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AIESEC Alumni within the Asia Pacific Region


Cross Border initiatives Case Study 2 Regional Meets ... 2) Salon de AIESEC...once a month gathering (8 years), in Tokyo, Osaka & Nagoya ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: AIESEC Alumni within the Asia Pacific Region

AIESEC Alumni within the Asia Pacific Region
  • Presented by
  • AIESEC Singapore Alumni

  • AIESEC Alumni groups in the AP region
  • Cross Border initiatives Case Study 1
    Bilateral Visits
  • Cross Border initiatives Case Study 2 Regional
  • Cross Border initiatives Case Study 3 - Community
  • Towards a regional network

AIESEC Alumni groups case studies (by AIESEC
member chapters)
  • Australia
  • China (PRC)
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand

Australia Alumni network
  • No official national alumni group
  • Alumni are involved in our LCs and regions
  • Organising celebration events for alumni for the
    40th anniversary in Sydney and Melbourne in
    May/June and the official launch is scheduled in
  • MC currently working on a quarterly stakeholders
    newsletter to update alumni on AIESEC activities
  • Current Alumni coordinator
  • Lilian Chu,
  • National External Relations Director,
  • AIESEC Australia

China (PRC) Alumni network
  • New AIESEC Chapter
  • Officially, we invite alumni to join our NLDS,
    National Congress and official dinner every year
  • About 50 of alumni remain active after they have
    graduated, by attending AIESEC events and keeping
    updated by AIESEC or sometime offering help to
  • Plan to have mentorship between members and
    alumni in future.
  • Update alumni by newsletter every month
  • Alumni egroup for communication purpose
  • Current Alumni coordinator
  • Chris Chow (MC)
  • Tina Li (MC)

Hong Kong Alumni network
  • No official alumni group
  • a core team of alumni and MC officer as OC TEAM
    of setting official alumni group up
  • MC, LC and Alumni are coming together to set up
    the official body
  • Aim to have mentorship program between alumni and
  • Current Alumni coordinator
  • Catherine LEUNG
  • External Relations Executive of AIESEC in HONG

India Alumni network
  • No official national alumni group
  • Alumni are involved in our LCs and regions
  • LCs are updating their Alumni through news letter
  • Alumni are invited for general body meetings,
    conferences, learning events, dinners,
    anniversary celebrations, trainee parties etc
  • Set up official community on called
    India Alumni, the Alumni are updated through this
  • Long-term plans on Alumni Development in India
  • AIESEC IN INDIA Alumni Hall of Fame
  • International Alumni Congress in India
  • Alumni as Board Of Advisors in every LC and MC
  • Current Alumni coordinator
  • Nakul Sharma
  • Business Development and Alumni Coordinator
  • AIESEC IN INDIA MC 2003-04

Indonesia Alumni network
  • no structured alumni group.
  • Usually each LC has their own mailing list and
    communicate alumni who are still on the mailing
    lists through that.
  • The LCs sometimes organize alumni gatherings for
  • There are a couple of alumni from the early 90s
    still in contact with us. no contact of alumni
    older than that.
  • long term plan will be to make it structured and
    facilitate the communication of alumni in the
    country as a whole .. not in the LC basis.

Japan Alumni network
  • OBAIESEC(pronounced o-ba-sec)
  • Objectives of this Association are to keep the
    relationships among the members even after
    graduation, that were established through AIESEC
    activities, with pursuing the spirits of AIESEC,
    as well as to deepen international friendship and
  • Three of OBAIESEC member are the member of
    Advisory Counselor of AIESEC MC. Two are the
    member of Board of Directors of AIESEC LCs. Many
    other members have been supporting AIESEC with
    the donation and traineeship opportunities

Japan Alumni network (contd)
  • Activities of OBAIESEC
  • 1)       Database management of members address
    other contact information and publish a member
    list (first one was published in 1968 before
    that time, it was published by each LC)
  • 2)       Salon de AIESEConce a month gathering
    (8 years), in Tokyo, Osaka Nagoya
  • 3)       Newslettertwice a month (8 years)
  • 4)       Homepageupdating news, event, bulletin
    board, members address, etc.
  • 5)       Golf Outingtwice a year (in Spring
    Autumn) (23 years)
  • 6)       Seminar Forumlecturers are mainly by
    the members
  • 7)       General Meeting once a year (since
    established in 1965)
  • 8)       Lastly, but the most important one is to
    support AIESEC
  • Current Alumni contact
  • Webpage Address
  • E-mail

Philippines Alumni network
  • Objectives bring together the alumni and know
    how AIESEC has affected their direction in life
    Utilize them for partnerships Let them know how
    they can give back and contribute to AIESEC
  • Only a small number of alumni are still in touch
    and those who are really contribute to the AIESEC
    local committees
  • Last year , had a get together for the alumni to
    celebrate AIESEC Phils. Anniversary and hope to
    do it every year
  • Seminars in which they can participate as
    resource speakers and for training and
    mentorship4. how do you finance the association
  • Mostly our tracked alumni are in the extreme
    years ( earliest AIESECers and the most recent
    ones)Most are already heads of corporation/NGOs
    and in the area of marketing and trainingOn the
    average, only 3-5 of the alumni are tracked per
  • have a new position in the National Support team
    alumni coordinator, who will push for
    initiatives to bring back our alumni. Track more
    alumni who can help us revive AIESEC in other
    regions and areas in our country. Mostly plans
    and strategies for supporting the LC they came

Singapore Alumni network
  • Registered with the registrar of societies in
    Singapore in 1979, with a formal constitution and
    other legal aspects.
  • Objectives have a central body to keep track of
    alumni contact info, coordinate alumni activities
    locally and liaise with overseas alumni
  • Facilitate AIESECers search for alumni help by
    pointing out to them who to approach for what
    kind of help.
  • Alumni have shared management exchange
    experiences, and advised on specific skills such
    as marketing, reception, legislation, secretariat
  • Also act as one of the balancing point to
    facilitate smooth transition from year to year,
    and to ensure the well-being of the organization
    in the long run

Singapore Alumni network (contd)
  • The alumni committee is elected once every 2
    years. Anyone who has been an ex-AIESECer or
    ex-trainee of AIESEC Singapore can be elected
    into office.
  • Regular activities include an Annual General
    Meeting, monthly social gatherings sports
    gatherings, Chinese New Year gatherings, and
    blood donation drive
  • Current Alumni coordinator
  • Angeline Ang
  • President, AIESEC Singapore Alumni

Taiwan Alumni network
  • AIESEC Alumni Club,AAC, was formed by a group of
    graduated AIESECers , who hope to maintain 
    relationships amongst alumni, strengthen the
    alumni network and give it more value add.
  • AAC Mission Fun and Relax with Old Friends.
    Useful for AAC Members and Current AIESECers.
    Create More Close Interactions between AAC
    Members. Gather Alumni Still with AIESEC in
    Mind to Become AAC Member.
  • AAC Membership Sponsor Member, Annual Member,
    Student Member
  • AAC started regular monthly talks, a monthly
    social gathering on last friday of every month,
    and year end big scale gathering. In December
    2001 , a X'mas party was held in Taipei Youth 
    Activity Centre that attracted many oldies to
    turn up. Other services available include email
    service, online payment of membership fee, online
  • Current Alumni contact

Thailand Alumni network
  • no official AIESEC Thailand Alumni Association.
  •  used to have informal alumni meeting by
    gathering some of former MC team in year 1996
    ,1997,2000,2001 and 2002 with current MC team to
    discuss about roles of alumni to support AIESEC
    Thailand ,especially focusing on financial topic
    by proposing current MC to organise alumni meeting
  • There're more than 30 alumnus that AIESEC
    Thailand can approach  .Mostly we have database
    of recent graduated alumni .For early year we can
    only attract some of active alumni since
    1968,most of them were MCP and MC.
  • The alumni contributes by assisting in National
    Leadership Development Seminar,   chairing Member
    Committee Election, and act as Advisor for AIESEC
    Thailand association
  • Some alumni also  supports the MC in area of
    financial sustainability to find more
    opportunities for them to raise more fund or
    subsidy from corporate,alumni and BOA.
  • To reach AIESEC alumni in Thailand, you can
    access through community, AIESEC
    Thailand discussion list - TH-VOICE_at_lists.aiesec.n
    et and direct phone/e-mail from current MC.

Summary of case studies
  • Some observations of similarities and differences
    of alumni groups in various chapters

Summary of case studies
  • Not every chapter has an official alumni group,
    though there is a trend of this picking up. (e.g.
    Hong Kong starting one, some Australia alumni are
    interested to start too)
  • Those without official alumni group has active
    alumni in individual LCs, and alumni network are
    usually managed by an officer in MC.? there is a
    central point of contact internally.
  • Contact person (for externals to contact)
  • - often changing ? this might pose a problem for
    the AP network.
  • - for groups whose contact point is the MC, can
    we be ensured someone in the MC is in charge of
    alumni every year? (preferably a fixed portfolio)
  • - some groups have a consistent generic email for
    others to contact them (e.g. Japan, Singapore)
    rather than email of individuals from the alumni

Summary of case studies(contd)
  • Database
  • - varied in size. (Japan has the largest 6000)
  • - most have difficulty reaching out to older
    group (except China which is new and has records
    of almost all its alumni)
  • ? how to reach out to other alumni not in the
    loop? (Singapore uses the universities alumni
    publications. Taiwan has a search old bone
  • Dissemination of information
  • - mostly electronic (email, mailing lists,
    e-newsletter, webpage)
  • - info is disseminated at general meetings/
    annual gatherings too.

Summary of case studies(contd)
  • Activities
  • - Most groups aim towards organizing regular
    gatherings, such as a monthly gathering. This is
    a good sign as alumni from other chapters can
    visit each other more easily by dropping by one
    of these activities when they happen to be in
    that city.
  • - Activities tend to be mostly social business
    networking in nature. Malaysia has an established
    charitable activities programme and India has a
    job seeking activity for their alumni.

Summary of case studies(contd)
  • Link with AIESEC
  • - Alumnis involvement and relation with current
    AIESECers is varied. Most work quite closely
    together through mentoring systems dialogues,
    but some are more focused on activities for
    alumni alone (e.g. Taiwan?)
  • ?who should take the initiative Alumni or
    current AIESECers?
  • - Contribute back to AIESEC in various forms
    advise/ BOA (e.g. Australia, Singapore), mentor,
    training, traineeship, financial support
  • - from personal sharing by some groups, some
    alumni dont want to have anything to do with
    AIESEC. They just want to meet fellow alumni.

Summary of case studies(contd)
  • Recognition of alumnis contributions
  • - New Zealand has its own Hall of Fame. India is
    thinking of setting one up too.

Existing Cross Border initiatives
Case Study 1 - Bilateral Visits
  • AIESEC Alumni in one region visits the Alumni in
    another region
  • 4-10 people as a Tour group
  • Objective
  • To extend the Alumni network beyond ones country
  • Establish formal ties between both Alumni
  • Example
  • Singapore -"BRIDGE" (Bilateral Relations
    Initiated and Developed through Global
  • Study Tour

BRIDGE(Bilateral Relations Initiated and
Developed through Global Expeditions)
  • Identify a specific country every year
  • Gather a minimum of 4 Alumni people group
  • Contact the Country Alumni representative
  • Fix specific goals to achieve during the visit.
    For example
  • Attend specific Alumni country in host country
  • Exchange contact details with Alumni officials
    and AIESEC MC co-ordinators

Case Study 2 Regional Meets
  • Examples
  • International Alumni Congress
  • AIESEC Alumni Asia Pacific Congress 2004
  • GAMMA (Global AIESEC Meets for MCP and AI)

AIESEC Alumni Asia Pacific Congress
  • Align AIESEC Alumni meeting with APXLDS
  • Objectives
  • Meet for Alumni within the region
  • Friendship building
  • networking opportunities - provide platform for
  • Set up a framework for Alumni to work together
    within the AP region
  • ( made up of AP alumni, other region's AIESEC
    alumni who r working or living in AP region,
    anyone interested to network with the alumni in

AIESEC Meet-up ( an online community)
  • AIESEC Alumni and Members Worldwide. So far, 256
    have signed up.
  • Thursday, April 1 _at_ 700PM (1st Thursday of
    every month.)

About Meetup
  • Meetup is an advanced technology platform and
    global network of local venues that helps people
    self-organize local group gatherings on the same
    day everywhere. Meetups take place in up to 612
    cities in 51 countries at local cafés,
    restaurants, bookstores, and other local
  • global, monthly "Meetup Days" for almost any
    interest group.
  • To keep it running, Meetup earns money from
  • - Establishments that pay to be listed as
    possible Meetup venues (MVPs).
  • - Users that sign up for Meetup.
  • - Organizations that want special services to
    help strengthen their community.
  • - Sponsors that have relevant messages for Meetup
    chapters (text ads only).

Case Study 3 - Cross Border Community Projects
  • Alumni who have special interest in certain
    community issue work together to address a
    social/community issue
  • Example

  • Kalvi Education Fund is an educational assistance
    fund initiated by a group of volunteers who
    contribute a nominal sum, which is used to assist
    poor students in receiving their education in a
    proper manner.
  • Currently, the program is supported by a small
    group of volunteers from Singapore, Malaysia,
    India, Indonesia, Germany and Australia.
  • The recipients are about 40 primary and secondary
    school students from a village in Pudukottai
    District, Tamil Nadu, India. The assistance
    offered is in the form of educational materials
    such as books and stationery as well as paying
    for the school and exam fees.
  • Volunteers
  • Fund Manager, Thanneermalai Lakshmanan
  • Asst Fund Manager, Senthilnathan Krishnamoorthy
  • Donors include Susanne Eichler (German) Rene
    Schneider (German) Betty Wangsawidjaja
    (Indonesia) David Wherry (Australia ) Stephan
    Willms (German)