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Schools Termly Finance Seminars


E05 Finance Assistant 2 hour per week 40012222 ... Back up to proforma RM/SIMS (System print which shows year to date spend and current budget) ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Schools Termly Finance Seminars

Schools Termly Finance Seminars
  • 5th for Centrally Funded Schools6th November for
    Fully Funded Schools
  • Rufus Centre
  • Flitwick

  • 9.15 Introduction Kevin Green
  • 9.20 Unitary Kevin Green
  • 9.30 Monthly Reports Dawn Hill
  • 9.35 Energy Certificates Dawn Hill
  • 9.40 Internal Audit Roger Willoughby
  • 9.55 Payroll /HR Jackie Brame
    QA Vikki Oakes
  • 10.30 Coffee
  • 10.50 12.15 Workshop Forecast Outturns
  • Due Date Friday 5th December 2008
  • Dawn Hill Gina Chandler

  • 139 Schools going to Central Beds
  • 79 Schools going to Bedford Borough
  • Bedford Borough
  • Director of Children Services Chris Hilliard
  • Assistant DoCS and Chief Education Officer
    Graham Last
  • Assistant Director Planning John
  • Finance Director - Philip Simpkins

  • Central Bedford
  • Director of Children Services and Deputy Chief
    Executive Edwina Grant
  • Finance Director Clive Heaphy

  • SFAs, Bursary Service and RM helpdesk is being
    split between the two authorities
  • May mean a change of SFA/Bursar from April 2009
    for 40-50 of schools
  • Seminars in February will be one morning Central
    Beds, one morning for Bedford Borough, with
    invites to relevant Staff

  • Any Schools wishing to move to Fully Funded from
    April 2009 please apply ASAP rather than wait for
    deadline of February 2009.
  • Will keep you informed of developments

Monthly Reports
  • New Format
  • Larger print
  • Additional detail
  • Electronic
  • No further paper copy December prints received
    beginning January

Energy Certificates
  • Letter Property Manager M Winstanley
  • Attached spreadsheet listing all buildings that
    require DEC (Display Energy Certificate)
  • Applies to all buildings over 1000m2
  • Funded from Contingency agreed by School Forum

Internal Audit
  • Schools Finance Seminars November 2008
  • Roger Willoughby
  • Audit Manager (Education)
  • FMSiS Accredited Assessor
  • 01234 228776

  • Fraud Prevention and Governance
  • FMSiS 2008-09
  • School Audit Visits

Fraud Prevention Governance
  • Whistleblowing Policy
  • maintain independent lines of reporting
  • publish in a place where all staff can access it
  • For FMSiS take Local Authoritys policy and dont
    alter it!
  • Register of Gifts and Hospitality
  • transparency of governance and management
  • reasonableness of declarations

Fraud Prevention Governance
  • Register Declaration of Pecuniary Interests
  • transparency of governance and management
  • renew declarations annually
  • any interests which the school may have dealings
  • if in doubt DECLARE IT!
  • keep old forms in line with guidelines (suggest 3
    yrs plus current)

FMSiS 2008-09
  • 2008-09 Assessments
  • Recent Training at Forest Centre 14th October
  • Reminder letter to all schools to start
    scheduling process
  • Will be assessed in order of submission
  • Possible delays in assessments for post-
    Christmas submissions

FMSiS 2008-09
  • Confirm submission date with Schools Finance or
    Internal Audit
  • Complete G4 and submit electronically
  • Arrange to deliver paper/ electronic evidence
  • Wait for contact regarding school visit

School Audit visits
  • School is notified in advance
  • Records should be available and organised
  • Headteacher should be available for opening/
    closing meetings
  • Please dont
  • Forget to check that all records are available
  • Miss the opening/ closing meetings- they are
  • Use the auditor for emotional counselling (we are
    good, but not that good)

School Audit visits
  • However the majority of schools are very helpful-
    greatly appreciated
  • Helps minimise time spent at the school
  • And hence the time spent with Finance staff and

Schools Payroll
  • Finance Seminars
  • 5th 6th November 2008

Integrated SAP HR Payroll
  • HR
  • Recruitment
  • New Starters
  • Leavers
  • Changes
  • Absence
  • Pay Awards
  • Service Reports
  • Pay Points
  • Payroll
  • Timesheets
  • Expenses Claims
  • PAYE Tax Codes
  • National Insurance
  • Maternity
  • Payslips

  • HR
  • All changes to be advised as soon as possible.
  • Latest date for receipt of authorised paperwork
    is the last working day of the previous month.
  • Earlier Christmas, Easter and September deadlines
    will be notified in advance.
  • Payroll
  • All changes to be advised as soon as possible.
  • All authorised timesheets and claims for the
    current month, to be received at County Hall by
    4pm on the 8th of the month.
  • Earlier Christmas and Easter deadlines will be
    notified in advance.

Forms to use and where to find them
  • HR Change forms
  • Timesheet and Expenses claim forms
  • New Authorised Signatory form
  • Education and Learning
  • Information for teachers etc
  • Support for Schools
  • Log in Heads and Deputies Log in
  • Human Resources form list on left
  • then Payroll processing forms ( includes the
    authorised signatory form)
  • or Travel and Subsistence rates (which includes
    all forms)

Who do I contact?
  • HR
  • Changes to Personal details
  • Salaries
  • Allowances
  • Deductions
  • Grade
  • Spinal point
  • FTE
  • Entitlement
  • Absence
  • Cost Centre
  • E0 number
  • Payroll
  • PAYE tax codes
  • National Insurance
  • Maternity
  • Overtime payments
  • Additional hours
  • Expenses claims
  • Duplicate payslip (charge)

SAP personal numbers
  • Employees are allocated a different SAP number
    for each separate employment.
  • Each post is linked to an E0 number.
  • The E0 number determines how employee costs will
    be assigned within BCCs Financial Reporting
  • To ensure correct coding of costs the E0 number
    must be identified for all post holder changes.

Ms Keen works in a small Bedfordshire village
  • E01 Teacher post 0.5 FTE
  • E01 Provides sickness cover and is paid 3
    additional hours 659999
  • E02 Ad Hoc Supply hours at the school in the
    adjacent village. 634444
  • E03 Midday Supervisor post 6 hours per week
  • E04 Cleaner Supervisory role 4 hours per week
  • E05 Finance Assistant 2 hour per week
  • E31 Extended Schools Drama Therapist 3 hours per
    week 40025555

E0 reporting Basic Pay
  • E01 Teachers Basic Pay
  • E02 Supply Staff Basic Pay
  • E03 Educational Support Staff Basic Pay
  • E05 Employees Basic Pay
  • E04 Premises Staff Basic Pay
  • E07 Other Staff Basic Pay
  • E31 Comm. Focused Ext. School Staff-Sup
  • GL 5111100
  • GL 5111120
  • GL 5111140
  • GL 5111000
  • GL 5111160
  • GL 5111190
  • GL 5111170

Multiple Employments
  • Ms Keen was a good example of an employee with
    multiple jobs. Although she has many roles, she
    receives one BACS payment each month, one payslip
    and the Employers National Insurance cost to BCC
    should be apportioned across all her roles.
  • But..
  • When the Bursar checked the new Payroll report
    she found that all of Ms Keens Employers
    National Insurance was coded to E02. How could
    this have happened!!
  • Her first job with BCC was as a supply teacher, a
    casual role working at lots of schools each
    month, with no cost centre attached to the supply
    post. This was still being shown as her primary
    role on her SAP HR master record and so the
    on-cost was being miscoded!
  • As soon as this was flagged up with HR they were
    able to change her record to make the Teachers
    role her priority one.

Changing the Priority.
  • On SAP a change to the priority on a multiple
    record can only be effected from the 1st of the
    following monthotherwise the record will become
  • Journals will be required to correct the previous
    postings in BCCs Financial accounts as priority
    changes cant act retrospectively.
  • The journal will appear on your SAP reports at
    the end of the next period.

  • If Ms Keen completes a claim form with the wrong
    SAP personal number or cost centre for the right
    job, her costs will not appear on the correct E0
    coding on the schools report or within BCCs
    financial records against the correct budget
  • Line managers when checking staff claim forms,
    should be confident that their staff are
    completing the forms correctly in all respects,
    as once approved for payment and deduction
    against their budget, no additional checking is
    carried out within payroll.
  • If a miscoding occurs, managers can contact their
    Payroll Adviser to ask to have the original claim
    amended. SAP will carry out a retrospective

Retrospective Payroll changes
  • If a change is effected from an earlier date
    i.e. A regrading or Pay Award from 1st April 2008
    or to correct a cost centre posting.
  • SAP will reverse earlier entries and repost
    at the new values.
  • These can be identified by looking at the
    For Period and In Period columns on the RHS
    of the draft and final monthly payroll reports.
  • For Period Identifies which month the
    entry relates to.
  • 200807 identifies period 7 October
  • 200806 identifies period 6
    September 2008
  • 200801 identifies period 1 April
  • In Period Identifies which month the entry
    is processed through the payroll
  • 200807 identifies period 7 October
  • 200806 identifies period 6
    September 2008
  • 200801 identifies period 1 April

Payroll reports
  • The draft payroll report will be sent mid month
    15th so that material errors can be identified
    before the BACS is processed. The draft report
    is sent whilst entries are still being made SAP
    to allow schools to review and reply before the
    payroll is finalised.
  • The final report will be sent after the payroll
    has been completed and the financial postings
    made 27th.
  • We will include the planned date of the draft
    reports in the monthly Schools newsletter.
  • If you have any difficulties with the excel type
    reports sent to your school, please contact your
    IT support services.

Schools Payroll Report
  • For Period Month entry arises in
  • In Period Payroll month
  • Assignment GL for BCC reporting
  • Assignment Description GL description
  • Cost Centre Schools Cost Centre
  • CC Description Schools name
  • Staff Category E0 Category
  • Wage Type Describes what is being paid for or
    charged as on-cost.
  • Personal Number Employee number for specific
  • ID Number Employees National Insurance Number
  • First Name First Name
  • Last Name Surname
  • FTE Percentage of Full Time worked 100
    Full Time
  • Grade Pay scale rate for specific role
  • Level Current Spinal point of pay scale
  • Debit Cost being charged to school
  • Credit Credit being given to school i.e. pay
    adjustment or rent

Annual check of Standing Data
  • Annually a check is required to be made of SAP
    HR/Payroll Master data held for each school
    employee, as required by Financial Regulations
    for all Schools.
  • This ensures that data is set up and maintained
    accurately, and that the risk of over and
    underpayments to employees is reduced.
  • Reports for 2008 will be sent in November to all
    schools paid directly by BCC, and Head Teachers
    are responsible for verifying the data and
    communicating to HR any changes that are
  • Schools are responsible for advising HR of all
    changes to their authorised signatories as soon
    as possible, to prevent paperwork being returned
    or held whilst additional information is
  • Governors are required to authorise Head
    Teachers signatures, who in turn may delegate
    responsibility for specified HR/Payroll
    transactions to named school officials.
  • No employee may authorise their own change or
    claim forms.

Employers National Insurance
Maternity Pay overview
BCC is able to reclaim 92 of SMP payable to
staff, cost to school is 8 on-costs
  • Teachers
  • All 52 weeks ordinary maternity leave
  • Over 26 weeks service prior to the 15th week
    before EWC, but less than 1 year
  • Qualification must earn above NI
  • six weeks 90 average earnings SMP
  • 39 weeks SMP 13 weeks Nil Pay
  • No OMP
  • Over I years service
  • 4 weeks full pay
  • 2 weeks 90 actual earnings
  • 12 weeks half pay plus SMP
  • 21 weeks SMP
  • 13 weeks Nil Pay
  • Local Government
  • All 52 weeks ordinary maternity leave
  • Over 26 weeks service prior to the 15th week
  • EWC, but less than 1 year
  • Qualification must earn above NI
  • six weeks 90 average earnings SMP
  • 39 weeks SMP 13 weeks Nil Pay
  • No OMP
  • Over I years service
  • 6 weeks 90 actual earnings
  • 12 weeks half pay plus SMP
  • 21 weeks SMP
  • 13 weeks Nil Pay

  • Employee is advised of requirement to attend for
    Jury Service and is sent a loss of earnings form
    by the Courts.
  • This form must be sent to HR as soon as
  • HR and payroll jointly complete form and return
    to employee to give to Court on first day of Jury
  • On completion of Jury Service, employee informs
    HR of the number of Jury Service days absent from
    work and the appropriate allowance is deducted
    from pay.
  • The court will in the meantime send the employee
    a cheque for loss of earnings, together with a
    remittance advice which must be forwarded to
    Payroll by employee via Manager to enable
    deduction to be made as above.

Reminders from HR
  • NTE forms to be sent in as soon as known employee
    is leaving
  • NTE forms required for all fixed term contracts
  • EO Codes must be entered on all new starter
  • Copy of application form and birth certificate/ID
    required for all new starters

  • Notification of Claims coded incorrectly.
  • Questions

  • Date of Next Seminar
  • 25th February 2009 for Central Bedfordshire
  • 26th February 2009 for Bedford Borough Schools
  • Rufus Centre Flitwick
  • 8.45am for coffee, 9.15am start

  • Workshop Forecast Out-turns
  • Dawn Hill Gina Chandler

Outturn Workshop
  • Why
  • Part of schools financial management process
  • In Scheme for Financing Schools (section 2.12)
  • Links to FMSiS
  • Forward planning

Outturn Workshop
  • When
  • November (after reconciliation of October
  • Deadline Friday 5th December
  • Revision up to 6th February
  • Good practice part of monthly reconciliation
  • LD Schools must submit monthly to SFA

Outturn Workshop
  • Pre-requisites
  • Reconciliation of local system to SAP
    differences identified
  • Up to date financial records
  • Accurate financial information CFR Consistent
  • Good budget working papers in budget file
  • Formal Framework to project and report year end
    position use template

Outturn Workshop
  • Process
  • Monthly Monitoring
  • Analyse variances
  • Forecast

Outturn Workshop
  • Monthly Monitoring
  • Compare budget to actual to date
  • Identify variances
  • Identify commitments
  • Compare to budget working papers

Outturn Workshop
  • Analyse Variances (Example)
  • CFR Actual
  • Code Budget to Date Variance
  • E24 0 100 -100 0
  • E25 8,200 7,600 600 92.7
  • E26 2,000 2,200 -200 110.0
  • E27 3,150 2,360 790 74.9
  • E28 7,538 5,990 1,548 79.5

Outturn Workshop
  • Analyse Variances (Example)

Outturn Workshop
  • Forecast Techniques
  • Extrapolate
  • Divide Income/Expenditure by number of months to
    date (October7) then multiply by 12 to
    extrapolate whole year

Outturn Workshop
  • Techniques - Extrapolate (Example)
  • CFR Actual Cost per Forecast to
  • Code Budget to P7 month
  • E12 12,500 10,235 7 1,462 x12
  • E13 3,000 1,750 250 3,000
  • E14 1500 1325 189 2,268
  • E15 2,340 1,170 167 2,004

Outturn Workshop
  • Forecast Techniques
  • Profile
  • Add together the year to date figure as
    October/November with the budget profile for the
    remaining months

Outturn Workshop
  • Techniques - Profile (example)
  • CFR Actual Profile Forecast
  • Code Budget to P7 P 8-12
  • E12 12,500 10,235 2,350 12,585
  • E13 3,000 2,000 1,000 3,000
  • E14 1,500 1,325 300 1,625
  • E15 2,340 1,170 1,170 2,340

Outturn Workshop
  • Forecast Techniques
  • Take year to date and then use zero based
  • 4. Use mixture of the above techniques

Outturn Workshop
  • Pro Forma
  • Available from LA website www.schools.bedfordshire (Admin services home page /
  • Continue to use schools own
  • Back up to proforma RM/SIMS (System print which
    shows year to date spend and current budget)
  • Can be system generated - RM

Outturn Workshop
  • What are we looking for
  • Balances potential (deficit) problems
  • Viability
  • Likely!!
  • SFA to enter own predicted forecast for the school

Outturn Workshop
  • The Template
  • Detailed guidance on website written and
    example forecast
  • Enter school name and cost centre
  • Will feed through to every page
  • Cells which contain formula will be protected
  • Layout mirrors the new SAP summary print
    Revenue and Capital separate
  • Income/credit balances to be entered with a minus
    in front

Outturn Workshop
  • How to Complete the Template
  • Enter the months as appropriate at top of actual
    and forecast columns
  • Year to date figures will be at the point you run
    your reports. This may be mid-way through
    November therefore forecast column will be rest
    of November and December to March.
  • Year to date figures on the spreadsheet must
    match the YTD figures on your system print
  • Current Budget figures must match your system

Outturn Workshop
  • How to Complete the Template
  • The spreadsheet will automatically calculate your
    revenue and capital carry forwards
  • Differences between forecast and budget are
  • Negative carry forward figure indicates an
    underspend positive an overspend
  • A Capital underspend cannot be off-set against a
    revenue overspend schools must apply for a
    licensed deficit.

Outturn Workshop
  • How to Complete the Template
  • Must be signed by the Headteacher but at some
    point presented to the Governors (please indicate
    date of meeting)
  • Submit to your School Financial Advisor by Friday
    5th December with system back-up

  • Question and Answer Session