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Introduction to Surveys of Enacted Curriculum Tools for School Improvement


English Language Arts, Social Studies. Grade 8 Mathematics (detail) ... World History (Emergence of the Global Age) Psychology. Sociology ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Introduction to Surveys of Enacted Curriculum Tools for School Improvement

Introduction to Surveys of Enacted
Curriculum Tools for School Improvement
  • Oregon SEC Collaborative
  • SEC 101a

  • Think for a moment about the curriculum work that
    has been done in your school and/or district
  • What grade levels have been involved?
  • What subject areas?
  • What has been the result of these efforts?

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What if
  • You could use data to guide professional
  • You could have consistency across grade levels?
  • You could compare how you teach content compared
    to how others in your school or district teach?
  • You could use anonymous teacher data to start a
    powerful school discussion about what the teacher
    needs are?

What are the SEC?
  • Practical, reliable set of data collection tools
    used by teachers
  • Online web-based surveys in Mathematics, Science,
    English Language Arts and Social Studies
  • Group and individual teacher data that is
    reported in user-friendly charts
  • Assists in facilitating group discussions
    related to practice across classrooms, schools
    and districts for the purpose of data based
    decision making

The SEC is not
  • a silver bullet
  • the answer
  • only an administrative tool
  • just an alignment tool
  • for teacher evaluation

SEC Overview
  • The Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC) provide
    teachers and others a comprehensive set of
    indicators to facilitate teacher reflection and
    curriculum planning. The primary purpose of the
    SEC data-set is to support conversations among
    teachers about instructional practice and
  • Survey results offer teachers an opportunity to
    compare their own practice with results for their
    school, district, and state.

SEC Overview
  • Teacher and composite reports generated after
    taking SEC provide an easy and powerful means for
    analyzing curriculum alignment.
  • SEC data are never used for teacher evaluations.
    Individual teacher responses remain confidential
    and teacher ID information is never reported.

How Can the SEC Be Used?
The SEC provide valid, reliable data to
  • Align instructional practice to state standards
  • Improve instruction
  • Interpret student assessment results
  • Assess needs and evaluate programs
  • Monitor instructional change and progress
  • Deepen teachers disciplinary knowledge
  • Identify future steps for professional development

Surveys of Enacted Curriculum
2. The intended curriculum State content
standardsWhat students should know and be able
to do
4. The assessed curriculum State (and other)
assessmentstested learning
1. The learned curriculum Student outcomes
based on school learning
3. The enacted curriculum What teachers teach
The SEC Content TopicsMathematics, Science,
English Language Arts, Social Studies
The SEC provides a neutral, research-based
language to describe content of English language
arts, mathematics, science and social studies.
NCLB anyone?
The Enacted Curriculum
The SEC depict in detail the content that
teachers teach, the level of cognitive demand to
which the content is taught, and the amount of
time spent in each area. This example uses eighth
grade mathematics.
Enacted (3rd Grade Teacher Reports)
Intended (3rd Grade Math Indicators)
Tile Chart- ELA
Survey Sections
  • School Class Description
  • Instructional Activities
  • General
  • Problem Solving Activities Pairs Small Group
  • Use of Hands-on Materials
  • Use of Calculators/ Computers other Ed. Tech.
  • Assessment Use
  • Instructional Influences
  • Instructional Readiness
  • Teacher Opinions
  • Professional Development
  • Types
  • Content Focus
  • Active Learning
  • Collegial Participation
  • Coherence
  • Time Span
  • Teacher Characteristics
  • Instructional Content

ELA Content Strands
Math Content Strands
Science Content Strands
  • Nature of Science
  • Measurement Calculation in Science
  • Components of Living Systems
  • Biochemistry
  • Maintenance in Plants
  • Animal Biology
  • Maintenance in Humans
  • Genetics
  • Evolution
  • Reproduction Development
  • Ecology
  • Energy
  • Motion and Forces
  • Electricity
  • Waves
  • Kinetics and Equilibrium
  • Properties of Matter
  • Earth Systems
  • Astronomy
  • Meteorology
  • Elements the Periodic System
  • Chemical Formulas Reactions
  • Acids, Bases, Salts
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Nuclear Chemistry

Social Studies Content Strands
  • Social Studies Skills
  • Human Culture
  • Innovation Cultural Change
  • Multicultural Diversity
  • Social Problems
  • Foundations of Government
  • Principals of American Democracy
  • American Constitutionalism
  • Political Civic Engagement
  • Limited Resources Choice
  • How Markets Work
  • Economic Systems
  • Economic Interdependence
  • Personal Finance
  • Map Skills
  • Places Regions
  • Physical Geography
  • Human Cultural Geography
  • Human/Environment Interactions
  • The Uses of Geography
  • State History
  • US History (People, Events Documents)
  • US History (Growth Development)
  • US History (Other Themes)
  • World History (Pre-History)
  • World History (Early Empires Religions)
  • World History (Emergence of the Global Age)
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

Whats Required of Schools/Districts
  • Link SEC to district /school improvement goals
  • Establish leadership structure
  • Determine purpose and plan
  • Develop an administrative and teacher commitment

Whats Required of Teachers
  • Tools - information about their instruction
  • Time - approximately 2 hours to take survey,
    scheduled time to analyze reports
  • Preparation - How, why, when to take surveys
  • Ongoing Follow-up - Opportunities to use reports
    to improve instruction

Online Survey Administration
  • Approximately 1 ½ - 2 hours to complete
  • May be completed in multiple sittings
  • Data is saved as each section is completed
  • Can go back and change answers as much as you
  • Once you view your results, no more changes can
    be made

Relationships Between TaxonomiesEnglish Language
Arts and Reading
  • Bloom Webb SEC
  • Knowledge Recall Memorize/Recall
  • Comprehension Skills Concepts Perform
  • Application Analysis Strategic
    Thinking Generate/Create/Demonstrate
  • Synthesis Extended Thinking
  • Evaluation Evaluate/Integrate

Tile ChartInstructional Content Mathematics
Relationships Between TaxonomiesMathematics
  • Bloom Webb SEC
  • Knowledge Recall Memorize Facts,
  • Definitions Formulas
  • Comprehension Skills Concepts Perform
  • Application Analysis Strategic
    Thinking Demonstrate Understanding
  • of Mathematical Ideas
  • Synthesis Extended Thinking Conjecture,
  • Generalize, Prove
  • Evaluation Solve non-routine
    problems/Make Connections

SEC Project Planning Guide
  • Determining purpose and the plan for using SEC
    prior to taking the survey will allow for more
    targeted and effective analysis of the data
    provided by the survey.
  • http//

Gauging Readiness for SEC1-2-3
  • 1. A Continuous Improvement Plan is in place that
    includes a goal in alignment of instruction to
    state standards.
  • Derived from Recommendations for Best Practice
    Implementation of SEC for School Improvement and
    Improved Student Success.
  • http//

Gauging Readiness for SEC 1-2-3
  • Leadership structure to facilitate school
    improvement already exists
  • curriculum cabinet and council
  • professional learning communities
  • Leadership shares a common definition of the
    school improvement process.

Gauging Readiness for SEC1-2-3
  • 3. Proactive administrative commitment,
    leadership, and partnership is developed
    including superintendent, principals, curriculum
    director, and school board members.
    Administrators are
  • allocating resources time, materials,
  • actively involved in continuous learning about
    school improvement and data analysis,
  • supportive and encourage their teachers in
    actively using data for instructional
  • modeling use of data as part of the districts
    and schools continuous improvement process.

  • Questions?