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Embroidered Dupattas Online


With our amazing online assortment of embroidered dupattas, you may elevate your ethnic apparel. Explore a world of fine craftsmanship and colorful patterns that give any ensemble a touch of elegance. Choose the ideal embroidered dupatta to finish your outfit from classic to modern styles. Shop today for classic clothing. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Embroidered Dupattas Online

About Us
  • At Zarinama, fabric is treated like a blank
    canvas and customers like artists. The company is
    a pioneer in the fabric business, designing and
    producing quality fabrics, as well as,
    embroidered material. We thrive on our production
    of a range of high-quality products, which are
    absolutely unique and exclusive.
  • The only thing Zarinama has changed over
    the years is the production process. With an aim
    to mitigate bulk manufacturings massive waste
    generation, we assume a Green Production approach
    with a Zero Wastage Model. Instead of maintaining
    an inventory stuffed with readymade goods, we
    strive to provide our customers with a blank
    canvas, allowing them to choose everything from
    the type of fabric, its colour, the colour of the
    threads for embroidery and so much more.
  • At Zarinama, each personalized piece of
    art is created with a lot of care. Owing to our
    intimate, on-demand production process, it may
    take 15 working days or more for your products to
    reach you. After all, it takes time to create
    masterpieces, and were lucky to have our
    customers on the same page.
  • To be a part of our journey, check out our
    offerings, and get in touch with your ideas. We
    will help you transform them into the fabric of
    your dreams. Together, lets build a waste free,
    fashionable world.

Organza Cutwork Dupattas
  • Embroidered Silk Chanderi
  • Embroidered Silk Organza
  • Embroidered Tussar Silk
  • Embroidered Georgette
  • Embroidered Munga Silk
  • Embroidered Semi Raw Silk
  • Embroidered Cotton
  • Embroidered Cotton Silk
  • Embroidered Malmal
  • Embroidered Munga Kota
  • Embroidered Raw Silk
  • Embroidered Tussar Chanderi
  • Embroidered Chinon
  • Embroidered Linen Gauge
  • Embroidered Net
  • Embroidered Semi Chanderi
  • Embroidered Velvet

Embroidered Silk Chanderi
Are you willing to have a traditional and ethnic
look at a wedding? Then, Silk Chanderi Fabric is
the best fit for you. Chanderi silk is one of the
lightweight and sheer textured materials that are
used as an ethnic and traditional fabric. It is
well-known for its fine luxurious feel. Zarinama
is the platform where you can buy designer and
simple Chanderi silk fabric at affordable prices.
Chanderi silk can give you a traditional look
when you wear a Kurti, anarkali, gown, or suit.
Its shimmering texture will grab the attention of
people in your surroundings. So, dont delay any
more go online and visit Zarinama. We have a huge
variety to offer when it comes to embroidered
chanderi fabric. Create your own design or style
of clothing by selecting our embroidered Chanderi
fabric. Choose from different shades of earthy
colors and pastels with different embroidered
colored threads, designs, and patterns.  

Embroidered Silk Organza
Organza fabric is the preferred choice for those
who are very conscious of their fabric purchase.
This type of fabric gives volume to any dress.
Apart from this it is a very strong type of
fabric so do not get offended by its sheer
look. Embroidered organza fabric is made from
silk traditionally and has cotton varieties as
well. Now you can find all kinds of fabric only
at Zarinama both synthetic as well as natural. 
If you are getting ready for an evening look you
must consider wearing an organza fabric dress. It
is always in fashion and if you are crazy about
it Zarinama is a place you need to explore.  Silk
organza fabric is a luxury to own. You can get a
whole dress stitched with this fabric as well as
home decorations. A synthetic version is the
cheaper version and is easily affordable. If you
cannot compromise with the quality we have
natural embroidered organza for you as well. This
fabric is slippery, crisp, smooth, wiry, and
sheer and also has a sculptured drape. Usually,
young girls would like to have a dress made out
of this beautiful fabric. Just remember its
delicate fabric and to enhance its age you need
to take proper care of it. 

Embroidered Tussar Silk
Tussar Silk Fabric is the first choice of Indian
women. The reason is that it gives a natural
impression, rich texture, and unmatched epitome.
Talking about textiles India is at the top. The
world might be advancing but not even modernity
or faced paced life can fade the charm of
traditions. Saree is not worn in just one state
of India, even it is loved by all. If you love
wearing saree then you know where to buy Tussar
Silk Fabric Online. This fabric can be used for
making shirting, scarf, kurta, saree, suits, and
whatever beautiful you can think about.  Flaunt
elegance You can buy embroidered tussar silk
fabric online at Zarinama and make a fashion
statement.  At Zarinama you will explore new
fashion and items that will make you appealing
and attractive. Look glamorous wearing a Kosa
silk saree. It will lift up your natural beauty.
The fabric is available in natural hues which can
be used to make other decorative items like
curtains. If you are always searching for quality
clothing fabric then do not ignore Kosa silk.
There are also money saving deals and offers to

Embroidered Georgette
Georgette fabrics are one of the most popular
fabrics in the market. Women love this fabric as
it can be worn in any season. When this fabric
includes beautiful embroidery, then it looks more
attractive and unique. Embroidered georgette
fabric can make your look more stylish. Georgette
is a fabric that is weaved and twisted yarns to
give a crinkly appearance. It is one of the
lightweight fabrics, which is normally made out
of silk fabric. But this fabric may also contain
materials like viscose, polyester, nylon, and
jacquard. At Zarinama, you can see attractive
pieces of georgette fabric with embroidery. There
are many reasons why women start
browsing embroidered georgette fabric online.
This fabric has strong adsorbent quality, which
makes it easy to dry. Apart from that, it has
more structure and body to its feel. It is also
equipped with slightly less opaqueness. It is a
dull finished and lightweight fabric with a
slightly flowy texture. So, when you are seeking
the best fabric to buy for any kind of dress,
suit, etc., then georgette fabric is the best
option. At Zarinama, there are embroidered
georgette fabrics of numerous designs. 

Embroidered Cotton
If you are a typical Indian woman then you must
not be over with embroidery fabric.  The dilemma
is that plenty of designs are accessible. We all
know cotton embroidery fabric is the best with
which you can get the traditional salwar suit
stitched. Embroidery can blow anyone's focus away
because it is so beautiful. Here at Zarinama we
have beautiful designs and 100 cotton fabric.
The fabric is soft and it is guaranteed that you
will love to wrap in it. From simple embroidery
designs to full fabric designs we have it all. 
Cotton is an amazing fabric that you can keep
close to your body with peace of mind. It is not
going to make the skin itchy and the fabric is
also breathable. The majority of people prefer
cotton over any other fabric. What more do you
get with cotton embroidery fabric online? You get
your favorite fabric with the beauty of
embroidery. One can use cotton fabric to enhance
their clothing style. You can change your fabric
in a work of art getting it stitched uniquely by
visiting us at Zarinama. 

Embroidered Cotton Silk
Indian women love to wear saree and silk saree is
present in every wardrobe. There are so many
options when it comes to saree. We have different
patterns, fabrics, colors, designs, and styles.
In fact, each Indian state has its own style of
wearing the saree.  Every woman wishes to have a
saree fabric that is easy to drape and
comfortable to wear. A saree that can be worn in
every season and what is best than Embroidered
Cotton Silk. Cotton fabric silk is the most
lookout fabric material. Cotton fabric silk is
made with a blend of two fabric which is silk and
cotton.  At Zarinama you will be able to choose
from the versatile materials and shop
for Embroidered Cotton Silk Fabric Online. This
fabric is very easy to drape and can be worn in
any style. Our cotton silk saree is going to make
you look gorgeous. It makes you look beautiful
and slender in the fabric. We have a variety
of Cotton silk with embroidery at the most
reasonable cost online only at Zarinama. 

Women all over the world adore one of the most
popular and long-lasting fashion trends, designer
blouses. To stitch a designer blouse of your
style, you need a blouse piece that suits your
saree style and personality. Zarinama is one
blouse material online store for women who want
to project a certain image or appeal to the
public. You can rest assured that the designer
blouse you wear will assist you in clearly
conveying your message, regardless of your mood
or desired appearance. Blouses will always be a
popular wardrobe essential for women who love to
wear saree therefore look for unstitched blouse
pieces in an affordable price range. Blouses can
be invaluable additions to the style or image you
want to project, whether you wear them for
pleasure, work, or even just for fun. Keep in
mind the occasion for which you are purchasing
the blouse piece. For a birthday party, bright
colors and minimal embroidery are preferable to
those with a lot of embroideries. Heavy
embroidery is best worn during wedding
ceremonies. With an online shopping option, you
can easily find blouse material online that suits
your budget, style, and occasion.

In India, stoles are loved by everyone and they
are not just limited to females anymore. Stoles
keep us warm in winters and also make us look
cool in summers. Stoles go with any attire like
jeans, suits, western dresses, etc. No matter
what season it is there is always a good time to
invest in beautifully embroidered stoles. It is a
favorite accessory for everyone. The good news is
that we have designs, colors, and reasonable
prices at Zarinama only for you. There is so much
creativity you can indulge with just having a
right stole. You can elevate the look of your
outfit, stay warm or just wrap it up anyways. We
have a wide array of color varieties and it is a
promise you will not get satisfied with just one.
Browse our picks and do not forget to check out
the popular ones with embroidered stoles online

Embroidered Suit Set
India is a country that is known for its rich
culture, colorful clothing styles, religions, and
much more. The legacy we have rich forms of
crafts and art. One of the most mesmerizing
legacies we have is embroidery. Indian embroidery
is so beautiful, attractive, and unique that even
western culture gets awed by its beauty. Every
Indian woman has a treat and one embroidery suit
in her wardrobe. If you have not found your piece
yet then it is time to switch to Zarinama. Here
you will find the most beautiful embroidery suits
online. Every piece of suit we have is different
from another. In India, we have millions of
embroidery designs and at Zarinama you will find
hundreds and thousands of them. The royal
embroidery designs we have are suited for any
special event. It is guaranteed that you will
look like a queen from the ancient era. If you
love embroidery suit online shoppingthen you must
explore our royal embroidery designs. You can
also buy them as a gift for your beloved
daughters and other special women in your life.

Embroidered Dupatta
Every woman knows that one colorful, designer
dupatta can lift up the grace of just any plain
suit. Dupatta completes the look and is must to
have for the precise requirement. It is a
beautiful piece and is essential to our cultural
landscape. The thing that is completing your
daily ethnic look is the dupatta. If you are
bored of your plain dupattas then you must now
look for embroidered dupattas. These fabrics make
a perfect piece for every occasion's ethnic
attire.It is a must to have accessories in the
wardrobe of every woman and girl. This is because
when the time comes to get ready beautifully you
have that with you. No woman can say no to the
colorful vibrancy Zarinama offers. We have the
most beautiful and reasonably priced embroidered
net dupatta online. We have embroidery fabrics
from different origins in India. To achieve the
final output pick from our selection. Net
Dupattas are perfect for your summer collection
suits. Do not forget to check out our unique net
dupatta collection.

  • Embroidered Dupattas

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