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Zodiac signs


Below are descriptions of zodiac signs, traits and forecasts. Read your sign, then forward it on, with your zodiac sign and label on the subject line. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Zodiac signs

Zodiac signs
  • Once you have read this forecast, there's no
    turning back. Below are descriptions of zodiac
    signs, traits and forecasts. Read your sign, then
    forward it on, with your zodiac sign and label on
    the subject line. Send a refer a friend email
    and buy some good karma. This is real deal, try
    ignoring it, and the first thing you'll notice
    is having a horrible day starting tomorrow
    morning - and it only gets worse from there.

ARIES - Disguised
Outwardly honest but there is always another
story going on behind the scenes. Blonde Aries
are Dark rooted. Redheads are mousy grey and
brunettes are brown haired. Fur coat but no
knickers. They are Addictive. Loud. Watch out,
someone can see what you are up to.
TAURUS - The Predator
Aggressive. Fights for what they want. They
believe everything should revolve around them.
Selfish Extremely greedy. A cheat and liar. Not
terribly trustworthy. Would trample on anyone in
their way. Try taking your turn at the bar or
coffee shop. You have got a reputation for
missing your round.
GEMINI - Unreliable
Two faced say one thing and mean another.
Superb Liar. Huge ego. Needs flattery and
courtship. Hopeless with money. Easily bored.
Not faithful, not loyal DEFINITELY NOT
DEPENDABLE. Dont think others are taken in by
your generosity. Stop doing things to impress
others. Its not working!
CANCER The Freak
Lives in a weird fantasy. Extremely self
centred. I am trapped here and one day a space
ship will come and collect me Likes to walk
about naked. Hogs the bathroom. Believes in the
Supernatural. Vegetarian. Dont interrupt them,
theyll never get going. For goodness sake stop
procrastinating and get on with it!
LEO - The performer
Its all an act. So convincing that they believe
it themselves. Very concerned with what others
think about them. Unpredictable.  Highly
intelligent. Easily hurt. Outgoing.
Surprisingly Low self esteem. Addictive.
Talkative. They must be liked or loved and fear
people seeing them unmasked. Time you took
control of your life and made a few decisions
it will all work out o.k. you know!
VIRGO Always pushing
Impatient, Pushy, Indecisive, Scruffy,
Undisciplined. Lazy. Always puts off until
tomorrow. Not at all tidy. Independent.
Totally unaware of others around them. Queue
jumper. Walks around in a dream. Stop thinking
you are missing out youre not!
LIBRA - Lamentable
Always in a mess emotionally. Melodrama and
crisis every possible occasion. Dont be fooled
by their kind concern as they are only doing it
to get attention. Usually allergic to cats. Pay
attention to someone close, they are offering
good advice and you need it!
SCORPIO - The Control Freak
Extreme opposites. Some say Bi-polar. Very money
conscious. Always careful not to let anyone skip
their turn. Very possessive. Total control
freaks. Usually has a lot of wind. 2008 will
bring a big win. You should consider becoming
your own boss it would be timely as if you are
not your own boss soon you will never be.
Always ready to have a fling. Not a faithful
type. Pride themselves on their conquests. Big
Ego. In love with themselves. Have some really
disgusting habits which would horrify associates
and families if they only knew. Stop trying to
impress your reflection.
CAPRICORN Gob almighty
Talkative, Loud, Expressive, Always trying to be
or do whats expected. Very insecure. Over
Cocky. Bossy, Stubborn, Indecisive. Impulsive,
Intelligent. Predict future. Always get what
they want then feel guilty about being so grabby.
Loves to own Gemini's shorts. Stick to your
guns, dont keep changing, no one knows where
they stand with you!
AQUARIUS On tip toes
Over the top energetic. Consumes everything
around them emotions, information, food
anything. Ambitious to the extreme. Think they
are something very special. Self
delusional. Stop blustering into exploits
without thinking them through, it could be
PISCES Weird Wonder
Centre of attention. Has the last word. Extremely
peculiar, weird. Loves to joke as long as it is
not on them. Very Silly, Super Sloppy, Watch them
they are quite slippery. You will be ducking
and diving and dodging consequences in 2008. But
suddenly everything will work out the way it was
meant to.it will be o.k.
OK here's the thing you try not to send this to
the person who sent it to you so good luck! the
other hard part is that last one with this is the
loser.  ready ......... set............ GO!
 1-3 people 1 minute of luck 4-7 people 1
hour of luck 8-12 people 1 day of luck 13-17
people 1 week of luck 18- 22 people 1 month
of luck 23-27 people 3 months of luck 28- 32
people 7 months of luck 33-37 people 1 year
of luck 38 and more a very lucky life!
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