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Wrapping A Yorkshire Terrier


Make plenty of wraps for the entire dog. ... When you are done wrapping the hind quarter of your dog, he should be even. ... Training your dog to hold still on ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Wrapping A Yorkshire Terrier

Wrapping A Yorkshire Terrier
Preparing The Wraps
  • With wax paper make sure to lay the slick side
    down so that it will be on the inside of the wrap
    when you start working with the coat.
  • Fold the paper from the top edge to eliminate any
    sharp edges. The length you create this fold will
    determine the length of the wrapper.
  • Then fold the Paper in half with the first fold
    on the inside. All sharp edges should be to the
    inside of the fold.

Preparing the Wraps II
4. Fold in the outer edge that has the crease
first. 5. Repeat step 4 from the opposite outer
edge closing the wrap into a tri-fold.
Make plenty of wraps for the entire dog. Vary
the size of the wraps by adjusting the size of
the fold created in Step 1.
Put Your Dog in Oil
After bathing your dog spray him liberally with
the Pure Paws Ultra Light Oil and make sure the
coat is saturated. DO NOT saturate the leathe
r of the ears!
Wrapping the Tail
When wrapping the tail always wrap at an angle.
This helps eliminate much of the breakage. Make
sure not to catch the tail in the wrap.
Wrapping The Tail II
Fold the wrapper in half and repeat the fold once
Wrapping The Tail III
Fold that wrap one last time and secure the wrap
in place by wrapping a rubber band around the
finished wrap. Double check that you DID NOT c
atch the tail in the wrapper!
Wrapping The Hind Quarters
To wrap the hind quarters or section off about ¼
of the dogs torso. The parts should be clean and
divided neatly.
Wrapping The Hind Quarters II
Always hold the wrapper tight to the dogs torso.
Keep applying pressure with your
fingers as you continue working with the wrapper.
This is very important in making
the wraps come out nice and snug when you are
Wrapping The Hind Quarters III
Smooth the wraps out as you fold them in half and
keep that pressure applied.
Wrapping The Hind Quarters IV
Notice how consistent the pressure has been on
the wrap as it was folded into place.
Finishing Touch On The Rear
When you are done wrapping the hind quarter of
your dog, he should be even.
Wrapping The Second Quarter
Continue wrapping the 4 sections on both sides of
the dog.
They should be even and consistent.
Wrapping The Third Quarter
Make sure your wrappers creased nicely and keep
your area neat. This will help make things easie
r as you wrap the dog.
Wrapping The Third Quarter II
Training your dog to hold still on the table is
very important. Do not allow them to sit while y
ou are wrapping.
Wrapping The Third Quarter III
Again secure your wraps. Double check to make
sure you are not catching any hair
in the bands when you are securing the wraps.
Wrapping The Neck
The neck can be a little tricky because of the
hair from the ears and head. You may want to use
clips to pull the hair out of the way.
Wrapping The Neck II
Make sure that when you are done with the neck
that the parts are clean. Try to keep the packet
as tight as possible. Wrapping at an angle can be
Wrapping The Head
When making your parts for the head make sure to
include the hair from the ears.
This section is only ½ of the head the front of
the part is from ear to ear and back to the neck
. This is seen clearer in the next section.
Wrapping The Head II
Once the back section of the head is wrapped you
can do the front. Keep your parts even and follo
w the top knot lines when making the front parts.
Wrapping The Head III
Once both the back and front wraps of the head
are done the need to be banded
together to create a single wrap.
Wrapping The Head IV
Once you have both wraps banded together the
wrapper should sit
squarely on top of the head.
Wrapping The Facial Furnishings
When wrapping the face divide the muzzle and keep
the part clean on top. Make your lower part from
the corner of the eye to the corner of the
Wrapping The Facial Furnishings II
When you are wrapping the face make sure that the
can close his eyes when you are done.
Wrapping The Beard
Once the sides of the face are wrapped you can
start the beard. Make sure to check these wraps
daily since they can tend to get wet.

Wrapping The Ears
If the ear fringes drag the floor make sure to
wrap them as well.
Wrapping The Sides
The next wrap should be between the ear and the
Wrapping The Sides II
This is how the side profile should look once you
are done.
What A Handsome Guy!
PS- Dont forget to wrap the chest ?
Time to wrap again ?
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