground
  • Your ticket is nowhere to be found.

Thinking Thats the Ticket! (continued)
  • Wheres the ticket? Ill tell you
  • The unfortunate fool doesnt have a clue.
  • Its in the gutters, where the bad water goes
  • Laughing its head off, wouldnt you know?
  • Like a child thats succeeded in some little
  • All of this treachery makes me sick.
  • So in your travels, you aught
  • To give your ticket a little thought,
  • For when you lose it, which youll do,
  • Your ticket will surely think of you.

  • A Ticket to the World
  • By Kelsey Molseed
  • Id like to go away somewhere
  • And someday I will go.
  • Id like to get away someday
  • And see the entire world.
  • Id like to go to England
  • And see the great Stonehenge
  • Show me the way to Egypt
  • Show me the pyramids.
  • Let me go to Germany
  • And walk around Berlin.
  • Let me go to France
  • And see where kings once lived.

  • Id like to see more people
  • That I still have yet to see
  • As far away as china
  • And as close as New Jersey.
  • I want to feel the mist of Niagara Falls,
  • I want to sail the Mediterranean Sea.
  • I want to go South where the sun is warm
  • And North where tears will freeze.
  • Id like to get away someday
  • And swim in every sea.
  • And I know that Ill get away someday
  • If only in my dreams.

Ticket Tonya David -now it seems
worthless -but it was something grand -something
that guaranteed a show, a prize, or a fan -as
money means value, this paper means
excitement -lions and clowns, sparkle and
fire -singers and shows, a game of players
desire -with imagination and favor -it can open
up the door to new experiences -and allow the
mind to explore different and thrilling
places -now the sizes may vary -colors too -but
every ticket symbolizes something special about
Ticket Taylor Remaly My ticket out, Out of
boredom, out of the box. Something completely
new, But not new to my mind. I have been
thinking long and hard, And now its time to
make it become reality. I have a dream, Most
think its unrealistic. Now its time, I have my
ticket, My ticket out.
Which is really just a time, A time in which I
feel that I am ready. I feel sure of
myself, Finally enough confidence to make it. My
ticket does not guarantee success, But merely an
opportunity. An opportunity I will take full
advantage of. I will do it, I will make
it, Thanks to my ticket.
Jessica DeMaio
I stand outside the doorway and look in Inside is
a party that I want to join But I dont have the
power to pass Through the door I feel depressed
as I look inside At the thousands of people
enjoying Their life while I stand outside
in Bitter disappointment
I can see the wonders that life hold The secrets
that it seems to give Everyone but me And I
cry Yes, I stand outside of the door Looking into
the bright light full of Secrets that could be
mine If I had jumped If I hadnt hesitated If I
hadnt lost My ticket to life
Arsenic and Old Lace
Kaitlin Kenyon
melt me into the mud because I am the dirt left
on your knees from long days kneeling at the feet
of god destroy me because I am not the
prayer that you wanted answered melt me into the
mud because I am the soot on your daughters
cheek because I am the face that haunts you in
the ashes
destroy me because I am your marionette your
pantomime, your mulatto I am the oil in the
creases of your hands, the line of dirt beneath
your fingernails. destroy me because I am yours
to destroy because I am the mud sucking down the
souls of your feet. melt me into the
mud because I am the ashes in your urn because I
am your ticket to heaven.
Ticket Ben Lander
Twas on a February eve and my heart could scarce
believe that you should bring my soul
reprieve and make me feel so high. My arms in
yours, and yours in mine. Your scent, a rose,
sweet and divine. Id finally found my
valentine, my ticket to the sky. But then the
night drew to a close And much as I tried to
oppose, there is no fighting He who rose the sun
as it came nigh. And so we shared one final
kiss Filled with passion, love and bliss. Never
did I think that this would be my last good-bye.
The road was wet, I drove too fast. I didnt see
him speeding past. The faces all seemed so
aghast as the life drained from my eyes. I found
myself in a room of light, there was no other
thing in sight except a figure, dressed in
white. His name, need I imply? Lord, said I,
can this be real? Everything seems so
surreal- But then He forced my lips to seal As
He gave me this reply This is no dream, my
frightened son. Your time on earth is clearly
done. But do not fear, for you have won, and on
your faith I may rely.
So I shall grant you one request, for surely you
have stood the test. Ask of me, you shall be
blessed with anything I can supply. And so I
sat, and did compose my heart on paper, in this
prose. And in an envelope enclosed these words to
you, from I. I cant express my love for you in
these few words, but Ill construe hopefully how
much I do, my precious butterfly. I may be gone
from your dimension, but I have an
apprehension. Well be together, and did I
mention? Youre my ticket to the sky.
"Ticket To Life"
Meagan Walsh
Ticket to Fame, Your 15 minutes in the spotlight
, How much? More than you can handle Ticket to
Fortune, Glamour, riches beyond your wildest
dreams, How much? More than you can handle
Ticket to knowing all, Using your power to make
the world as you want, How much? More than you
can handle Ticket to life, Controlling your
destiny, living like its your last, How
much? Incalculable
502 By Michael Wolfe
  • Full tank, Full throttle
  • Drive all day and through the night
  • Romance the road, winding left to right
  • The stars above guide me the moonlight is free
  • A feeling inside me and the whole world to see
  • Driving fast makes me feel good
  • The speed of light trapped under my hood
  • Breaking laws cause theres nothing to do

  • Hundreds of miles rolled off today
  • Signs lose their meanings, minutes tick away
  • Dirt roads to interstates, I must have drove them
  • Drive until daybreak , always on the go
  • Life on the freeway, night shift til dawn patrol
  • This feeling inside me I drive until daybreak
  • Driving the interstate.
  • And stopped for a 502

Carnival Ticket ByOlga Karounos Carnival
ticket Ticket on the ground That poor little
ticket Was lucky to be found Joyful carousels
and fun Ferris wheels Adorable stuffed animals
with bells at their heels (now all I have to do
is just find that door) Funny little Clowns and
quirky magicians Pink Cotton candy and buttery
(I couldve sworn I just passed that wall) House
of mirrors? Looks entertaining. Well it did when
I walked in Three days ago. So now Im lost No
where to be found All because I found that stupid
carnival ticket On the ground.
  Ticket to a Dream Kayla Krotzer I got a
ticket today I dont know what its for But I pack
up all my stuff And I'm heading out the
door before I leave I say my last goodbyes I take
a look at the past and try to dry my eyes It's
all fading away now It has all disappeared I have
nothing to live for all but my fear Theres a big
huge door swarming with bright lights I'm blinded
for a second until fear hits me of what is before
my eyes I try to look away for the pain I can not
bare I know regret holding my breath accepting
that ticket
I did not know it would be my last tears slide
down my face as I feel cold grasp I turn around
and an angel is standing there leading me back to
body so I can return home I wake up now and know
it is all a dream I got a ticket in the mail and
then I scream
" The Ticket To Your Heart Bryana Williams I
want the ticket to your heart For once just tell
me where to start. Give me the chance to find the
ticket to your heart, Give me the number, then I
will start. Show me the way into your life, We'll
go for a drive, I'll give you the world. Give me
the ticket into your mind, It's full of sweet
things I'd probably never find. We should take a
chance, we should take a ride, I'm trying to find
things I'd never ever find. Give me the ticket
into your heart. It's all about love it's all
about life, I want the memories and laughter, I
want the world, and everything after. Use your
imagination, the world is your to see. The world
is on your shoulders, it's no longer up to
me. Show me the ticket into your dreams, It's all
or nothing, not in between. Let me have the
ticket to your soul, Trust me I will never ever
let that ticket go.
Freedom Sarah Fields What is a ticket? What
could it be? A passport, a license, An invite, a
key? What is a ticket? A ticket is access A
passport to happiness, A key to success. What
is your ticket? What is your key? A license to
liberty, A passage to be free. A ticket allows
access, A ticket permits admission, A ticket
gives us hope, freedom, and permission. Tickets
are hope, And a pass to liberty. And with my
ticket, I can be free.
Graduation Day Mandy Koenig 1 hour to leave 1
hour to go 1 hour to get going 1 hour to
departure 1 hour to freedom   All the memories up
till now All the friends i had All the drama that
happened All the sports events I went to All the
freedom I had   For all the money I spent on my
car For all the miles I went For all the wind in
my face For all the carefree days For all the
freedom   My college I'm going to My job after
that My new friends My new adventure My ticket to
freedom.    When reading this think of Graduation
Future Sabrina Adams Im stuck here on this
road With no idea where to go I have this ticket
called future in my hand My future, as of now
is unplanned Growing up has now turned into an
overrated occasion An occasion, with no
explanation So far we have spent our
lives Worrying about things just to take up the
time And we sit and stare at the news to
complain When really in the end, were the ones
to blame Our parents make excuses While really
the youth knows that its useless The hope,
love, and freedom is gone And weve been here for
way too long Its up to the media, government,
and parents To make things like the were once
right Whether its for eternity or just one
night Im stuck here on this road With no idea
where to go I have this ticket called future
in my hand My future still stands unplanned
TICKETS TO FAILURE Seth Hanner Ticket one -
laziness, procrastination, sleeping all day,
watching too much television Ticket two - bad
grades, not studying, not paying
attention, fooling around Ticket three - drugs
and alcohol, you cannot perform to your best
ability, you miss opportunities to
succeed Ticket four disobeying the
law, citations, speeding, murder, stealing, lead
to life in prison Ticket five
selfishness, doing things the way you want them,
instead of the way they are supposed to be
done, can lead to loosing jobs, These tickets can
lead to a hard life, you will not be able to have
a good job, no body wants to hire someone with
these attributes if you have to many of these
tickets, you will have a miserable life.
"The Ticket George Klaum Smiles stained, My
overture, Left to kill the roads, Cars and
trains, Trucks and Planes, The ticket is the
code. A man was 5, Plus a few more tens, And a
biased little speech, He gave me 10, One two then
four, And off again I teach. They ask us
questions, Where did it come from? What is its
purpose and why? I reply with a smile, And a
numbered paper, A Raffle, a bet, a tie. We took
our chances, And strapped ourselves in,
With an envy for the blue, Deep blue
oceans, Blocking our path, In a plane with an
obnoxious crew. My fictional story, Is only part
true, From what i have chosen to bleed, The
choices we make, And the things that we say, Are
all of the dreams that we need.
Ticket to Success or Failure Brandon Bubba Do
you have the right ticket? The ticket to
success, opportunity, and all the things you ever
wanted Do you have the desire to go out and give
it your all? Do you have what it takes to
succeed? Do you strive for all the things you
want in life? If you do you are taking the
ticket to success not failure If so those wishes
youve had for your whole life will come true
But, if you do not strive higher than you think
you can Youre taking the ticket to
failure Ticket to a stressful life Ticket to a
place you never wanted to go Ticket to a lazy
non-working life Ticket to a poor and boring
life If thats what you want go ahead and take
that ticket! What path are you going to
take? Which ticket do you really want? Do you
have the right ticket in mind? The ticket to
success, opportunity, and all the things you ever
wanted Pick the right ticket and take your life
to the next level Dont take the easy way out.
Ticket to Friendship Chloe Frick Success is the
ticket to happiness, Some people say. But I think
friendship, Gets you through each day. The ticket
to love, Is what makes the world go round. When
the person you adore, Is finally found. The
ticket to life, I also suppose. Is having people
around you, That you sincerely chose. The ticket
to your future, Is up to you to decide. You
choose your fate, Push bad thoughts aside. The
ticket to friendship, Is everything
combined. Caring, happiness and love, Is the
ticket to mankind.
Ticket Sam Tatum Now that I have my ticket I
can do what ever I want I can go travel the
world I can go see a show I can go on
vacation And I can go were ever I want This
ticket can send me anywhere This is the ticket to
the world With this I can do anything I can do
anything I want No one can stop me All I have to
do is show them the ticket Theyll me in or
on Theyll let me go or leave With a ticket I can
rule the world Ticket are worth money Some ticket
are rare My ticket though is the best of all It
is all ticket all in one That is why I can do
anything I can rule the world
Ticket Colin Coleman Stop hesitating Your dreams
are waiting Give into temptation Awaits your
destination Without sacrifice Live your
life Follow your vision Make your decision There
is no crime Your choice is sublime This ticket is
the key It unlocks your destiny Closer and closer
you come To finish what has begun Something so
small Can mean it all From here to there By sea
or air Train or bus Do whatever you must
"TICKET"Brandon Groller Golden road to
success,Path of life,Very well-centeredOrganize
d,Done the impossible,Self-confident,Good
attitude of life,Family guy,Proud,Very
respectful,Promotion,Very trustworthy,Good
mind,Well-prepared,Good heart.Achievement,Sets
goals,Achieves goals.
Ticket Joe Farrell A ticket is a key A key that
can lead to anywhere To unlock any door To far
off countries Or different worlds Into the
past Or into the future To somewhere near Or
somewhere far away It can lead to where youve
been Or to somewhere youre going Inside your
mind Or to the ends of the earth To adventure Or
to peace To meet someone Or to run away from
them To what is right Or what is wrong A ticket
is a key.
  • Sara Knauss

I need a ticket,so that I can leave,to the
place where nobody will find me. Between the
frozen trees of winter,and all the fallen
leaves,where all you hear is the quiet wind.
Let me leave to this place,thats only
inhabitant is me.Near the frozen creekand
rolling snow covered hills.This is where the
crisp winter air blows through the mighty
trees. Here in my place,is were I am
alone.Nobody can find me here,my thoughts are
to my own.
  • My Extraordinary Ticket
  • By Taylor Weilnau
  • Here in my hands lies my ticket.
  • My extra special ticket
  • that is filled with hopes and dreams
  • and is handmade just for me.
  • The first place my ticket will take me is on a
  • a plane with unlimited fuel.
  • We will go to Paris, London, Rome
  • even Athens, Cairo, and Hong Kong.
  • My ticket will bring me adventure.
  • Next place my ticket will take me is to the
  • We will see bright flowers, vicious animals,
  • feel smooth foreign plants, and maybe
  • even hear the songs of a toucan high up in the
  • My ticket will show me the exotic.

Then my ticket will take me to an art
studio. There we will create a mural of ours
dreams, of our hopes, and even of successes. Our
murals will be one of a kind. My ticket will give
me the gift of art. Next my ticket will take me
to a field hockey field. There we will stay for
hours, hours and hours on end. It gives us a
feeling of being whole and worthy. My ticket will
help me grow and share my love of a sport. The
very last place my ticket will take me is to
God. There I will ask one simple question, Where
did I get this ticket? He will point to my heart
and say, In the place where all things come, your
Your Heart
One Ticket By Todd Anderson Everyone gets a
ticket. One, that is all. You must keep it, and
hold it. Protect it from the world. It is yours
to keep, and yours to show. To anyone you
want, And even your foes.
You make it what you want. You crease it or
fold. You straighten it out, or wrinkle it
more. Yesterdays over. Tomorrows to come. Your
tickets your life. Your life it becomes.
A ticket to lifeBy Todd Simon
  • A ticket to life is a ticket to freedom
  • The older you get the more free you become
  • We make lots of choices along the way
  • Some are good I guess you can say
  • And some are bad but thats ok
  • A ticket to life is a ticket to fun
  • Sometimes you walk sometimes you run
  • Sometimes you do things that are a little dumb

You have not yet seen what is yet to
becomeWith a little hard work you can get things
doneA ticket to life is a ticket to dreamsNot
everything is as it seems sometimes you
laughsometimes you cryWhen you are dreaming it
seems like life passes you byBut you keep asking
"The Ticket"
By William Kennington
The greatest resource of allCan take you
anywhere you desire, Any place you would like to
go, As long as you have the interest. From city
to sea and from sea to city, Up in the air, over
the ground, or on the sea, Any place you can
think of and much more, All in one small parcel.
It can get you from nowhere to somewhere, From
start to finish, or from home to work, Allowing
access to a movie or to a game, Winning the
lottery or on a train. Allowing an escape from
the everyday and And a passage into a new one, A
reward in the future or to explore the sea, A
ticket does it all.
Dancing Tickets
  • Everyones lined up in a row,
  • They have come to get tickets for the big show.
  • The first ones in line camped out all night,
  • They needed these tickets to be seated just
  • The tickets will get them in the door,
  • So they can see what all the excitement is for.
  • There will be feet that float as light as a
  • Therell be tapers and leapers that dance all
  • Therell be hip-hoppers that pop,
  • Like machines that wont stop.
  • Therell be ballerinas as pretty as a rose,
  • Some will be on Pointe high up on their toes.
  • Others will tap like a drum with a beat,
  • As they quickly move their shuffling feet.
  • So you see.
  • The tickets theyve gotten will be well worth the
  • For the dancers are ready for this special date
  • Rachel Sechrist

Ticket to Anywhere
Ive go the world to go see Just to get to know
me A ticket to nowhere You might think but I see
it as a ticket To anywhere I want to go A place
just for me To find who I am or what I can be
give me a ticket By Lauren Fischer
Give me a ticket To where I dont care? I have
everywhere to go And me heart to fill I Can go to
Russia I can go to Rome I can go to the moon Or
just to the zoo Give Me a ticket
My Ticket to Success
I need to succeed Where can I find my
answer? What can I do to be remembered? Wheres
my golden ticket? The ticket to success Is to
strive for the best By Sean Baker
A ticket A chance Reading a book A ticket
here Reading a story A ticket anywhere A
getaway A hideaway A ticket A chance By Sean
A Beautiful Somewhere
With this ticket I hold Take me away Away from
the cold Away from today A ticket from the
wind To move with the breeze To open my eyes With
my heart at great ease
Shoe me the seas Show me the stars Take me to
Europe Or maybe to Mars This ticket of mine Is a
ticket to share To take me away To a beautiful
somewhere By Abby Ludrof
Ticket to Your Life
A ticket to the past To see everything that
didnt last Fix all your mistakes And fix
everything you regret A ticket to the future To
see what's in store for you See how your life
will turn out And change it before it
strikes By Alison Nadraws
Yea, Thats the Ticket
Success My good is better and my better is best I
hold the ticket to my life's success The ticket
is desire A future I admire I control my life
plan This ticket will make me a man It can take
me to outer space There is no time to waste A
ticket of imagination Starts with my education We
all hold the ticket There is no limit
By Max Molseed and Mike Schantz
Ticket to Nationals
Were going to nationals Were going to beat them
all The lights shine above us I just hope I dont
fall We made it all the way Its all because of
them We sold our share of tickets Were going to
have a ball By Ashley Marie Labdik
A Golden Ticket
A golden ticket To a magical factory A crumpled
ticket In your pocket to return home And aged
ticket From long, long ago A ticket to your
future Everything so clear to see Where it will
take you From sea to shining sea By Kayla Miller
The Wallet of Time
In the wallet of time Seconds are pennies And
minutes are dimes Hours are dollars That you use
to pay For how you live life From day to day
With your last few dollars In your wallet of
time You pay for your ticket That will let you
fly By Caleb Stevens
The Ticket
No one will hand you your ticket to life You must
earn it Not be cheating But with honesty,
compassion, and trust I know you have heard these
words before but hey have not affected you So
think about them you many earn you ticket By
Alexandra Rutt
The ticket in your hand Is a ticket or
remembrance When the strong wind blows I might
blow with it Just make sure You hold on to your
ticket By Brenda Strockyj
The ticket to life Experiencing the world New
people New opportunities So much to accomplish in
so little time Countless dreams to make come
true We take comfort in knowing the sky's the
limit Deep down you secretly carry doubt But
nothing is going to stop you Nothing can possibly
hold you down So you persevere in doing
whatever It takes you achiever your goals You
feel passion to deeply for doing what you love
The Ticket to life
Having the right to freedom of speech Saying what
you truly think Speaking your mind to its
greatest extent No one to question you morals or
beliefs Nobody to judge you and tell you that
you're wrong Undertaking the challenge of
accepting yourself Giving up trying to be
something you're not Being yourself without
insecurity Having self-confidence under the
worst of circumstances And when you're whole
world comes crashing down In the end you know
you can always count on yourself So cherish this
ticket and never take it for granted By Gabby
Ticket of Love
  • Have you ever felt a special way about someone
    for the first time?
  • A feeling that feels as if you swallowed a bug?
  • Or like butterflies flying around in your
  • Then you just got the ticket of love
  • Have you ever had that person feel the same exact
    way about you?
  • That you feel like a bee who has just found the
    perfect flower?
  • Then you just got the ticket of love

  • Have you ever done something special with that
  • That makes you feels as though you entered the
    gates of heaven?
  • Have you ever had your first kiss with that
  • Then you just got the ticket of love
  • Have you ever spent time with that person,
  • That you thought you would never forget?
  • Have you ever thought you would spend your whole
    life with that person?
  • Then you just got the ticket of love
  • By Aimee Kline

The Ticket of Possibilities
  • The Ticket of Possibilities
  • As I was walking from school one day,
  • I found a ticket, the color of horses hay.
  • Picking it up, I wondered what uses it had
  • It could have been a speeding ticket that was
  • It could be used to go to the zoo! I thought with
    a jump.
  • It couldve been for a museum, filled with bones,
    and a thousand-year old tree stump!
  • It could possibly be for the theater, the movie
    full of suspense,
  • Or could it be a lottery ticket, winning the
    holder dollars and cents?
  • I thought and thought question after question
  • Then I looked at the back of the ticket it said
  • By Rachel Pocock